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mm. Okay. Okay. O-okay. What — what is this? What we’ve always wanted. You know, I can’t for the life of me imagine why you should suddenly find the need to unburden your conscience. But like I said, I’m just not up for it right now. What, you want me to say you were right? Fine. You were right. I’ve ended things with lucy. There. We’re done now. I mean, unless, of course, you want to discuss some obscure point of law, in which case you’re just gonna have to phone my office. I’m the reason you and lucy broke up. This is special agent john cates. I need a car at the city hall station of the pcpd. Yeah, I want to transport a couple of detainees. Thanks. I, uh, n eed to know wherethey’re holding jordan ashford and anna devane. Robert scorpio. My god, look what the cat dragged in. Jagger cates. Ah, it’s john now. Been a while. You look good. Better than the last time you saw me. Yeah. I heard you recovered from the cancer well. Robin and i stay in touch. Although it’s been a few months since we caught up. How is she? Oh, they’re doing great out there, saving lives. Noah’s captain of the soccer team, and emma, she’s an intern at berkeley astrophysics center. Why doesn’t it surprise me that robin’s daughter is a genius? Glad to hear they’re all doing so well. It’s good to see you, robert. You too. What brings you to port charles?

[ Suspenseful music plays ] So, this is where special agent cates is requiring we detain you. Oh, yeah, of course he is. Have you forgotten we get a phone call? I’ll check on that. Okay? Right.

[ Exhales sharply ] How far is your special agent “friend” cates gonna push these obstruction charges? Ugh, lord knows. Maybe we should just tell him what we know. He’d be interested to learn that the buyer for the weapons is someone in port charles. Well, we can’t give up our intel. Then we lose our leverage. If we want to be involved in this investigation, jordan, then we have to keep what we know to ourselves. Well, we won’t have much time to investigate while we’re being arraigned in federal court. I’m just hoping that our friends will intervene. Friends like me? Glad to hear the meeting went well, drew. No, no, there’s no need for you to come back. Everyone’s left for the day. I’m just wrapping up a couple things myself. Alright. Looking forward to it. Bye-bye.

[ Door slams ]

[ Dramatic music plays ] What are you doing here? Someone tried to kill your father. Thanks for coming by so quickly. Sounded urgent. Yep. It is.

[ Sighs ] I’m here to help with whatever you need. I know you’re going through a lot right now. I need people I can trust.

I’m in port charles working on a case. Murder, attempted murder, stolen weapons… sounds serious. It is. But on a lighter note — I hear you’re the da now. Congratulations. Yeah, well, you know, you know me. I like to keep moving, so to speak. Which brings me to the matter of why I’m here. I understand that anna was arrested. Thought I’d sort that little mess out, and then, uh, three of us get together. It’s been a while. I’m sure she’d love to see you. I doubt that. I’m the one who arrested her.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Who told you we were in custody? Well, nikolas cassadine is back in town. He turned himself in. I brought him in for booking, and the desk sergeant told me you were down here. What’s going on? Uh, feds arrested us for obstruction charge. Really?! What happened with that? Eh, we tangled with them while following a lead. You did? Well, I’m gonna need a little more information than that. We were trying to keep the pcpd’s hands clean while we gathered some extra information. Right. But too late, right? ‘Cause here you are in a pcpd jail. Look, I can’t override the feds, but if I’m gonna help sort this out at all, you got to tell me what happened. Start from the beginning. Tell me everything. It all goes back to your father. Someone close to me targeted me and my family in puerto rico. So, you think the shooter’s somebody you know? Has to be, ’cause they had intimate knowledge of my island. They — they knew how to get through security. They knew how to, you know — where my men were, where my men weren’T. That kind of information is not easy to get, so it’s got to be somebody I trust. So, your theory is somebody on the inside was the shooter, or was working with the shooter? That’s the only thing I can think of. No one on the outside has any access whatsoever to your security plans. Hell, even some of your own men don’t know. That’s right. Who the hell could it be? I personally vetted every single person that works for you. Then I guess I got to question the source.

