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[romantic music]

¬†It’s in my every dream¬†¬† Your kiss, your hair¬†¬† Your smell so sweet¬†¬† Oh¬†¬† It comes around again and all over again, this feeling¬†¬† Whenever you’re near¬†¬† So sweet¬†

[baby crying]

Hey, how goes it?

Oh, you know. Just a run-of-the-mill day. You know, combing through public records, chasing down sources, trying to essentially change the way people think and act. Saving the world, basically.

Okay. Doing it impressively, I’m sure. How’s the– how’s the story coming along?

Oh, good. Should be in your inbox shortly. I’m thinking this will evolve into more of a series, you know?

Right. Yeah. Because it’s not just about who’s dealing the drugs, but how it affects our city, our society.

Yeah, people we know, you know, who need a voice.



[soft dramatic music]




[sighs] Okay. Come on, Theresa. You can do this. You are smart. You are competent. And you don’t need help from anybody.

Not even me?



Alex. I’m just trying to figure out this layout issue in the mockup here.

May I take a look? All right, what have we got?

You see? It just doesn’t make any sense. There’s too much visual clutter.

I think it makes sense to me.

Sorry. Sorry to interrupt you guys, but I have some forms from Justin that–

Brady, thank God you’re here. I really need your help badly.





Don’t overdo it.

I got it. I got it. I know what my body can handle. Ow! Ow. Maybe not. How’s the investigation going?

I’m off to the hospital now to interview a perp from the last drug raid. Hopefully the bullet in his arm loosens his lips. Look–




[whispers] Aw, man.

I know it takes a little while to build a case. And I know this is not going as fast as you– you hoped it would.

Damn right, it isn’t. Not with Clyde Weston out there running the operation.

Like I told you a million times, you are safe here.

Yeah, I know what you said. And I’d like to believe you. But I know that Clyde Weston’s core mission in life right now is to find me and kill me.



[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”



[baby crying]

Baby, it’s okay. Let him cry. He needs to self-soothe, remember?

Yeah, but it sounds like he really needs something.

I really need something. I need you.

Okay, baby, let me just check on him first. I’ll be right back.



[baby wailing]



[soft dramatic music]

So what’s wrong?

What isn’t wrong? Everything. I mean, the mockup isn’t matching what’s being sent to the printer, and I think I’ve royally screwed up some ads. Can you please–can you please just look at this, Brady, please?

Okay. Let me take a look, okay? Hold on. What do you got here? Oh. Okay, okay. I see the issue. You have excessive visual elements going on. You just have to make the composition a little less overwhelming, okay?


It’s not a big deal. I mean, you just have to finesse it a little bit. I can help you with this.

Thank you. You are such a lifesaver. Thank you.

It’s all right. Tell you what. Why don’t you go get the original proof sheet for the layout? It’s on my desk, okay?

I’m on it.


I’m on it.

All right.

Brady to the rescue.

Alex. That means you resent it, right? I mean you urged me to make sure that she feels better with her job here, right?



[tense music]

Okay. Let’s get to work.

Right. Let’s get to work. Okay, rule number one, we know that the best performing ads have zero minimal text, right?

Yeah, I definitely know that, and I still managed to blow it.

No, you didn’t blow it. You didn’t blow it. All you got to do is a couple things here, and we can fix it. It’s going to be just fine, all right?


Lucas, I know this is not ideal, but you are out of prison.


And you have done your part. Now you have to trust me to do mine. I’ll see you later.



[door clicks open]



[door shuts, lock clicks]



[soft dramatic music]



[line ringing]

Hey, it’s Lucas.

Lucas? Your number came up on my– aren’t you supposed to be in Statesville?

No, I’m in Salem.

What, were you released? Lucas, you didn’t escape, did you?

No, I didn’t. Listen, I’ll explain later, but right now– right now I need you to come to Harris Michaels’ place over the Brady Pub. We need to talk, man. I need your help.

Okay, will do. Just stay put. What the hell?

Who was that?

You’ll know soon enough. We have to go. We have a meeting with a very important person.



[soft dramatic music]

You really were hungry, weren’t you, big guy?

He’s almost asleep.

Finally. Okay. Now come here.

Let me just take a minute and– I don’t want him to wake up and start screaming again.

Oh, come on.




[whispers] What? I mean, if he wakes up again, you know, you can go back over there and dote over him like the hovering papa bear that you are.

Okay. Okay, okay. I’ll stop doting and hovering.







