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Tucker: Yeah, “no comment.” You folks just don’t give up, do you? “No comment.” I’ve said all I have to say about that subject. You’re investigating audra charles’ involvement? Fascinating.

Ashley: Hello.

Audra: Hi. You know, I’m surprised you wanted to meet with me. And intrigued.

Ashley: Yeah, well, you’re an intelligent woman. I bet you have no idea why I’d want to see you.

Audra: Kyle’s cover was blown–

Ashley: Mm-hm, by you.

Audra: Mm. But you didn’t call me to talk about your nephew.

Ashley: Yes, I didn’T.

Audra: It must be difficult. To be cut off from tucker now. No idea what he’s thinking or feeling or planning. Maybe you’re looking for someone who might have those answers.

Ashley: Well, you know, you do bring up an interesting… point. Um, would you be willing to betray your… mentor?

Sharon: Victor?

Victor: Sharon. Security told me you were coming.

Sharon: I hope I haven’t kept you from making the biggest move of your match.

Victor: Well, now we’ll never know now, will we? What do you need?

Sharon: You.

Who are you?


Claire: How much longer am I going to have to wait to see her?

Cole: Well, there’s probably some red tape to deal with before they let an inmate see a visitor.

Victoria: You know what? That’s a good thing. That means that there are protocols and security measures in place so there won’t be any surprises or any distractions. How are you feeling?

Claire: Terrified.

Cole: Well, this is a big step. You know, if you need some time to prepare… you know, or… ’til you’re feeling stronger or you find the right words, we’ll understand.

Victoria: Claire, if this isn’t the right time–

Claire: I just– I think I need the bathroom.

Victoria: I’ll go with you.

Claire: I know I’m gonna be sick.

Cole: Excuse me. She– she needs a restroom.

Claire: I just– I need to be alone. I don’t want you to see me like this.


Victoria: Ah, god. Tell me we didn’t make a mistake. ()

Additional sponsorship provided by… my blood pressure is borderline.

Victor: Please have a seat, sharon.

Sharon: You and nikki are always so good about rsvping I thought your invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

Victor: Well, let me just say that we have been somewhat preoccupied.

Sharon: Well, it gives me a chance to come over here and thank you again in person for letting me keep kirsten after the acquisition plans fell through.

Victor: Well, I’m so glad to hear that.

Sharon: Any chance you’ll make it to the launch tonight?

Victor: I’m sorry to say, but we’re gonna have to send our regrets.

Sharon: I understand.

Victor: You do?

Sharon: Well, I’m assuming it has something to do with this crazy woman from oregon and everything she tried to do to your family. If there’s anything I can do to help.

Victor: You just have a successful launch.

Sharon: Any words of wisdom before this thing gets off the ground?

Victor: Whatever problems you have, meet them head on. As I’m about to.

Seth: The name is seth. Your sponsor.

Nikki: [Sighs] Seth…

Seth: Yeah. Here. I will blame your “temporary amnesia” on a tough night and bad lighting. So, yeah, that answers who I am. Now, I wanna know, do you know how you got here?

Nikki: It’s all fog.

Seth: I get that. You know, the booze is still in your system, but time and water is gonna take care of that eventually. And then talking will help, too. So it’ll come to you.

Nikki: Do I even wanna remember?

[Groans] I kind of remember something about… lauren. She helped me get this room?

Seth: Yeah, indeed she did.

Nikki: But that doesn’t explain how.

Seth: Why I’m here? You gave ms. Fenmore my number.

Nikki: Uh. And then what happened?

Seth: Well, she stayed with you ’til dawn, and then she called me to take over watching you.

Nikki: I remember running into her in the lobby. I was staggering drunk. Anybody could’ve seen me.

Seth: That’s very true. And ms. Fenmore did. It’s a good thing, too. She is very level headed, no fuss, clear thinking… you know, she’s a really good friend to have.