[ Dramatic music plays ] What?! You think I’m behind this? Do you?! After we realized the shooter had gotten away, sonny didn’t feel safe on the island, so we came back to port charles. Well, hold on. Everyone’s okay, though, right? I mean, m-my dad and ava? And avery. Avery didn’t see anything, did she? Everyone’s fine. Fortunately, avery was in her room with her bodyguard the whole time, and she never even realized anything was wrong.

[ Sighs ] Well, that’s good, at least. H-how could someone get close enough to sonny to — to shoot at him in his own house with avery there? And… and why is this the first I’m hearing about it? He probably didn’t tell you ’cause he didn’t want to worry you. See, this is exactly why I wanted you to keep working for him. So you could let me know when things start to spiral for sonny. And it sounds like it’s happening now. This is gregory chase. I need to make an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible. He’s expecting my call. Yes, I can hold. You know what? I get it. You and lucy don’t like each other. I understand. What I’m telling you is, if you want to gloat, to bask in her misfortune, you better have the decency to do it someplace else. My relationship issues have nothing to do with you. But they do. With me

and with scott.

[ Sighs ] Tracy, I’m telling you, I want to be alone. Just… it’s none of your business! The trouble with you and lucy started when I came and warned you about her and scott. I’m the one that put it in your head that their tawdry history has a habit of repeating itself. What kind of game are you playing? I’m not playing a game. I’m trying to stop the games. I am trying to be honest with you. I have been manipulating you. I’ve been misleading you. In what way?

[ Sighing ] Oh… I don’t want to bore you with the details, but I got wind of the fact that lucy and scott were plotting against me. They wanted me to fall for scott. Why the hell would they do that? I think it must have something to do with deception. So when I found out, I turned the tables and I started manipulating them, and thereby you. My intention was only to get revenge on lucy. And then you got swept up in it, and… …I’m so sorry. Selfish, self-centered… of all the hateful… how the hell could you do something like that? Oh, believe me, I’ve done worse. So, you have a choice now that you know the truth. You can either waste your time berating me, or you can use it more wisely and try to get lucy back.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. What did I just do? Oh! This was amazi– a disaster! Huh?

[ Sighs ]

Lucy’s not picking up. Well, what did you expect, her to jump at your call? You just broke up with her. Try again. That’s the third call in a row. Obviously, she doesn’t want to talk to me. And I can’t say as I blame her. I’m an idiot. I let someone like you poison my relationship. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ever forgives me. Well, if you give up this easily, maybe she shouldn’T. Why don’t you stop wallowing and figure out a way to get her to listen to you? You know what? Do me a favor. Don’t help. You’ve done enough already. Then again, I can’t stop thinking that if it was that easy for you to turn the two of us against one another, then maybe it’s not meant to be after all. Well, that’s between you and lucy. I, for one, think you can do a lot better than her. But for some unfathomable reason, you are in love with her, so…

[Exhales sharply] You deserve the truth.

After the damage is done? That’s what I don’t understand — why? I mean, you got what you wanted. Revenge. You blew up my relationship with lucy. Why confess now? Why indeed? How did this just happen? How? How? How? How? What — what — what were we thinking? I mean, really, what was i thinking? How in the world did we just end up here again? Well, hang on, lucy. You’re single. I’m single. We didn’t do anything wrong. Right. Right. I mean, technically, i am single because marty just broke up with me. But, I mean, I just ended up with another man in be– well, it wasn’t really in bed, was it? It was horizontal behind a haystack! Hay…hay bale. Excuse me? It’s a hay bale. Not a haystack. Who cares?! Hay bale, haystack. I just had… sex with another man when the love of my life just broke up with me —

just. I am not particularly proud of this! Lucy… you are very emotional. All those things that martin said to you… come on. It’s not like we planned this. Right. It just sort of happened ’cause I was emotional and I was devastated and — and — and — and — and very, very, very, very hurt. Um, so you’re right. You were here, and it just happened. It felt familiar. You know what? You better be honest with yourself, and you sure as hell better start being honest with me, damn it!

