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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

At the police station, Harris got an alert and left with the police officers. Stefan and Ava talked about hiding a new batch of drugs. Harris and the police showed up at the Bistro. He said it was a raid. Ava wanted to know why he did that. She thought he did it because she broke up with him. Harris said he was concerned about Stefan owning the Bistro. He wanted her to tell him the truth so he could help. She said he was acting like this because she broke up with him. When Harris tried to reason with her, Stefan interrupted to say he was suing the city over the raid. After the police finished searching the restaurant, Harris let them know that no drugs were found. He apologized to Ava. She apologized to the guests and offered them a free dinner. Stefan told Ava he had an interesting conversation with someone who received insider information about the raid. The person got involved at the right time to get rid of the drugs before the raid. When Stefan got a call from Gabi, Ava got a message from someone telling her to meet them at the dock.  She went to meet the person at the dock. The person turned out to be Harris.

Brady met Theresa and Alex in the interrogation room. Justin showed up with Tate. They were happy to see him. Justin told them he made a case for Tate to be transferred to a juvenile facility and the judge approved of it. Brady and Theresa thought EJ would try to get the judge to revoke the decision. Justin thought his case would hold up. Tate asked why he had to go to rehab when he didn’t do drugs. Justin said the facility was for behavioral problems. Tate said he didn’t have behavioral problems. Justin said it was the only option. He asked Brady or Theresa to pack up Tate’s things since he would be leaving on a police transport soon. Justin said the facility was in Illinois. Theresa said she wanted to follow the bus and make sure Tate was settled properly. Justin told her it was against the rules. He said no outside contact was allowed for the first month. Tate said he would be okay. Justin got a message from EJ saying he accepted the judge’s order and wouldn’t appeal it. Alex apologized to Justin for doubting his abilities. He said Justin was a good lawyer. Justin accepted his apology and told him he would always be there for him.

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