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John and Marlena have wine at home after finishing dinner. Marlena tells John that she’s sorry he had a rough day. John says he was just putting out fires and asks about her day. Marlena says it was the same. They comment on the sound of silence until Brady comes home and says they would not believe the day he had as he spent the whole day putting out fires. John offers him leftovers and goes to get him a non-alcoholic beer. Brady tells Marlena that with everything on John’s plate, he’s still thinking about him. Marlena calls John a very kind man. Brady wishes he had John’s generosity of spirit and that he was as good of a dad as John is.

Xander and Sarah set up for dinner at home as they are having Maggie over. Sarah reveals they need to set one more place at the table because Maggie is bringing Konstantin but Xander declares that he will not share a dinner table with Konstantin.

Konstantin gets ready in his room at the Kiriakis Mansion. He picks up the card he has and wonders what it means to Steve and John. Maggie comes in to ask if he’s ready and tells him the car is outside as she doesn’t want to keep Sarah and Xander waiting. Konstantin asks if she’s sure this is a good idea since Xander is not his biggest fan and for very good reason…

Ava sits at home, reading a romance novel called “Forbidden Fantasies” until Stefan shows up at the door to deliver her sushi. Stefan hopes she got enough for two. Ava questions if he came for dinner. Stefan responds that he actually came to drink with her. Ava notes that it seems he already started drinking. Stefan says he doesn’t like drinking alone, so he bet she probably had a bottle of wine open by now. Ava asks if she has a choice. Stefan jokes that they can commiserate over how crappy their lives are. Ava decides she has nothing else to do tonight.

Stephanie goes to Everett’s room at the Salem Inn as Everett is finishing a call with Chad. Everett tells Chad that he’ll pick him up at 6 AM tomorrow and hangs up. Everett apologizes to Stephanie for not taking her call earlier as it’s been a crazy couple of hours. Everett says he’s glad she’s there. Stephanie says she came because she couldn’t find her ear bud and this was the last place she remembered having it. Everett finds it on the floor and returns it to her. Stephanie then asks Everett about picking Chad up at 6 AM and where they are going.

Marlena tells Brady not to be so hard on himself as he’s a wonderful father. Brady asks if that’s why his daughter is indifferent to him now and his son is in juvi rehab. John returns with his drink so Brady thanks him. The doorbell then rings. Brady guesses that’s Theresa to sign consent forms for Tate’s youth correctional wilderness trip. Brady answers the door. Theresa apologizes for interrupting but John and Marlena tell her to come in. Theresa says she has to sign registered mail in the morning and she used to be able to do it online but the juvi system was hacked. Marlena comments on Tate doing very well which Theresa says that is what they hear. Brady thinks they’ll actually get to see him on parental visitation. Theresa calls it a very long few weeks. Marlena says they have missed him as well. Theresa brings up all the times she got impatient with Tate or he would annoy her and now she’d give anything to have him annoy her now and be able to embrace him or tell him that she loves him.

Konstantin tells Maggie that he understands not being able to forgive someone who put their daughter in danger, even indirectly. Konstantin doesn’t know if Xander will ever trust him or feel comfortable with him. Maggie tells him that Konstantin will have to change Xander’s mind, especially since Xander is going to be part of her daughter’s life for a very long time. Konstantin questions if she’s implying that he is going to be a part of her life for a long time as well. Maggie says she didn’t mean that, so Konstantin questions what she meant. Maggie says it’s time to go as she doesn’t want to be late for dinner and exits. Konstantin smiles as he follows her out.

Stephanie asks Everett what he and Chad are up to, pointing out that she’s the PR consultant to she needs to know. Everett informs her that they got a big lead on the drug crisis so he and Chad are digging in to it tomorrow. Everett adds that it has major potential to get the Spectator national recognition. Stephanie calls it recognition for him as well and says she’s dying to hear more. Everett says she’ll have to wait until it’s in writing. Stephanie agrees to try to be patient and says she’ll be going now that she got her ear bud. Everett stops her and asks if she has plans, noting that he has a mini-bar of liquor bottles and invites her to stay for dinner.

Ava offers Stefan some sushi but he declines, saying he prefers to drown his sorrows on an empty stomach. Stefan jokes with her about the book she was reading. Ava tells him that she was messing with him in their phone call earlier and that she enjoyed making him crazy. Stefan remarks that he’s already halfway to crazy these days. Ava guesses he really misses Gabi. Stefan confirms that he does every minute. Ava relates to missing someone. Stefan guesses she misses Harris but says she doesn’t need to answer and he’s sorry. Stefan proposes a toast to lost loves and new friendships, asking if he can call this a friendship. Ava jokes that he annoys the hell out of her and she can only stand 10 minutes with him, but guesses they are friends. Stefan jokes that she annoys the hell out of him too and she makes him want to pull his hair out because she’s a tremendous downer, but in spite of all that, he does consider her sort of a friend. They toast to new friendships.