[ Gasps ] After anna and jordan refused to disclose whatever information they had about the unsub, I had no choice but to arrest them. They’re hiding something, robert. Look. Yeah, I get it that you got a job to do here, but if anna… well, you know anna. If she’s prepared to go to these lengths to check this out, then you’ve got to know that she’s got a good reason. Too much is at stake here. I need to clear this case, and anna and jordan are both getting in my way. Jordan ignored my warning, and then she and anna joined forces and cost me my best lead. How’d they do that? The gun dealer lawyered up and isn’t talking. They admit that they learned something from him, but they won’t say what. So you think that throwing them in jail on an obstruction charge is going to help? Whatever it takes. They’re both former law enforcement. They understand that time is of the essence in a case like this. But anna’s more interested in protecting sonny corinthos. Yeah. Don’t start me on him. I mean, we’re both on the same page when it comes to that guy. Agreed. Look, as the da, I understand the position you’re in. I appreciate that. But I have to insist that you drop the charges. I get you want to investigate who shot curtis. He’s your ex-husband. You want that shooter to pay. Yeah. Curtis could be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Whoever did that to him should be behind bars. I agree with you. The problem is the feds told you to back off, and instead you went and got anna involved. Yeah, I didn’t need convincing. Could have easily been me that was hit that day and not curtis. I know, look, I get it. I get it. I just…I wish you guys had come to me. We didn’t want to involve you or anyone else into a fight with the feds. Well, it would have been better than this. Now you’re in a cell facing serious criminal charges, are you not? Yeah, well, if we had just had a few more minutes with the gun dealer, this would all be moot point. He was on the verge of talking to us when the fbi burst in. We were so close to identifying the person who shot curtis. Did you manage to get anything? Well, you did get one piece of intel that we can use. Answer me, sonny. You think I’m behind this? Hey, wait a minute. We’ve known each other a long time. Yes. I can always count on you. That’s why I asked you to be second in command. And I gladly accepted the position and all that it entails. Yes, I know that. But I’ve been in this business a long time, and I know people have a breaking point. And if you were ever in a position like that, I would hope that you would come to me before you did anything you shouldn’t do. Of course I would! You and I have been through entirely too much together for me to ever even think about doing anything against you! I didn’t think it was you. I just — I just had to make sure, you know? With all these people that are close to me… it’s making me question everything. You understand? I understand. If I were in your position, I’d do the same thing. So we’re good? Yeah. We’re good. But… …in the spirit of honesty… I’ve got a confession to make.

I did a favor for jordan ashford. Since when do you work for the cops? I don’T. Never have, never will. But jordan isn’t a part of the pcpd any longer. She hasn’t been a cop for a while, and now she owes me a favor whenever I ask, no questions asked. Somebody in the mayor’s office owing you is… could be good down the line. It’s exactly what I was thinking. But it still doesn’t help us figure out who the rat in my organization is. No. It doesn’T. Based on the intricacy of the attack, along with how easily the shooter escaped from puerto rico… this isn’t a result of some person just shooting off at the mouth loosely or let some information slip. This wasn’t a mistake or an accident. Somebody I trust… wants me dead. Yeah. Sonny doesn’t know you’re here? He doesn’T. But he isn’t going to tell me to keep this from you, so I’m not going behind his back here. Between the shooting and spencer dying so unexpectedly, sonny’s been going nonstop. I don’t think he’s had time to process either of those things yet. You know, my first instinct is to [Scoffs] Go see my father, but I don’t think I’m welcome in his house right now. I can’t speak on your relationship with your father. That’s between you two. That’s why I made the decision not to… turn him into the feds. I started working on our reconciliation, and I… we made it. At least, I think we did. I mean, things were good between us in puerto rico. That’s why I couldn’t — I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the truth about what nina did, because it would break his heart. And I also knew that he would take it as me telling him that he was wrong to choose nina over my mom, and… I mean, sonny — sonny claims that he’s angry at me because… I kept quiet about what nina did. But he’s more angry because I was right about her all along. As we surmised, the shooting at metro court was an attempt on sonny’s life, but it is a smaller piece of a much larger case. Well, how do you know that? Because the agent who arrested us gave us a piece of intel. So, apparently the feds are investigating this string of killings that has been committed using the cache of weapons stolen from the wsb. Now, they believe that it is a single person responsible for these murders and that all the victims have something in common, but he just wouldn’t give up what that is. There’s something else you two should know as well. There was another attempt made on sonny’s life a few days ago at his island. Is he okay? Was anyone hurt? Yeah, he’s fine. Everyone’s fine. But whoever this is obviously wants to finish the job. And we’re stuck in this cell, unable to help. Dante, can you get us out of here? Please? Why, so you can run around town investigating again and put yourselves in harm’s way again? Oh, come on, the feds don’t want to work with anyone else on this. And besides, sonny isn’t exactly their favorite person anyway. We are in a much better position to help him. We can’t just sit in here while someone makes an attempt on his life. No, I know, I know, I know. I’ll talk to robert, see if I can get you arraigned and released tonight. Thank you. Don’t make me regret it. Not you too, robert. You’re the district attorney. You should understand better than anyone why no one can be above the law. Look at this! Something we agree on. Look. Anna’s the mother of my child. We’re always going to have each other’s backs. So, I ask you… let them go. I hear you, but I need whatever anna and jordan are hiding. If I let them walk, I’m left with nothing. You drop the charges, I’ll get them to share whatever they know with you. You really think you can get her to do that? Oh, yeah. Anna responds better to those who are on her good side. Lucy, you can deny this all you want, but there’S… there’s something between us. Come on. That [Snaps fingers] Spark that we had years ago, it’s still here. So why fight it? Me being with you is like me just breathing. Well, our history says otherwise, doesn’t it? I mean, how many times have we cheated on… nice, deserving people with each other? How many — how many times have we schemed? How many lies have we told? How much damage have we done everywhere? And how many times that we have tried to make this — what is this? — This — this relationship work? Every time we fail! Well, you know why? Maybe that’s because all of that didn’t matter… until now. Now. This is our time. Okay. I’ll admit I feel close to you… and I am more of my real self… with you than anybody else. Okay. Then stop fighting it. Oh!

