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Victoria: What did you call me?

Claire: I called you mother.

Victoria: Yeah, that’s what I thought. Why would you–

Claire: People like you are big on formalities, correct? So mother is appropriate because you and I are way past the mama and mommy phases, you missed all that. Mom feels a little familiar, doesn’t it?

Victoria: What is going on here? I mean, you’re either completely delusional or just crazy or maybe you’re a combination of the both, but until you came to work for my mother, I’d never seen you before in my entire life.

Claire: Yeah. I know. That would have been awful for you, wouldn’t it? Seeing your daughter?

Cole: What the hell is going on?

Claire: All these years, you simply ignored my existence. You just went about your life. You have two sons and a daughter that you acknowledge. Did you bake them cookies? Did you read them stories at night? Or would that have gotten in the way of being ceo, so you neglected them, just in a much more subtle way than me.

Victoria: I am not your mother.

Claire: You were right, aunt jordan. You tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. And for you, suddenly, I never existed.

Victoria: What lie? What are you talking about? Would somebody please tell us what’s going on here?

Victor: Sweetheart, that’s enough. Don’t you waste your time with this lunacy. Now, where’s my wife? Hm? Where is she? Where?

Nikki: Victor? Oh, victor. Thank god. You have to help me get out of here.

Victor: Sweetheart, you swore to me never again.

Nikki: What– what are you saying?

Victor: I thought you had left all this behind you?

Nikki: You have to help me get out of here.

Victor: Sweetheart, I can only help you if you admit that you have a problem. When did you start drinking again?

Victor: Just tell me where my wife is.

Jordan: Or what? What, victor? You’ll beat me?

Victor: I don’t wish that for you.

[ Jordan chuckling ]

Jordan: You have poison in your system, victor. You’re in no position to negotiate with me. And if you do anything to hurt me or my niece, claire, you will never find out what’s really happened to your wife.

Victor: Where’s my wife?

Jordan: You know, you know, those denials were pretty convincing, pretty convincing, but I think that deep down, you know the truth, don’t you? I think deep down underneath all that beautiful hair that you have, you know that this beauty over here, you know the truth about her. And you’re afraid to think that perhaps you’re standing right in front of your daughter.

Victoria: The only thing I want to know is where my mother is at.

Jordan: Yes, because the mother-daughter bond is so strong, isn’t it?

Victoria: You two are deranged.

Victor: Listen, um, we can work this out. What do you want?

Jordan: I want my sister, but she’s dead and there’s nothing that you can do to bring her back. So, just stop all this negotiating, all right?

Nick: There’s gotta be an antidote in this house somewhere.

Jordan: But it’s a big house and the bottles are very small. And the clock is ticking.

Claire: I know where one of them is. Aunt jordan knows the whereabouts of the others, so you’d have to convince both of us to save all of you.

Cole: Why should we trust anything that you have to say?

Jordan: Because I think you all want to live, don’t you? Which means you have no choice. – Oh, so many medicare plans.

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Victoria: Cole, do you recognize this woman? Is she your aunt?

Cole: I can’t say for sure. Miss– it’s possible. I only met her a couple of times. She and my mom didn’t get along.

Victoria: I wonder why?

Nick: The doors are bolted. The windows too.

Jordan: Yes, they are, from the outside. We try to think of everything. Now, if you do escape, we’re miles away from anything at all. You’ll never survive. You’ll be dead before dawn. And the clock is ticking. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Victor: You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

Jordan: Immensely. It’s called payback, victor. There isn’t enough currency in this world for you to pay me enough for what you have done to us. Now, by my calculations, you should be starting to feel the effects very soon. Nausea, dizziness. Oh, this is gonna be fun.

Victor: Now tell me, what do you want us to do?

Jordan: Everything I ask of you.

Victor: All right, then be specific.

[ Jordan chuckling ]

Jordan: Well, all right, victor newman. If you want to stay alive, you have to listen to me. Now, I know that you’re the alpha male who likes running the show, but you know what? This isn’t your show. This is our show. And you’re all merely the audience, understand?

Victor: Yes, I understand.

