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At the police station, Harris finishes a call and tells the rest of the cops that it’s time to go.

Sloan and Eric set up for dinner at home with John and Marlena. Eric encourages her to calm down as it’s just a casual dinner. Sloan worries that they are like royalty in Salem so everything has to be perfect. Marlena and John then arrive at the door. Sloan worries that they are early as Eric greets them with hugs.

At the Bistro, Stefan tells Ava that the loading dock is locked up for the night. Ava talks about how they might need to find a new food supplier. Stefan comments on being a distribution center for drugs. Stefan confirms to Ava that the shipment came in a few hours ago so he stashed everything in the back locker.

Brady joins Alex and Theresa in the interrogation room, asking what’s going on. Alex says that Justin just called them to meet. Justin comes in and says it’s good they are all here. Theresa desperately asks him to tell them what’s going on with her son. Tate then arrives, exciting Theresa and Brady as they embrace him. Tate says he missed them as they tell him they love him. Theresa asks Justin why Tate is there and if something changed in his case. Justin says it’s good news and announces that he filed a motion to have Tate moved to a juvenile rehab facility and the judge signed off on it. Theresa and Brady thank Justin. Brady then asks about EJ and if EJ gets the judge to revoke his decision like he did Tate’s bail.

Marlena tells Sloan that baby Jude is beautiful. Sloan asks if they want any drinks. Marlena accepts a sparkling water. Sloan mentions opening a bottle of wine but Marlena declines, saying she has a long day tomorrow and John notes that he hasn’t been drinking lately. Marlena says she is hungry as Eric goes to get the appetizers. Sloan tells Marlena and John that they are over the moon that they could make it as they’ve been waiting a long time to have them over. Marlena is glad they could as well while John comments on the place looking nice. Sloan says it works for them, though it’s a little small but fine until they get something bigger. Eric brings over the cheese and hummus while Sloan drinks her wine. Eric asks how their New Year’s was before everything went crazy. Marlena says it was fine but Theresa and Tate got back late and they were very concerned with what happened to Holly. Marlena doesn’t know how Nicole is going to handle all of this. Sloan calls it very awful and sad, but says that won’t happen to them because they will do anything to protect their son from drugs, people, and all bad stuff. Eric agrees they will do their best. Sloan insists they will move Heaven and Earth an do whatever it takes, even lie.

Stefan comments to Ava that business at the Bistro looks a little better. Ava admits she’s surprised after what happened and she doesn’t think people would want to die here. Stefan says people come for the atmosphere and the food and he upped the security on the loading dock, so hopefully they don’t have to worry about that. Ava says she’ll drink to that, but Harris then arrives with the police and orders for everyone to not move as this is a raid. Ava asks what the hell he’s doing. Harris responds that he’s doing his job. Ava accuses him of harassing a business without reason. Harris informs her that he has a reason and a warrant which they can review. Stefan says his attorney will take care of that. Ava tells everyone that this is just a misunderstanding and everything is fine. Harris tells everyone to remain seated while they conduct a search. Harris sends cops to check the loading dock and the kitchen. Ava asks Stefan what they are going to do. Stefan responds that there’s nothing they can do and they’re screwed.

Theresa argues that EJ better back off because he’s not putting Tate back in jail. Brady adds that they will fight him with everything they’ve got. Justin says he wouldn’t put anything past EJ but assures that he made a strong case with the judge or else he wouldn’t have signed off on this order. Justin says what comes next is getting Tate to the juvie rehab facility. Tate questions why he has to go to rehab when he doesn’t drink or use drugs. Justin explains that it’s also a center for behavioral issues. Tate argues that he doesn’t have behavior issues either so he questions what he’s going to do there. Justin explains that they have therapeutic group and work sessions. Tate complains that he doesn’t need any of that. Brady assures it will be okay. Theresa adds that it will be paradise compared to jail. Justin calls it the best solution they have right now. Tate insists he did nothing wrong. Justin says they understand. Theresa says they need him to be safe. Justin says they need to move things along so he asks either Brady or Theresa to pack Tate’s things because he will be leaving on a police transport tonight.