Mar– marty. What are you doing here? Apparently interrupting. Yeah, buster. We’re busy. I can see that. I don’t have to ask what you are doing here. Oh, really? You know what? You don’t get a say. Because you just broke up with me. Remember? You don’t get to say what I do! For god’s sakes, lucy! We just broke up, what, 15 minutes ago?! Of course, what you do still matters to me. And for your information, I came here to tell you I was wrong… that I made a mistake when I said we were over. ‘Cause it turns out that all of our problems were manufactured — by tracy quartermaine. Sorry if I kept you waiting. Call took longer than I expected. It’s fine. Ahh. A-are we still on for dinner? Actually, I’d rather not. Uh, if this is about me, uh, leaving you alone for so long, I apologize. No, no, no, no. But it couldn’t be helped. It’s fine. I just — I’ve… I’ve lost my appetite. Okay. Okay. Something’s going on here. Um, if you want to deal with it all alone, I’ll go. No questions asked. But I saw that, uh, you and martin grey were having A… rather, uh, animated discussion. And, uh, I’m here for you if you want to talk about whatever happened with him that’s got you so upset. I don’t have a problem with martin. I have a problem with you. I appreciate how close you and anna are, and I understand you wanting to look out for her, but nothing you do will matter if anna and jordan keep interfering in my investigation. Look. You release them to me. I will take personal responsibility for their supervision. I hope you know what you’re doing. Yeah. Fine. I will extend you this one-time professional courtesy and drop the charges against anna and jordan, provided you keep them in line. Look. I know you’re in a tough position. I owe you one.

