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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa went to the hospital and ran into Kayla. Kayla wanted to know what was going on with her. Jada, Stephanie and Rafe bonded with each other. They wanted to talk about personal things. Jada asked Stephanie if she was swearing off men. Stephanie said she was swearing off men. Rafe said he sensed hesitation. Stephanie said it was hard because she worked with two of her exes. Jada and Rafe wanted to know who they were. They knew about Chad, but not the other one. Stephanie said it was someone she dated in Seattle. While Everett was working on a story, he thought of Stephanie. Alex talked to Marlena about Theresa relapsing. He told her that he and Brady took care of Theresa. Alex said he wanted to help, but he was in the way. He told her about Theresa planning to leave town to visit her mother. Alex said he talked Theresa into staying because he couldn’t let her leave. Kayla told Theresa that Kim talked to her about slipping and was disappointed about her not coming to California. She asked why Theresa decided not to go back. When Rafe walked away from the table, Jada told Stephanie that he was nothing like her lying, cheating boyfriend. Alex told Marlena he wanted Theresa to stay because they were alike. Theresa told Kayla Alex begged her to stay in town because they should be together. She told Kayla that she kissed Brady, but when Alex persuaded her to stay, she realized he was what she needed. Kayla asked if she loved Alex. Theresa said she did love him. She asked if Kayla approved of it. Kayla said she didn’t know him that well, but he was capable of change if he met the right woman. Theresa said when she first got together with Alex, she was using him to get over Brady. She said she didn’t think she would develop real feelings for him. Theresa said she felt guilty because she destroys people’s lives without thinking about it. She said she was ashamed of what she did because he deserved better. Kayla asked what she did.

Marlena asked if Alex was in love. Alex said it was new for him. She told him feelings were subjective. He said he should act on his feelings for Theresa. Alex asked if he should propose to Theresa. Marlena said the feelings were new for him, but he needed to take it slowly. Alex thought he could lose her if he waited. Stephanie asked Jada if her marriage ended because of her ex cheating on her. Jada said that was the main reason. She said she checked the charges on his account and found a ring. Jada said when he found out they had a horrible fight and knew it was over. When Rafe came back to the table, he wanted to know what he missed. Jada said she was talking about her ex. Everett called Stephanie to ask if he could email a story to her. She said she wouldn’t get to it until the morning because she was out with friends and asked him to join them. He agreed to join them. Marlena asked Alex if he told Theresa how he felt. Alex said he didn’t. Marlena said he wouldn’t know how she felt about him since he didn’t ask. He agreed not to rush to marry Theresa. Marlena said the best thing for him to do for Theresa is there for her. Kayla asked what Theresa did to feel guilty. She asked if it was about her past mistakes. Theresa said it was about her past mistakes. Kayla asked if she suffered enough. She said one of the steps in the 12-Step program is making amends. Kayla asked if there was anyone, she needed to make amends with. Theresa said she needed to make amends. When Everett went to the pub, he saw Jada and left. He sent Stephanie a text to let her know he couldn’t make it. When Stephanie left the pub, she called Everett. He asked her if she could come by his apartment so he could talk to her. He said it couldn’t wait.

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