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[dramatic music]

Oh, hey, I just got off the phone with the hospital.


No changes, just like the last five times I called.

Did you get everything you need?

Yeah, I got her pajamas, her favorite stuffed animal, and, oh, “Little Women.” That’s her favorite book, so I thought I’d read it to her. Are you ready?



But first I wanted to address something that happened yesterday.


I want you to know that I saw you and Eric together at the hospital. I didn’t want to disturb you.

Why not?

Well, because I know how important Eric is in Holly’s life. He was her father for a time. And I know you need as much support as you can right now.

Thank you. And I appreciate you understanding that, EJ. * * Is there something else?

Yes, there, is, actually.

[clears throat] Nicole, his… being supportive is one thing. But I admit…

[sighs] It was quite unsettling for me to see you in his arms, and I–

No, no, stop talking right now.

[respirator whirring, monitor beeping] * *

Hi, sweetheart.

[door clicks open]

Hey, I brought you some–

Please don’t say coffee. I cannot drink any more coffee.

Not coffee.

[sighs] Dark, dark, dark chocolate.


It’s your favorite.

Yes. You are a mind reader.

Well, you’ve been a nervous wreck, so I thought I’d break out the big guns for you.


[inhales deeply]

[exhales heavily]

You’re just gonna…smell it?



Thank you.

[inhales deeply]

[exhales heavily]


You know, I read somewhere that…

[inhales deeply] Breathing in the smell of dark chocolate can actually help somebody quit smoking.

Oh, yeah? That’d be helpful if either one of us smoked.

[exhales heavily] You know… I just keep thinking, what’s Tate doing right now while I’m just sitting here breathing in this chocolate? Is he cold? Is he…hungry? Is he scared?

[sighs] Is someone gonna deck him again, give him a black eye, and take his lunch? I mean… this is killing me. This is totally killing me, Brady.


Mom, it’s you.

OK. Hey, honey.

Well, they didn’t tell me who it was. And you’re here after visiting hours, so how did you get them to let you in?

OK, I called in a favor with the warden.

What kind of favor? Wait, forget it. I don’t want to– I don’t want to know. Forget I asked.

Yeah, probably for the best.

I am happy to see you, though…


Even though I don’t know what you’re doing here at this hour. But if this is about Dimitri, nobody knows what happened to that guy. He just disappeared. And the rumor is, he’s in Supermax.

Well, it’s not about Dimitri. The reason I’m here tonight is because someone wants to talk to you.

[door clicks open]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Nice throw, buddy. You’re gonna be a pro at this.

[soft music] No, OK, it’s all right. It’s all right. We’ll keep practicing the catching.

You know, we need to have guys’ night every night.

Yeah? I don’t know how your sister would feel about that idea.

But this is so fun.

You know what? It is fun. I love hanging out with you, and I love you, and I’m proud of you, OK? Come here.

God, and we thought having him away at boarding school was tough.


I know. I keep thinking about how– how much I missed him, how much I was worrying. Wow. That was a walk in the park compared to this.

Oh, yeah, sure was. You know what? I’m thinking if I could engineer one of those jailbreaks, you know, like they do in the movies, I think I would do it.

[sly music] Don’t look at me that way. I’m not gonna do it. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Are you kidding me? I wish you would. I would drive the getaway car.

[both chuckle]

I am not gonna listen to this.

Nicole, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.

No. You shouldn’t have. EJ, how could you be jealous at a time like this? Honey… look, even you pointed out that Eric was Holly’s stepfather for a while. And you also pointed out that he’s still an important part of her life. So naturally, when Eric heard about Holly, he went to the hospital. And full disclosure because I do not want any secrets between us… Eric was there for Holly on Christmas morning when she was hungover and needed moral support.

You knew Holly got drunk on Christmas Eve?

Yes. When we came home Christmas morning, I went upstairs to check on her, and she felt awful. She had a headache, and she was nauseous, and she told me everything. How did you find out?

Johnny told me. He said that she drunk-dialed him and left a rather long, rather incoherent message. He was worried, obviously, and so he rushed back home to check on her.

And why didn’t you tell me that?

Well, I didn’t want to upset you. You were already at wits’ end. Why didn’t you tell me at Christmas?

[chuckles] Because Holly was embarrassed, and she didn’t want anyone to know.

But it was fine to tell Eric?

I didn’t tell Eric. Honey, Holly and I ran into him when we went on our walk Christmas morning. And she tried to hide the fact that she was hungover, but Eric, being a recovering alcoholic, could see right through it. So…he was just very kind to her, and he was not judgmental at all.


