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Recap written by Eva

Adam is terrified that his parents will find out that he attempted suicide. He tells Portia he accidentally took too many pills. Josslyn asks Portia not to let Adam go home with his father.

Adam’s father is angry with Josslyn because he tells her Adam never got drunk and partied all night until he became friends with her. Josslyn gets angry and yells at Adam’s father that Adam almost died because he was so afraid of disappointing him by not getting good grades. Josslyn tells Adam’s father that Adam is very afraid of him to which Adam’s father replies that Josslyn is lying and tells Portia that Josslyn doesn’t leave he will sue the hospital. Jocelyn leaves. Portia tells Adam’s father that they need to talk about Adam’s condition.

Laura arrives at the hospital because Cyrus called her and Spencer so they can talk about Ace. Spencer tells Laura he gave Ace to Nikolas because he suspects that Esme has regained her memory. Laura tells Spencer he should have talked to her about his suspicions instead of putting Ace in danger by sending him on the run with Nikolas. Laura calls Dante to tell him Ace has been kidnapped and they need to find him.

Carly and Sam are worried because Drew seems to be angry at the world since he got out of prison. Carly and Sam decide to give Drew time to work things out and support him. Drew forces Nina to sign a termination contract and quit Crimson Magazine or he will close the magazine. Once Nina signs the contract, Drew tells Nina he never intended to close the magazine and he has already found a new editor in chief. Drew introduces Nina to the new editor-in-chief…Carly appears at the door.

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