Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Danny tells Christine and Phyllis that he needs to take a break from both of them. Christine and Phyllis argue about Danny after he leaves Crimson Lights. Christine and Phyllis decide that they will fight to win Danny’s heart and may the best woman win.

Traci returns home from Paris and tells Abby she talked to other people who worked at the Paris bistro where Ashley and Tucker had their argument and they all backed up Tucker’s version of the argument. Traci leaves a message for Jack because she is worried about Ashley. Traci tells Jack the family needs to come up with a strategy to help Ashley.

Tucker tells Audra he wants to buy five cosmetics companies and merge them with Bliss to create a large company that will compete with Jabot.

Jack tells Victor that he is Nikki’s sponsor and Jack persuades Victor they both need to work together to help Nikki regain her sobriety. Nikki gets a call on her phone and the person on the other end plays the Kittens Bounce song again.

A drunken Nikki tells Jordan to come and get her because she will be ready for her. Nikki calls Jack and tells him she needs help. Jack hangs up the phone and tells Victor Nikki called him from the bar asking for his help. Victor and Jack leave Victor’s office and head to the bar to help Nikki.

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