[knocking on door] Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!


You’ve got–what?

I’ll get it. I’ll get it.

What? No.



[knocking on door] Why would you answer the door? They will go away.

Listen, if somebody doesn’t answer it, they’re going to wake up the baby.

Oh. All right. Fine.

Who is it?

It’s your very first client, Mr. Hunky Shutterbug.

It’s Leo.

Do not let him in.

What, do you think he’s going to go away?



I’m sorry, it’s just really not a good time.

So I’m out and about, doing some research for my column– AKA shopping– and it dawns on me, you and I have not done a proper review of those brilliant photos we took together. Most of which I love, by the way. You really did capture my essence. My charm, charisma comes shining through in large part thanks to your extraordinary talent and proficiency.

So you’re stopping by because you want to review your photos? Now?

Mm-hmm. Unless this isn’t a good time.

You make this look so easy.





That’s because I, too, am fallible, Theresa. I’ve made all these mistakes before, repeatedly. I think I’m just proficient now at fixing them. I also know that having every small department up in arms over the dumbest and most ridiculous of mistakes is not only challenging, but it’s infuriating, right?

I know, right?

That’s better. Hey. Don’t let it get to you. You’ll be fine.

I’ll try not to. Thank you so much again for your help.

I have no doubt this magazine will be successful in the future. And I think you’re going to be a big part of that success.



[tender music]

Oh. Hello, Harris.

Hello, Dr. Evans.

How are you? How’s everything?

Well, honestly, not great. I was just paying a visit to a injured perp who got shot during a recent raid. And I was hoping that he’d want to clear up his conscience to give up his boss, but that didn’t happen.

Oh. That must be frustrating.

Yeah. I mean dealing with this– this drug ring, it’s like any time you think you make any headway at all, you just hit another wall.

Well, maybe you want to talk about it. I’ve got some time, if you do.

I do, actually. And it would be really good to talk to you again.



[soft dramatic music]

When I asked you to come over, I didn’t mean for you to bring backup.

Relax, all right? I trust him and so can you. Okay? This is Everett Lynch, my editor-in-chief. Everett, this is Lucas Horton, Abigail’s uncle. We’re here to help, man.



[tense music]

All right, fine. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Guys, have a seat, okay? I have a hell of a story to tell you.

Alex, hello.

Hey, Maggie, how are you?

I’m well. I’m glad I ran into you. Do you have a moment to talk?

Sure. What’s on your mind?

Theresa. I’m worried about her. I ran into her at a meeting and I spoke to her myself as a sponsor. She seemed fairly guarded with me. Is she all right?

Well, I mean, all things considered, yeah. Definitely. I’m just trying my best to be there for her and understand what she’s going through.

Oh. I don’t think you can.

What? Why do you say that?

Alex, being in a relationship with an addict, it takes a great deal of patience and empathy and maturity.

And I’m guessing you don’t think I possess any of those qualities.

Listen, listen. It’s just been my experience with you. And I know people can change. They can become more mature and more patient. But right now, with everything Theresa is going through, I don’t think you’re equipped to handle it.

Wow. So I’m assuming because I’m so immature and impatient and lacking in empathy, you think I should break up with Theresa. Am I right?

Yes, you’re right. That’s exactly what I think.





Listen, Leo, since you decided to show up without calling, how about we just make this quick, all right? I’ll get my computer.

Oh, that can wait just a spell. First, I want to coo over this sweet little angel of yours. Baby boy Jude, who looks surprisingly like you, Eric. Maybe it’s his big soulful eyes, perfect little nose.

Right. Well, you can’t right now, Leo. Because as you can see, he is sound asleep.

That’s fine. I don’t mind waiting for the sweet little snickerdoodle to wake up. In the meantime, could you grab me a drink? Maybe a Long Island iced tea? And if you don’t have vodka, tequila, gin or rum, regular iced tea is fine.



[knocking on door]

Great. No, let’s just have a party. Bring out the bubbly, Eric.

Sloan, have you not seen my texts?

No, I haven’t. As you can see, I’ve been a little preoccupied.

Oh, hello, Leo. Eric.

Well, Melinda Trask, as I live and breathe. Have you come to see the child you purloined for– I’m sorry, acquired for this lovely couple? Gosh, I’ve been stumbling over my words a lot lately. I hope it’s not really senseless.

I’m just checking in about the christening. Have you two set a date?

We haven’t yet, no.