Oh, no. OK, what are you thinking? You suddenly got so worried.


[sighs] I– I wasn’t sure that I was even going to bring this up, but you’re gonna find out sooner or later.

Find out what?

Rafe contacted me earlier and said that he has been questioning Holly’s high school friends. And they admitted that they have been dabbling in weed, and so has she.

[dramatic music]

This is Harris Michaels.

Yeah, yeah, I heard of you. You’re the one who tried to shoot my cousin Hope when you were about to get married, no less.

I was brainwashed back then by Megan DiMera.

And you didn’t tell her that her husband was alive? You just forgot to tell her that? That just slipped your mind?

OK, Lucas, really, that’s all in the past, all right, and do I need to remind you that Harris was one of the people who rescued me from Dimitri’s boat? He actually saved my life, so…

So you trust this guy?

I do.

Well, then I guess I do too, right? I don’t have a choice now. What do you want? What the hell do you want from me?

[sighs] Well, I– I’m with the Salem PD now. And I’m just exploring something on my own until I see if anything comes of it. But… I’m here tonight… to offer you a deal.




[laughs] What’s up, Alex? A little help, man?


[sighs] There you go, little dude.


My dad knows you, so I guess you’re not a stranger.

Ah, yeah, well, glad to hear you’re keeping your eyes wide open for strangers.

Well, I drop the ball a lot, so maybe they’re not wide open enough.

Oh. See, there’s a trick to this. Here, let me see. You got to keep your eyes on the ball. When it’s coming in, get those hands out. Spread the fingers wide. Brab that ball. Bring it in tight. Hug it. That’s it. You got it?

Got it.

You sure? Oh, you got it.


Thanks, man.

Anytime. Well, I’ll let you two get back to it.

Hey, want to play Monkey in the Middle with us? We couldn’t before ’cause we didn’t have three people.

He’s been dying to play Monkey in the Middle. No pressure, but if you got time…

Oh, I got time.

[laughs] Let’s do it.

You’re new, so you’re the monkey.

I’m the monkey? Gotcha. OK. Let me assume my position. All right, let’s do this.

[dramatic music]


Ooh, ooh. I see that. I see that. There we go. Come on, come on, come on, ah! Come on.

[laughs] All right, all right, all right.

[sighs] We had so many talks, so many mornings when we definitely laid down the law about the dangers of drugs.

Yeah. And I know that you and I have lived apart for many years, Brady, but… We were always united on that front, weren’t we? Hey. Do you think he broke our rules?

I don’t know. Seems unlikely, but–

But that would explain why– why he said it at first and then he backed off, right? I mean, I hate– I hate to think it myself, but I–

I know. I know. I’ve thought it too. I’ve thought about it too. I even said it out loud to my dad. Bottom line is, hey, we weren’t there. We don’t know.

We weren’t there with him at school either, were we, causing trouble? I mean, maybe we shouldn’t have sent him to boarding school in the first place.

I know. I thought about that too. Maybe we shouldn’t have. I mean–I mean, he spent a lot of time away from us lately, especially me. I haven’t been ar– I mean, I called him. I visited. I had him here for summer on vacation. I thought I was close to him, I thought I knew who he was, and now I’m sitting here thinking, hey, Dad, maybe you didn’t know your son as well as you thought you did.

So… Holly’s friends told Rafe that she smoked weed.

They did.

[sighs] I know I– I shouldn’t be shocked, but… I am.

As am I. Her night of drinking also caught me by surprise as well, but I just chalked it up to a one-time thing.

Yeah, me too. Well, I mean… at least weed is legal here.

Not if you’re not yet .

[sighs] Well, now I can’t help but wonder– I mean, what if– I mean, would Holly go beyond that? Would she– would she take something more hard-core?


Oh, you are awake.

Mom, hey.

Hi. Why are you taking aspirin before you get out of bed?

What are you thinking?

You know… that morning she was hungover, I saw her take pills that I thought could have been aspirin, but maybe not.

Nicole, Nicole, look at me. Let’s not jump to any dire conclusions, OK? Holly was hungover. The logical explanation is, she had a headache. She took aspirin for it.


And experimenting occasionally with marijuana does not make her an addict, OK?

OK, OK. You know, but we also don’t know if Tate’s really using drugs. He’s a good kid.

Why would you think that? Like, the only reason he is now living in Salem is because he was expelled from boarding school. How does that qualify him as a good kid?

