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[soft dramatic music]


[gulps, exhales deeply] Come on. What’s it all mean?


[yelps] Stop!

[dramatic music]

Will someone answer me? What’s going on here?

Just in time, Maggie.

Apparently so. Steve, may I ask why you were about to attack this man?

Yes. Why indeed?

Maggie, you have got to know that this man is not here in Salem to live a peaceful existence and reminisce with you about your late husband. He’s here to take advantage of your kindness and your generosity, and he has to be stopped. I will not stand by and watch you get hurt.

Tell me, Detective, are you able to have a life these days, or is your caseload in Salem pretty all-consuming?

Yeah. My caseload is all-consuming… thanks to you and your drug ring.

[chuckles] My drug ring? Good Lord, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a strong proponent of drug abstinence and sobriety, and have been ever since I joined the program a few years back. I could recite the serenity prayer for you, if you’d like me to.

I would like you to go to hell, you lying son of a bitch.

[tense music]



[gentle music]

You know, I know things blew up between us, but we still had some good times together, didn’t we?

Mm, yeah. Yeah. We really did.

Yeah. We did.


Except for I screwed up royally, of course.


I thought that you were going to– I thought you were going to hate me forever and that you wouldn’t be my friend, but yet here you are, being my friend. So kind and understanding. Thank you for being my friend, Brady.

What the hell?


Alex, it’s– it’s not what you think.

Oh, no, no. It is exactly what I think.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Steve, I appreciate your concern about me, and you know I consider you and Kayla my dear friends. But I’m also insulted nonetheless that you would think I was so naive and such a poor judge of character that I wouldn’t know if someone was taking advantage of me.

I didn’t mean to insult you, Maggie. It’s the last thing I want to do. I care about you.

As do I. You saved my life. You’ve been more than a friend to me, and I can’t thank you enough, Maggie.

Will you cut the crap?


Maggie, this man is dangerous, and he’s conning you. Listen, I know you’re smart, and I know that you are generally a good judge of character. But you’re in a vulnerable place right now.

Steve, I don’t want to hear it. Not that I haven’t heard it before when I first got involved with Victor. Everyone said that I was being naive and that I was going to get hurt. And just like back then, and, fortunately, as it turned out, I didn’t listen, and I’m not listening now.

Sorry, Doc. I didn’t mean to scare you.

It’s okay. After all these years, you would think I would be more accustomed to your sudden moves.

Yeah, you would think. Hey, I missed our morning kiss.


Did you sleep okay?

I did. You didn’t. Again.

Yeah, I know. I didn’t want to bother you, so I just brought it down here to the couch.

That was sweet of you. What’s got you so agitated? I know we have a lot to worry about these days, but I’ve never seen you lose sleep before. So why don’t you tell me what’s going on?

[mysterious music]

Whoa. You have a short fuse, don’t you, Detective? I wouldn’t think that would serve you well in your line of work.

It serves me just fine.

Huh. I thought it was important to be, you know, cool and collected when confronting dangerous criminal types. Not that I’m one of those myself, you know. Not anymore. I am truly reformed. A model prisoner is what they say. So much so that my main mission right now is just to set a good example for my fellow inmates. Because, you know, I’m what you might call a people person.

So I’ve heard.

I bet you have. And that trait makes me real good at assessing who’s got potential to thrive in here and, you know, in general, really. And, Detective, in spite of your short fuse, or maybe because of it– I’m not sure– I got a good feeling about you. So I’d like to offer you my feedback on Salem’s current state of affairs, if you’d like to hear it.

[tense music]

All right, I’m listening.

Good. Now, what you might see as a crisis, I see as an opportunity to grow a substantial enterprise. Hypothetically speaking, of course. And if I were to venture into a particular line of business, you, Detective, would be exactly the kind of individual that I’d be seeking to employ.

Alex. Alex, listen to me. This–this was not Brady. It was me who kissed him. It was the drugs, I swear. It was just a momentary lapse that I had. The kiss meant nothing.

Oh, it sure as hell didn’t look like nothing.

But, Alex, I know what it looks like. She’s telling the truth, all right? And I don’t take advantage of people in pain, all right?

