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Stephanie joins Jada at the Brady Pub and apologizes for being late, noting that she has a new client who is extremely high maintenance. Rafe arrives to join them and also apologizes for being late. Stephanie tells him that he’s not the only one as she had a needy new client. Jada asks Stephanie who the new client is. Stephanie reveals it’s actually the Bistro, as their business was badly hurt by the drug raid, so they hired her to do damage control. Rafe says he was also held up because of that reason and suggests no work talk tonight. Jada agrees and suggests a topic of embarrassing personal stuff. Stephanie jokes that Rafe might have a problem with that. Jada agrees that Rafe probably wants to talk about macho guy stuff. Rafe assures that he’s perfectly comfortable talking about his feelings, even personal embarrassing ones.

Sarah comes home to Xander cooking. Xander asks how her day was. Sarah says it was good and exhausting but rewarding. Xander finishes cooking and talks about putting Victoria to sleep. Sarah comments on Xander taking care of everything and says he’s outdone himself. Xander responds that he was highly motivated to please her and calls her his motivation.

Alex goes to see Marlena in her office at the hospital. Alex thanks her for seeing him so late and last minute. Marlena says he sounded like he couldn’t wait. Alex says it’s about he and Theresa which Marlena says she could have guessed. Marlena asks what has happened since they last spoke about it. Alex informs her that Theresa was planning on going back to California, but then he persuaded her not to go and then they slept together. Alex then declares that they actually made love.

Theresa goes to the hospital and tries to avoid Kayla but Kayla sees her and says she’s really glad she came. Theresa says that she sees Kayla is really busy so she can just tell her mom that she saw her and that she’s fine and she will be on her way but Kayla stops her from leaving. Kayla says not until they talk and she understands what’s going on with her. Theresa is not sure she wants to know.

Stephanie tells Rafe that she and Jada decided to stay clear headed. Rafe calls that disappointing since they will be talking about embarrassing personal stuff. Jada says it might not be as fun sober but they will do their best. Jada asks if Stephanie is still swearing off men. Stephanie asks why she has to start but Jada encourages her. Stephanie declares that she is still swearing off men. Rafe feels she slightly hesitated. Stephanie admits that it’s hard because she works with two of her exes. Jada and Rafe question there being two. Jada says she knows about Chad but asks who the other guy is. Stephanie says it was a guy she knew from Seattle. Jada didn’t know she lived in Seattle and notes that she used to live out there for a few years too. Stephanie remembers Jada mentioning that and says it’s too bad they didn’t connect back then as she could have used a shoulder to cry on.

Everett works at the Spectator office. Everett wonders aloud how the dots connects as Stefan and Ava deny anything to do with the drug trade but they are lawyering up big time. Everett wonders how Ava and Harris are connected and then the Bistro hiring Stephanie to kill any negative publicity. Everett then thinks back to telling Stephanie that he loved being her friend and that he wouldn’t pressure her to be anything more.

Sarah asks Xander how Victoria did at the Spectator when he took her. Xander says she was a perfect angel and slept most of the time. Xander asks about Sarah’s day at work. Sarah says there was nothing out of the ordinary, she just did her rounds and worked on her charts. Xander asks when Sarah last asked for a raise. Sarah says not lately and asks why. Xander points out that she works so hard and long hours, so it seems she should be getting paid handsomely. Sarah says she’s fine with her salary. Xander suggests maybe she shouldn’t be.

Marlena brings up that Alex told her in their last session that he was determined not to get romantically involved with Theresa. Alex says he was totally fine with them being roommates with benefits, but Theresa recently had a slip. Marlena says she’s sorry to hear as she hadn’t heard about that. Alex guesses Brady didn’t tell her but explains that he and Brady took care of Theresa for the first few hours as she was coming down and it was really hard for both of them to see her like that. Alex admits he wanted to be the hero and to help but really, he just felt like he was in the way since Brady and Theresa have all this history. Alex adds that after Brady left and Theresa was finally sober, she made a rash decision to go back to California. Alex says he got upset and went for a jog but when he came back, Theresa had already packed and booked a red eye flight to leave tonight but she didn’t go because he talked her in to staying. Alex declares that he couldn’t let Theresa leave and that’s what he wanted to talk to Marlena about because it’s scaring the hell out of him.

Theresa asks Kayla if her mom filled her in. Kayla confirms that she told her that she had a slip but that she was determined to have it not happen again. Kayla encourages that they all know that Theresa must have been in serious pain to have a slip. Kayla adds that her mom also told her that Theresa decided not to go to California. Theresa guesses she was disappointed. Kayla says she was concerned and just wants the best for her. Kayla adds that her mom doesn’t understand her staying in Salem since she can’t see Tate for another month. Kayla then asks why Theresa decided not to go back. Theresa informs her that it’s Alex.

