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Billy: By the way, did you, uh, get a chance to check out the revised budget? I had to add a few things because of an unexpected personnel change.

Devon: Mm-mm. I can take a look when we get back to the office though.

Billy: Right.

Tucker: Well, look at this. The new Chancellor-Winters power couple. So, I guess I was such a threat, you felt you had to circle the wagons and join forces, huh? I’m flattered.

Billy: You know, we consider any vicious, amoral corporate raider a threat. So, I’m not surprised you’re flattered by that. It basically defines you.

Tucker: It’s a misguided concern at this point. I’m putting all my attention into Glissade.

Billy: Glissade? Really? I gotta be honest, I– I assume that the board would’ve made that company just simply go away once they found out about your cover-up scandal. I mean, you’re radioactive. They got to know getting close to you means that they burn alongside you.

Tucker: Glissade’s entire board of directors has been replaced.

Billy: Oh, there you go. Imagine replacing your entire board before the company even gets off the ground. You probably think that’s a successful launch, don’t you?

Tucker: Indeed, I do.

“***”””””” *******”*************

Tucker: I have no intention of damaging Chancellor-Winters. Devon’s my son and Dominic’s my grandson, so I don’t want to destroy their legacy.

Billy: Look anything, frankly, everything you say, we take with a grain of salt. And far be it for me to tell you what to do with your company, but if you do wanna turn Glissade into a powerhouse, why don’t you do it from Paris


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