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Oh, now, that’s a sight for sore eyes, all the citizens out beautifying the town.

Yeah, all the people out there that are just really inspired by your podcast, Paulina.

Reminding us all that Martin Luther King Day is a day of service and that good deeds are nourishment for the soul.

Mm, and I do believe that.

[laughs] And those delicious pastries that you brought along for the volunteers, my darling, oh, those are nourishment for the soul.

[laughs] Even if not all that nutritious. Well, you–you didn’t sneak one of those to Abraham, did you?

No, of course not.

Mm-hmm. OK, fine, fine. Just give me one of those bear claws.

Hey, I’ve got some free coffees for anybody volunteering today, courtesy of my Grandpa Roman. Would you like a coffee?

Well, in that case, oh.

There you go.

Thank you.

OK. Thank you very much.

Here you are, sir. Yes. And one for you.

Thank you. I could use something to keep me warm. I’m freezing.

I can help with that too.

Mm, yeah, that’s more like it.

I’m just happy to be of service.

[tender music]

Hey, Thomas, catch.


Nice job, buddy.

Yeah, that kid’s got a future in– sorry, what’s that– what’s that sport where you– you catch the ball in the… meshy thing on the edge of a stick?



Talking about lacrosse?

Lacrosse. Yeah.

Yeah? Don’t know much about sports, do you, huh?

No, no, I played tennis. Played tennis.

[clicks tongue]

Wow, OK, very nice. Yeah, I bet you’re as sharp with that racket as you are with that broom. I think Charlotte’s picked up more trash than you, and she’s in preschool.

No, I’m just– I’m multitasking. I–I was keeping… in touch with the latest news updates.

[dramatic music] Sorry. But yeah…

You OK?

I’m not so much of a sports guy, more of a… Cerebral guy. Yeah, I’m OK.

You OK? You sure?


Mm, so how about you just keep your arms around me all day and you can be my personal portable space heater?

Well, I wish that I could. But I’ve got to get back and keep pouring coffees.

OK, well, then I’ll come with you.


Oh, OK, lovebirds, get back to work.


All right. Mama, knock ’em dead on your podcast. It’s gonna be your best one ever.

Mm-hmm, no pressure.

[laughs] Hey, Nicole.


Hey, Abe.

How are you?


Oh, honey, oh, we haven’t stopped thinking about you and Holly. Nicole, how is she doing?

Well, the doctors are running some tests on her. That’s why I’m here, ’cause they kicked me out of the ICU.

Well, what kind of tests are they running?

Well, they’re seeing if she qualifies to be moved to a facility in Italy.

[gasps] Italy?

Yeah, they–they worked miracles on EJ there and brought him back from the brink of death, as he said. So we’re hoping they can do the same for Holly.

Well, well, well, fancy meeting you here.

Do not mess with me, Leo. I’m operating on two hours of sleep.

Still, I’m sure you have enough energy to compliment me for sticking to my budget.

[scoffs] Your budget? Is that why you’ve asked me for cash three times in the past three days?

And you said no three times, which was very disappointing. Ergo, I have had to cleave to my weekly allowance like some pitiful child.

Oh, well, keep cleaving, because if you drain my bank account, well, then you will have zero allowance, and you and I will both be going to bed with an empty stomach.

Oh, no, not me. See, I get my paycheck today from “The Spectator.” Admittedly not much more than a pittance but enough to keep me in cheap wine and trail mix if your crying poor mouth isn’t another of your egregious lies and you do, in fact, go down the financial tubes. Ugh. But on a happier note, rejoice, Salem. Lady Whistleblower is making her grand return.

[gasps] Oh, and wait, Sloan, dear, until you read my first scintillating comeback column.

[breathes deeply] It is going to blow your mind.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

You OK?

Yeah, I’m– I just– I’m good. It’s just, since the coma, I sometimes get these dizzy spells.

[dramatic music]

OK, well, you want me to get you a water or something?

No, actually…

[sighs] I just need something to eat, like a– a protein bar or something.

All right. OK, we can get you something. Thomas, Charlotte, come on, we got to go.



Thanks. I’m good. I’m good. I’m good.

So you would be going along with Holly to Italy, yes?

Yes, if she qualifies for the treatment, that is the plan. You know, and I wish that both EJ and I could go, but we decided, for Holly’s sake, that he should stay here and help bring down those drug traffickers who are profiting on our children’s suffering.