Claire: Phones. I never thought I’d see this day. Both of my parents are here.

Victoria: Stop saying that.

Claire: Why mother? Does it make you feel guilty for ignoring me all these years?

Victoria: I’m not related to you.

Claire: How do you think it felt? Knowing that both of you were just going on about your lives pretending I never existed? Just gave me away the day I was born and never looked back.

Victoria: Oh, my god. You’re claiming to be–

Claire: Sure. Sure. Yeah. You’re putting on a show for the others, pretending that you’re just putting it all together, but I can tell by the look in your eye that you’ve known exactly who I am. Mother.

Nikki: No, no, no, victor. I– I’m not drinking. They’re forcing me to. It’s in my hand and I need you to take it out. We need– we need to, um…

Victor: Hi, my baby. Come on. Keep on fighting this. You’re stronger than this. Come home to me now.

Nikki: I want to. I– I can’T. It’s– it’s in me. It burns.

Victor: Sweetheart, yes you can. You’re stronger than the alcohol. Believe it.

Nikki: I want to. I want to.

Victor: Then do it. Show me. Do it.

Nikki: Oh, I can’T. I’m so sleepy.

Victor: Sweetheart, don’t close your eyes. Please don’t close your eyes. Keep them open or you will die. Keep them open. Keep on fighting this.

Nikki: I can’T. No, victor.

Victor: Nikki, my baby. Listen to me. You be the woman that I know you are. You’re a strong woman. You’re stronger than they are. Keep on fighting this. Come on, baby. Get to your feet. I want you to fight. Come on. Fight.

Nikki: Fight. Fight. Fight. For my best skin,

Cole: I’m not entirely sure that that woman is my aunt. I don’t recognize her. I don’t know that for certain. But what I do know for certain is that whatever lie that lunatic told you, you can’t possibly believe it?

Victoria: It’s not true, claire. She’s been lying to you, obviously.

Nick: What lie? What are you talking about?

Victoria: Claire. She believes that she’s our baby. That she’s eve.

Cole: You’re not my aunt. You can’t be. And she’s not our daughter. She can’t be. That’s the reason you lured me here, isn’t it? Because you believe that we’re your parents. Well–

Claire: I believe it because it’s true. You are my parents and you’re either in denial or you’re still putting on a show.

Victoria: No. That’s impossible, claire. I’ll prove it to you.

Claire: How?

Victoria: Just let us go and I’ll show you the records. I’ll take you to baby eve’s gravesite.

Claire: That’s your cover story. People knew you were pregnant with a child you decided was beneath your family line so you could get rid of me and get sympathy from the world.

Victoria: I would never do something like that. I wanted my baby girl more than anything in the world.

Claire: You lie so easily. It’s disgusting.

Victoria: Why– why– why– why are you doing this? Why are you pretending that claire is my baby eve all grown up?

Claire: You’re the one pretending.

Victoria: No, I’m not pretending. She died, claire. I was there. It broke my heart, okay? It broke both of our hearts. But eve– eve existed and then she was gone. And that’s the truth. This– this– I don’t know what this is. This is just some twisted fantasy that your aunt has cooked up. I have no idea why. I don’t know, but whatever it is that you think that you know, it’s simply not true. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I don’t know your father. I don’t know your mother. And of course, you deserve to be loved. Of course. But we are not who you think we are.

Claire: I am that sweet little eve cole howard that you gave away. Now, I’m claire grace and the only one lying about anything here is you.

Victor: Sweetheart, I’ve seen you fight this battle before. You have always won it. I know you can do it.

Nikki: I’m trying. Uh, I am trying. I can barely move.

Victor: That’s it, my baby. Keep on doing it. Come on. I can’t lose you, my sweetheart. Try to get out of bed now.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: Come on.

Nikki: I can do that. I can do that.

Victor: We all love you. We all adore you. I love you. Nicholas, victoria loves you. We all love you, my sweetheart.

Nikki: I love you. I love you, but I’m so tired. I don’t know what’s happening.

Victor: Sweetheart, this cannot be the end of you. Come on, keep on fighting. Come on. Come to me.

Nikki: Victor.

