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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Everett let Chad know that he was ready to quit because he wouldn’t let him run the paper with integrity. He felt like Chad was protecting his family when it concerned the drugs story. Rafe and Harris talked about questioning Ava and Stefan. Sloan walked in the room ready to represent them. Chad thought Everett was lying, but he told him what he did for Stefan. He told Everett that he didn’t like Stefan so he wasn’t covering for him. Everett explained what Chad was doing. Chad reminded him that there weren’t any drugs at the Bistro. Everett wanted him to let the readers make up their minds. He wondered what Chad would do if the police found something at the restaurant. Chad wanted the story to be the headline. He wondered if Everett was going to stay at the paper or did he have to look for a new editor-in-chief. Sloan told Rafe and Harris they were harassing her clients. Harris wanted Ava and Stefan to tell him what they knew about Clyde. Johnny reminded Paulina and Chanel that he beat cancer. He believed Paulina could beat it too. Everett wanted Chad to promise that he wouldn’t cover for his family when it concerned news stories. Chad agreed to his terms so Everett decided to stay at the paper. Rafe asked Ava and Stefan if they were in contact with Clyde. Harris wanted them to explain why the visited Clyde if the didn’t know him. Sloan didn’t want them to answer anymore questions about them visiting Clyde.

Chanel tried to get Paulina to notice her engagement ring. Paulina finally saw the ring and got excited for her. Everett told Chad about having dinner with Stephanie and her family. Chad felt he didn’t have the right to ask Everett about Stephanie. He wished them the best. Stephanie showed up at the newspaper. Everett got a tip that Ava and Stefan were at the police station. He wanted to check out the story. Stefan admitted that he went to see Clyde because of what he did to his sister-in-law. Ava said that Clyde threatened to kill her son if she didn’t work for him. She turned him down. Harris didn’t believe her. He thought what she said was a lie. Sloan demanded that Harris back off Ava. She told Harris and Rafe they were leaving. Ava didn’t want to leave because she wanted to talk to Harris alone. Sloan and Stefan didn’t think that was a good idea. Ava was going to speak to Harris whether they liked it or not. Paulina couldn’t believe Chanel and Johnny were engaged. They told her they wanted to get married on Valentine’s Day. Paulina thought they were eloping, and she didn’t want to miss it. Chanel explained it would be a small ceremony because of what his family went through. Harris wanted answers from Ava. He promised to protect her because he loved her. Harris thought she knew how he felt about her. Ava wanted him to figure out a way to get over it. He kissed her. Sloan wanted to look at the warrant for Stefan and Ava. Everett showed up at the station. He warned Stefan that he planned to post the next story about him if he’s involved with the drug ring.

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