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So is Theresa doing okay?

Yeah, she is. Thank God. And, Jada, I can’t thank you enough for helping me track her down, and more importantly, keeping it under wraps.

Sure. I’m glad I could help. I know you and Theresa have been through so much.

I’ll let you go. Okay, thank you, Jada.

Take care, Brady.

There’s my princess. Come here. Hi. Hi. Oh.


Hi. I’m so happy to see you.

Well, we’re happy that you actually showed up this time.

[grunts] Honey…

[sighs] You know I hated missing our ice cream date. I really wanted to be there, but your brother, Tate, he– he really, really needed me. You understand that, right?

Mommy said Tate got in big trouble. Is he okay now?

Yeah, no, he–he’s good. He’s good. He’s okay now. He’s gonna be home, but right now, I am here just for you, ’cause you’re my precious little girl. Come here. I love you.

[panting] You’re packing.

Yeah, I’m just about done.

[clears throat] How was your jog?

It was okay, but I wasn’t expecting to see this when I got home. I was hoping you decided to stay.

Alex, this is for the best. I have to go back to California. I-I need to spend some time with my mom, and most of all, I need to get out of Salem, and then, um, see Tate when I can in a month. So I booked a red-eye ticket.

You’re leaving tonight?

Yeah. But before I go, there’s something that I need to tell you ’cause… I can’t leave without making things right between us.

[curious piano music]

I am happy to report that our little guy is fast asleep.

Oh, that’s great. And I am heading out to my first appointment with some new clients, which means money for us.

[laughs] Well, between your new clients and my photography business…


We’re gonna make enough money to put this boy through college, right?

Well, that’s the idea.


Actually, I have my first client who’s coming over soon for a shoot.

Eric, didn’t even tell me that. This is so exciting!

[laughs] Well, it is. It is. It is. I just–you know, I hope that he can sleep through it. Next time I’m gonna call my mom and try to see if they can look after him.

Well, I mean, you already know that they’re gonna love that.


Speaking of your mom and John, I’m still so mortified about what happened the other night. I just–I can’t believe I got so wasted.

You were nervous. John and my mom, they understand. I told you that.

Mm-hmm. No, I know, but it’s just, I’m still embarrassed about it. And I promise you next time, only water, if there even is a next time.

There’ll be a next time. I promise.

I don’t even remember everything that happened the other night, but I do remember your mom telling us how she lost her firstborn to SIDS.


That is so awful and sad It’s just, I don’t know if I could even survive that happening to our son.

Hey, Jude is healthy and happy. He’s not only loved by us, but he’s loved by my entire family. I told you that, so let’s–let’s focus on that.



Mm-hmm. Right?

We are so lucky that he has come into our lives.

We are so lucky.

[unsettling music]

Good, you’re here.

I am. What’s going on?

Oh, great. You’re here too. I just want to give you guys both an update on the Bistro situation.

Okay, what you got?

Well, I just got off the phone with Ava, and I told her that I want to speak to both her and Stefan down here at the station.

Okay, but why are we only bringing them in now?

Well, we needed to do a little investigating, get all our ducks in a row. Now we’ve done that, we’re ready for them. So assuming they both show up, soon we will find out what they know about the Bistro’s connection to the drug epidemic in Salem.

Mm, well, that should be enlightening.

Well, let’s hope so.

[mysterious music] Harris, you look skeptical.

Well, I am, Commissioner. I think, uh, maybe questioning Clyde Weston would be the more worthwhile approach.


And why do you think that?

Well, I had a, uh, little run-in with Clyde earlier, and I have an update.


[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So the bastard actually threatened you?

Well, he warned me that what happened to Lucas could happen to me if I don’t fall in line.

I can’t believe he was so open about his involvement on his attack on Lucas.

Yeah, well, Weston’s one tough son of a bitch.

[sighs] Meaning we have one tough fight ahead of us.

We do. And we’re gonna win this fight, and we’re gonna take this guy down once and for all.



Look, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re gonna say, so let me please just say something first.


Go on.

Theresa, I feel like it’s my fault you’re leaving.

Alex, no.

No, please let me– let me just explain.

[sighs] I accused you of having feelings for Brady, and I shouldn’t have done that. It was not what you needed to deal with after everything you already had gone through, and I’m sorry for falsely accusing you of that. I admit that I was wrong.

You’ve already admitted that…

Yeah, but please…

And I appreciate that but–

Please let me finish, please. You and Brady share a child together. That is a lifelong, very special bond, and now the two of you are sharing in the worry for that child, and I just thought that maybe it would stir up some feelings between the two of you and some of those old feelings would start to resurface.