Nikki: How humiliating. Oh…

Seth: Only if you let it be, all right? Hey, you can kick yourself when you’re stronger and I’m not around. For now, just, you know… how’s that hangover treating you?

Nikki: Mm… mm…

Cole: I know you’re worried, and I am, too. Jordan is unpredictable and she’s vicious. But claire consulted with her therapist, who signed off on it. She thought it was a good idea to help get her started to a path of healing.

Victoria: But she’s already physically ill and she hasn’t even seen jordan yet. What is she gonna be like after?

Cole: Whatever she feels, we’re gonna help her through it. And if we can’t, we’ll make sure someone else can. I’m just not ready to write this office a failure yet.

Victoria: You’re right. You are.

Cole: This is a normal reaction to facing someone who’s a criminal.

Victoria: I just hate to see her put herself through this. Hey… how are you? How are you feeling?

Claire: Less terrible. I’m sorry for bolting like that. Last minute jitters, I guess?

Victoria: You don’t have anything to apologize for.

Cole: No. At all. Jordan cannot hurt you anymore. She’s not in control of anything. Her life, herself. And definitely not you.

Claire: Right.

Cole: You’re the one who called this meeting.

Victoria: Which means you can it off if you want to. The decision is all yours. Sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression

Tucker: Someone’s been feeding you garbage information. You might wanna fire your fact checker. A name’s been “redacted” from every document. Really? That’s all you’ve got? It’s a mystery to me. The entire matter cost me more than anyone could ever know. I take full responsibility for the lapse in judgment and pledge it will never happen again. Uh, I’ve learned from this painful episode, and I hope we can all heal. Okay? That’s all I have to say. Goodbye.


Ashley: Thank you.

Audra: You really wanna know about me and my loyalty to tucker?

Ashley: I do. I’m hoping you’ll share some information with me, audra. I’m just gonna cut right to the chase. Why the hell is he gaslighting me about paris?

Audra: Look, this is exactly what I didn’t want to get in the middle of. You know, tucker came back from paris a complete disaster. He was torn up, mad at the world, hell bent on destruction. But he lost. You and your family won.

Ashley: I’m not talking about jabot or glissade or any of that. I’m talking about what happened in the cafe in paris. He’s lying about it, and I wanna know why.

Audra: And you think I have some deep insight into the man?

Ashley: Yes, I do. Absolutely. We both know you do. You have seen him without his mask.

Audra: Has anyone really ever seen tucker completely open and honest? And wouldn’t that be your territory?

Ashley: That should be. Maybe you know him better than anyone.

Victoria: This meeting doesn’t have to happen, you know that, right? We could get back on the jet and go home. Back to genoa city. I mean, if coming this far is enough to close the door on jordan, that’s fine. You don’t have to prove anything to us, or to anyone else for that matter.

Claire: I’m doing this for myself. If I leave now, that means jordan wins again. It means she’s gotten inside my head like she always has, that she still has the power. That’s what makes me sick. That’s what makes me feel so– so angry.

Victoria: What if we don’t look at this as winning or losing, but… maybe a chance to heal, one success at a time. We do it on your schedule, no one else’S.

Claire: I need to do this.

Victoria: Do you want one or both of us? We can stay while you face her.

Claire: No, I need to do this alone.

Cole: Actually, if we stay, it could make things worse. I remember when I was a kid, the littlest thing could trigger my mother. There was no way to get her back on track. So listen, we’re gonna go for now. But if you need anything, we’re right down the hall.

Victoria: You’re in control, just remember that you can stop this meeting anytime you want.

[Door closes]


Claire: Okay…

[Door opens]

Jordan: Hello, claire. Been a long time. Too long. Miss me?

Seth: Just, be careful. It might be a little bit on the hot side.

Nikki: Oh. Oh, it’S… my favorite blend. Ah… you remembered.

Seth: Yeah, it was A… steel trap, blessing and a curse.

Nikki: Well, thank you. Not just for the tea, but… for dropping everything.

Seth: Well, I mean– I’m your sponsor, you know? I mean, you have a problem, I help you find solutions. And trust me, I’ve been in a lot worse places for members in recovery.