It’s true. Alex, it’s true. Brady is not at fault here. I made a really poor decision last night, and that just led to a really poor decision again right now. But you– you have to believe me. I want to be with you. Alex, I– I just want to be with you. Only you.

Let’s not compare this guy to Victor, okay?

Fine. Let’s compare him to you. You worked for Victor on multiple occasions over the years. And was your behavior always ethical?

I was a different man back then.

And that’s my point, Steve. You saw the error in your ways, and you turned your life around yourself. You found the love of your life, and you settled down and had a family. And just like then– well, you know Victor. He changed his ways too. And even though you think ill of Konstantin– which I know you do– why can’t you give him the benefit of the doubt? Why can’t you believe that he can change too? And he has changed.

Okay. I became a better man thanks to Kayla. Victor became a better man thanks to you and your relationship with him. But let’s talk about the present and what’s going on right now with this lowlife.

Would you please stop with the name-calling?

He has an agenda, Maggie. He has an agenda. He didn’t come to Salem randomly. He came here to take advantage of you.

You’re entitled to your opinion, Steve. I can assure you that Konstantin has been nothing but open and honest with me, and I– and I believe, your accusations notwithstanding, he has a good heart. And aside from all that, whatever happens or doesn’t happen between him and me, that’s frankly none of your business.

[soft dramatic music]

Okay. Maggie, there’s so many people in this town who care deeply about you, and I’m one of them. Now, all I can say right now is please, please be careful.

Thank you for your concern, Steve. Please give my best to Kayla.

I’m not going to let this go.

I’m fine. Just been thinking a lot about Tate and Brady, that’s all.

We all have. We’re all concerned. Is there something more going on, something that’s keeping you up at night?

Nope. That’s it. And I’m sure that I will sleep a lot better tonight. So you don’t have to worry about me, Doc. I’m good. And you have to get to work, right?

Yes, yes.


I do, so– I love you.

And I love you, pretty lady.

Okay. I will talk to you later.

Okay, honey. Be careful.

And you might want to introduce yourself to a comb.


[ominous music]

A new job, huh? You know you would have to offer a hell of a compensation package to get me to abandon my line of work.

And I’m capable of offering exactly that. But let’s be realistic here for a moment, shall we?


In this situation that we are hypothesizing about, it wouldn’t all be easy. You know what I mean?

I wouldn’t expect it to be.

If I decided I wanted to hire someone like you with certain life experiences, you would have to be fully vetted, of course. And the thing of it is, Detective, I don’t think you’d make the cut. +- Please, Alex, you have to forgive me. I was just caught up in the moment, and Brady was here. And because he’s the father of my son, I just– I needed, I don’t know, comforting. And so I just kissed him. It was stupid, and I was wrong. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It was unfair– it was unfair to him, and it was unfair to you. And it was unfair to me. But it wasn’t Brady. It was me. It was my fault, and it won’t happen again.

[somber music]


You know, when I was high… I was a completely different person. There was just no more pain, and… I was just hurting so much because of Tate. I’ve failed our son. I threw away years of sobriety.

Theresa, Theresa, no, you didn’t. You fell. You took a fall, but it’s– it’s about how you pick yourself up, remember? You’re going to recover, and you’re going to do it for your–for your family. And for Tate. But mostly, you’re going to do it for you. You hear me?

Yeah, I will. Of course.

Theresa, you know what’s next. What is the next step?

Okay. I’m going to go to a meeting.


I’m going to do that. I’m going to go to a meeting every day. I will get a sponsor. I will devote myself % to becoming sober and to becoming a better person. I will not let you and Tate down again, I promise.

[grunts] Thank you for being my advocate. It is not every day someone so intelligent and magnificent would defend what little honor I have so eloquently.

Well, I’m sorry about all this. Steve means well. His concern comes from a good place. Konstantin, I can’t help but feel that this harassment of you is not going to stop because my friends are being overly protective and overly concerned. I appreciate it, but I resent it. Because I don’t like being treated like a naive child.

Of course not. I’m sorry that’s happening to you.