Victor: Come to me. Come on. That’s it. Come on. Come on.

[ Iv pole clanging ]

Nick: What was that?

Jordan: I beg your pardon?

Nick: I heard a noise upstairs. Something fell.

Cole: Yeah. I heard it too.

Jordan: Oh, you know, that must be teacup, our little cat. Adorable little fluff, but always knocking things over. Right, claire? Claire?

Claire: What?

Jordan: I’m talking to you.

Claire: Sorry. I’m listening now, aunt jordan.

Jordan: Teacup. They heard something. She was upstairs.

Claire: Yeah. I’m sure it was nothing at all.

Nick: Hey. Pst. Pst. (Man) mm, hey, honey.

Nikki: Ah. I had to get that out of my system. I have to fight this. I am strong. I am strong. I am strong.

Claire: You might as well lay back down. I can get you some food if you like.

Nikki: Get out of my way.

Claire: But I’m the best assistant you’ve ever had. And I look up to you so much.

Nikki: You’re a liar.

Claire: Yeah. But you believed me then, so believe me again. It’s better this way. You like the way it feels, the alcohol, don’t you? That floaty feeling? Like you could just shut your eyes and drift away? Doze off. You’ve earned this nikki.

Nikki: I have to get out of here. My family needs me.

Claire: No one can help you here.

Nikki: Why have you done this? I was– I was good to you. I trusted you.

Claire: That was your mistake.

Nikki: Why do you hate me? I mean, why are you doing this to me?

Claire: Does booze always make you whine? I bet it does. It makes you whiny and pathetic. I’m embarrassed for you. Seeing you like this. Were you like this before when you were a drunk? Oh, you still are. Yes. I mean, obviously.

Nikki: God, grant me the serenity–

Claire: You can beg him all you want, but no one can help you. You’re locked in here now and you’re not leaving.

Nikki: That’s what you think.

Claire: You’re locked in, nikki. Nobody knows where you are. Nobody’s coming to rescue you. So accept it. Things will be so much easier this way.

Nikki: Is that why you put alcohol in my iv?

Claire: You like that I did.

Nikki: I’m not gonna die here.

Claire: It’s okay to be weak sometimes, nikki. It’s okay to give in.

Nikki: I am so much stronger than you think I am.

[ Nikki coughing ]

Claire: Other kids in school had moms and dads. Every kid on tv and in books had a mom and a dad. So many parents, so much love. But, I was different. I grew up knowing my parents, you, pretended I never existed.

Cole: Wait. That’s not true.

Claire: Just be quiet and listen.

Victoria: Go ahead and finish your story.

Claire: After I was born, you shipped me away because you didn’t want me. I was inconvenient to the way you were planning the rest of your lives. When did you know that you were gonna get rid of me? Was it always the plan? Did you and nikki talk them into it? So I wouldn’t sully the family name? Or was it all your idea? Wouldn’t want to be burdened by a baby? No, you were too busy being a newman princess, so you handed me off. Told everyone I was dead. I guess you said it so many times, you forgot I was somewhere out there. Let me ask you this. When my birthday rolls around, do you think about me at all?

Cole: None of this is true. Our daughter eve was born prematurely, but she was the most beautiful thing that we’ve ever seen. But so frail, too weak to survive.

Victoria: She died. We buried her. I mourned her. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her.

Cole: Is this good enough for you? Are you satisfied watching her torn apart? Reliving one of the worst days in our lives?

Victor: Lady… what do you want? You want a million bucks? Five million bucks? I’ll send it to you, all right? Just tell me where my wife is and then let us go.

Jordan: So, you think your money can still get you out of this? I don’t give a damn about your money. All I want to do is inflict as much pain upon you as you inflicted on my sister. That’s what I want. That’s what we want.

Victor: This is all such nonsense. You’re no more eve howard’s sister than she is victoria’s daughter.

Jordan: Then, how do I possibly know that after eve came to work for you as your assistant, that you didn’t take very long to get her into bed. Get her pregnant.

Victor: Wait a minute. A dna test proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that cole is not my son.