Well, they haven’t, not at all. I admit that when I first came to Salem I thought that maybe Brady and I could get back together, but… then I met you, and then everything changed. And, yes, we do, we have a child. And we’re gonna share that bond together for life, but that kiss that we had, that was– God, that was–that was a drug-fueled mistake. It’s a mistake that you have forgiven me for, but that I do not forgive myself for, which is why I have to get out of here. I have to get away from everything that has caused me to–to relapse, away from everything that’s making me unclear about what I want and what I need.

[soft tense music]

[exhales shakily] What are you thinking?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Wherever you go, there you are”? Theresa, you running away to California, it’s a false solution. It’s not gonna make anything you’re dealing with with Tate any less difficult. I’m telling you that. It’s just gonna put you , miles away from it. So please, hey, stay here with me. Let me help you get clear on what you need and what you want. I will help you in any way I can. I promise you.

So I was thinking “The Little Mermaid.”

I already saw it.

You already saw it. Okay. well, what movie would you like to see then?

Might I suggest the “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy, which follows Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III as he transforms from misfit to eventual Viking chief of Berk with an assist from his best friend and dragon, Toothless, the Night Fury?

I want to see that!

You got it.

Oh, I believe that’s only streaming now. If you’re wanting to go to an actual movie theater, might I suggest “Wonka”…

“Wonka,” okay.

Which explores the mythical beginnings of the imaginative young inventor that, of course, would be Willy Wonka, before he becomes the renowned scrumdiddlyumptious Mozart of chocolate?

I want to see that, Daddy.

Of course you do.

Okay, okay, okay. Hold on. Hold on. It is playing at the Drexel in about half an hour.

Sure. Okay. We can–we can do that. And thank you for all your suggestions. You can Oompa-Loompa your way out of here now.


That’s fine.

Ah, no, listen. Before I tell you how happy I am for you and Kristen, the whole town has been wondering– well, maybe not the whole town, but I certainly have– will they or won’t they? And now it is obviously clear that, yes, you have, because here you are enjoying some hot chocolate with your adorable little girl. So yay for Bristen, or would it be Krady? Or do we keep it real simple and just say B and K, back together again?

They’re not back together, and I don’t want them to be.


Okay, you don’t have to engage with this little man. He’s just making fun of us.

Ah, on the contrary. I am very sincere in how heartening it is to see you all together enjoying some family time, but I do have to go now. Enjoy the movie.

Thanks, I will.


You always know what to say to calm my spirits.

You do the same for me.

Well, I hope so. Now I should be off. Good luck with your new client.

Mm. I’m gonna need it.

Why? Someone’s gonna give you a hard time?


Is this a model? An actor? Some TikTok influencer?

Oh. No, no, no. It’s a columnist, you know, from “The Spectator,” somebody that we’re both all too familiar with.

No, you don’t–

Yes, Leo Stark, aka the Lady Whistleblower.

So what’s the update on Lucas?

Uh, well, he got beat up pretty bad, but he’s gonna make a full recovery.

All right, well, thank God for that.

[phone ringing]

And excuse me. I gotta take this.


[phone beeps] So now that we’re alone, you want to tell me where you were last night? ‘Cause I thought you were gonna come by my place after you finished your paperwork from the raid, but you never showed up. Um, yeah, I’m–I’m sorry. By the time I got finished with everything, I was just– I was exhausted, so I just went to sleep. Sorry I didn’t come over.

Jada, why are you lying to me?

Hey, sweetie, um, why did you tell Leo that you don’t want your mommy and daddy to get back together?

‘Cause I hate you guys fighting all the time.

Okay, and I-I-I get that, but, baby, you have to understand, I just I miss you very much, you know? And I-I– I wish I could, you know, share you more with Mommy and not just see you every once in a while.

I miss you too, but it’s better this way.

You think it’s better that– that we don’t see each other as much?

I guess. Can I go buy some candy from the movie theater? They never have what I like.

Um, yeah, sure, sure, go on.

Yeah, honey. Here.

Just–just–just come back soon because…

Thank you.

The movie’s gonna start. Okay? It’s gonna start soon.

[clears throat]

Be careful. What the hell was that about?

What do you mean?

Don’t–don’t–don’t do this. What–you know damn well what I mean. Not that getting back together with you is something I wanna do, but why is she all of a sudden just against it? And more importantly, why is she okay with just seeing her father once in a while when you see fit, huh? Why is she fine with that?

Because you hurt her. She explained everything to you, Brady.

No, no, she did a on that very issue and there’s only one reasonable explanation for it. You are turning her against me. Aren’t you?

