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Daniel: Right on time.

Heather: You said it was important. Lucy isn’t around?

Daniel: No, um, she is, uh, out for the afternoon, after school thing.

Heather: Oh, right. Um, watercolor class. She’s probably gonna be an artist like her dad.

Daniel: Right. Um, please sit down. Here, let me take your coat.

Heather: Okay, great. So?

Daniel: Do you want a water or something?

Heather: No, I’m– I’m good. I’m good.

Daniel: Are you sure? I mean, I can make coffee.

Heather: I don’t think you invited me over here to hydrate.

Daniel: Yeah. Um, no, you’re right. No, I– I did not. Um… you know, the other night, you, uh, well, you dropped the L-bomb on me and then you just left. I don’t really know what to do with that.

Heather: Okay. Well, maybe I can help you.

Victoria: Hello, Mom. How are you?

Nikki: Oh, hi, darling. Join me.

Victoria: I would love to, but I’m just ordering some food to go. I just have so much to get done today.

Nikki: Now, you can’t spare minutes for your mother?

Victoria: Mom, I wish I could.

Nikki: It won’t work.

Victoria: What won’t work?

Nikki: The excuses.

Victoria: I’m not.

Nikki: Yes, you are. You’re trying to avoid me and I think I know why. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

Adam: Our, uh, E-Ventures negotiation is on track. Nick and I have been working with the acquisition team to facilitate a move to the Newman umbrella.

Victor: Excellent work.

Adam: Well, I could not have done it without my brother.

Victor: Do you know how much I like to hear that?

Adam: That’s why I said it.

Victor: You know, you may think it’s corny, but I– I can feel the different energy in the building. More trust, collaboration, all of that.

Adam: Nick and I have done all that?

Victor: My sons and the family working together instead of against each other. It warms the cockles of my heart, son.

Adam: Well, I think it’s making a big difference to all of us, Dad and we have you to thank for, dare I say, pretty much strong arming us into it.

Victor: I’ll make a promise to you. If you and your brother continue to bury your animosities, you’ll move mountains together.

Sally: Hey there.

Nick: Hey.

Sally: Coffee break?

Nick: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Sally: Wasn’t Sharon’s launch party great?

Nick: It was.

Sally: Yeah, what she’s doing with Cassidy First is just really inspiring.

Nick: It really is.

Sally: And you and Adam working together, it’s also inspiring.

Nick: You mean because it didn’t, uh, end in a cage fight?

Sally: Well, I mean, from what Adam said, I’m sensing a real breakthrough.

Nick: Well, Adam is, uh, clearly keeping you well informed. Showing up to Sharon’s launch party wasn’t just a casual date, huh? Looks like you two are giving your relationship another shot.

Sally: Adam and I have been reconnecting. I’m not exactly sure of the status, but it seems like it might be headed in that direction.

Nick: Are you happy? Then, I’m happy for you.

Sally: Really?

Nick: Yeah, I am. You’ve always led with your heart and uh, speaking from experience, right or wrong, you go where your heart takes you. And it’s taking you to him. So… I’m really pulling for you two this time.

Sally: I’m so sorry for the pain that I’ve caused you.

Nick: It’s okay, seriously. We’re good.

Sally: Okay. Friends?

Nick: Okay. Friends.

Sally: Thank you.

Nick: What?

Sharon: You’re hurting more than you’re letting on, aren’t you?

Victoria: How are you doing? Are you still worried about Seth?

Nikki: I am tired of people tiptoeing around me. Worried that I’m gonna take a drink or that they might say something that will send me into some kind of an episode.

Victoria: Mom.

Nikki: I am so sorry that all of you have to feel that way.

Victoria: I have every faith in you. You’re going to beat this and you know that I’m gonna be there for you no matter what, right?

Nikki: I do. And I’m very grateful. But it seems that I have a small battalion of people who want to support my recovery. All I want to do now is be here for you. So, what is going on with Claire?

Victoria: I don’t want to burden you.

Nikki: It’s not a burden. If anything, it would be very helpful. I have been coddled and protected so much lately, it would feel wonderful to be useful. So, darling, please. If anything is troubling you, anything at all, I want to know about it.

