Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, January 10, 2024

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: I am right on time.

Nick: A few minutes earlier so we could have had some prep time would have been nice.

Adam: Are you back to doubting me? Because I thought that love fest with sharon earlier was for real. We’ve got this.

Nick: You being cocky doesn’t guarantee success.

Adam: Okay, you never got my sense of humor.

Nick: Adam, we need to go in there united. All right? Not try to one-up each other. It’s not a competition.

Adam: Okay, I get it. You are play-by-play, I am color commentary. And together, we will wow the hell out of him and that is being confident. That is not being cocky. Now, let’s show the old man what we can do.


Audra: What the hell, Kyle?

Tucker: Oh, nice punch, Kyle.

Kyle: Yeah, I can do it again.

Tucker: Not bad for a daddy’s boy.

Kyle: I am warning you.

Tucker: Touched a nerve, did I?

Audra: Okay, enough. Jeez.

Kyle: This is over. You walk away. Leave my family alone and that includes Ashley.


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