Mm-hmm, oh, and I pray that we are able to do that, Nicole. Nothing is more important to me.

Nicole, we are praying for Holly’s recovery. And I want you to know that Paulina and I, we’re here for you, whatever you need.

Thank you, Abe, Paulina. That means so much to me.


Jada, I am so sorry that that happened to you.

I knew it. I knew that security guard was following me up and down the aisles. So I should have expected that after I checked out that the store owner and that security dirtbag was gonna pull me aside and demand to search my purse.

Why didn’t you just tell them you were a cop?

I did. But I left my badge in my jacket in my car. And so I said, let me go get it.


And the store owner gets up in my face and says, you’re not going anywhere.

Oh, my God. Honey, I’m sorry. Well, it’s a good thing the unis showed up and they recognized you, right?



You and me both.

[sighs] They called the damn cops on me, Rafe. They said I nicked a brand-new lip gloss that I had in my purse I bought two days ago. Ugh, I was just– I was shaking. I’m just so–I’m so furious, I could just–

[sighs] I’m sorry. I try to let these things just roll off my back.

Hey, what are you sorry about, hmm?

Because I’m a Black woman, Rafe. I’m not allowed to get angry.


So your mom seemed in pretty good spirits today. I didn’t want to ask.

Yeah, well, there’s nothing to report yet. The doctors called, and she has an appointment tomorrow. But–


And they’re supposed to go over the biopsy results and everything.


But I’m thinking–


Well, if it was good news, then they would have told her over the phone, right?

No, no, not necessarily. I mean, that could just be the way they do things, you know?

Yeah, yeah, maybe.

[sighs] It’s just that this whole testing thing has been dragged on for so long. And Mama’s being all stoic and brave. And me, I’m just, you know, pumping her up, telling her everything’s gonna be OK. But it’s all an act because I don’t want her to know how scared I really am.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

[light music] You don’t have to act around me, OK? If you’re scared, you can tell me.

OK, but you just promise you won’t tell anyone, OK?

[chuckles] Right.

I need everyone to think that I am stoic and brave like Mama.

Well, I won’t tell anybody, OK? Everyone else can see your hard candy shell. And I’ll be the only one who knows that you have a soft, squishy center. And I love you for it.

[dramatic music]

Why is your column gonna blow my mind, Leo? What is it about?

[laughs] Why would I give that away?

You wouldn’t dare.

Blow your baby switch scheme out of the water? No. Well, not yet. But keep in mind, you did promise to pamper me in a manner to which I was becoming very accustomed. And so far, honey, your service is getting, like, / stars from me on Yelp. And if it gets any worse, I will write a scathingly rotten review and maybe even mention in said review how you have royally screwed over other people, including your baby’s real mother. Ta-ta.

You wouldn’t dare. We had a deal. Leo, you gave me your word.

Gave you his word about what?


[dramatic music]

You sure you’re feeling all right?

I’m fine, fit for duty.

OK, good. Well, Julie took the kids home. So if you wanted to have that ad hoc editorial meeting, we can.


You up for it?

Mm-hmm. Let’s do it.

OK, I assume you have someone covering the mayor’s live podcast?

Yes, with special instructions to keep an eye out for any possible health concerns.

Yeah, but just go easy, OK? It could be a cold. We don’t want to blow anything out of proportion.

Just keeping an eye out.

What an honor this is to remind the listeners of the true meaning of Martin Luther King Day.

[laughs] Oh, not just a day off to sleep in and just sit around and do nothing. No, this day means so much more than that. I just hope my voice holds up. Hmm. Hoo.

[light music]

[sighs] You know, I really should get back to the station.

Jada, you’ve had a rough morning. It’s OK. You are allowed to stop for a meal. Plus, you should have taken today off. It’s a holiday.

I always volunteer on this holiday. It’s my way of honoring Dr. King and what he stood for, service to others. I mean, I am so happy that I get to do what I do, in great part, thanks to him. I mean, could you imagine back in Dr. King’s day, a woman of color being a detective for a metropolitan police force?

Probably not that likely.

Would have been impossible.


Couple menus for you guys.


All right.

You’re working here now?

No, I’m just helping out. My Grandpa Roman’s a little short-staffed now that Tate’s, you know…


Not around.

