Days Short Recap Wednesday, January 31, 2014

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex confronted Brady about whether he wanted to kiss Theresa. Jade and Harris talked about his conversation with Ava. She didn’t understand why he kissed Ava. Jade warned him that he had it bad for a woman who is bad news. Xander showed up at the DiMera mansion looking for EJ. Stefan told him that he wasn’t there. He wanted to know why he wanted to talk to EJ. Xander told him that he received a strange phone call. Brady assured Alex that his kiss with Theresa didn’t mean anything. He told him that he should get over his jealousy because he’s going to be around. Johnny asked Chad to marry him and Chanel. Chad didn’t want to bring an innocent person in the family. Johnny reminded him that he married his father and Nicole. Chad informed him that Nicole made the mistake getting in the family. Xander told Stefan about the blocked call he received. Someone wanted him to kill someone. Chad continued to let Johnny know that he should keep Chanel away as far as possible. Brady assured Alex that his interest in Theresa was only because she’s the mother of his son. He felt they could get back to normal now that Tate is getting help. Xander explained the phone call to Stefan. He told Stefan that he wasn’t an assassin for hire. Xander refused to murder anyone. Stefan thought it might be a wrong number, but Xander didn’t agree with that. He said the person knew him by name. Johnny refused to lose Chanel again. He wanted to get married with or without his blessing. Johnny was about to leave when Chad stopped him. Chad explained how it felt losing Abby.

Stefan told Xander that EJ wasn’t the one who called him. Xander reminded him that EJ wanted him to kill before. He wanted an explanation from him. Alex wanted to know if he had to worry about anything else as far as Brady was concerned. He wanted to know what it was like to be married to her. Brady didn’t remember being married to her since they were wasted. Brady wanted to know if he was going to marry Theresa. Brady warned Alex that Theresa has another side to her besides the fun side. He said he’s living proof that you could get sucked into her life. Johnny met with Chanel and told him what Chad said. She couldn’t believe Chad told him that. Chanel didn’t think they should run. She let him know that he wasn’t like his family. Xander assured Stefan that he’s changed. He wasn’t going to throw his life away because he has a family. Xander wanted Stefan to tell EJ that he wouldn’t do it. Stefan told him the DiMeras didn’t order him to kill anyone. Xander refused to kill for the family.

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