Alex, I already booked my flight.

So cancel it. Please. I will pay for the tickets.

It’s not about the money.

Okay, then let me explain, please, please, please. Wait–wait, just let me explain. Theresa, I know I haven’t been the greatest boyfriend. Look at me, please. I know that I did not handle everything properly with you and Tate and everything you’re going through. And not to, like, make some crazy excuses about this, but everything going on with my family and the drama and finding out that I am Victor’s son, and Justin’s not really my dad, and all of a sudden becoming the CEO of Titan, it’s like my whole world has just been flipped upside down. I’m questioning everything. I’m questioning everyone. And I’m really not trying to make excuses for this, but, like, I am– I’m, like, waking up some days and–and–and I’m questioning who the hell I even am. – It would be so simple. I wouldn’t even have to tweak the will. All it says is that he leaves half of his inheritance to the son he never acknowledged, no name. I can make this happen.

[unsettling music]

Alex, I think that there’s something that you should know.

Wow, so your first client is Leo.

None other.

I just thought you couldn’t stand the guy.

Well, I’m definitely not a fan, but I can’t afford to be picky.

[knock at door] There he is.

Hello, Leo.

Sloan, what a lovely surprise. Ah, this is serendipity, my lawyer, my photographer, under the same roof. Hey there, you handsome shutterbug, you.


So as I explained when I responded to your very clever ad, I need some wonderfully flattering photos of myself, preferably ones that make me look taller, younger, thinner, for Lady Whistleblower’s grand return.

I’ll do my best.

Oh, I’m sure you will knock it out of the park, Eric R. Brady, just as your charming wife, Sloan, here has, as my lawyer. I am just eternally grateful to her, not only for her brilliant litigation skills but for her generosity… of spirit.

Hey, honey, don’t you have a meeting with your client?

Actually, I just told my client I was gonna be a little late. If it’s all right with you, I’d like to stick around for your first shoot.

Yeah, of course.

Fine by me. I’m a glutton for attention.

Hey, will you give me a minute? I gotta go grab something.

No problem.

[eerie music]

What the hell, Leo?

What the hell what?

Out of all the photographers in Salem, you choose Eric? I mean, come on. What are you up to?

I’m not up to anything. Well, the only thing I’m up to is getting some great photos… and making you squirm like you’re doing right now. See, because you know I hold all the cards in this little arrangement of ours and if you aren’t behaving to my liking, well, I will just drag you down to the bowels of hell.

[suspenseful music]

Alex, you are not to blame for how I feel. I’m the screwup. I am the one who never learns from my mistakes. I have been given second chances times over. I still manage to make an absolute mess of things.


No, don’t do that. Don’t. Don’t comfort me and tell me that I’m a wonderful person at heart because I just keep letting people down. I’m–I’m a horrible mother.

No, you’re not.

I’m a terrible girlfriend. I am. I think that I should just–I should finish packing. I should just get the hell–

Theresa, come on. Please, please, please. Theresa, please stop.

Honestly, you’re just better off without–

Please stop! Please stop. Okay, you–you–you say that you’re a screwup, that you make a mess of things? Hey, that’s what I do. I have made terrible decisions. I’ve made stupid choices for Titan. I-I-I-I am a terrible listener. I treat Justin like crap. I treat him absolutely awful just because he’s what? Not my biological father, when the guy has been a great dad to me my whole life? I-I-I…

[sighs] I am very flawed, and I know it. So that means that there is hope for me one day that maybe I can work on those flaws and I can correct them. And you know it too. And in therapy world, that’s called being self-aware, and you are self-aware. So why don’t we work on our flaws and our faults and our imperfections together?


Please, please.

Alex, it’s–

Please. And since not being demonstrative or showing my true feelings– it’s always been one of my flaws– allow me to work on myself and show you how much you mean to me. Please.

[soft tense music]

I swear to you that I have never turned Rachel against you.

Yeah. Yeah, right, right.

And as far as her not wanting us to get back together, as you just pointed out, that’s the last thing that you would want anyway. So why do you care what–that she doesn’t want it either?

I’ll tell you what I care about is just being a decent parent. That’s all I want. Which you obviously don’t think I am, right?

I-I don’t think that, Brady. I mean, what happened to Tate, that is not your fault. But with Rachel, when you did not show up that one day, she was very upset, and that broke my heart.

