Days Short Recap Friday, February 2, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Konstantin wanted to know what the pawn card meant. Maggie asked Konstantin about going to dinner with her. He said he didn’t want to go because Xander wasn’t his biggest fan. Stefan wanted to have dinner with Ava. Stephanie went to see Everett. She overheard him saying he was picking Chad up at six in the morning. Stephanie wanted to know where they were going. Brady talked to Marlena about being a bad parent to his children. Theresa showed up so he could sign papers for Tate. They talked about what was going on with Tate. Konstantin agreed to go with Maggie. She said he was going to be in her life. He wanted to know what she meant by that. She said it was time to leave. Stephanie wanted to know where Everett and Chad were going. Everett said they were working on a story. When she was about to leave, he asked if she had any plans. He wanted her to stay with him. While Ava and Stefan were talking to each other, they decided they were friends. Brady asked Theresa how she was doing. Marlena and John wanted to give them time to talk. Theresa asked Brady if they knew she got high.

Xander tried to leave the apartment when Maggie and Konstantin showed up. Maggie convinced Xander to stay. When Maggie left to find Sarah and Victoria, Xander told Konstantin not to hurt Maggie. Konstantin told him that he cared for Maggie and would never hurt her. He said he wasn’t the man he thought he was. Everett and Stephanie reminisced about the past. While they were talking, he told her he meant what he said about loving her. Theresa said she was okay with Brady telling his parents that she got high. They talked about John and Marlena’s relationship. While they were talking about John and Marlena, they talked about their own relationship. Brady said he wished her luck with her relationship. Theresa didn’t believe him. She thought he wished their relationship lasted. While Everett and Stephanie were talking, they kissed each other. Brady told Theresa that he didn’t know if they could have been like his parents. He said they were a hot mess together. She said it wasn’t that bad. He said they were addicted to each other. When she was upset, he said he remembered the good times they had. He said they were different people. While Stefan and Ava were drunk, they made out.

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