Brady and Theresa sign their papers. Theresa thanks him and says they will talk later. Brady asks how she’s doing. Theresa says she’s good. Marlena offers to give them a few minutes to talk but Theresa says no since it’s their house. John notes that it’s Brady’s house too, so they are going to give them some privacy. John and Marlena head to the bedroom. Theresa then asks Brady why Marlena offered them privacy. Theresa asks if they know, hoping that Brady did not tell them about her getting high.

Xander goes to leave his apartment as Maggie and Konstantin arrive. Maggie questions where he’s going and says it better be to the store. Xander asks her to try to understand. Maggie says she doesn’t as this night is about her, her daughter, and granddaughter, not whatever bad blood is between Xander and Konstantin. Xander then reluctantly invites Konstantin in to his home with Maggie. Xander mentions that Sarah is in the bedroom with Victoria, so Maggie says she’s going to join them and tells them to behave themselves. Konstantin comments on Xander having a lovely home which he calls warm and inviting. Xander thanks him but says to cut the chit chat. Konstantin asks what he would prefer to talk about. Xander says he wants to talk about Maggie Horton, the best person he knows, who he cares about deeply. Xander warns Konstantin about hurting Maggie. Konstantin responds that he’s wary of defending himself to Xander and others who are skeptical about his feelings for Maggie. Konstantin declares that he also cares very deeply about Maggie and he would never hurt her. Konstantin claims that he’s not the man that Xander thinks he is which Xander mocks.

Stefan and Ava finish their wine. Ava asks Stefan if he’d rather have Gabi in prison for decades like she is now or Gabi out of prison, but he never gets to see her again. Stefan calls it tough but says he would set her free so he would at least know she’s safe. Stefan brings out a third bottle of wine and opens it up while Ava calls for them to get hammered.

Stephanie thanks Everett for the offer but says she has a big day tomorrow and he has a very early one, so they can’t risk another all nighter. Everett responds that he’d risk an all nighter with her any day. Everett says he thought their discussion was really important and that maybe they understand each other a little bit better. Stephanie thinks they do. Everett says as they were lying in bed, all the Seattle memories were flooding back to him as he was remembering how in love with each other they were and how much fun they had. Stephanie jokes about when they got sick at a restaurant. Everett says he loves every memory with her including that. Everett talks about the first time that he told her that he loved her and how it took three weeks for her to say it back to him. Everett says when she did, it was the happiest moment of his life. Everett reminds her that he is still in love with her.

Brady asks Theresa not to be upset with him, but admits that he did tell Marlena. Theresa questions why he did that. Brady knows he shouldn’t have but says he needed to tell someone because he was worried about her and Tate. Theresa complains that Marlena already thinks she’s a colossal screw up. Brady argues that she’s a psychiatrist so she understands addiction and doesn’t judge. Brady promises that Marlena was just concerned. Brady asks Theresa not to be upset with him and apologizes. Theresa decides it’s okay but she’s sure Marlena told John, though he’s a really good guy too. Brady swears they won’t tell anyone. Theresa knows he’s right. Theresa brings up when they had their town house and recalls a time when she came over and interrupted Marlena and John. Brady bets she never made that mistake again which Theresa confirms. Theresa says the way John and Marlena look at each other is heart melting. Brady agrees. Theresa comments that her and Brady used to look at each other like that once upon a time. Brady acknowledges that but says now she’s with Alex and he really hopes that’s going well. Theresa doesn’t think he does. Brady insists that he does but Theresa thinks Brady wishes what she wishes, that they could’ve somehow made it work and they could’ve been the next John and Marlena.

Everett apologizes to Stephanie for not resisting the urge to declare his love for her again since he knows it makes her uncomfortable. Everett says he’s not waiting for her to say it back like last time. Stephanie comments on it being hot in here. Everett understands she has to go but Stephanie instead asks if his offer for liquor bottles and dinner is still on the table. Everett say it is. Stephanie says good because they need to discuss the whole friends thing. Everett knows he has trouble with boundaries but promises to stop. Everett knows he keeps breaking that promise. Stephanie says it’s not that and admits the whole friends thing isn’t working for her either.

Ava drunkenly tells Stefan how everything was really great for her and Harris when they came back from London and she was the happiest she had ever been, but then Clyde had to come along. Ava then remembers that Tripp has tequila, so they could do shots which they then do. They end up dancing together and spill some wine on Stefan’s clothes. Stefan says it’s fine as his clothes are like the rest of his life, one big hot mess. Ava goes to get him something to change in to and comes back with her robe which Stefan refuses as he removes his shirt. Ava tells Stefan not to sit on the couch with his wet stained pants so Stefan takes his pants off instead.