Victoria: And I would love to tell you. Although, for the first time, in a while, Claire is actually not my main concern. Dad is.

Adam: I’m grateful that you trust Nick and me to be co-CEO’s. But I’m even more grateful for an opportunity to prove myself. To you, to the family, to all the doubters. And I’m gonna enjoy this, every minute of it, for as long as it lasts.

Victor: What’s that supposed to mean?

Adam: Come on, Dad. We know that this is a temporary gig. Victoria waltzes back in here. She wants her job back. It’s gonna be musical chairs all over again and someone might end up out on their ass.

Victor: Son, I understand Victoria’s decision, but that doesn’t mean that I will use you and your brother as placeholders.

Adam: Okay. That’s easy to say now, but when the time comes, I assume all bets are gonna be off,

Victor: Sit down. I’m gonna say it once. Your place at my company is secure. You got that?

Adam: Understood.

Victor: But don’t you give me a reason to change my mind.

Adam: No, those days are gone, okay? I’m with you. All in, %. Things are going well in every facet of my life. Personal and professional. I’m not about to screw that up.

Daniel: You can understand my confusion, right?

Heather: Well, at least one of us isn’t confused. I meant it. I’m falling back in love with you.

Daniel: Yeah. Um… I don’t know what to do with that.

Heather: You don’t have to say anything. Just keep it in your pocket for a rainy day. You know, Heather loves me. Heather really loves me.

Daniel: So that– that kiss on New Year’s?

Heather: I’m glad it made an impression.

Daniel: You– you said that you were just in the moment.

Heather: Okay. It surprised me as much as it surprised you. Okay. And then it kept me up at night and I started asking myself why did I do that? And what– what do I really want? And I realized I don’t want that moment to end. I wanna string all the moments together and see where it takes us.

Daniel: Yeah, but Heather, I’m with Lily now.

Heather: I’m well aware. I know. But hypothetically, if– if you weren’t with Lily, would you and I have a chance?

Daniel: Okay. Um… I think if I wasn’t involved with Lily, we would have a chance. But Lily is in my life.

Heather: Are you in love with her?

Daniel: She is– she– We care a lot for each other.

Heather: But are you in love with her?

Daniel: You know, our relationship just hasn’t reached that level yet.

Heather: Okay. Look, Daniel, if you genuinely want that and– and you see love ahead for you and Lily, I’ll respect that. But knowing how I feel about you and knowing that our family can be whole, in every sense of the word, is a future with Lily still what you want?

Daniel: You know, I’m not sure.

Victoria: I know, Claire, I mean, she’s still so fragile but she genuinely believes that confronting Jordan helped her regain some control over her life. And she knows that getting well, it’s not gonna be easy. She knows that, but she’s looking forward. She agreed to let Cole and me visit her.

Nikki: Well, that sounds very positive.

Victoria: And here’s the best part. She hugged me, Mom. I held my daughter in my arms for the first time ever.

Nikki: Oh, darling, I– I know how much that must have meant to you.

Victoria: Look, I understand that– I mean, I know you still have concerns about Claire and what her intentions are, but every maternal instinct in me believes her and believes that she genuinely wants to turn her life around.

Nikki: And I hope that is true. I mean, it would be a relief to know that Claire could be the daughter you hope for.

Victoria: Well, we’re already making so much progress. She– she knows that she has mine and Cole’s full support. We’re going to be there with her every step of the way. Which is why I am having some issues with Dad.

Nikki: What has he done?

Victoria: He summoned Cole to the ranch.

Nikki: Ah, yes, he did mention he had a conversation–

Victoria: Well, then you’ll understand why I’m upset with him. Look, I’m happy that Dad is gonna accept that Claire will be a part of my life and Cole will too, but you and I, we both know that he’s digging.

Nikki: For what?

Victoria: Mom, he asked me if something’s gonna happen between me and Cole?

Nikki: Well, you know how the past has a way of creeping up on you.

Victoria: Oh, no. We– we want to help our daughter. That’s all.