I can handle it. Like I told Steve, I’ve been subjected to this before when I first got involved with Victor. But it didn’t faze me all that much.

Because you have the courage of your convictions.

Yeah, I suppose I do. And I know you do as well. But you being continually harassed this way– it worries me. For you. I’m beginning to wonder if Salem is the best place for you.

[sighs] That is not what I want to hear, Maggie.

Oh, hi. My son and my grandson.

[whispering] Hi mom.

[whispering] Oh, oh, oh. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Is he asleep?

He is.


Yeah. You know, in a minute or two, we can talk normal.


I know. I used to have to do that for you and Sammy when you were babies too.


Oh, he is just so adorable.

Yeah. He is.

And you? How are you?

To be honest, not great. I just want to apologize for how things happened last night.

Yeah. No apology necessary. I just–I felt bad for Sloan.

Yeah. Me too. She was–she was nervous, and she wanted to make a good impression. So she thought she’d have a drink to calm herself down.

Yes, I know. You know, I don’t have a patient for an hour. Why don’t we get a cup of coffee and catch up some?

That’s a great idea. Let’s go. Okay.

Go ahead.

I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you just make me an offer I can’t refuse?

Well, here’s the thing. I was speaking hypothetically, so there won’t be an offer. And I must confess, I’ve been amusing myself a little, watching you play along, trying to squeeze some intel out of me, thinking that I’d be foolish enough to trust you. But here’s the thing. You’re the fool. So why don’t you just go on back to Salem, and you’re going to find out how powerless you really are.

Do not push me, Weston. I know it’s you. I know you’re behind the drugs that are killing people in Salem, and I’m not going to stop until I find the proof to shut your ass down and hold you accountable!

[tense music]

I’d be really careful about making threats and promises you can’t keep. I mean, look what happened to poor Lucas Horton.

God, I can’t believe I was so weak. I’m so ashamed.

Theresa, don’t. You know that beating yourself up is not helpful. You have been through hell lately.

I just succumbed to my addiction. How is that not weak?

Because when– we’re not going to characterize it as weak. What you’re going to do– what you are going to do is recommit to sobriety, all right? That’s what you’re going to do. And you’re going to show yourself some compassion. And, yes, you gotta get to those meetings, okay?

I will. And, well, like I said, I will. And I know that I shouldn’t care about what people think. It shouldn’t matter to me, or at least it should not matter to me so much, but it does. I’m so–I’m so embarrassed.

[somber music] I really hate that you had to see me this way, Alex.

Theresa, it’s okay. You know, I get it. I’m not judging you. I am concerned about you.

And, Theresa, nobody knows what happened here besides us and Jada. And Jada is not going to say anything.

What about you, Brady? Are you going to tell Tate that I slipped?

Why would I do that? I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt our son. No, I’m not saying anything. But I’ll tell you what. If you– If you get those feelings again, if you start to get overwhelmed, feel like you might slip, will you do me a favor? Will you reach out to me? Will you reach out to Alex or reach out to Maggie? You’ve got to lean on people right now, do you understand? Do you understand?

Yeah. Okay.

I’m here for you, Theresa. You know, I want to help you any way I can.

Thank you. God, I’m so tired.

I bet you are. Yeah.

[clears throat] We’re all tired. Why don’t we all get some sleep? Hey, call me, please. Either of you, if you need anything.

[soft dramatic music]

[exhales deeply] And here you thought that I was low-maintenance, huh?

I never thought that.

I know you didn’t. But I’m guessing you weren’t expecting this. Alex, if you want out, if you want to end things, I understand.

What the hell happened to you?

Well, good morning to you too.

I’m sorry, man. You’re just–you’re looking really haggard. Is everything all right?

Yeah, everything’s fine. Just didn’t sleep very well again last night.

Why not?

Yeah. Damn dreams. More like nightmares. Just feelings I can’t shake that something’s off here.

So do you recall any of these nightmares?

No, I don’t. Come on, man. You know how it is. You remember something for a second, you try to grab on to it, and it just– just disappears. It’s kind of like nature doesn’t want you to remember certain dreams or nightmares. But I have learned that when my mind starts going to these dark places, it’s because it’s trying to tell me something, and it’s not good.