Right, yeah. Well, I’m sure he appreciates the help.

Yeah, and hey, if you’re feeling like you need warmed up, we’ve got some hot biscuits in the back. We’ve got–we’ve got an egg and tomato wrap if you need an energy boost.

Well, I’ve had the morning from hell. So what would you recommend for that?

Well, here’s the last of my doughnuts if you could use a treat.

Ooh, you have no idea.


So have you talked to your brothers about any possible DiMera involvement in this drug ring the PD is trying to crack? Let’s just not get ahead of ourselves, yeah, the mayor’s health, the DiMera scandal, et cetera.

Ha, greetings, gentlemen. Where is the confetti? Where are the streamers and the banners celebrating the return of Lady Whistleblower?

Where’s the cape?

Hello, Leo.

I loved the cape.

Sorry, what cape?

You call yourself a newsman? My cape was the fashion-forward splash of the Bistro’s New Year’s Eve party.

Oh, good. Well, you know what? I would actually really love to read Lady Whistleblower’s splashy first column of the year, considering it’s two days late.

OK, OK, here.

[dramatic music] Never fear. I just sent it to you both. And trust me, it is well worth the wait.

Leo was my client. We had worked out a payment plan on word. He’s not gonna be able to abide by the terms. Not that it’s any of your business.

Yeah, OK. I’m sorry, I get that it was none of my business. It’s just, you looked really upset.

Upset? Why would I be upset? I’ve got a wonderful husband and precious little baby boy who’s keeping me up all through the night with his crazy sleep schedule, but it’s totally worth it.

Well, I’m glad Jude’s doing well.

Any change with Holly?

No, but if things go the way we hope, in a few days, she will be getting treatment at a world-renowned hospital in Italy.

Well, Eric didn’t mention that to me.

It’s because I didn’t tell him.

Are you going with her?

Sloan, I’m her mother. Of course I’m going with her.

Oh, that’s wonderful.

[dramatic music]

Well, what do you think? What do you think? I mean, not that I’m desperate for a compliment and/or accolades and/or kudos and/or praise. Actually, I am.

What I think is… this is damn impressive, Leo.

[gasps] Chadwick.

I agree. It’s the last thing I expected to read from Lady Whistleblower. You were right, Leo. It was worth the wait.


You’re glad I’m leaving town?

No, that’s–what I meant was that I’m glad Holly’s receiving treatment, because Eric and I have been praying every day for her recovery.

Well, thank you. I didn’t see you as the praying type.

Well, I mean, I wasn’t in the past, but… pregnancy, the miscarriage, and now… having our prayers answered with this beautiful baby boy, all that changed me. It made me more religious.

Right. Well, I can see how it would. So I take it Jude is with Eric?

Yeah, he is. I’m just out picking up a few things. We’re having Eric’s mom and stepfather over for dinner tonight, which we have been trying to do for a while. But I’ve kind of been putting it off.

Yeah, yeah, well, you’ve been a little busy.

Yeah, it’s more than that. Truth is, I’m a little intimidated by his mother. She’s just– she’s so perfect, you know?

I get it. Marlena was my mother-in-law too. But may I suggest that you pour yourself a large glass of wine before they get there, because if you start the night out wired, it’s only gonna go downhill from there.

You know, you don’t have to do this today if you’re not feeling up to it. You can have the deputy mayor step in.

Today of all days, I am doing this. Mm-mm, my mother marched with Dr. King as a young woman, and I wouldn’t be here today without her…


Or him. So the least I can do is just push on through for one morning. And that is what I’m going to do. OK.


[light music]

You know, some people might say that Dr. King would want me to shrug off what happened to me today and just push forward. But I don’t think that’s what he meant at all. I think that when you see injustice that you need to do something.


Man, I feel for Jada. Getting profiled as a shoplifter, that kind of stuff really shakes you up.

Anything like that ever happen to you?

Are you kidding? Just the other day, I was walking in the square, and this lady, she was sitting on a bench by herself, and she had her purse next to her. She sees me walking, and she takes her purse and she puts it on her lap.

[scoffs] Wow.

You’re not really shocked.

I mean, yeah, I kind of am. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time with you, and I’ve just never seen it.

Yeah, that’s because you weren’t looking. But it happened everywhere– here, in London, in Italy.