Everett asks what Stephanie means by the friend thing isn’t working for her. Stephanie instructs him to give her one of the mini bar bottles and chooses the rum which they then drink. Stephanie then tells Everett that after their conversation last night, all she could think about all day was how great it was when they were together in Seattle. Stephanie mentions their late night talks, how he made her laugh, and the sex. Stephanie decides she’d like to have more of those moments. Stephanie then turns out the light and says she wants to start now. Everett asks if she’s sure as they then kiss.

Brady doesn’t know if he ever thought he and Theresa could be the next John and Marlena as he doesn’t think any couple could reach that bar. Brady thinks Theresa is idealizing what they had a bit much and says they were a hot mess. Theresa feels they had good times but Brady argues that it wasn’t real as they were more addicted to each other. Brady apologizes. Theresa says there’s no need to be sorry if that’s how he remembers it. Brady admits he remembers some really nice times too, but that was then and they are different people now.

Maggie, Konstantin, Xander, and Sarah finish dinner. Maggie compliments the meal while Konstantin remarks that Xander is lucky to have Sarah. Sarah clarifies that the dinner was all Xander as he spent all day in the kitchen. Konstantin then says good for him and admits he enjoyed the meal very much. Maggie asks where Xander learned to cook. Xander explains that his mom taught him and that the most important ingredient is patience. Konstantin questions Xander being raised in Scotland, noting that he only knows him from his reputation in Greece where he did “business” with his father. Konstantin remarks that it explains a lot which Xander questions. Konstantin says he’s always found Scottish people to be cold and harsh. Sarah holds Xander back as Konstantin talks about growing up in Greece and learning the value and importance of being a man’s man. Xander remarks that he would never take advantage of a recently widowed woman. Konstantin resents his comments but says he will take the high road. Konstantin warns that Xander greatly underestimates him. Xander says no one could ever do that. Konstantin tells Maggie it’s time to go but Maggie says it’s not. Konstantin declares that he will not stay anywhere where he is so greatly disrespected. Maggie tells him to order a car then and she’ll see him at home. Konstantin says thanks for a memorable evening and storms out. Konstantin pulls the card out of his pocket and complains about these people and this town as he walks off. Xander apologizes to Maggie. Maggie says she’s sorry for bringing Konstantin and asks what she was thinking. Sarah hugs Maggie and tells her it’s okay.

John and Marlena return to the living room to say goodnight. Marlena tells Theresa it was nice to see her. Theresa stops them and says she knows Brady told them about her slip, so she just wants to say thank God for Brady for helping her get through it and now she’s back on track, going to meetings every day, and she’s determined to never let this happen again. John is glad she’s finally getting the support she needs. Marlena adds that they are there for her. John gets a text and says he has to get going on a new Black Patch client. Theresa says she should get going too so John decides to walk her out. Marlena tells John to be careful as he exits with Theresa.

Maggie tells Xander that she shouldn’t have forced Konstantin on him and she’s sorry it went so badly. Xander blames himself for going off on him. Sarah says it’s all over now but Xander says it’s not for Maggie since she’s going to see him at home. Maggie assures that she’s a big girl and she can handle Konstantin. Sarah asks if she’s sure since Konstantin was angry when he left. Maggie repeats that she can handle him and goes to say goodbye to Victoria. Sarah questions why Xander had to provoke Konstantin. Xander asks if he was just supposed to sit there while Konstantin ran down Scottish people. Xander notes that Maggie was clearly upset, so maybe she’s starting to see the light and realizing that this man who is basically living with her now is very bad news. Sarah feels the jury is still out on Konstantin but she thinks Maggie does need him right now, so she wishes Xander would accept that.

Ava tells Stefan that it’s getting late, so she should go to bed and he should call a cab. Stefan reminds her of her phone call this morning and admits she really got him with all the sexy talk. Stefan talks about her rubbing oil on her body and suggests he could help her finish the job as they start kissing and begin to undress to the words that Ava read in her romance novel earlier. They kiss onto the couch. Stefan asks what if Tripp comes home but Ava says not to worry as they are out late. Stefan then lifts her up and kisses her against the door.

Everett and Stephanie kiss in bed and begin to have sex.

Marlena tells Brady that she’s going to bed and asks about him. Brady decides he will stay up and watch a movie, suggesting Casablanca. Marlena asks if he’s in the mood for romance, noting that he and Theresa were getting along well which she’s glad to see. Brady acknowledges that they will always be linked by Tate. Marlena states that bond will never break and says goodnight as she heads to her room.

John goes to the park where he is approached by Konstantin. John tells him to take a hike as this place isn’t safe for him. Konstantin questions him being worried about him and calls that thoughtful. Konstantin guesses John is meeting someone dangerous. John warns that he doesn’t want to mess with him and asks what he wants. Konstantin thanks him for coming and tells him to sit down because they are going to talk.

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