Jada proposes a toast to not needing shoulders to cry on. Rafe and Stephanie drink to that. Rafe finishes his beer and says he needs another one. Rafe asks if they need anything but they decline as he goes to get a beer. Stephanie tells Jada that Rafe is so charming. Jada agrees and adds that Rafe is loyal, kind, and funny which is nothing like her lying, cheating ex…

Sarah asks Xander if she shouldn’t be fine with her current salary. Xander admits he may be biased but feels she’s a stellar employee who goes above and beyond, so she should be paid accordingly. Sarah says this topic is making her a little uncomfortable because their most recent problems was because they were broke and he was willing to do dishonorable things to make them not broke. Sarah insists that she makes a decent living, so Victoria will always be taken care of. Xander supposes she’s right. Sarah adds that Xander has the Spectator, so they will both be contributing equally to their daughter. Xander didn’t mean to express doubt about that and assures that he will only make a living honorably and respectably to set a good example for his daughter which is more important to him than anything.

Marlena question why Alex is scared by needing to have Theresa stay in Salem. Alex thinks he’s just never really felt like that before. Alex says he’s been crazy about women before like Stephanie but it was different. Alex says that was more like he was wanting her, not so much needing her. Alex says Theresa has made a lot of mistakes in her life, struggled with addiction, and is flawed like him. Alex feels like he can totally be himself around her. Alex says it’s just something about her and he just wants to be around her. Alex adds that when he can’t be around her, he can’t get her out of his head. Marlena thinks she understands what he’s feeling which Alex questions. Marlena declares that she thinks Alex is in love.

Kayla questions Alex being the reason that Theresa decided to stay. Theresa confirms that he persuaded her that they are so alike and really self aware. Theresa adds that Alex insisted on them trying to become better people together which Kayla says sounds like a plan. Theresa brings up her and Brady going through so much with Tate. Theresa says when she was strung out, Brady really made her feel safe in a way that only addicts can understand and for a moment, she felt really close to him. Theresa says that when Alex took her in his arms and persuaded her to stay in Salem, that’s when she realized that Alex is what she wants and needs. Kayla asks if Theresa is saying she’s in love with Alex. Theresa responds that she supposes that she is and asks if Kayla disapproves because most people look at Alex as an egotistical womanizer. Kayla says she doesn’t know Alex that well but she believes people are a work in progress so if a man meets the right woman, he can become less egotistical and shallow. Theresa remarks that stranger things have happened. Theresa states that when she first got involved with Alex, she was the shallow one as she was just using Alex to try to get Brady jealous but when that didn’t work, she looked at Alex like a distraction from Brady, but she didn’t think she would actually develop real feelings for him. Theresa cries that now she feels so guilty which Kayla questions. Theresa complains that she is shallow and willing to screw up someone’s life just to get what she wants. Kayla thinks she’s just being hard on herself. Theresa responds that she’s ashamed of what she’s done and Alex deserves better. Kayla then asks what she has done.

Alex tells Marlena that being in love sounds so serious and mature. Marlena asks if feeling this way is new to him. Alex confirms that it is since being crazy about someone is different than being in love. Marlena says that people express their feelings differently so it’s very subjective. Marlena feels it sounds like there is a real depth to Alex’s feelings for Theresa. Alex can’t help but feel like he needs to act on these feelings. Alex then asks Marlena if he should ask Theresa to marry him. Marlena is taken aback and says she can’t tell him what to do but these feelings are very new for him. Marlena thinks he needs to just take this very slowly and see what develops. Alex worries that if he waits, he could lose her and he can’t lose her.

Sarah tells Xander that she really needed this wonderful dinner and relaxing with him and their daughter in the other room. Xander tells her about how he was reading to Victoria. They joke about her possibly understanding him. Xander talks about how Victoria reminded him of Sarah. Sarah says Victoria has Xander’s smile. Xander talks about Sarah always looking lovely. Sarah brings up everything they went through with losing her previous daughter and how blessed they are to have a perfect, healthy child. Xander feels blessed that their child is a product of their love at that time and now he’s terribly grateful that they are getting to know each other again in a different way.

Stephanie asks if Jada’s marriage ended because her ex cheated on her. Jada says that was the main reason but it was how she found out which Stephanie asks about. Jada explains that one day, she was checking the credit card bill and found a big charge for a jewelry store and he hadn’t bought her any jewelry in months. Stephanie says that must have been hard. Jada recalls her ex being furious with her when she confronted him about it and having a horrible fight. Jada says she knew it was over then. Rafe returns and asks what he missed. Jada says she was just talking about her ex so it was nothing he needs to hear. Stephanie gets a call and steps aside to answer as it’s Everett, who asks if he can e-mail her the copy of his follow up piece to the drug crisis to make sure it’s situated properly because his deadline is in two days. Stephanie says she won’t get to it until the morning as she’s out at the Pub with friends. Everett is sorry he interrupted and hopes she’s having a good time. Stephanie responds that she is and invites Everett to join them. Everett asks if she’s sure he wouldn’t be intruding. Stephanie says not at all, so Everett says he’s on his way. Stephanie says she’ll see him soon and hangs up.