Uh-huh. Well, speaking of not good, I just had another run-in with that son of a bitch, Konstantin.

[tense music]

I’m sorry, Konstantin. I didn’t mean to offend you.

No, no, no, no, no. You did not offend me, Maggie, dear. It’s just that I am sad that you a so distressed on my behalf that you are advising me to actually leave Salem. Because I have grown fond of this town, and I’m frankly not quite ready to say goodbye.

Are you sure? I mean, Steve treating you so badly, and John Black, he also has his suspicions about you.

Oh, let them be. That’s their problem. I will be fine. Just as long as you will keep looking out for me.

Well, that won’t change. Well, let’s go. On second thought. You know what? Brady just went into the pub, and I need to speak to him. I’ll see you back at the mansion.


[tense music]

[sighs] See you at home.

Tell me, how is Sloan this morning?

You mean besides being completely hungover? She’s embarrassed and upset with herself.

Ah. The drinking– is that something that happens frequently?

No. No, not at all. I mean, Sloan– she’ll have a glass of wine, but getting drunk like she did last night? I’ve never seen that at all.

Oh. Please tell her she does not have to be embarrassed. You know, John and I completely understand. And, well, she’s part of our family now.

[gentle music]

So what happened with Konstantin? You gave him hell, I assume.

Yeah. Yeah, I gave him hell. But then Maggie showed up.

And she had her blinders on, I assume.

Yeah. Unfortunately, she did. I tried to talk some sense into her, but she wasn’t having it. And then she was quick to remind me that back in the day, people were warning her about Victor. She didn’t listen about him. And she’s not listening about this dude, either.

Yeah. Well, you know, Victor was– rest his soul. Victor wasn’t always the most honorable man, but he did have his redeeming qualities. Plus he loved his family desperately.

Yes, he did. But this guy? Man, he is nothing but a lying buffoon, really. And a dangerous one. And unlike Victor, who genuinely loved Maggie, it’s pretty obvious that she has nothing but a giant payday for Konstantin Meleounis.

Hey, well, partner, I think you and I just need to face that we are not achieving the results we aimed for with this buffoon, so I think maybe it’s time that we approach this situation from a different angle.

Well, I’m open to suggestions. What do you have in mind?

I think that it’s time we just back off.

I don’t want out, Theresa. Not at all. I just want you to be okay.

[tender music]

Sit with me, please? I really hate that I put you through that. Scaring you.

We’re in this together. Right?

That’s really nice of you to say that. Oh, and I hate that you had to see me kissing Brady.

Well, you explained why that happened, so we’re not going to talk about that anymore.

No. Right, yeah. No, we’re not going to talk about it because that kiss was nothing. What? Say it.

You and Brady– you got a kid together. You’ve both struggled with addiction. And I can see how happy it made you that he came here to help you tonight. And it just feels like… you just really needed him.

I–I did. I admit that. And the truth is, I don’t know if I could have gotten through this without him.

It’s a damn shame what happened to Lucas in here.

You son of a bitch. You’re lucky Lucas is alive.

Oh, I don’t think luck had anything to do with it. The whole point of that attack on Lucas was to send a message outside these walls. And here you are, sitting across from me. And lo and behold, I’ve got a message for you.

[tense music]

How did you hear about Theresa?

I ran into Alex. He told me she had a slip.

She definitely did.


She did. And it’s actually pretty understandable, Maggie, given what we’ve been having to handle with our son. It’s just–I mean– and, look, I haven’t been tempted. But I can certainly relate to wanting to escape from the stress and the anxiety.

Yeah. As do I, obviously.

She’s with Alex now, but I’m worried. I’m worried about her. I think she could relapse again, just like– Wait. I–oh, wait. Dad and Marlena have a– they have an extra room at their place. I mean, I could move her in there, and then I could keep– I could keep an eye on her.

Absolutely not, Brady. That would be the worst thing that you could do right now.

And now, update me on your photography business.

[laughs] Well, it’s doing better than I expected. I reactivated my website, and I updated my social media. And I kind of went old-school, and I put out a few flyers around town.