[ Chuckles ] I just got to admit — if you had told me when I was running around port charles causing trouble that one day the D.A. Would ask me for a favor, I never would have believed you. People change. You should be proud of the man you’ve become. Hey. Sorry to interrupt. Can I steal the D.A. For a minute? Sure. Uh, I just came from talking with anna and jordan. Well, we had a little talk to the fbi, and, uh, they’re gonna drop the charges. Really? Wow. That’s great. Yeah. Hey. Let’s get together before you leave town. Looking forward to it. Hey. We haven’t met. I’m detective dante falconeri. Falconeri. You’re sonny corinthos’ son. Yeah. Yeah. And who are you? I’m special agent john cates. You were right to start off by looking at the people closest to you. It takes people with the right kind of knowledge to pull a job off like this. I would start off with frank, gabe, and dex. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find anything on dex. Dex hasn’t been the most transparent person with you, sonny. You know what? He’s been loyal to me repeatedly. He got shot saving my life when we were ambushed. If tony hadn’t come back, he’d be dead right now. H-he also did a really good job in puerto rico. He let me know when the guard was knocked out and for me and ava to take cover. There can be a simple explanation for this, you know. Whoever’s doing this, I mean, they got to deflect attention away from themself, right? Maybe he put the wheels in motion so he could come to the rescue and save the day for you and ava. That way, he looks like the hero, he provides himself some cover, he turns around, and then, ultimately, you feel gratitude towards him. And maybe, just maybe, you allow him even more access into your operation. Well, that sounds like smart play, but the thing is, you know, we don’t know if it’s dex and we don’t have evidence of that, do we? Dex was coordinating with the head of the security on the island. Plus, he’s the one that found the shooter’s hideout. I’m just saying. It fits. I’m not saying that stuff isn’t important, but I know that sonny is only worried about keeping his family safe. Yeah, which means finding the person behind the attack. Are there any leads? I mean, how close is sonny to finding the person who tried to kill him? His theory is that it’s someone on the inside. Well, then there’s a way I can help my father. How? You.

Do you know how to get out? You’re right. I mean, it’spossible dex is a traitor. But he doesn’t really know a lot about my business. That means he would have had to get access elsewhere. Dex doesn’t need to know all the inner workings of the organization, sonny. He just needs to know when, where, and how you’re the most vulnerable. Like I told you before, he’s, you know — he’s gone above and beyond. I offered him a job that I wouldn’t trust many people to do because it would have bound him for the rest of his life. And guess what. He didn’t even blink. He’d have gone through with it if I didn’t stop him. I get it. You like the kid. You exposed him to a lot of sensitive things. He came through. But here’s the question. Is it possible how you’re feeling is exactly what he wanted you to feel? I want to find out who’s after sonny just as much as you do, michael. ‘Cause as long as he’s in danger, so is his family. And I don’t want anything happening to joss or anyone she loves. I will do everything in my power to keep you all safe. Good. Because if sonny’s right and someone on the inside is working against him… look, dex, you are in the perfect position to find out who it is. Sonny hasn’t asked me to look into anyone in the organization yet. You can be discreet. He never has to know. It’s risky. Look, if sonny catches me, he could assume that I’m the traitor trying to cover up my tracks. Make sure he never finds out. Look, dex, you are the best at this, and I will gladly pay you extra for the risk that you’re taking. I thought dante would be back with an update by now. Well, I’m sure he’s moving as fast as he can. Ha! You guys got yourselves into a bit of a situation, have we? Don’t gloat, robert, please. Did you talk to dante? Yes. I got good news and bad news. What is it? Thanks to my incredible powers of persuasion, cates has agreed to, uh, drop the charges. Oh. That’s great. Thank you. What’s the bad news? You’ve got to back off this investigation. Oh, come on. We were just making progress. Yeah. No. We are going to find out who is behind this entire operation. We’re not gonna stop now. You might as well stay in this cell ’cause cates isn’t gonna give you another chance. Look. You’re civilians. You have no right being involved in this business. I mean, you’ve got no power. What are you gonna do if you catch this perp? You can’t do anything with him. You may as well cooperate with cates. Maybe I will do exactly that. Meaning…? The conversation I had with mayor collins last week. Laura offered me a position in her administration. But the timing wasn’t right. And I think the timing has just changed. I don’t understand. How could you have a problem with me? All I’ve ever done is try to be a friend to you. That’s my problem. Gregory, your friendship is changing me, and I don’t like it. Changing you. How? Ever since I met you, I have been getting… soft. I surrender in feuds. I compromise with the — ugh. The bensonhurst brigade. I’m trying to help people that I don’t even like. Making donations to grieving widows? It’s poor form to ask a lady about her finances. But if I did… it is a direct result of your influence. Being around you… is making me nice. Is that really so bad? Oh, well, that’s easy for you to say. You don’t have to live with the consequences.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. That’s not what I meant. It came out wrong. It came out wrong. I wasn’t thinking. I…