Marlena questions Sloan saying she would lie to protect her son and asks what that means. Sloan says she would tell a little white lie to protect him, not that she’s in favor of lies. Eric suggests Sloan eat something but she says she’s not hungry. Sloan hoped she could talk to Marlena about being a first time mom and bets she has a lot of good tips as a mom who had twins. Marlena brings up her son who died which Sloan says she’s sorry for as she didn’t know that. Eric mentions that he didn’t fill her in on that. Sloan says he should have so she wouldn’t have put her foot in it. Marlena encourages that she didn’t. Sloan rambles on that Marlena knows what to say because she’s like perfect, unlike her. Eric suggests they start dinner. John agrees that he’s starved. Sloan mentions that they have a lot of food. Sloan suggests Eric first tell his parents the big news about the pictures and the camera. Eric guesses she means him setting up his photography business again. Marlena is glad to hear that as she knows that was always stimulating and satisfying for Eric’s creativity. Eric talks about setting up and seeing how it goes. Sloan interrupts to tell jokes. Eric thinks she’s had enough wine and suggests she drink water. Sloan tells Marlena that she is very intimidating. Marlena disagrees but agrees that maybe Sloan should lay down. Sloan complains that she doesn’t feel like it and she thinks Marlena should laugh at her jokes. Eric tells Sloan to be nice. Sloan ends up spilling water so Eric pulls her away and tells her she’s going to lie down. Sloan starts to cry about wanting everything to be perfect and missing the dinner. John tells her it’s no big deal but Sloan cries that she wanted everything to be perfect and she just keeps screwing it up. Eric hugs Sloan as she cries.

Ava questions why Harris is doing this and if it’s because she broke up with him. Harris says he knows there’s something not right with this place, especially since it’s owned by a DiMera. Harris tells Ava to just tell him the truth so he can help her. Ava tells him that he’s acting like a spoiled child and accuses him of punishing her for breaking up with him. Harris says he would never hurt her and asks her to let him help her out of this mess. Harris tells Ava that she deserves better than this place and Stefan. Stefan tells Harris that this is over and tells him to get out before he sues the city over this.

Justin states that the bus is leaving tonight so they will need to pack up Tate’s essentials. Theresa questions where this rehab is. Justin says it’s in Southern Illinois. Theresa says she will follow the bus there and make sure Tate is settled in. Justin explains that she can’t do that because it’s not protocol and there will be no outside visitation for the first month of residency. Theresa can’t believe that she can’t see her son for a whole month. Tate assures that he’ll be okay as long as no one punches him and he’ll be out of there as soon as possible. Tate doesn’t want Theresa to worry. Theresa guesses that she has to be brave and strong like he is as they hug.

Marlena goes to get some water while Sloan complains to Eric that it’s not her fault. Jude wakes up crying, so Eric says he will take care of him while Sloan needs to sit down. Sloan complains of him treating her like a child while Eric points out that she drank an entire bottle of wine in 20 minutes. Marlena brings Sloan water to drink. Sloan continues to complain of Marlena being intimidating. John suggests he and Marlena take Jude for a walk which Eric and Sloan agree to. Sloan then finishes her glass of wine.

John and Marlena walk through the town square with Jude in his stroller and talk about how Jude fell back asleep. Marlena calls it strange how Jude’s smile reminds her of Eric. John notes that Eric wasn’t smiling much tonight. They feel sorry for Eric. John wonders why Sloan got so wasted. Marlena responds that she doesn’t know her but imagines she was nervous and wanted to impress them. John remarks that she made a pretty bad first impression. Marlena adds that she’ll be mortified when she sobers up. John wonders if it was a one off or if Sloan has a drinking problem. Marlena says she hopes not for Eric and Jude’s sake.

Eric encourages Sloan to lie down but Sloan wants to dance. Eric says it’s time to sleep but Sloan doesn’t want to. Eric tells her that she’s drunk and needs to sober up. Eric questions why she drank the entire bottle of wine. Sloan responds that she was afraid that Marlena would think she wasn’t good enough for him. Eric argues that John and Marlena are very kind people so they will understand. Sloan then rushes to the bathroom to throw up.

Ava worries to Stefan about going to prison but Harris reveals that they completed their investigation and found no drugs. Harris calls the cops off and thanks everyone for their patience, saying they will be out of there shortly and they can return to the dinner. Harris apologizes to Ava, who questions that being all he can do after defaming them in public. Ava tells Harris that his words mean nothing and to come up with something better to pay for what he just did.