Oh. Any inquiries?

Yeah, a few. You know, some family portraits, a Valentine Galentine event.

That’s great. I’m so glad you have a creative outlet.

Yeah. Making a little bit of extra money is nice too, especially after Christmas got a little lean. But that’s the cost of having a kid, right?

Hey, it adds up.


Anytime that you want John and me to babysit, we’d be happy to.

Oh, message received. You will definitely be babysitting that guy soon.

[gentle acoustic music]

Man, this lack of sleep must really be getting to you.

I know.

You want to back off Konstantin?

Hear me out. Hear me out. Hear me out. I’m thinking that if we keep pushing Maggie too hard, especially with him around, she’s not going to not only not listen to us, she’s going to start resenting us more and more. And Konstantin, he obviously wants to play the victim. And as long as he plays that role convincingly with Maggie, we’re stuck with him, partner.

And then Maggie’s stuck with him.

Hey, look. He’s playing a long game, just like you said. I mean, he’s in this marathon con. So if we just give him the distance but keep feeding him just enough rope, he may hang himself.


[tense music] Okay. We’ll try it your way, for Maggie’s sake.

Yeah, yeah. Maggie’s sake.

Okay, I gotta get going. I’ll check in with you later. So, partner–


Go get some sleep, okay?

That’s the plan.

All right.

Theresa, I need you to be honest with me.


Do you still have feelings for Brady?

[soft dramatic music]

Alex, Brady is the father of my son. That is the extent of our relationship. That is it. I have no romantic feelings for him at all. Not anymore. And, yes, we are both recovering addicts, so he understands how I feel. But that doesn’t mean that I want to be with him. And that kiss– That kiss was reckless and impulsive, and it was a big mistake. Okay? You don’t believe me, do you?

And the message you have for me?

It’s more of a mandate, really.

A mandate? What the hell does that mean?

It means you need to focus your attention elsewhere. Surely you have more important things to do than to squander precious time and resources on the likes of me.

Oh, I have plenty of time to squander, Weston. ‘Cause I’m the lone wolf. Ex-military, no family.

[ominous music] So here’s a question for you. Do you really want to come after somebody who has nothing to lose?

Lone wolf and impressive resumé, I’ll buy that. But “nothing to lose,” I kind of doubt that. Surely there are people that you care about. Maybe– maybe one special person who means a lot to you, whom you would hate to see something bad happen to. Because if it did, it’d be on you. You know, if that special person got hurt… man, you’d have no one but yourself to blame. Right, Detective?

If you push me, if you come after anybody I care about, it doesn’t matter how many bars surround you or how many guards stand watch. It will be the last thing that you ever do.

Nice meeting you, Detective. I really did enjoy our chat.

You’ve been warned, Weston.

[tense music]


Brady, you and Theresa are in a very fragile state right now because you’re worried about Tate. And I think for, you the stress of– of helping Theresa maintain her sobriety, I think it could end up putting you at risk. Let me–let me reach out to her, take her to a meeting, find her a sponsor. And if I need any additional support, I’ll talk to Roman and Kayla and get them involved in helping her.

That makes sense. That makes total sense. I actually did tell Theresa to contact you, Maggie.

I’m glad. And if she doesn’t, I’ll contact her, as I said. You know, frankly, I think I’ll call her today.

[chuckles] You– I appreciate you so much for doing this.

I’m here for you, Brady, and for Theresa.

[mellow country music]

Alex, listen to me. Brady and I, we have been over for a long time. We co-parent Tate. That’s it.

[soft dramatic music] And, you know, right now, I really need to focus on my sobriety. And while I do that, I need to know that you trust me. Do you trust me? Because if you don’t trust me, I think that I should move out.

What? Theresa, no–

Yeah, I think it would be for the best, if– if I moved out for the both of us. Because I think– I think I should go back to California, and I should be with my mom. And I should get myself to a better place until I can see Tate.

[ominous music]

I never thought I would see you again, Pawn.

[exhales deeply]

[dramatic music]

Damn it, old man. Could it really be?

All in good time.

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