Nikki: What if your feelings change?

Adam: I’ll have the final docs for the deal on your desk by tomorrow.

Victor: Good, son. in such a good mood?

Adam: Um, it was just, um…

Victor: Look, boy. I know you’re still seeing Sally Spectra.

Adam: Is this where you’re gonna make a dire prediction that she’s gonna be the ruin of me or Nick, or both of us?

Victor: Let me just say that I don’t think she’s good enough for either of my sons. And I don’t like the fact that she has hurt Nicholas as deeply as she has. But there’s a reason for that. She’s always cared more about you than about your brother. The heart wants what the heart wants, you know? It’s an unstoppable force.

Adam: That’s about as close of a blessing I can expect from you where Sally is concerned, so I’ll take it. Thank you.

Victor: As long as you trust her, I’ll try to do the same.

Nick: I’m not putting on an act when it comes to Sally. Things didn’t work out. I genuinely want what is best for her.

Sharon: Even if she’s with Adam?

Sharon: Even if she’s with Adam?

Nick: Of course, I do not want Sally to be with Adam because I know what’s gonna happen. I care about her and he’s going to hurt her again because that’s what Adam does. You know all this talk about the new Adam, I’m here for it. I certainly welcome it. Is it possible? I don’t know. But I know that if things go sideways again, and they will because Adam is who he is, Sally’s gonna get her heart handed to her again.

Sharon: Love can be a risky proposition, but love can be very wonderful too. It’s gotten us into a lot of trouble before, especially you.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah. Sorry.

Sharon: No, no. That’s not what this is about. This is us being older and wiser.

Nick: Well, at least one of us.

Sharon: You know, everything that’s happened in the last year or so, I do feel like I’ve gained some wisdom and some balance. My priorities have shifted,

Nick: You know, after almost losing Faith and you, and Jordan coming after my family the way she did, I realize the only thing that matters is protecting my family. Keeping the ones I love safe and that means being the best father I can be to Noah and Faith and Summer and Christian. Being the best son I can be, trying to be a good brother.

Sharon: That will be a herculean effort when it comes to Adam. But I have total confidence.

Nick: You know, so far, so good. Uh, this time around, it feels right and sharing the top spot with Adam, it gives me hope that it is possible. I’ve never been this excited to be back at Newman. I’m really looking forward to the challenge.

Sharon: So, you’re all about work now? What happened to your warning about having only a company to keep me warm at night?

Nick: I don’t know why I said that. It was dumb. Honestly, things are pretty perfect right now. The idea of falling in love again just sounds exhausting.

Sharon: I couldn’t agree with you more. The butterflies, the all consuming-ness of it. It’s totally exhausting. I just wanna focus on being a good mom, running my company. I love my company.

Nick: Who needs love.

Sharon: Right? I feel the same energy coming from you. Look at us. It took us a long time to find ourselves, but it seems we finally have.

Nick: Who would have thought? Have lunch with me?

Victoria: Are you taking Daddy’s side?

Nikki: No, I just see the hope in your eyes to create the family that you feel Claire deserves.

Victoria: You just both assume that I’m going to swoon into Cole’s arms. It’s ridiculous. It’s offensive.

Nikki: You know how protective your father is and you know how much Cole hurt you in the past. It’s a valid concern.

Victoria: Mom, Cole and I have both hurt each other and now we’re both supporting our daughter, okay? Romance is the last thing on either of our minds.

Nikki: Okay. I’m glad to hear it. But your father is just doing what he thinks is right, looking after his daughter.

Victoria: Dad is not looking after me. He drew a line in the sand that he should not have drawn. I– Cole needs to be here for Claire, so I need him here as well.

Heather: I’m not trying to steal you away from Lily, okay? I– I don’t want to hurt anyone. I– I hate the thought of hurting someone but that does not mean I’m not going to fight for our family. Do you remember how happy we were in Savannah? It was incredible. I mean, all of those times together. Do you remember how good they were? We planned an entire life together.

Daniel: And then, I ruined that.