Marlena asks Alex if he’s told Theresa that he’s in love with her. Alex says no, so Marlena says he can’t know how she feels then. Alex brings up Theresa telling him that she wants and needs him, which he feels is the same thing as being in love. Marlena thinks it is in this case but she thinks his fear of this is being triggered by his past. Alex admits she might be right and talks about finding out that Justin isn’t his real dad. Alex says it’s been awhile but still feels like a loss. Alex guesses he will hold off on asking Theresa to marry him. Marlena feels there isn’t any rush, especially considering that Theresa has a problem with addiction and had a slip recently. Marlena thinks the best thing Alex can do is just be there for her.

Kayla asks what Theresa has done that is making her feel so guilty and if it’s about her past mistakes. Theresa claims that she is talking about her past mistakes. Kayla feels she’s suffered enough over those. Kayla talks about reading the 12 steps program and one of those steps is making amends with the people you’ve hurt. Kayla asks if there is somebody that she needs to make amends with. Theresa decides that’s what she’ll do because Tate deserves an honest mother with integrity. Theresa declares that she will make amends with the people she has hurt.

Jada and Stephanie tell Rafe about the geocaching scavenger hunt. Stephanie says that she, Wendy, and Tripp are sorting out the details and it’s going to be great. Everett enters the Pub but upon seeing that Stephanie is with Jada, he backs out before they see him. Stephanie comments that her friend should’ve been there by now. Stephanie then gets a text from Everett, saying he can’t make it but needs to talk and asks her to call him when she’s free. Stephanie tells Jada and Rafe that he unfortunately can’t make it. Jada says that’s too bad as she was really looking forward to meeting him..

Xander and Sarah finish their bottle of wine. Sarah asks if they should try the whiskey as she likes that he said it signifies trust. Xander says that’s something they have been working real hard to rebuild and it’s become better than he anticipated. Sarah admits she’s very impressed by what a responsible and truly loving father that Xander is. Sarah adds that he’s an amazing roommate with mad cooking skills. Xander calls her a wonderful mother and a perfect roommate. Sarah and Xander then end up kissing. Sarah asks if they should take this to the bedroom but Xander says they shouldn’t.

Alex tells Marlena that she’s always helped him so much and thanks her. Marlena encourages Alex to take his time with this relationship and see what develops. Marlena says if it’s good and real, it won’t go away. Alex agrees because he is in love.

Theresa thanks Kayla for letting her talk this through and says she’s made her realize that she has to be honest and to make amends. Kayla encourages her to live with a clear conscience and self respect. Kayla hugs Theresa and says she’s there for her 24/7. Theresa thanks her and says she loves her so much.

Sarah questions Xander saying he doesn’t want to go to the bedroom. Xander assures that he’d want nothing more than to make love to her all night long, but worries about how he screwed things up before so he’s trying his damndest not to screw things up now since the stakes are so much higher because of their little girl. Sarah says she understands and jokes that at least one of them is thinking clearly. Xander jokes about being the voice of reason and they end up hugging.

Stephanie says she hates to call it a night but she has tons to follow up on tomorrow. Stephanie hugs Jada and tells her tonight was so much fun and they should do it again soon. Rafe agrees as Stephanie then exits. Jada tells Rafe that it was disappointing that they didn’t get a chance to meet Stephanie’s guy. Jada remarks that it doesn’t take a detective to see how much she likes this guy.

Outside the Pub, Stephanie calls Everett, who apologizes for standing her up tonight. Stephanie asks if he’s still at work. Everett responds that he’s in his room at the Salem Inn and asks her to come over because what he needs to say to her really can’t wait. Stephanie agrees to be there soon and hangs up.

Alex runs in to Theresa at the hospital. Theresa says she was just thinking about him. Alex calls it a coincidence as he was thinking about her too.

Rafe tells Jada they can go to his place which she calls an excellent idea as they exit the Pub together.

Stephanie goes to see Everett. He thanks her for coming so quickly. She notes that he sounded so serious on the phone and asks if everything is okay. Everett sits her down and says he has a confession and something she needs to hear.

Sarah asks Xander if they are just going to their own bedrooms to sleep. Xander doesn’t know he will since his heart is skipping beats just looking at her and thinking about what would happen. Sarah responds that her heart is skipping beats right now too. Sarah then heads to her bedroom. Xander gets a call from a private number and answers the call to hear a distorted voice, saying he has a job for him as he has someone who must be eliminated..

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