Yeah, right, and maybe– maybe she’s really upset because her parents fight all the time and they resent the hell out of each other, huh? Maybe she’s really upset because her mother has full custody and she can’t see her father who she has a really good connection with. Maybe she’s really upset because her mother is spiteful, and manipulative, and has committed horrendous crimes that she is not one bit sorry about. Maybe that’s why our daughter is upset, Kristen, not because her father missed an ice cream date. So don’t you dare– don’t you dare blame that on me.

[somber music]

[phone rings]

So I saw in my daily report that you had pulled Theresa Donovan’s credit card records. Can you explain why?

Yes, I can. Brady called and Theresa was missing, so I wanted to help him find her in case she was in trouble. So I got information from those records and found out that she checked into a local motel. And when I found her, she was totally strung out. Brady and Alex came and I had them deal with her, and then I left. I’m sorry I didn’t let you know. I was just so exhausted, and I really just wanted to keep everything on the down-low.

It’s okay. That’s all right. That, uh–that makes sense. So Theresa, she’s okay now?

Uh, yeah. I actually just checked in with Brady right before you got here. She’s recovering well.


[knock at door]


Harris, what’s up?

That call I took, it was about Lucas. I got some news.

[sinister music]

Lucas is being moved to a new location for his safety. The AG approved it. Uh, ha, I’m gonna owe some favors, but I got it done.

I’m sure Kate will be relieved.

Yeah. Where are they moving him?

Uh, I’m sorry, boss, I can’t tell you that.

[tense music]

Are you done lashing out at me? I mean, is it possible for me to talk now?

Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead, knock yourself out.

I am sorry you’re so contemptuous of me. And it’s not like anything you said hasn’t been said before, at least a version of it. But I am a little shocked at the level of anger. I mean, I want you to be with Rachel. I want her to be in your life, Brady.

But she’s with her friend Lindsay over there. That’s Lindsay’s mother.

Well, good, good. Then that will give us a few more minutes to actually talk about this.


I feel for you, Brady, having Tate in a rehab facility, being falsely accused of pushing drugs. I mean, I feel for Tate. I mean, I think of him still as my little Christopher.

Oh, don’t–don’t.

No, no. I gave birth to him, Brady. And I feel for you and Theresa. How is she doing?

She’s not good, okay?

Has she maintained her sobriety through all this?

[exhales heavily]

Okay. Your silence leads me to believe she hasn’t.

I don’t want to talk about this with you.

No, it’s fine. It’s fine.

All right?

It’s fine. But you two must be helping each other out during this time.

Yeah, she’s leaned on me a little bit. I’ve leaned on her too.

So all this leaning… does that mean you two are getting close again? Are you gonna have a relationship with her?

Kristen, Kristen, Kristen. What–what–what?

I’m just curious.

Why do you care?

I’m curious! I’m curious.

Okay. Curiosity is one thing, the jealousy thing is– is another. I know when you get jealous dangerous things tend to happen.


You get spiteful. So let me just kill the mystery for you right now, okay? No, Theresa and I are not getting back together ever, much like you and I, over, completely, forever.

[dramatic music]

Mm. Allow me to point one thing out.


Those red-eye flights, you know, they really can take a toll on you, man. Do you really want to sit on a plane for the next / hours tonight when you could be sleeping in a nice comfy bed with a warm down comforter?

Is that the only thing that would be keeping me warm?

Definitely not, because if you stay, I’ll be in that bed too, and I will find more ways than one to cuddle you and warm you up for sure.

And then maybe I could reciprocate that and keep you warm too in other ways.


I really hope you don’t think this is coercion. I’m just pointing things out. And you are totally free to take that nasty, terrible red-eye flight full of crowded people and claustrophobia-induced situations, but you could just stay here.

I don’t see it as coercion. I just feel kindly and gently persuaded.


And I know that what I need and what I want is to be here with you.

[romantic music]

Hey, Leo, I am so sorry for the delay, but I’ve gotta run down to my car. I’ll be back in a few minutes.

There’s no rush.

Damn it, Leo, can’t you just go? I’ll make up an excuse to Eric.

Mm, that’s not gonna happen, sister. See, I need those photos. Besides I like being in the presence of this little angel that I helped bring into the world, this precious baby that I delivered and handed to his mother, Nicole Walker DiMera, watched as she held him in her arms, tears in her eyes, her heart bursting with love for her newborn baby.

Why must you do this to me? Haven’t I done everything that you’ve asked?

Oh, stop acting like you’re some kind of victim, like you’re this saintly person who’s been wronged. You are down in the mud just like I am. The difference between us, though, is that if you had your druthers, this little boy would never know his real mother, who is actually caring and kind and nurturing, unlike you. Whereas I–

Whereas you what?