Oh, good. Because as Jude’s godmother, I’d like to run a few details for the joyous occasion.

Hold the phone. You are this little chunky monkey’s godmother?

I am Jude’s godmother.

That is so special. And, you know, that makes us a couple. Not in the biblical sense, heaven forbid. But I happen to be this little jellybean’s godfather.

Wait a minute. What?

So you think I should break up with Theresa because, well, basically, I’m a jerk.

I didn’t use that word, Alex. And I don’t think that. I just want what’s best for Theresa. As her sponsor, as you know, I feel very strongly. I think she would be better off on her own right now, that that would be the best for her recovery.

Well, I happen to disagree. And, for the record, I have been plenty patient and understanding with her.

Okay. Maybe you have been. And maybe you will continue to be. Okay, I’m just going to say it.

Oh, God.

Until you leave her for another hot, young woman who happens to cross your path.

Yeah, see, that’s not going to happen again, Maggie.


I’m not that person anymore.



Okay, so you are committed to Theresa for the long haul.

What I’m saying is, I’m done with being a player. I’m in therapy, Maggie. I’m working hard on myself. I’m trying to become a more substantial person. And look, I understand how that might make you a little bit skeptical. But at the end of the day, the only thing that’s important to me is that I am sincere about this and my feelings for Theresa. Truly, you know, watching her hurt like that, to the point where she had to get high to deal with the pain– It broke my heart. I never want to add to that pain.

Okay. I believe you. And if you are truly in it for the long haul with Theresa, I recommend that you check out a addicts support group. You need to help yourself so you can help her.

Thank you again so much for saving me. Again, thank you.

You don’t need to thank me. It’s all in a day’s work.

No. Honestly, Brady. You just went above and beyond… like when you went above and beyond for me when I had my slip. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.

Hey, I got a letter from Tate this morning.

Me too.

Oh, you did?

Yeah. He was so sweet, reassuring me that he was okay.


He’s really strong, and he’s so brave.



[somber music] You know, he takes after his dad in that way.

Come on. You know, I see a lot of you in him as well. His humor–he’s funny. His sense of adventure, he definitely got from his mom.

Well, I don’t know. Wherever he got it from, he’s a good kid, right?

He is a good kid. Look at us. We must have done something right, huh?

So let me get this straight. You’re a confidential informant who’s been feeding intel to Harris Michaels about a drug operation here in Salem.

Yeah. And for my troubles, I got a beat down. I’m still recovering from it.

And how did you end up here?

Harris pulled some strings, you know. He knew I wasn’t going to last much longer in prison. So he brought me here to keep his eye on me.

Do you have any idea who’s coming for you?

Yeah, I do. The ringleader, Clyde Weston.

Clyde Weston? I should have known.



[dramatic music]

There’s just not a day that goes by that I don’t think about all the kids affected by this, especially Holly Jonas.

Yeah. She’s in Italy with her mom right now. She’s getting treatment. She seems to be improving, so we’re feeling optimistic.

That’s good news. Yeah, I’m praying for her.

Everybody is. How are you personally?

You know, I’m all right. Just trying to sort some stuff out.

What stuff?

As you know, Ava and I, you know, we got close.

How’s that going?

Well, that’s–that’s over.

She’s with Stefan DiMera now. Or, you know, she claims.

What does that mean?

I mean there’s nothing between them. It’s just a lie.



[dramatic music]

So you think that Ava and Stefan are pretending to be in a relationship?

I mean, really, it doesn’t matter what I think. She moved on, and I just–you know, I just have to accept it.



[tense music]

I imagine you still have some feelings for her.

Yeah, no, I do. You know, I felt a connection there that I didn’t expect. And I think she– I think she felt it, too. But, I mean, it’s over, you know? And I have to just stay focused on the task at hand. And that’s ending this drug epidemic in Salem. So… I guess it’s back to work for me. Thank you for listening. It’s good to see you.

I’m always here for you.



[door shuts]

Did you tell Leo that he was Jude’s–

Of course not. Leo was joking. He is not Jude’s godfather. He was just trying to be funny as usual, although I sure as hell didn’t find it very funny.

Could that be because you don’t have a sense of humor? Oh, you make up for it with charm and charisma of your own. Alas, it’s true. I have yet to be anointed godfather to this sweet little boy, whose birth mother must have had no choice but to give him up. Which would be heartbreaking if not for the fact that he now has a father who adores him, a mother with a heart of stone–ay, gold. There I go again, flubbing my words. When is the christening, by the way?