[ Laughing ] What does tracy have to do with any of this? Well, it turns out, for weeks now, she’s been intentionally feeding me little tidbits of information — about you and your history and your relationship with scott — because she wanted to poison the well. She wanted me to doubt you, make me believe that you were being unfaithful to me. What?! Yeah, that was my reaction when she accosted me in the restaurant just now. Some kind of attempt to unburden her conscience. She mentioned something about turning the tables on you two because she realized that you were plotting against her. Lucy, I didn’T… the plan was foolproof. Oh, that conniving snake! What, you think? Because from where I’m standing, she wasn’t far wrong. Yeah. I mean, obviously you’ve been hiding parts of yourself from me, and he’s had full access. You two have been getting closer and closer together while we’ve been drifting apart? No, that’s not true. You — you know me really well. You do. And we’re very, very good together. I — I don’t know what this was. This was just some sort of mistake, that’s all. It was just a big mistake. No. It was! The mistake was me coming here asking you for forgiveness. It was so easy for her to manipulate us. All she had to do was use your nature against you. Oh, come on. That’s not — that’s not true. Please. Could we just go somewhere and talk together? Because I know — I know I can make it right. I… I love you. Yeah, well… that’s what makes this so sad. Because I love you, too. But… I’m all talked out. Matter of fact, right now… I don’t think I ever want to see you again.

[ Breathing sharply ] Cates. Relation to stone cates? I have a son named stone, but I believe you’re referring to my younger brother. So that’s how you know my father. Yeah, he — he used to talk a lot about stone. I guess they were — they were really close. Yeah. They were. You and sonny go way back, then? We have plenty of history. And now you’re the fbi agent in charge of a case that involves my father.

[ Door opens ] Well, I take it this means you’ve accepted my terms. Actually, no. I’m not stepping back from the case. I’m gonna continue to investigate. As the new police commissioner.

He can’t even stand to be in the same room with me. He — he couldn’t really even look at me. Lucy. So what? He wouldn’t even hear you out. You deserve better than him. Okay? No, I don’T. He — he just broke up with me, and somehow I end up in your arms. So he is right. I am a horrible, horrible person. That’s not true, lucy. Come on. Listen to me for a second here. Would you just leave? Lucy. Get out now! Now! Leave! Leave!

[Laughing] Ohh. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you, tracy. I don’t understand what’s so funny. Oh, well… ever since I was diagnosed with als… well, people have been tiptoeing around me, being so proper and polite and… and handling me with kid gloves like I’m gonna break at any moment. I hate it! I didn’t realize how much I needed someone to talk to me like I wasn’t sick until you said that.

[ Laughs ] Oh, man. You know I didn’t mean it the way it came out. Well, even if you did, I’m — I’m fine with it.

[ Laughs ] I may have a fatal disease, but I’m still the same old gregory on the inside. And it’s just so nice to have someone talk to me like — like I’m normal.

[ Laughs ] I — I appreciate it more than you know. So no matter how nice you may have become, I hope you never stop doing that. I will do my best.

[ Chuckles ] Since when are you the police commissioner? Mayor collins asked me if I wanted my old position back, and I told her, “I need to think about it,” which I did — when I was stuck in the cell. And I accepted that job. So you can continue to undermine my investigation? No. So I can hunt down the threat to port charles in my new capacity is law enforcement, and no one can stand in my way. So if you want the pcpd’s help, special agent cates, you’re gonna have to give us the fbi’s help in return. We can’t count anyone out as a suspect. I need you to look into everybody in my organization. And that includes dex. I’ll get right on it. I know you’re fond of dex. So for your sake, I’m hoping I jumped to the wrong conclusion. But, sonny… this is me. You know, I’m rarely wrong about stuff like this. I’ll find out if dex is hiding something. The money’s in your account now. I appreciate it, but this isn’t about the money. I just want to keep joss and her family safe… and stay in sonny’s good graces. I mean, if he even gets a hint that I came on with an ulterior motive — he won’T. He won’T. Look, dex. We both want the same thing here. Just find out who the threat is to sonny and the rest of my family and report everything you learn back to me, okay? You can count on it.

[ Exhales heavily ] So, what will you do to dex if you find out he hasn’t been loyal after all? I’ll make him beg for death. Yeah.

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