Yeah. You remember how people were looking at us because we were an interracial couple? When Mama was a kid, it would have been illegal for us to get married in many places in this country.

[sighs] Well… I’m sure as hell glad that we’re not back there.

Yeah. We’ve come a long way. But we can’t pretend like we don’t still have a long way to go.

A big glass of wine, check. Actually, I bought two bottles. So check and check.

Yeah, well, as you know, Eric doesn’t drink. And his parents will probably only have a glass, so…

More for me.

[sighs] Look, Marlena knows that she comes off as intimidating, you know? And she also seems very put together. But she’s just–she’s a real human with real problems. I mean, you know Marlena’s daughter Sami, Eric’s twin? I mean, she was a holy terror for years. She still is, in my opinion.

Yeah, Eric’s mentioned Sami once or twice.

Well, did he also mention that Marlena had an affair with John and it sent Sami off the deep end when she was a teenager?

Mm-mm. I can’t even imagine Marlena having an affair.

Yeah, well, you see? She’s not perfect, just like the rest of us.

[soft music] And I’ve found that if you ask Marlena for advice up front, you know, she feels useful, and you don’t feel judged, and then the rest of the night will just be smooth sailing.

Thank you, Nicole. That’s really good advice.

This is an amazing piece. You are a writer, my friend.

Oh, well, you know, it is my passion. And I really think I’ve improved since I joined the Masters of Sex Club.


Oh, that’s a slip of the tongue. It’s the Masters of Texts Cslub. It’s an online writing workshop, of which I am the star pupil, I might add.

I have to admit– I’m embarrassed to admit it, but there’s so much in here that I had no idea about. I mean, how have I never heard of this guy Bayard Rustin? I mean, he helped organize the March on Washington. An openly gay African American man in the s? I mean, this person is just incredibly brave, especially for that time.

Yeah, he was a true hero. And the reason you’ve never heard of him is that back then, a lot of people didn’t want to link together civil rights and gay rights and any other kind of equal rights as being a part of the same movement. And sadly, that’s still the case today. As if there’s only so much equality to go around.

Yeah. Well, I am really impressed that you’ve done the research, Leo, and brought all of this to light. In fact, I think, given the serious nature of the column, we should publish this under your own name and not the Lady Whistleblower byline.

Assuming we can publish it at all.

[dramatic music] * *

[sighs] Check, one, two, three.

[coughs] This is Mayor Paulina Price. Check, check. More. Can–bring it up more.

Paulina, did you make your follow-up appointment with the doctor?

Well, I’ll go see her when the biopsy test results come back.

And when will that be?

[sighs] Well… I’m going in to get the results tomorrow.

And you didn’t tell me that because?

I didn’t want you to feel obligated to go there with me.

Do you not want me to go with you?

I didn’t want to ask you.

Well, you didn’t ask. I offered.

I want you to be there with me.

Then I shall be.

I remember when I was a kid and Mama was self-employed and then Daddy got sick and so he lost his job and so we lost our health insurance. And so I always wonder, like, if maybe he would have made it if–

I had no idea.

Yeah, it’s really a systemic thing, ’cause when you think about it, there’s just so many people of color that are living at poverty, so I just– I feel really lucky to be who I am and where I am.

Hey, Chanel…

[light music] I’m the lucky one here.

I remember a few years back, I was in line at the store, waiting to check out, and there was this guy in front of me. And he hands the clerk his check, clerk bags his groceries, and then he’s on his way. I’m up next. I hand the clerk my check, right?

You write checks?

Well, I did then, you know. I’m slow to evolve, OK? So anyway, the clerk looks at my check, sees the name Hernandez on it…


Asks for my driver’s license and another form of ID and then asks me to put my phone number on it.

I can relate. But at least your hair isn’t a whole thing. Mm. Chanel?

Hey, what’s up?

Thank you so much for the delicious doughnuts.

You’re welcome.

Random question, but have you ever had someone ask if they could touch your hair?

Oh, my God, are you kidding me? The first time, it was in a mall. It was a total stranger, and I was, like, three. And Mama was not happy about it, to put it mildly.

Oh, my God. Here, join us.


Sit down.

Yeah. Look, I know I probably shouldn’t ask this about your hair, but I mean, why– Ah.

[laughter] No, I’m–I’m an idiot. I’m sorry. All right.