Well, OK, but how did he get expelled, all right? Was it because of some dumb prank that went sideways? Kids do stupid things. I’m stating the obvious. And that just might include Holly. It’s just that– that doing drugs is just a lot worse than being stupid, isn’t it, because it’s illegal, and it’s dangerous.

[sighs] And I– I can’t believe I’m gonna say this… but maybe Holly isn’t as honest and innocent as I thought she was.

[respirator whirring, monitor beeping]

You know, you’ve grown up so much. Feels like yesterday you were just a little girl. My little girl. I remember… the first time you called me Daddy. Holly, I just want to tell you how sorry I am. You know, when I left you and your mom to go to Africa, I just thought it was the right thing to do. But now I know that there is– there was nothing more important in this world than you are to me and being your dad.


Now I get a deal? What kind of deal?

Well, you may be or may not be aware of the drug problem in Salem. But a dealer was caught who was back in the game for less than hours after he was released from Statesville. And I questioned him. And I believe that whoever’s behind this drug epidemic is right here inside this prison. So I spoke to Mayor Price, and she gave me the green light to take action. That’s where you come in. I need your help getting intel on the inside.

You got to be out of your damn mind.


[dramatic music]

You ever hear the saying “snitches get stitches”? You’ve heard of that, right? Well, here it’s different. You don’t get stitches. You get broken bones. You get your skull stepped on. That’s what happens. When I was in the yard the other day, I saw somebody get shanked. They got shanked just for reporting contraband, for a freaking cell phone. They carried the guy out in a body bag.

I know it’s a lot to ask.

Yeah, no kidding.

Yeah, but I also know that you were an undercover prison informant before, Lucas, right, years ago? And that last year, you really helped John Black, Steve Johnson, Roman Brady with a certain Orpheus situation.

I thought that Orpheus killed my mother. And you don’t even know how many times I almost got popped and how many times I almost lost my life. I can’t, all right? You’re gonna have to fight the good fight against drugs on your own, OK? I am not your guy. My informant days are over.

OK, I get it. I understand your reservations. I do. But maybe you’ll change your mind if I tell you how I can help you.

How? How the hell can you help me?

If you’re willing to do what I ask you to do, I will get you out of here.

You’re good with Thomas, man. I appreciate it.

Thank you.

[chuckles] You know, to be honest, I never really understood the whole parenthood thing. You know, there’s no training or prep or degree. You just jump into it. How the hell did you know what to do?

Yeah, well, you don’t. But luckily, their brains aren’t as developed as ours, so they have no clue that we’re just tap-dancing our way through it.




We have no clue what we’re doing.

Makes sense. Thing is, Theresa has a teenager, and the teen brain is developed.



I mean, that’s different than what I’m dealing with. At least my kids still listen to me.


Do you get along with Theresa’s kid?

You know, we haven’t had a whole lot of interaction, really. I barely know him. I don’t even know if I’ll get the chance to now, given he’s in so much trouble.

Yeah, she must be a wreck.

She is a wreck. I’ve been trying to help her out as best I can. I’m trying to navigate the situation with her, but instead I totally blew it with her.


Brady, I totally understand what you’re feeling. I feel it too. Did I miss a sign or something? Could I have prevented this somehow, or…

[sighs] Is it just that Tate takes after me?

OK, hey, Theresa, don’t. No.

[sighs] No, I’m serious. I mean, I’m starting to feel like I’m responsible. Maybe I’m the one who failed our son.

[breathing heavily]

What are you thinking?

I just said I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Yeah, neither do I. But, EJ, Rafe said that Holly’s friends admitted to smoking pot, which is considered fairly benign these days, right? But if they were taking a more powerful drug, do you really think they would tell the cops? Do you really think Holly would tell us? No, no way.

No, no, I suppose not.


[sighs] Now I’m realizing that it’s possible that I’ve deluded myself about Holly for a while now. You know, I thought that she was well-balanced and responsible and that if she was struggling or she had an issue that she would talk to me and I could get her the help she needed.

[sighs] EJ, I just–I never thought that she would resort to drugs. Oh, God, we got to get going. We have to get back to the hospital. I’ll meet you in the car.



[sighs] Dear God, could Tate have been telling the truth?


How’d you blow it with Theresa? What’d you do?

You know everything that went down with Tate and Holly, right?

Oh, yeah. It’s “The Spectator’s” biggest story right now. If that was Thomas and Charlotte, I’d be losing my mind.

Yeah, well, Theresa, she sure the hell is. And I’m trying to be supportive, but I guess I crossed a boundary of hers or whatever. She kicked me out of the room…


Told me she wanted to be alone with Brady so they could discuss their son.

Well, that must have been tough for you.

