Days Short Recap Thursday, February 1, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Everett talked about the drugs and how it was affecting the city. Harris talked to Lucas about the case not going the way he thought it would. He told Lucas he was safe. Lucas said he wished he could believe that. He was afraid Clyde was going to find him and kill him. Theresa needed help with her work. Alex offered to help her, but when Brady showed up, she asked for his help. When Theresa left, Alex was upset about Brady helping her. Theresa was ready to get back to work when she came back. Brady told Theresa what she needed to do. Harris told Lucas to trust that he would do his part. When Harris left, Lucas called Chad. Chad wanted to know where he was. Lucas said he was in Salem. Chad asked if he escaped. Lucas said he didn’t. He said he needed him to meet him at Harris’ place. When Chad got off the phone, he told Everett that they needed to go meet an important person. Brady continued to help Theresa. He told her not to let the stress get to her. She said she was trying not to let it get to her. Harris ran into Marlena at the hospital. He told her how he went to see a perp in the drug case, but it didn’t go as planned. She asked if he wanted to talk about it because she had time. He said he wanted to talk. Lucas didn’t expect Chad to bring Everett with him. Chad said they were working together. Lucas said he had a story for them. Alex ran into Maggie. Maggie said she was worried about Theresa because she seemed guarded. Alex said he was trying his best to be there for her. Maggie said she didn’t think he could. He wanted to know what she meant. She said it took a lot of patience and maturity. He asked if she thought he couldn’t handle it. She said it took a lot of patience and maturity that he didn’t have. He asked if she thought he should break up with Theresa. Maggie said that was what she was saying.

Leo showed up at Eric and Sloan’s apartment. He said the baby looked like Eric. Melinda showed up at the apartment. She asked if Sloan got her texts. Sloan said she didn’t. Leo asked if she was there to see the baby. Melinda asked if Sloan set a date for the christening. Sloan said they didn’t. When Melinda said she was the godmother, Leo said he was the godfather. Maggie told Alex that he needed to leave Theresa alone because he wasn’t committed to her. He said he was committed to Theresa and never wanted to see her in pain. Maggie suggested he find an addict support group so he could support her. Theresa thanked Brady for helping her. They talked about Tate and how he was a good kid who took after them. Lucas told Chad and Everett that he got a beatdown for helping Harris with the drug investigation. Everett asked if he knew who was behind it. Lucas said Clyde was behind it. Harris talked to Marlena about kids getting hooked on drugs. He mentioned Holly being affected by the drugs. Marlena said Holly was in Italy getting the help she needed. While Harris was talking, he brought up Ava being with Stefan. Marlena asked if he still had feelings for Ava. He said he did but he didn’t expect her to move on with Stefan. Harris left Marlena’s office. Eric asked if Leo was Jude”s godfather. Sloan said Leo was joking about Leo being the godfather. Leo asked about the christening. Eric said he wanted to wait until Nicole got back. Melinda was shocked he wanted to wait for her. Eric said Nicole was excited and would want to be at the christening. Melinda didn’t think they needed to wait for Nicole. Harris showed up while Luas was telling Chad and Everett about the drugs. Sloan agreed to wait to have the christening. When Eric and Leo left, Melinda asked Sloan why Leo was in the apartment. Sloan said to torture her. She confessed to not being cut out for motherhood. While they were talking, Melinda warned her not to tell the truth about the baby because they would go to prison. Harris asked Lucas if he wanted to get killed. Lucas said that wasn’t going to happen. Harris said Chad and Everett could tell where he was. Chad said Clyde killed his wife, so he didn’t care about him. Harris wanted them to hold off on the story. He offered to give them a scoop to hold off on the story.

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