No, no, it’s OK. I mean, being willing to ask these questions and have these conversations, it’s the first step in overcoming biases. Not to sound patronizing, but that kind of sounded patronizing, didn’t it?

No, no, it didn’t sound patronizing, because it’s– it’s true.

You know, I was just thinking, back when I was in high school, I was in the lunchroom, and this random girl, without even asking if she could touch my hair, she just comes up and starts touching my hair.

Oh, no.

And she’s like, oh, it’s so soft. And then when I went home, I told my mom about it. And then she gave me this whole lecture about microaggressions and how I should have stood up for myself. I mean, I was just trying to eat my lunch. And now I’ve worked up an appetite. I want to order the full breakfast menu.

Well, there you go. You heard the lady.

All right. Got it.

My kind of girl.

Got it.

[laughter] OK.

Get to work.


Well, thanks again for all the suggestions you’ve given me about how to handle Eric’s mother. That is–I know you’ve got a lot more important things to be worried about right now.

[dramatic music]

It was nice to get out of the hospital for a while, but… I should be getting back, so… Sloan, you know… you and I have a lot in common. And in another lifetime, maybe we would have been friends.

You mean if it weren’t for Eric.

I know Eric’s been spending a lot of time at the hospital with me and Holly, and I’m sure that hasn’t been easy for you, given our history. But I– I just want you to know that I appreciate how generous you’ve been about it.

I haven’t been that generous, Nicole.

You’re not gonna publish my piece? Why, because it’s too moving, too relevant?

Listen, I’m not saying that we’re not gonna publish it at all. I’m just–I’m saying that I think that we should think about it a little bit. I mean, “The Spectator” is not exactly on the cutting edge of social progressivism. Everett, what do you think?

I think that it’s our job to present a fair and balanced presentation of the news.

Whoa, are you saying that if you publish a pro-equality editorial on MLK Day, you have to publish an anti-equality one the following?

No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. Leo, I want to publish your piece. I think it’s terrific.

And so do I. I’m just saying there could be fallout.

Screw the fallout.

What he wrote is right and true and enlightening. Isn’t that more important than the bottom line?

Damn right it is.

Yes, it is. All right, we’re gonna publish your excellent piece, Leo. And if we get heat for it, then you know what? Hell with it. They can come for me.


Ah, you guys! You are my heroes. Come on. Bring it in. Group hug.

Hey, hey.

Group hug. Get over here.

[laughs] Get in there.

Oh, yeah, there it goes.


But I’m happy to say that both Johnny’s family and my family are very supportive of our relationship, so there are no speed bumps there.

Lucky you…


‘Cause when I first got engaged to my first husband, I wanted so badly for my dad to approve, because my mom sure didn’t. Yeah, she wasn’t exactly thrilled that I was marrying a white Jewish guy.

Hmm. Well, she got over it, I hope.

Sort of. But he disappeared on me, so it was all moot.

Well, you know, Chanel and I were just watching this documentary recently about the Lovings. She was Black. He was white. And so the state of Virginia refused to recognize their marriage. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which struck down all state laws banning interracial marriage, allowing us to marry whoever we wanted.

Mm, not whoever we wanted because not same-sex marriages. And, you know, being a Black woman who’s also bi, I just stopped labeling myself altogether, because it’s just exhausting being so many types of other.


Right. But choosing to not acknowledge race or gender, I mean, that’s pretty exhausting too, right?


I mean, especially if that’s who you are.


You know, I can’t believe that we’ve never talked about this before.

Yeah, well, I’m really glad that we’re talking about it now.

[light music]

So do you want me to stay for the podcast, or should I just leave it to you?

Well, I certainly hope you didn’t come all the way over here just to be my sound man. Of course I want you to be here. And I can’t thank you enough for all your support, dear husband.

Well, you were there for me during all the months of my recovery. Want to be here for you.

All right, moment of truth. OK, here I go. Take me live.

[dramatic music] Hello, everyone. What a lovely morning it is. This is Mayor Paulina Price speaking to you on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

[chuckles] And I want to thank those of you who’ve already come out to serve your community this morning and to encourage those who haven’t to spend your afternoon volunteering.

[chuckles] You have the power and responsibility to improve your community in some way, big or small. May we continue to live in Dr. King’s spirit every day. Now, we’re– oh, a lot of us, we’re familiar with many of his words. So I’ve chosen to begin with a quote from that great writer James Baldwin.