Nikki: Oh, please don’t be so nice, I don’t deserve it. You’re making me feel worse.

Seth: What do you want me to do? Kick you while you’re down when you’re already doing that yourself? I’m sorry, that’s not my job description.

Nikki: You were sitting up all night.

Seth: Nope, that was ms. Fenmore. I’m wide awake. Energy to burn. I have been sitting here listening to your phone buzz. I don’t know if it’s personal or business…

Nikki: Oh, no.

Seth: But let me tell you, you’re very much in demand.

Nikki: Oh, god, no, I– I can’t even dare to check my voicemail.

Seth: Okay, okay, then you know what? That can wait.

Nikki: When I think about what I’ve do what’s ahead, I– I don’t know that I can do this.

Seth: That’s what I’m here for, to remind you that you can. All right? Hey, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

[Knocking on door]


Nikki: God, who’s that?

Seth: It’s okay. It’s just room service. I took the liberty of ordering you a hangover breakfast. Okay, we’re going to get some food in your stomach, and then we’ll keep talking when you’re, you know, feeling a little bit more like yourself.

Nikki: Maybe I deserve to feel like this. Victor. (Sung) febreze!

Victor: Your name was seth, right?

Seth: It is. And now that I know that nikki’s in good hands, I will take my leave.

Nikki: Thank you, seth. I’ll find the meeting today.

Seth: Good, call me if you need anything. Take care.

Victor: Thank you.

[Door closes] My baby. Lauren called, and I couldn’t stay away, okay?

Nikki: I should have told you, but I just couldn’T.

Victor: Shh…

Nikki: I–

Victor: My baby.

Nikki: What’s happening to me? I don’t want you to see me this weak. I’m so ashamed.

Victor: Sweetheart, is not your fault, okay? This woman poisoned you. She poisoned your mind and your body. You had done so much hard work. She’s ruined it all.

Nikki: So what do I do now?

Victor: We begin again, okay? Your problems are mine and mine are yours. We’ll get over this.

[Sighs] I love you so much, my baby.

Nikki: I love you… so much.

Jordan. Look at you. Look at you. I’ve never seen you look like you needed my arms around you more than right now. But we can’t, can we? We’re not allowed. But in my mind, in my mind I have my arms around you. I’m holding you tight and never letting you go.

Claire: You look healthy.

Jordan: [Chuckles] Well, I’m a miracle, actually, the way they’re treating me like a criminal around here. But we both know I’m not, and that’s all that matters.

Claire: You’re misunderstood.

Jordan: Exactly. If they could look deep inside my heart and see the shame and the regret that I feel for what happened with that family. I couldn’t bear to watch nikki hurting you anymore.

Claire: Nikki never hurt me. You drugged me, you– you took me from the hospital.

Jordan: I risked my own life to save yours. And now I’m paying the price for putting you first, which is what I’ve always done. I have no regrets about… any sacrifices I made for you. Look in my eyes, claire. I came to get you. I rescued you from that hospital because I love you. I love you. And we both know that I’m not perfect. I’ve done and said things that I– I wish… I’ve been unkind. And you… you have suffered. That makes me feel terrible. Our life wasn’t easy, but we had each other. We were happy, weren’t we?

Claire: I don’t wanna talk about the past.

Jordan: Okay, okay… well, let’s talk about this then. I don’t know how I’m gonna survive in this prison. I’m not made to be in a place like this. I did nothing wrong. I’m innocent. I’m not like these people in here. The innocents die a thousand deaths every day, you know? This might be the last time we ever see each other. Unless… we can help each other.

Audra: Tucker is infuriating. He believes the world revolves around him. He plays endless power games and loves a good scheme. But gaslighting? That’s not one he’s been accused of before.

Ashley: Okay, well, maybe he’s trying for a new low.

Audra: Doubtful. And he says you’re the one exaggerating.

Ashley: I’m not exaggerating.