Whereas I may come across as being shallow and callous, but I actually have a heart, and it breaks for this little boy being stuck with a fake mother, a stone-cold one at that with a soul the size of a pea.

What the hell are you talking about, Leo?

I think you can figure it out.

[dramatic music]

You listen to me and you listen to me hard. If you rat me out, I swear I will do everything in my power to take you down to hell with me.

Got it.


Hey, I’m so sorry it took me so long. I ran into my neighbor who likes to talk. Hey, you’re staying for the shoot, right?

Actually, no, I can’t anymore. I do have to make that meeting.

Okay, well, I’ll see you later then, okay?

Great chatting with you, Sloan, as always. You know, it lifts my spirits knowing that precious little boy who’s not really yours–

[laughs] There I go, fumbling my words– that precious little boy who is lucky to be yours is thriving.

[suspenseful music]



What do you mean, you can’t tell me where Lucas is?

Okay, um, I mean no disrespect. Just hear me out for a second, okay? Given how we suspect the Bistro was tipped off right before the raid and we’re not sure how yet, don’t you think it might be better if I just keep Lucas’s location to myself for now for his safety because we don’t know who’s listening and Clyde has men everywhere?

Hmm. Yeah, you’re right. We still might have a dirty cop.

Yeah, we might.

[intense music]

It’s really sad.

What is?

Your vehement insistence that you could never consider even being with either mother of your children.

I vehemently insist because I don’t want you to have any delusion. All right? It is sad. It’s sad that you tricked me into procreating with a sociopath, one that has been very destructive to me and to countless others.

Are you never gonna let all that go?

You want me to let– you want me to let it go? Kristen, how am I supposed to let–let it go, the fact that you have put me through hell all these years, that you’re depriving me of– of seeing my daughter on a full-time basis, that you’re turning my own daughter against me? How am I supposed to let that go?

Do you really tell me to answer that question?


You might let go of all that for the sake of your daughter who you feel so deprived of. You might want to let all that go because once upon a time, you and I were crazy about each other. And you might want to let that go because you realize that no one’s gonna love you as much as I once did. And guess what, Brady? I still do.

[somber music]

[gentle music]

You know, you can still make that red-eye flight if you really want to.

Yeah, yeah, I don’t think that’s happening.

Does that mean you’re staying?

If you’ll help me unpack.

I would be more than happy to help you unpack. And since I am… opening up my feelings and on this whole, um, trajectory… Theresa, I am really starting to fall for you.

Starting to?

I’ll revise that. I-I have been falling for you since the first time I saw you… and now my feelings are getting deeper, stronger… The more I get to know you, and I feel like I really do know you. And you’ve been honest with me about who you really are from the very beginning.

Yeah, well, what can I say? I’m an open book. What you see is what you get.

I am crazy about what I see.


Don’t do this, Kristen, not again, don’t.

All I’m being is open and honest.

Then let me be open and honest with you. There’s no future for us except for you being the mother of my little girl. See, what I’m hoping for is that someday I might find someone that’s kind and compassionate and will love me for who I am and will also love my kids unconditionally, someone that I can grow old with.

Well, here’s our little girl.

I got the snacks, and I talked to my friend Lindsay.

I saw you talking to Lindsay, yeah. Her mom was over there too. Listen, we should, uh– we should go, because if we leave right now, we’ll be right on time.

Wait. I still need to get popcorn. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Okay, you can have whatever you want.


[laughs] All right. And I just want to say, Brady, that until you find the woman of your dreams, maybe you and I can start seeing the best of each other.

I think that is a worthy goal. Let’s go.


Okay, can you hold these?

Sure, sweetie.

Hey, hey.

[both laugh]

Oh, damn you, Leo.

[suspenseful music]

“Reminder, Stark, you say one word to Eric about our son, “and you’ll be screwed in every way possible, and that’s a promise.”

[phone beeps]

[camera shutter clicking]

Okay. All right. This will be the last one.

Okay. Ooh, can I see? Can I see?

[laughs] You know what? Actually, I prefer to set up a portfolio that I can email you later today. Would that be okay?

Okay, sure, I can wait. Hey, what do you think my better side is? I think it’s my right, because my right eye is a little bigger than my left eye.

They’re kind of both the same, actually. You know what? You’re pretty photogenic.

Oh, well, thank you. I’d have to agree.

[phone beeps] And with that, I am going to be on my merry.


[sinister music]


Hey, good luck to you back at Lady Whistleblower. I’m sure your fans will be excited that you’re back.

Oh, I’m sure they will. This is Salem. There’s always a scandal waiting to be exposed. And sometimes it’s right under our noses. Ta-ta.

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