[coughs] Not everything that is faced…

[voice breaking] Can be changed–

[softly] Can be changed.

But nothing…

Nothing… both: Can be changed until it is faced.

[dramatic music]

What do you mean you haven’t been generous? And not only have you been understanding about Eric spending time with me and Holly. Oh, my God, I mean, Sloan, you– you let me off the hook when I kidnapped your son.

Yeah, very reluctantly, believe me, especially whenever the next day–

The next day what?

You know, right after I told you to stay away from Jude, I saw you having lunch with Eric and Holly, looking like the happy family you used to be, all for the world to see. And, you know, that was pretty upsetting to me.

Would be for me too. But what did Eric say when you mentioned it to him?

I didn’t tell him. I don’t know why I didn’t tell him. But now I’m glad that he had that time with Holly.

[sniffles] He’ll always love her… just like he’ll always love you. And I’ll just have to learn to live with that. I should follow up with Leo. Thank you again, Nicole, for the advice.

Sloan, Sloan–


OK, that’s it. We did it. Good work, guys.

You guys, you are the best.

Well, I think it’s gonna be fantastic for the paper.

Well, you have made both Lady Whistleblower and me very, very happy, you two handsome devils, you. I truly am forever indebted to you for your gutsiness and your support.

Working with someone who you’ve had a… conflict with in the past, finding a way to have common ground and move forward, I’d say that’s in the right spirit for MLK Day.

It sure is, Chadwick. Speaking of, can I have the rest of the day off, pretty please with artificial sweetener on top since I’m trying to cut back on sugar?

Mm, journalists don’t really get days off, Leo.

You sure about that? Mr. Xander of Cooksville seems to.

Yeah, he’s teleworking today.


Or is he pretending to be teleworking while he’s playing house with Sarah and their little snuggle bunny, leaving this venerable Salem institution, aka “The Spectator,” in the hands of we three cisgender males.

A topic for another column, perhaps.

I will get on that forthwith.

No, not forthwith. You are gonna get the break you asked for, and you are gonna leave the office. Salem City Park, National Day of Service, my friend.

Oh, right. Yeah, that’s actually why I wanted the rest of the day off… to do this.


See ya.

Oh, don’t forget this.


Mmm, well, that really hit the spot.

Well, then write us a good review, huh?



And thanks for hanging out with us. It was great catching up.

Yeah, it was. And since we’re baring our souls this morning, Rafe, I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I– I idolized you as a kid.

Yep, actually, you have said that.

Oh, good.

But it never gets old.

Yeah, it was probably pretty obvious at the time anyway. You know, I– I always kind of thought I’d end up being FBI like you.

Nah, nah, you were always a storyteller growing up. Filmmaker suits you.

It does, but not out-of-work filmmaker, you know?


I mean, volunteering here this morning was the most useful I’ve felt in a long time. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to consider a new career path. I want to do something that means something, you know, that matters.

Well, what matters is in the eye of the beholder. Like, for instance, people may think that owning a bakery doesn’t matter. But I like to think of it as, I help people celebrate life. Like, sometimes I create them special cakes and things like that that makes them feel special. Like the other day, there was this lady, and she was in hospice, and she had been a beekeeper, and so I made her these little bumblebee cookies. And when she saw them, she was so excited. And the look on her face, it was just like, she was so happy. She was so grateful.



Yeah, and then even with my mom, you know, she’s all about giving back, and she’s the mayor, but then she also does this podcast. And she’s actually recording an episode this morning. I can’t wait to hear it when I get home.

Oh, she’s broadcasting live, isn’t she? Let’s listen to it.




Mm. Oh. I want to thank my special guest, former mayor Abraham Carver, for that assist.

[chuckles] Equality and inclusion should not be controversial. Diversity in creed, background, abilities, beliefs is what makes us a great city and a great nation. In the end, we all want the same things: health, prosperity, safety for our family and our friends and ourselves. We should not shun people who disagree with us. Instead, we must love, learn, open our hearts and minds, and, most importantly, continue to do the hard work to make this world a better place for everyone to live in. And our words are all the more powerful when we raise our voices together.

To Dr. King.

To the future.

To my Mama.

To us.

[cups clink]

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