Jordan: But eve didn’t know that. And when she found out that cole and victoria were going to get married, she rushed back here to try to get you to convince them to stop it. But she got sick and she died before she could. And that was your mother, cole. That was your mother trying to protect you. The mother that you never really knew, did you?

Cole: That’s not true.

Jordan: But your mind was poisoned. They tried to convince you that she was crazy, unhinged, unbalanced. Maybe better off left locked up or dead.

Victor: Do you blame me for all this?

Jordan: Who else? Who else?

Eve: Does that mean you’ll let me come back, victor?

Victor: Eve, it means that you’re still the same double-dealing, scheming witch that you were when you first stepped in here and ruined my marriage.

Eve: Oh, no. No, I’m not.

Victor: Now, what kind of a fool do you think I am? If it weren’t for your son, who isn’t mine, who’s a decent human being, but if it weren’t for him, I would have sent you packing years ago.

Eve: Oh, please, victor. Don’t say that.

Victor: I’m saying it because it’s true, eve.

Eve: You just won’t admit that you’re lonely.

Victor: You know something? I’d rather spend 10 years on a desert island alone than one month of intimacy with you.

Eve: Oh, no, victor. No, we’re two of a kind, you and me. And you know we’d be wonderful together. We could own the whole world.

Victor: Oh, I see. Now, we’re getting to the real object of your affection, which is my money. And I’m sure you’d do anything to get at it, wouldn’t you?

Eve: No, victor. I love you. Why can’t you believe that?

Victor: Because you lie as easily as you breathe, eve howard. And just about as frequently.

Eve: Victor, you cannot do this to me.

Victor: I can and I will. I’ve had it up to here with you. The sooner you get out of here, the better you’ll be off. Now, get out.

Eve: Oh, you are going to regret this, victor. You’re going to regret what you have done to me.

Jordan: It’s so hard to face the truth, isn’t it? Especially when you finally believe that you’re responsible for all of it.

Victor: If that’s what you think, then– then why don’t you– look, why don’t you keep me here? Let everyone else go. Okay? Including my wife.

[ Jordan chuckling ]

Jordan: And let you die a martyr? Let you die believing that your family is safe? No, no, no. No. Eve deserves better than that. Much, much better. Their relentless denial is an insult to me and to claire.

Claire: Other kids grow up imagining they’ll be president or– or movie stars or olympic athletes, but this is what I waited for. This is what I pictured. Watching my parents pay the price for not wanting me.

Victoria: I’m sorry, but I will never believe that you are my child, all grown up. She died. She’s dead. This is all just a con, perpetrated by her.

Claire: You have to believe it.

Victoria: I don’T. I can’T.

Claire: Look at me. I said look at me. You said your daughter was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. If you really looked at her, if you really cared, you’d look in my eyes now and you’d see her. To 50 years with my best friend.

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Cole: You’re both sick. We’re done, all right? It’s over. You’re not going to torture victoria or any of the rest of us anymore.

[ Cole grunting ]

Victoria: Nick!

Nick: I’m fine. I’m fine.

Jordan: Oh, the poison is starting to work. I’d save my strength if I were you.

Victoria: You said that you would give us the antidote if we listened and we listened. We listened. We did everything that you asked.

Jordan: Everything except admit what you’ve done. No remorse, no taking responsibility. In fact, you’ve all been a colossal disappointment. Eve deserves a lot better. The only thing that would have made this better was if eve could have been here to see it all. Justice for eve.

Victoria: You’re evil.

Jordan: And you’re going to die.

Victoria: Claire, it’s cole and me that you’re angry with. Not my father. He doesn’t deserve this and neither does nick.

Claire: You all deserve this.

Victoria: No, no, no, no. No, no, no. It’s us. It’s us that you have the grudge against. So please, please don’t punish them.

Claire: So, you’re finally starting to believe the truth?

Victoria: I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but it’s just not possible. It’s not. Your aunt, I mean, if that’s who she really is, she’s been lying to you for– for– for years. Look, you can’t possibly want us to believe that– that you’re the daughter that we lost. That died. You can’t possibly want that.

Jordan: Oh, for god’s sake. She is.

