GH Short Recap Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Lucy and Scott have sex and then Lucy feels horrible about her mistake because she still loves Martin. Tracy tells Martin that she figured out that Scott and Lucy were scheming to get her to fall in love with Scott so they could take Deception from her. Tracy also admits to Martin that she made him think that there was something going on between Lucy and Scott to get back at Lucy for her scheme. Tracy tells Martin that she wanted him to break up with Lucy but now, she feels awful about it and she advises Martin to get back together with Lucy. Martin takes Tracy’s advice and goes to find Lucy. Martin hears Lucy tell Scott that she has been more herself with him then with any other man. Martin tells Lucy what Tracy told him and tells Lucy that despite Tracy’s manipulation she was right about her connection with Scott.

Tracy later tells Gregory that her friendship with him is making her nice and she doesn’t like it.

Anna decides to accept the job as Police Commissioner so John Cates won’t be able to stop her from trying to find out who shot Curtis. Anna tells John if he wants the PCPD to cooperate with the FBI then he will have to share everything he has learned about the case.

Sonny asks Brick to investigate all of his employees because he thinks one of them is working with the person who tried to shoot him and Ava in Puerto Rico. Brick thinks it’s Dex. Sonny tells him if Dex is the traitor, he will make him pay. Dex tells Michael that someone shot at Sonny and Ava while they were in Puerto Rico. Dex tells Michael Sonny thinks there is a traitor in his organization. Michael asks Dex to find out who the traitor is and let him know what he finds out. Michael tells Dex this will be risky since Sonny can’t find out that he is trying to find the traitor in his organization. Michael transfers money into Dex’s bank account to compensate him for the extra risk involved with his new assignment.

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