Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, January 16, 2024

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Daniel: Hey, sorry about the music Lucy was blasting earlier. Apparently, it’s something called pop rock, and it can only be enjoyed at very high decibels.

Danny: Well, thank you for the explanation, but I already asked her to send me her playlist. Yeah, I was actually a little shocked that I wasn’t on it.

Daniel: Oh, you know, she’s a fan. I’m sure she’s a fan.

Danny: Oh, yes, yes, of course, no doubt. I mean, hey, look, um, you know, I’m only family, right? for humoring her and asking for her list.

Daniel: I wasn’t humoring her, believe it or not. Yeah. I– I really got into some of it. And I’m not above picking up some new ideas now and then. Hey, you never know where motivation is going to come from. You got to stay on the cutting edge. Excuse me. Sorry


Lucy: Dad.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: I’m hungry.

Danny: Hey, why don’t you let your grandfather whip you up something, huh?

Daniel: Yeah, or– or I could just call for some takeout, go pick up some burgers. How does that sound?

Lucy: No, no, none of the above. I’m having– having a really specific craving. Grilled cheese.

Danny: You got it. Grilled cheese sandwich coming right up.

Lucy: Oh, no, y– you don’t have to do that.

Danny: No. It’s no problem at all.

Lucy: I kind of mean “No, thank you.” Sometimes, I just– I want–

Danny: Okay.

Lucy: I want stuff the way that mom makes it.

Daniel: Are you texting your mom?

Lucy: She’s the only one who makes it right.

Daniel: Yeah, sure, right, but Luce, I mean, come on, you don’t have to go all the way over to your mother’s for a sandwich.

Lucy: Oh, I– I’m not. She is already on her way over here. Oh, I should probably go check and make sure that we have everything she needs.

Daniel: What just happened?

Danny: Yeah, that, uh, escalated fast.

Daniel: Yeah, that did. One text and Heather’s on her way over here? I guess it makes Lucy happy


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