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Eric and Sloan kiss in bed until baby Jude wakes up crying.

At the Spectator, Chad asks Everett how it’s going. Everett calls it a run of the mill day and jokes that he’s saving the world. Chad is sure he’s doing it impressively and asks how the story is coming along. Everett says it should be in his inbox soon and he’s thinking it will become a series. Chad agrees that it’s not just about who is dealing the drugs but who it affects. Everett says that could include people they know who need a voice.

Theresa sits at the Titan office, encouraging herself that she can do this and doesn’t need help from anybody. Alex arrives, so Theresa tells him that she’s trying to figure out the layout issue, feeling there’s too much visual clutter. Brady arrives and says he’s sorry to interrupt but Theresa says thank God he’s there as she really needs his help badly.

Harris checks on Lucas in his room above the Pub. Lucas asks about the investigation. Harris says he’s on his way to the hospital to check on a perp. Harris knows it isn’t going as fast as he hoped, but assures Lucas that he is safe here. Lucas says he’d like to believe him but he knows that Clyde’s mission in life right now is to find and kill him.

Sloan tells Eric to let Jude cry and self soothe but Eric worries that it sounds like he needs something, so he gets out of bed to check on him, disappointing Sloan.

Brady asks Theresa what’s wrong. Theresa complains about the layout and thinking she screwed up some ads, so she asks Brady to take a look. Brady sees the issue and suggests making it a little less overwhelming. Brady says he can help with it, so Theresa calls him a lifesaver, annoying Alex. Brady sends Theresa to get the original proof sheet from his office. Alex mocks Brady coming to the rescue. Brady brings up that Alex urged him to make sure she feels better with her job here. Theresa comes back and tells Brady they will get to work. Brady shows her a couple things to fix it. Alex gets annoyed and walks out.

Harris knows this isn’t ideal but says Lucas is out of prison and did his part, so now he has to trust him to do his part. Harris says he’ll see him later and exits. Lucas pulls out his phone and calls Chad, who questions if he’s supposed to be in prison. Lucas reveals that he’s in Salem. Chad asks if he was released or if he escaped. Lucas says he’ll explain later, but right now he needs him to come to Harris’ room above the Pub as they need to talk and hangs up. Chad says what the hell as Everett asks who that was. Chad says he’ll know soon enough but they have to go as they have a meeting with a very important person.

Eric feeds Jude and gets him back to sleep. Sloan tells Eric to come back to bed now but Eric wants to wait to make sure he doesn’t wake up screaming again. Sloan says if he wakes up then Eric can go over there and hover. Eric agrees to stop hovering and goes back to kissing Sloan in bed until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Eric says he’ll get it but Sloan argues that they will go away if he doesn’t. Eric worries that they will wake up the baby. It’s Leo, so Sloan says not to let him in but Eric says he won’t go away. Eric answers the door and says it’s not a good time. Leo walks in and says he was doing research for his column and it dawned on him that they haven’t reviewed his photos. Leo praises Eric’s extraordinary talent. Eric questions Leo wanting to review his photos now. Leo says unless this isn’t a good time.

Theresa comments that Brady makes this look so easy. Brady says it’s because he’s made all those mistakes too so he knows how to fix them. Brady encourages Theresa not to let it get to her and she’ll be fine. Theresa agrees to try not to and thanks Brady so much for his help. Brady has no doubt the magazine will be successful in the future and that Theresa will be a big part of that success.

Marlena runs in to Harris at the hospital and asks how everything is. Harris admits he’s not great, as he was just visiting an injured perp who got hurt during a raid but he wouldn’t give up his boss still. Harris says dealing with the drug ring is like always hitting another wall. Marlena asks if he wants to talk about it as she has some time. Harris decides it would be really good to talk to her again.

Chad and Everett go to see Lucas. Lucas complains that he didn’t mean for Chad to bring backup. Chad assures that he trusts Everett and introduces him to Lucas. Lucas tells them to have a seat because he has a hell of a story to tell them.

Alex runs in to Maggie in the town square and asks how she is. Maggie says she’s well and she’s glad she ran in to him as she asks if he has a moment to talk about Theresa. Maggie says she’s worried about Theresa as she ran in to her at the meeting and she seemed guarded with her. Maggie asks if Theresa is alright. Alex says all things considered, definitely and he’s just trying his best to be there for her and understand what she’s going through. Maggie doesn’t think he can which he questions. Maggie explains that being in a relationship with an addict takes a great deal of patience, empathy, and maturity. Alex asks if she doesn’t think he has those qualities. Maggie says that’s just her experience with him and she knows people can change, but right now with everything Theresa is going through, she doesn’t think Alex is equipped to handle it. Alex assumes that Maggie thinks he should break up with Theresa then. Maggie confirms that’s exactly what she thinks.