We haven’t set a date yet.

Why not? What’s the holdup?

Well, I was kind of hoping to wait for Nicole, till she got back.

Wait, what? You want the woman who kidnapped your son to be here for his christening?

We’ve moved past that.





And listen, Sloan, I forgot to tell you that I got a text from Nicole this morning. You know, she wanted to give me an update on Holly.

Oh. Well, is Holly out of the coma?

No, not yet. But the good news is that she’s kind of responding to stimuli. So listen, she just was very excited and looking forward to Jude’s christening. So if it’s all right, I’d just like to wait for her to be here for it.

Oh, wow. That is so kind, Eric. After everything that Nicole has been through, she must be at your son’s christening. It would do her heart some good. Wouldn’t you agree, Sloan?



[tense music]

Well, thank you for your suggestion, Maggie, about the support group. I’ll definitely check that out.

I think it’ll be very helpful. How is Theresa managing at work?

Well, I mean, it’s been a challenge. But, you know, she’s a smart girl, as you know. She’s determined. So I think she’ll meet that challenge. And she has my support, of course.

I’m sure she does. I know we talked about this at Christmas, but I think it’s time we reconsidered my stepping back in at Titan.

Well, my stance on that part hasn’t changed, Maggie. Your services at Titan are not needed.

According to you. But, you know, maybe it is something I need to bring up before the board.

Well, good luck with that. Anyway, I’m going to run. Thank you again for the advice about the support group. I’m definitely going to check it out. But as far as the whole “you coming back to Titan” thing– it’s not going to happen. Not on my watch.

So how did you communicate with Harris?

I had a standing call with my doctor, you know. And we had to vary our methods of communication to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. But I guess it didn’t work because the next thing I know, I got my brains beat out.

And during the beating, did– did the attacker say anything? Did he give you any clues as to his identity?

Look, I’m sure they did, but I didn’t catch any of it, all right? There were a lot of them. I couldn’t see anything. And next thing I knew, I was in a lot of pain and I was in the infirmary.



[dramatic music]

What the hell is going on here?

I’m counting the days until we can see our son, you know. Our precious son.

I have kind of obsessively been looking at old photos on my phone.

You too?

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, baby pictures, preschool pictures. That video you sent me years ago of him singing, “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands.”

Oh, I love that video so much. Or what about the one where he’s– he’s trying to eat the cookies through his Spider-Man mask?

The Spider-Man? I saw that one too. Yeah. Because he has the cookie and he can’t find the hole in the mouth, so he’s putting it all over his face.

I love it so much. It’s so cute.

I don’t even know if he ate any of the cookie because–

No. I don’t think he did.

It was in the mask.



[both laugh]

What’s funny? What’s funny?

Hey, Alex. Nothing. We’re just laughing because we were talking about old videos that we’ve been looking at of Tate when he was a little boy.

Right. Okay, well, I’m going to get going. You’re good. Okay? All right.



Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Any time.



[tense music]

So did Brady solve all your problems?

Yes. We solved them.

And Alex… we need to talk.

Yeah, to wait for Nicole to come back from Italy. That’s okay by me. I mean, there’s no reason to rush to schedule a christening.

Thank you. Thank you for understanding. Leo, let’s go check out your photos.

That is why I’m here. Hoping we can airbrush out some of these tiny little lines around my eyes, maybe puff up my lips a little bit, maybe extend my eyelashes.

Sure, whatever you’d like.



[tense music]

What the hell is Leo doing here?

What do you think? He’s here to torture me, of course. Oh, my God. Between him and the baby–

What? Between him and the baby what?

Look, I can only admit this to you, but I just don’t think I’m cut out to be a mother. No, it’s like every time that Eric and I start to have sex, the kid starts crying.

You’re not getting any sympathy here from me.

And let’s not even talk about the constant diaper changes, the spit up, the waking up in the middle of the night to feed him, the sleep deprivation.

Wait, wait, what? You didn’t think this was– you didn’t know what it was going to be like? Did you never babysit or have a friend with a child? Did you ever read what to expect in the first year?

Actually, no. Literally none of the above.

Oh, my God. If we could just have a nanny.

Then get one.

Eric doesn’t want one. He thinks that we should do all the work for Jude because it’s going to be better for him. God only knows how. And anyways, we can’t even afford a nanny. I mean, Leo is sucking up half my income. And Eric, you know, he’s just starting out with his photography business.

