Y&R Short Recap Friday, February 2, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Audra gives Tucker an ultimatumā€¦either she or Ashley has sex with him to prove that Tucker has chosen her.

Adam and Chelsea worry about Connor because he is having trouble at school. Chelsea tells Billy the school headmaster thinks Connor may need some extra help learning. Billy tells Chelsea that she should let the school come up with a learning strategy for Connor and assures him Connor will be fine. Adam talks to Sally and tells her he thinks that Connor is having all these problems because he wasn’t around for him when he was a little boy. Sally assures Adam that he made up for that by spending time with Connor now. Sally tells Adam he is a good father and Connor will be okay.

Jack tells Victor that he and Nikki ran into each other at an AA meeting then they went to have coffee and he walked her back to her office. Jack later tells Diane he hopes that Nikki tells Victor he is her sponsor soon because she shouldn’t be keeping things from him. Jack calls Traci who tells him that Ashley finally returned her call and she is meeting her at the cafe. Jack tells Traci that Diane thinks Tucker may have paid off the waiter to lie to Ashley. Traci tells Jack Ashley thinks the same thing. Traci tells Jack that she will do her own investigation and see what she can find out.

Nikki is working in her office when she gets a call from an unknown number on her cell phone. Nikki remembers the times that Jordan called her from an unknown number and she doesn’t answer the phone but the phone ringing won’t let her do her work.

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