Alex tells Brady that it’s going to be a long night and brings him a coffee. Brady calls it just the beginning. Alex states that Tate is a good kid caught in a bad situation, but he has faith that Justin will make things a lot better for him. Brady is glad that Alex is coming around about Justin’s capabilities. Alex admits he was unfairly critical at first but he’s come to recognize that Justin can do this. Theresa comes back with a bag of everything Tate will need. Tate tells Theresa that he’s just telling himself that things are going to work out. Justin gets an e-mail from EJ. Theresa worries about EJ coming after her child. Justin announces that EJ has accepted the judge’s order and will not appeal it which relieves them. Theresa hugs Justin and thanks him for saving her son. Alex calls Justin a damn good lawyer and apologizes for ever doubting that. Justin accepts his apology and says no matter what is happening between them, he’s always here for him as they hug. Justin goes to check on the police transport to find out when it will be ready to go. Brady decides to call John and Marlena as he’s sure they will want to see Tate off. John answers the call. Brady asks if they are at home. John informs them that they are taking Jude for an evening stroll. Brady informs him that he and Theresa are at the jail and they are happy to report that Tate is being transferred to a juvenile facility, so they thought they might want to see him off. John calls that great news and says they’ll definitely want to be there, so they’ll be there as soon as they can. Brady hangs up and informs Tate that his grandparents are on their way.

Harris tells Ava that he doesn’t have to pay for anything because he executed his orders properly. Harris adds that when Ava is ready to talk about what’s going on, she knows where to find him. Stefan argues that their lawyers know where to find him and tells Harris to get out and not come back. Harris then exits the Bistro. Ava apologizes to everyone for the interruption of their dinner, says it a mistake, and tells them to go back to enjoying their meals. Ava insists that it’s not a reflection of their management and to accept their apologies. Ava adds that dinner is on them tonight while Stefan finishes a phone call. Stefan informs Ava that he just finished a conversation with their partner and it turns out that Clyde got inside information, found out about the raid, and had a guy come in to move the product out just in time. Ava remarks that he sure runs a tight ship.

Eric gets Sloan to lay down and asks if she’s feeling better. Sloan says she’s so sorry about tonight. Eric tells her it’s okay. Sloan admits she tried too hard and made a mess of everything, so now Marlena and John probably think she’s crazy. Sloan doesn’t remember what she said other than trying to tell a joke. Sloan realizes she should not drink alcohol as she clearly can’t hold her liquor. Sloan feels she’s made much bigger mistakes than that and asks Eric to promise not to be mad if she tells him. Eric says he won’t be mad as she’s the woman he loves. Sloan calls that really sweet and starts to tell him but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. John and Marlena return with Jude. Eric thanks them for taking Jude out. Marlena says he’s been sleeping peacefully since they left. John says they are going to cut this short as Brady just called and said Tate is being transferred to a juvie facility tonight, so they are going to the station to say goodbye to him. Eric says he’ll let Sloan know but then they see Sloan has fallen asleep. Marlena suggests letting Sloan sleep as she needs it. Eric says he’s glad to hear about Tate and sends his love to Tate and Brady. John tells him to call anytime that he wants them to babysit. Eric thanks them and assures he’ll be fine. Marlena says she loves him as she and John exit. Eric sits with Jude to feed him and talks about how much they love him. Eric talks about having rough days and says Jude will always have him to lean on. Sloan repeats in her sleep that she’s so sorry.

Ava asks Stefan how someone moved the product so quickly and quietly. Stefan then gets a call from prison and it’s Gabi, so he steps away to answer it. Ava then gets a text from an unknown number, saying to meet at the loading dock now.

Marlena and John go to the police station to say goodbye to Tate. Tate thanks them for coming. Marlena says they are so happy he’s going to the facility. Tate says he is too but he’s not sure about group therapy. Marlena encourages it being positive. John says they’ll see him as soon as he’s out. Justin tells Tate that his bag is on the bus and it’s time to go. Theresa tells Tate to be strong. Brady hugs Tate and assures that they are there for him and they will not rest until he’s free and he will be home soon. Tate tells them to keep him updated on Holly. Justin then escorts Tate out of the station. Brady tells Theresa that he’s going to make it and they will get through it together. Alex hugs Theresa.

Ava goes out to the loading dock and is approached by Harris.

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