Victoria: What? What?

Jordan: She is your daughter.

Victoria: No.

Jordan: Yes.

Victoria: No. No.

Jordan: She’s right here.

Cole: I was there when eve took her last breath. We buried her.

Jordan: The child you buried was not your daughter.

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Jordan: Is it so incomprehensible to think that maybe that I was in such grief that I felt I had to do something to the family that had killed my sister? You took my sister. I had to take something from you.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: What are you saying?

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Cole: You’re lying.

Jordan: There were a lot of babies born that day. Sadly, some of them didn’t make it.

Victoria: No, that’s a lie. It’s not possible.

Jordan: You poor sad thing. She was born at 11:17 P.M. You were in room c 211.

Cole: How do you know that?

Victoria: Cole, just don’t listen to her. She’s trying to trick you.

Cole: No. No. You’re trying to tell us that you took our baby and you switched her with another one who died?

Jordan: Well, you know, it’s rather easy when you’re wearing a nurse’s uniform and you’re in a very busy maternity ward.

Victoria: No. No.

Jordan: She’s eve’s granddaughter. She’s my niece. A magical creature you never deserved.

Claire: You told me they didn’t want me. That they– that they gave me away?

Jordan: Well, they did give you away. They didn’t want you. I could see it very clearly. You were just a bump in the road for them.

Claire: How could you know that?

Jordan: Claire, calm down. This changes nothing.

Claire: It changes everything. They didn’t give me away. They wanted me.

Jordan: Look, don’t you be fooled, okay? Don’t you be fooled by this, all right? They will say anything to stay alive. Nothing they say matters.

Claire: It does matter. You stole me from the hospital to pay them back. You just said so.

Jordan: Well, didn’t I give you a wonderful life? Do you think that they would have done better for you?

Claire: You told me they didn’t want me. That they didn’t– that they didn’t love me.

Jordan: Well, if they loved you, don’t you think they would have been aware that you were still alive?

Victoria: How would we have known?

Jordan: Would you focus here?

Claire: No, I’m not listening to you. You– all these stories? None of it’s true. You– you– you– you used me.

Jordan: You better focus on what matters here, okay?

Claire: I’m done listening to you. I cannot believe what you’ve done. I can’t believe– I can’t believe this.

Nick: Where is the antidote?

Jordan: No.

Nick: Where?

Jordan: Let me go.

Nick: Not ’til you tell me where it is.

Jordan: Let me go!

Victor: Nikki? Nikki, are you here? Nikki? Nikki? Are you there?

Nikki: Victor? Oh, my god. Victor, I’m up here. I’m up here!

Nick: Where is the antidote? Where is it?

Nikki: Victor. Please.

Victoria: Help us, claire. Please help us. Help us.

[ Victoria panting ] Please help us.

Claire: Tell me who I am.

Victoria: What?

Claire: Tell me I’m your daughter.

[ Victoria panting ] Yeah,we love our house, but the cost

Nick: Where’s the antidote? You’re not moving until you tell me.

Victoria: You want us to believe something that… it just can’t be true.

Claire: You won’t want it to be true. That’s why you won’t believe it.

Victoria: No, I would want for eve to be alive. It’s not true.

Cole: Claire. Claire. Your aunt has lied to you your entire life. You have to accept that. What she said she did, it’s not possible.

Claire: No.

Nikki: Oh, my god.

Victor: Baby.

Nikki: This– is it really you? Is it really you?

Victor: Baby. All right, baby. Everything is all right now. Everything’s all right now.

Nikki: They did this to me. I didn’t want to.

Victoria: We held our dying baby in our arms. I would have wanted for her to live. This is really painful to think about.

Claire: She said she stole me from the hospital. Why– why would she say that?

Victoria: I don’t know. We don’t have any answers, but we can’t get them unless you help us. Please.

[ Victoria panting ]

[ Jordan and nick grunting ]

[ Jordan grunting ]

[ Nick groaning ]

Victor: Oh, my baby.

Nikki: I didn’t want to.

Victor: My baby. Let’s get out of here.

Jordan: Just where the hell do you think you’re going?

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