Yeah, but I mean, I get it, you know? Brady’s Tate’s dad. I understand that. I’m just trying to figure out what the hell my role is in all this. I’m the boyfriend of the woman with the teenager going through a terrible time. It’s new territory for me. I’m a little lost. I keep screwing things up.

Right. Well, why don’t you ask your dad for advice?


Justin, I mean. I know he’s not your biological father, but he raised teenage boys.

Yeah, unfortunately, him and I aren’t on the best of terms at the moment either– also my fault.

How so?

[dramatic music]

[sighs] I guess it’s just because my whole life has been turned upside down. This whole Victor thing, him being my real dad… did a number on my head. I keep lashing out at Justin for no good reason. I don’t know, man, maybe it’s just in my blood to ruin all my relationships.


Theresa, look. Hey, hey, stop. It’s not your fault. Anything that happened with Tate and Holly that night is not your fault. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s probably mine. I’m the one that hasn’t been there– enough anyway, obviously.

Brady, that’s–

No, I should have– I should have been there more. I should have been able to help him, and I should’ve been able to– to be there more.

Tate knows how much you love him.


He knows. He knows he can reach out to you anytime and you’ll be there for him.

Well, thank you for saying that.

[sighs] God, I just keep replaying that night over and over in my head.


[laughs] Oh, Tate looked so handsome.

Oh, yeah.

And he was so excited to be on his first date with Holly. You know how hard he was crushing on her?

Oh, crushing hard on her.



We were all just having fun, weren’t we?

No, hold on. Speak for–speak for yourself. You were dancing with Alex.

Yeah, I wish I wasn’t.

I was a big old third wheel that night. I should’ve had my eye on Tate. I should’ve been watching Holly and Tate the whole time. Why wasn’t I doing that?

No. I should never, ever have let him go that night. I’m his mother. I’m his mother. He’s only . I mean, my poor baby! How did this go so wrong? How did we– how did this happen?

Stop, stop, stop.

How did this happen?

Stop, stop!



How did this happen?


Not your fault.


I don’t get it. How you gonna get me out of here?

Like I said before, I’ve spoken to Mayor Price. Look, I wouldn’t even be here if I hadn’t been assured that the right people in the right places would guarantee your release.

It’s tempting. It is. I want nothing more than to get the hell out of this place. But I can’t risk my life doing it. I think I’m just gonna keep my head down, and I’m gonna be a good boy, and I’m gonna do my time. That’s it.

You have your answer. We should go.


You’re a good man, and you’re a wonderful son.

[sighs] And as much as I miss you terribly and your children miss you terribly and all of us who love you miss you terribly, I understand your decision.

[sighs] And I respect it. I love you. I’ll see you soon.


Wait, hold it, hold it. Maybe I’ll do it. Maybe, maybe I’ll do what you’re asking.

I am gonna find a nurse and see if there’s any updates. I’ll meet you in there.

Sounds good.


[respirator whirring, monitor beeping]

Eric. You’re back.

I didn’t want her to be alone.

[dramatic music]

How–how long have you been here?

About an hour. I was told that you and Nicole went home for a while.


Nicole, I was just telling EJ that I was told that you and EJ went home for a break, so I– I thought I’d stay with Holly.

That’s very kind of you.

Would you like me to get out of here? I could grab us some coffee.

No, no.


You need to be here too.

EJ, you’re a part of Holly’s life now. You’re her stepfather, so please stay.


Wow, we really have the parental guilt covered, don’t we?

Oh, we’re good at that.


Yeah, we got that down. I–I want to say something to you.

[sighs] I know I give you a lot of crap. But I know that you have done the best that you can do with our boy. I know that.

Thank you. That really means a lot.


I know I’ve given you a lot of crap too. You really deserve it.

[laughs] I’m just kidding. I’m kidding.


No, really, though, Brady, you’re a really good father. You’re really a loving father.

Thanks, Theresa. You know, we really have to stop beating ourselves up about this. Hey, we’re not perfect, right? Close, but…

[laughs] We’re never gonna be perfect, and we’re doing the best we can. I think the best thing we can do for our son right now is believe in him and believe him. I know in my heart that our kid did not do this. That’s what I believe.

That’s right. From now on, no more doubts. Our son is innocent. Yeah.


No, Lucas, no, you just listed very valid reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

I know what I said, but you told me that everybody misses me. You told me that my family misses me, my kids miss me. What do you expect me to do? Of course I want to get out of here. I want my life back. So how about I just start out slow? All right, I’ll just dip my toe in a little, see what I can find out.