I get that you’re stressed, okay? But you need to focus, all right? And just stick to the plan. All of this will get easier.

Yeah. It’s going to get easier in years. I don’t know if I can make it another months.

Well, you better make it, Sloan. Because if you give in to your princessy need to not be woken up or spat up upon, and give Jude back to Nicole, you will be trading years of raising a child with prison, for you and for me and for Leo, for ruining your life and ours. Is that what you want?

Thank you, Henry. I appreciate the board’s support. Okay. I’ll– I’ll be in touch.

Hey there.


Hi, Maggie. How’s it going?

Oh, it’s okay.

It’s okay.

I’m just trying to stay focused on the positive. Oh, and speaking of which, I got an email from Nicole. And apparently the therapies for Holly are very promising.

That is so good. Oh, good, good. I will–I’ll relay that to Justin, so he can let my son, Tate, know.

Right. How are you doing, Brady?

I’m treading water, Maggie, with everything that’s happened with Tate and Theresa.

Yeah. Well, this is a challenging time for you, Brady. And I’m hoping that maybe I can help.



[gentle music]

Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Trying to do the opposite.

What, by going after Weston in the press? You don’t think that’s going to provoke him? And did it not occur to you that you’re putting your loved ones in danger, Lucas? Come on, man. Use your head. And what’s the guarantee that these two won’t reveal your location?

Okay, first of all, that’s not going to happen, all right? Lucas is family. And Clyde Weston– he murdered my wife. So I want that son of a bitch to rot in hell.

Look. People have a right to know what’s going on, okay? Uncovering the network behind this drug crisis and publishing it could absolutely save lives.

No. No. If you publish this, you jeopardize all the work that we’ve done!

So what, you want us not to run it?

No, I just want you to wait. Can you wait? Please. Because thanks to Lucas, we got a big drug bust going down soon.



[suspenseful music] Wait a minute. What if I give you… the exclusive on the bust if you hold the story?


Whenever a conversation starts with “we need to talk,” I get a bad feeling.

Well, don’t. Because it’s nothing bad. I just know that you weren’t that happy before when Brady saved the day for me.

Actually, I’m glad he was here. He helped you. That’s all that matters. And I also have been thinking about joining this addict support group meeting, just so I have a better understanding of everything you’re kind of going through. I’m trying to be a little bit more supportive.



[tender music]

You would do that for me?

I’d do anything for you.

Wow. How did I get so lucky?

I’m the lucky one.

Maybe if I shut that door… I can get even luckier.


I think if you shut that door, you’re definitely going to get luckier.

You want back in at Titan.

Well, for many reasons. The most important being that I could be there to be in a more supportive role for Theresa. And I could take some of the burden off of you.

That’s very kind of you. Did you talk to Alex about this?

Oh, Alex thinks he can manage it all. But no, he rejected the idea of my coming back.

Uh-huh. Well, that’s a big mistake. Because you are a terrific businesswoman, and Titan is better when you are a part of it. So I’m going to talk to the board and I’m going to gauge their feelings, okay?

Please do, Brady. Because I just want to make sure that I’m doing what’s best for all of us to thrive, be it in business or in life in general.

I know. God bless you for that.




[gentle music]

So are you happy now?

What do you mean happy now? I got to shack up with a guy I don’t even know. And I’m worried that some other guy is going to bump me off.

You should be even more worried now. Why would you talk to journalists unless you want Weston to find you? I’m trying to keep you alive, Lucas.

Where were you when I got jumped, huh? Were you trying to keep me alive then? And where’s Clyde getting his information from anyway?

We can’t be sure.

I’m sure. Because I know exactly how he operates. He’s got guys embedded inside the Salem PD. That’s why I did what I did today. I’m trying to end his reign of terror, all right? I’m trying to– I’m trying to save lives, including my own!



[tense music]

I’m going to clean this later.

Oh. Okay. Yeah, you will. Right now I have something else in mind.

Oh, yeah? What?



[knocking on door]

Oh, no. Just please don’t let it be Leo.

I’ll get it. Who is it?

It’s your mom.

Hi, Mom.

Hi, darling. I hope I’m not intruding, but I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d catch a peek at my grandbaby.




[low notes]

The story is going to go viral for sure. And when it does, we’re not going to have to worry about subscription numbers for a long time.

I know. And if we’re going to do it right, we have one more person to interview.

Yeah. Clyde Weston.

[dramatic music]

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