Heather: But you found your way back. You are the man that I fell in love with all those years ago. You are the father that Lucy adores and she is so happy and that is invaluable. I mean, I see it when she smiles. She feels safe and loved and protected and I see us together as a family again. I want that. I want that back. I want us back.

Daniel: That you believed enough in me to move here with Lucy. That– that means everything.

Heather: Daniel, I never stopped believing in you. When I took Lucy to Portugal, in a way, I was still fighting for you and for us because I needed to give you the space to figure out who you were and what you wanted. And even though I told myself, I thought we were probably over, a very tiny part of me really hoped that maybe someday, you’d wanna be back with Lucy and me again,

Daniel: Even though you were involved with someone in Portugal?

Heather: A safe person. A man I knew wouldn’t break my heart. Look, we’ve had an amazing love story and a wonderful life with Lucy. What if our story isn’t over? And what if we could recapture what we had? Would you want to try?

Heather: Maybe you think I’m horrible for trying to come between you and Lily. And maybe it’s wrong. I– Some people would say that. But what I think would be wrong is saying nothing when the man you love is standing right in front of you and the life you want is right there and you’re too polite to just open the door and try to get it. So, this is me opening the door.

Daniel: Heather, I mean, I– I– I hurt you. I hurt you so deeply.

Heather: But we’ve also loved each other for so long and I don’t– I don’t think love like that comes around a lot and maybe– maybe this is our second chance? How can we pass that up without at least trying?

Daniel: It’s– it’s complicated.

Heather: Okay. You know what’s not complicated? I love you. I love you with all my heart, the man that you are, the man that you were, the father and I want more than just co-parenting with rom coms and banana pancakes, as amazing as that is. I– I want the joy of raising our daughter together. Lucy is growing up so quickly and I wanna wake up every morning wrapped up in your arms, in our bed. And end the day the same way, every day. You know where I stand, you know how I feel and what I believe with all of my heart and every ounce of my being And you can tell me to leave and we don’t ever have to talk about it again. But I don’t think you want me to leave. Do you?

Adam: Excuse me? Is someone sitting here?

Sally: Only you.

Adam: I like the sound of that. Best part of my day.

Sally: Well, I know Victor’s been keeping you really busy, so I’m glad that you could get away.

Adam: Well, you– you will be even gladder when I tell you something that will shock you.

Sally: Okay, you know, I’m not easily shocked, right?

Adam: Victor practically gave us his blessing.

Sally: What? No way. No, no, there has to be some sort of catch. Like maybe it’s opposite day, or maybe he started early on the tequila. Or maybe he’s just messing with you.

Adam: Nope. The old man made it very clear, in his own words, that he’s ready to support our, um, renewed relationship.

Sally: Okay. That makes no sense because he didn’t think I was good enough for either of his sons and then he actively tried to screw me over, and now, he’s just good with this?

Adam: He very wisely said that the heart wants what the heart wants. And he’s gonna honor that.

Sally: Wow.

Adam: Are you okay?

Sally: Yeah. It’s just Victor approves of us.

Adam: Well, I–

Sally: Well, ish. What’s changed?

Adam: Maybe he sees the truth of this, of us. Sees my determination to be a better man. I mean, I hope that you see that.

Sally: Every time I’m with you. You said renewed relationship.

Adam: Too fast? Because we take this at your speed. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with. This is a new chapter, for both of us and I want to get it right.

Sally: Well, I think you’re getting it very, very right.

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart. What a nice surprise. How are you feeling? How’s Claire?

Victoria: We have made some real progress, but I’m not here to talk about my daughter.

Victor: Oh?

Victoria: I am here to tell you to leave Cole alone.

Victor: What in the world are you talking about?

Victoria: Oh, come on. I know that you think you’re looking out for me, but you need to stop. I’m not creating some fantasy family in my head. What happened between Cole and me, good or bad, it’s in the past.

Victor: Sweetheart, a father can be concerned.

Victoria: God, the last thing that I need, the last thing Cole needs is to have to deal with your interfering.

Victor: Is that what I’m doing?