No! No, because I don’t want to see you be the next one who gets shanked and carried out in a body bag. This–we’re done here. OK, this was a huge mistake, because we’ve probably already put him in danger just by being here.

Yeah, OK, Kate. Is there any way you can tell the guard that we’re just ready to go? I want to give Lucas some tips on avoiding blowback because we were here tonight.

[sighs] I love you. I’ll see you soon. Be right back.

You don’t have any tips, do you?

No, I don’t. I just want to make sure you heard about Holly Jonas.

Nicole’s daughter, what about her?

She’s in a coma. She overdosed on New Year’s Eve, and she is fighting for her life, Lucas. I need you to help me save kids like her. So if you do this, I will do everything to protect you. You have my word. What do you say?

I’ll do it. But you got to promise me– you got to promise me that you’re gonna protect me. You have to guarantee that I get out of here once I get you the information you need.

You have it. Thank you.

OK, guard’s waiting.



He convinced you. Damn it, Lucas! Are you sure about this?

Yes, I’m sure. I want to help kids like Holly, and I want to get the hell out of this place as soon as possible.

[dramatic music]

If anything happens to you–

Mom, it’s a chance I have to take. Relax.

Be careful. And you keep him safe.

Yeah, you better listen to her. She’ll kick your ass if you don’t.

I don’t doubt that.

OK. I’ll contact my lawyer. Don’t do anything until we have this in writing.

Not my first rodeo, Mom.

And, Lucas, for your safety, maybe you should put on a show, if you know what I mean.

Hey, you know what? Why don’t you guys get out of here? The answer is no! I’m not a rat!

All right. You’re making a big mistake.

I don’t rat people out!

You want to rot? You rot.

Yeah, I’ll rot in here. Better than being with you guys. Beat it! Hit the road! Don’t ever come back here again! Losers!

Look, man, I get it. You know, when I found out that Stefano was my father, I was a grown man. You know, and I struggled with it for a long time, you know, dealing with… everything that comes with being a DiMera. You know, but eventually, I came to terms with it.


And so will you.

Yeah. I just don’t want to really think about all that right now. I just want to do right by Theresa, make sure that she’s good and do what I can to help.

Hi, Dad. Oh, hey. You’re still here.


What’s up, buddy? How was it?

It was so good. Cooper and his mom had to leave, but can we play some more?

Well, I don’t know. What are you thinking, a little bit of… Monkey in the Middle?



Who’s gonna be the monkey?

Who’s gonna be the monkey? both: , , , not it!

Aw, come on.


He’s the monkey. He’s the monkey.


He’s the monkey.

All right.

He’s the monkey.

Let’s do this.


[playful music]

So what do we do now?

[sighs] Tell you what we do. We–


We find a way to prove that our son is innocent. And we vow that no matter what the hell it takes, we never give up on our son.

[dramatic music]

I solemnly vow that I will never give up on our son.

[inhales deeply] Oh, I feel like I can breathe again.

[inhales deeply]

[exhales heavily] To never giving up.

To never giving up.

[both chuckle]

Hey, sweetheart. It’s me. It’s Mom. And we’re all here, waiting for you to come back to us.

[monitor beeping]

What did the nurse say when you checked in?

No change.

Nicole… I think it might be time to discuss other options.

What do you mean?

I mentioned before that I made a few calls. The first one was to the clinic in Italy that brought me back from the brink of death. They were very encouraging when I spoke to them about Holly’s condition. And although they couldn’t promise– they couldn’t promise anything, I really do think it could help her. It’s an extraordinary facility, world-renowned.

OK, I appreciate the call, I do, but the doctors– the doctors have been great. They’ve done so much for her. And is–is taking her to Italy really the answer? What if something happens to her while she’s traveling?

We’ll take every precaution. I’ll hire an expert physician who will accompany us for the entire trip. They will never leave her side. You just say the word, and I’ll make the arrangements.

OK, I’ll consider it. I just want to talk to Kayla first.

Of course, of course.


Eric… I just wanted to thank you for being there for Holly and Nicole. It’s very much appreciated.

They both deserve all the support they can get.


As do you.

[respirator whirring, monitor beeping] Listen, I can say a prayer, which I have been doing for all of you, but we can say one together, if you’d like, right now.


Yes, let’s do that.

[sighs] Heavenly Father, we stand together and turn to you now in prayer, asking you to send upon Holly your love, your mercy, and your grace for a healthy and speedy recovery.




Our Father who art in heaven… all: Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, the power…

And the glory…

And the glory…

Forever and ever.

Forever and ever. all: Amen.

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