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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

The town celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Nicole ran into Abe and Paulina. Paulina asked her about Holly and she told her about the treatment facility. She’s praying that Holly could get helped the way EJ did. Nicole hoped for a miracle for Holly. Jada told Rafe about being racially profiled. Johnny and Chanel talked about Paulina’s biopsy. She was afraid her mother would get bad news. Chanel admitted to Johnny that she pretended to be okay so her mother wouldn’t be scared. He promised to keep her secret safe. Later, Johnny, Chanel, Rafe and Jada talked about equality. Chanel said she and Johnny’s parents were supportive of their relationship. Jada admitted that her mother wasn’t happy about her marrying a Jewish white man. They continued to share stories with each other. Johnny informed Rafe that he admired him. The group listened to Paulina’s podcast. Sloan and Leo ran into each other at the square. They argued about his budget. Leo informed her that he was back at the paper. She got nervous, but he assured her that he wouldn’t reveal her secret yet. Nicole wanted to know what happened. Sloan lied to her about her conversation with Leo. Nicole misunderstood what she meant and thought she was mad.

Sloan informed Nicole that she didn’t have a reason to be mad since she had a wonderful baby and husband. They talked about Holly. Nicole told her that she was going to Italy with Holly. Sloan admitted she was nervous about having dinner with John and Marlena. Nicole gave her tips to get through the dinner. While they were talking Sloan told her that she saw her with Holly and Eric. She didn’t tell Eric, but she was glad he got a chance to see Holly before everything happened. Sloan admitted that she had to accept that Eric loved both of them. Chad and Everett volunteered to clean the park for MLK Day. Everett got dizzy while they were working. Chad asked him what was wrong, and Everett told him that he gets dizzy sometimes. He offered to help him, but Everett didn’t need it. They went to the office and ran into Leo. Leo informed them about the article he was writing. Paulina was worried that her voice wouldn’t hold up on the podcast. Chad and Everett read Leo’s column and they were impressed with it. They weren’t sure about the consequences of publishing his article. Leo and Everett convinced him to publish it. After some convincing, Chad decided to publish the article. Abe supported Paulina as she waited for her biopsy results. She had to wait until tomorrow to get them. He wanted to be there for her as she waited. She was able to complete her podcast about equality and inclusion.

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