Eric says since Leo showed up without calling, they can get it over with quick and he’ll get his computer. Leo says it can wait as he looks over baby Jude. Leo remarks that Jude looks surprisingly like Eric. Sloan tells Leo that Jude is asleep. Leo says that’s fine and he’ll wait until he wakes up. Leo asks for a drink. There’s another knock at the door which Sloan complains about. Sloan answers the door to see Melinda, who questions her not seeing her texts. Sloan says she’s been a bit busy as Melinda comes in and greets Eric and Leo. Leo asks if Melinda came to see the baby she acquired for the couple. Melinda says she’s just checking in about the Christening but Sloan says they haven’t set a date. Melinda says she wants to run over a few details as Jude’s Godmother. Leo calls that so special and says it makes them a couple as he declares himself to be Jude’s Godfather which Eric questions.

Alex questions Maggie thinking he should break up with Theresa because he’s a jerk. Maggie says she didn’t use that word and she just wants what is best for Theresa as her sponsor and she thinks she would be better off on her own right now for her recovery. Alex disagrees and argues that he’s been patient and understanding with her. Maggie says maybe he has been, but that’s until he leaves her for another hot young woman. Alex insists that he’s not that person anymore. Maggie questions if he’s committed to Theresa for the long haul. Alex states that he’s done being a player, he’s in therapy and working hard on himself to become a better person. Alex understands she might be skeptical but at the end of the day, he is sincere about this and his feelings for Theresa. Alex says watching her hurt to the point that she had to get high to deal with the pain broke his heart and he never wants to add to that pain. Maggie decides she believes him and if he’s truly in it for the long haul, she recommends he check out an addicts support group as he needs to help himself to he can help her.

Theresa thanks Brady again for saving her. Brady says she doesn’t need to thank him. Theresa feels he went above and beyond, like he did when she had her slip. Theresa tells Brady how much that meant to her. Brady mentions getting a letter from Tate this morning. Theresa says she got one too and that he was so sweet in reassuring that he’s okay. Theresa says that Tate is strong and brave like Brady. Brady says he sees a lot of her in Tate as well in his humor and sense of adventure. Theresa states that Tate is a good kid. Brady agrees and declares they must have done something right.

Chad questions Lucas being a confidential informant who has been feeding information to Harris Michaels about the drug ring. Lucas adds that for his trouble, he got a beatdown. Everett asks how Lucas got here. Lucas explains that Harris pulled some strings as he knew he wouldn’t last much longer in prison, so he brought him here to keep his eye on him. Everett asks if they know who is coming for him. Lucas tells them that it’s the ringleader, Clyde Weston. Chad says he should’ve known.

Harris meets with Marlena and talks about thinking of all the kids effected by the drug ring, especially Holly Jonas. Marlena talks about Holly being in Italy with Nicole, getting treatment and seems to be improving. Harris says he’s praying for her. Marlena asks how he’s doing personally. Harris says he’s alright and just trying to sort some stuff out which Marlena questions. Harris talks about he and Ava getting close. Marlena asks how that’s going. Harris tells her that’s over as she’s with Stefan DiMera now or at least claims to be. Marlena asks what that means. Harris declares there is nothing between them and it’s just a lie. Marlena questions Harris thinking that Ava and Stefan are pretending to be in a relationship. Harris says it doesn’t matter as Ava moved on and he just has to accept it. Marlena imagines he still has feelings for her. Harris admits that he does as he felt a connection he didn’t expect and thinks she felt it too, but repeats that it’s over so he has to stay focused on ending the drug epidemic in Salem. Harris guesses it’s back to work for him and thanks Marlena for listening. Marlena says she’s always there for him as Harris exits her office.

Eric asks if Sloan told Leo that he’s Jude’s Godfather. Sloan says of course not and that Leo was just joking and trying to be funny, but she didn’t find it funny. Leo jokes that she doesn’t have a sense of humor but makes up with it with her own charm and charisma. Leo then admits he has yet to be anointed Godfather of Jude and talks about how hard it must have been for the birth mother to give him up. Leo questions the holdup on the Christening. Eric mentions that he kind of wanted to wait until Nicole got back. Melinda questions wanting the woman who kidnapped his son to be there for his Christening. Eric says they’ve gotten past that. Eric then mentions to Sloan that he got a text this morning from Nicole with an update on Holly. Sloan asks if Holly is out of the coma. Eric says not yet but she’s kind of responding to stimulant, so Nicole was very excited and looking forward to Jude’s Christening, so he’d like to wait for her to be there for it. Leo calls that so kind and declares that Nicole must be there after everything she’s been through because it would do her heart some good. Leo asks if Sloan agrees.

Alex thanks Maggie for the suggestion about the support group and says he’ll definitely check that out. Maggie thinks it would be very helpful. Maggie then asks how Theresa is managing at work. Alex admits it’s been a challenge, but she’s a smart girl and determined, so he thinks she will meet that challenge and she has his support. Maggie still thinks she should step back in at Titan but Alex says his stance hasn’t changed and her services are not needed. Maggie suggests bringing it up to the board. Alex wishes her luck with that and thanks her for the advice but declares Maggie coming back to Titan is not going to happen on his watch as he then walks away.

Everett asks how Lucas communicated with Harris. Lucas explains that he had a standing call with his doctor but it didn’t work because next thing he knew, he got his brans beat out. Everett asks if the attacker said anything. Lucas says he didn’t catch anything as there were a lot of them, he was in a lot of pain, and the next thing he knew, he was in the infirmary. Harris then comes back and questions what the hell is going on here.