Victoria: Cole just found out– We just found out that our daughter is still alive. He is– he is still struggling to deal with that new reality. And so am I. We don’t need the added pressure. I mean, do you really think I’m interested in a romance?

Victor: That is not the only thing I’m concerned about.

Victoria: I don’t understand.

Victor: Listen to you. You’re beginning to develop very motherly, very maternal feelings towards that Claire girl. She’s an unstable girl. You don’t really know her and yet, you’re already thinking and talking about creating a family. I don’t want you to get hurt again.

Victoria: And I love you for that, Dad, But would you please just let Claire and Cole and me just– Would you let us do this on our own? Would you just trust me to make my own decisions, please?

Victor: All right. I’ll be nice.

Victoria: There’s one more thing.

Victor: What?

Victoria: When Claire recovers and when she’s released, I want you to accept her into the Newman family.

Sharon: If you would rather go someplace else.

Nick: No, it’s cool. Sally and I cleared the air. You witnessed it. It’s like you said, this is about looking forward. Come on. Hey, you two.

Adam: Just grabbing some lunch?

Nick: Yeah. It seemed like a good idea.

Sally: I just wanted to say again how wonderful Cassidy First is gonna be.

Sharon: Thank you. Yeah, I’m really excited about it.

Nick: See you at the office.

Adam: You bet. That went well.

Sally: Maybe this really is a new beginning for everyone.

Adam: Do you believe in destiny?

Sally: I mean, only what you make for yourself. You create the circumstance, you do the work and then everything just falls into place. Why do you ask?

Adam: I was just– I was just curious what you think.

Sally: You weren’t just curious. You keep staring at Sharon and Nick?

Adam: No, I’m not. I’m not.

Sally: You kind of are. And maybe this sudden curiosity is because you’re slightly hoping that them being together means that they’re more than just friends.

Adam: Okay. That is absurd. Why would I care, one way or another?

Sally: Because maybe it would take care of any crazy perception you might have that Nick is still competition.

Heather: Hurry.

Heather: I’m not alone in feeling what just happened, am I?

Daniel: You’re not alone.

Sharon: Thank you. So, lunch out of the blue.

Nick: I’m an out of the blue kind of guy.

Sharon: I’m a little bit surprised and curious about the why behind the invitation? Not that I mind.

Nick: No agenda, just, uh, was enjoying being around you. Thought it’d be a good chance to catch up on lots of stuff. Like uh, the kids, Aria. How are things going with Cassidy First after the launch? How are things going with you?

Sharon: And, how about a little bit about how things are going with you?

Nick: Mm. No, I thought we agreed. I’m good. In fact, I’m amazing.

Sharon: Of course you are.

Adam: This is the first time in forever that I feel like I’m not in competition with Nick, about anything.

Sally: Well, I hope you mean that because I’m not wavering back and forth between the two of you.

Adam: I believe you. I was thinking more in terms of destiny in our story.

Sally: It’s not destiny because that would suggest that there is no free will and we just go along with whatever happens to us. But this, you and me, we chose to be together.

Adam: I must say we’ve chosen very well.

Nick: You should do it. You should do that. say what you want about destiny, but look at them. I mean, after everything that they’ve been through. I’m just– It seems like there was some sort of fate at play. And I’ve always felt that.

Victor: My darling… I’m happy for you, okay? But don’t you forget for a moment that Claire has been fooling all of you. She was taught by a master, to fool people into believing her and trusting her.

Victoria: Yeah, but Daddy, it wasn’t an act. I mean, I think we had a real breakthrough today. Look, I know it’s just the beginning and I know that there’s a long way to go, but I really believe that this could work out for us.

Victor: I hope so, my baby, okay?

Victoria: Look, I know it’s been difficult for you and Mom, especially given what Claire did, but I mean, can’t you just have a little bit of faith? If not in Claire, then in my instinct about her?

Victor: You’re a wonderful mother. I hope it works out.

Victoria: And, when it works out, you promise that you’ll accept Claire into our family?

Victor: Look… when and if Claire manages to get a hold of her demons and becomes a true daughter to you, I shall accept her as a Newman.

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