Theresa tells Brady that she’s counting the days until they can see their son. Brady says he’s been obsessively looking at old photos on his phone. They laugh together about old videos of Tate until Alex comes back and asks what’s funny. Theresa says they were just talking about old videos of Tate when he was little. Brady says he will get going. Theresa thanks him again as he exits. Alex asks Theresa if Brady solved all her problems. Theresa confirms that he did and then tells Alex that they need to talk.

Sloan says that waiting for Nicole to come back from Italy is okay by her as there’s no reason to rush to schedule a Christening. Eric thanks her for understanding. Eric then tells Leo that they can go check out his photos, so they head to his room. Melinda asks Sloan what the hell Leo is doing here. Sloan says he is here to torture her. Sloan remarks that she doesn’t think she’s cut out to be a mother and complains about the baby crying every time she and Eric start to have sex. Sloan talks about having to clean up and the lack of sleep. Melinda questions if Sloan didn’t know what it was going to be like or if she didn’t have friends with children or read any books on what the first year would be like. Sloan admits that she didn’t. Sloan wishes they could have a nanny. Melinda tells her to get one then but Sloan says Eric doesn’t want one as he thinks it will be better for Jude if they take care of everything. Sloan adds that they can’t even afford a nanny. Melinda gets that she’s stressed but urges her to stick to the plan and that it will get easier. Sloan says maybe in 18 years but she doesn’t know if she can make it 18 months. Melinda warns Sloan that if she doesn’t and she gives Jude back to Nicole, then she will be trading it in for prison for both of them and Leo. Melinda asks if that’s what she wants.

Maggie finishes a call with the board and says she’ll be in touch. Brady approaches and hugs her, asking how it’s going. Maggie says it’s okay and she’s trying to focus on the positives. Maggie tells Brady about getting an e-mail from Nicole, who said that the treatments for Holly have been going promising. Brady says that’s great and he’ll let Justin know to relay that to Tate. Maggie asks how Brady is doing. Brady admits he’s treading water with everything that happened with Tate and Theresa. Maggie calls it a challenging time for him and she’s hoping that maybe she can help.

Harris asks if Lucas is trying to get himself killed. Lucas responds that he’s trying to do the opposite. Harris questions going after Clyde in the press which will provoke him and put his loved ones in danger. Harris asks what the guarantee is that Chad and Everett won’t reveal his location. Chad argues that won’t happen because Lucas is family and Clyde murdered his wife, so he wants him to rot in Hell. Everett adds that people have a right to know what’s going on. Harris argues that uncovering this could undo all the work they’ve done. Chad asks if he doesn’t want them to run it. Harris wants them to just run because thanks to Lucas, they have a big drug bust going down soon. Harris offers to give them the exclusive on the drug bust if they hold the story which they agree to.

Alex tells Theresa that he has a big feeling about they need to talk. Theresa tells him it’s nothing bad and she just knows that he wasn’t that happy before when Brady saved the day for her. Alex says he was glad Brady was there since he helped her and that’s all that matters. Alex adds that he’s also been thinking about joining an addict support group meeting to have a better understanding of what she’s going through as he’s trying to be more supportive. Theresa questions him doing that for her. Alex responds that he’d do anything for her. Theresa asks how she got so lucky. Alex says he’s the lucky one and kisses her. Alex adds that maybe if he shuts the door, he can get even luckier which Theresa agrees with.

Brady questions Maggie wanting back in at Titan. Maggie says for many reasons, most importantly so she can be there in a more supportive role for Theresa and to take some of the burden off Brady. Brady calls that very kind of her and asks if she talked to Alex about it. Maggie informs him that Alex rejected the idea of her coming back. Brady calls that a big mistake as she’s a terrific business woman and Titan is better with her in it. Brady agrees to talk to the board and gauge their interest. Maggie says she just wants to make sure she’s doing what’s best for everyone to thrive as they hug.

After Chad and Everett leave, Harris asks Lucas if he’s happy now. Lucas complains while Harris asks why he would talk to journalists unless he wants Clyde to find him. Harris shouts that he’s trying to keep him alive. Lucas asks where Harris was when he got jumped and if he was trying to keep him alive then. Lucas asks how Clyde even found out. Harris admits they aren’t sure. Lucas argues that he’s sure because he knows exactly how Clyde operates and that he’s got guys embedded in the Salem police department and that’s why he did what he did today because he’s trying to end Clyde’s reign of terror and save lives, including his own.

After Leo and Melinda leave, Eric tells Sloan that he will clean up later and starts kissing her until there’s another knock at the door. Sloan hopes it’s not Leo, but it’s Marlena so Eric answers the door. Marlena hopes she’s not intruding but says she was in the neighborhood so she thought she’d catch a peek at her grandbaby. Sloan lays back on the bed in frustration.

Chad and Everett walk through the town square. Everett states that this story is going to go viral and when it does, they won’t have to worry about subscription numbers for a long time. Chad agrees and says if they are going to do it right, they have one more person to interview; Clyde Weston.

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