Audra: Listen. I’ve known tucker for a very long time. He gets furious, outraged. Says some biting insults. An ice-cold death glare. But that scene you’re describing in that restaurant, I have never seen tucker get physically violent. That’s not his style.

Ashley: I get it. You believe his version of events. I get that.

Audra: You wanted my special insight. I just gave it to you.

Ashley: I was there, audra. I know what happened. And he’s lying about it.

Audra: You know, and he just wants you to admit that you’re misremembering things, because then that way, I don’t know, the two of you can be less antagonistic.

Ashley: Well, like hell.

Audra: You wouldn’t be this upset if you still didn’t have feelings for him. Let me ask you this. Did you really let your family go in for the kill with tucker and glissade even though you love him? I’m jonathan lawson, Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Ashley: Why do you care how I feel about tucker?

Audra: I care about things that impact my life. And you’ve impacted my life a hell of a lot lately. Or at least tucker’s fixation on you.

Ashley: Hmm. What’s your situation with tucker?

Audra: Situation. Mm, it’s hard to describe. It’s classic love/hate. He’s supportive and he’s gotten me out of some tough situations. But he can also be a giant pain in my ass and make my life miserable. You know, I never know which tucker I’m going to get on any given day. Sound familiar?

Ashley: Why did you agree to see me?

Audra: Because tucker can deny it, but I know he still wants to be with you. I guess I wanted to see if he has a shot.

Ashley: After paris. No.

Audra: And you’re positive things happened the way you say?

Ashley: Thank you for the chat.

Jordan: The newmans are using their power, their money, their connections against me, just like they did to your grandmother. Their retaliations, their resentments go deep.

Claire: They’ve been so nice, so supportive. Nikki saved my life. In the cabin. You were going to kill us.

Jordan: There. Right there. Hear that? They’re lies. They’re lies. They smile at you while they stab you in the back, trying to turn you against me, trying to make you think that right is wrong, black is white.

Claire: These… so-called monsters are trying to help me, make sure that I’m safe.

Jordan: Safe from what? You think you need to be safe from me? They’re here, aren’t they? They’re here. They’re spying. They’re lurking, aren’t they? Well, I know exactly how we can use that to our advantage.

Claire: That’s what you do. You use people. You use me, strangers, anyone at all, really, to get what you want. You twist people around and you take everything good. You take their confidence and… hope and love. And you leave them… with nothing.

Jordan: That’s not true. How can you say that?

Claire: Because I lived it every minute of every day. And I’m not going to let you use me ever again.

Jordan: They’ve done it, haven’t they? They’ve turned you against me. You’ve abandoned me the way they abandoned you. That’s what they do. The newmans eat their young, you know. You’ll learn that eventually.

Claire: The newmans can’t abandon me. Because I’m the one who’s walking away.

Jordan: You? Ha! How? They buy you off?

Claire: No. They don’t want me to go. They want to keep me. They say I belong there with them, that I’m their daughter.

Jordan: Oh. And have a fairytale life, right?

Claire: No. You took that. You took that and any chance of happiness when you stole me from my family. I can’t stand to look in their eyes when they look at me. How sad they are, how much they lost when you took me from them. How they know that I’m just too broken by you to be the daughter that they should have had.

Jordan: I saved you. I made you what you are.

Claire: That’s the problem. You– you turned me into this person who can’t trust or love or believe that I deserve anything good in life.

Jordan: Then what the hell are you doing here?

Claire: I’m here because I came to tell you face to face. I’ve seen who you really are. You are… the monster who haunts my nightmares.

Jordan: No. I love you.

Claire: No. That wasn’t love. I don’t know what love is, but I know that it’s not lying to someone their entire life, making them believe terrible things. I could have been happy and good. I could have had a family.

Jordan: I know I’ve made mistakes. But maybe– maybe we can help each other.

Claire: This is the last time we’re ever going to see each other.

Jordan: No, don’t say that. You want this place to kill me?

Claire: No. I want you to live a long painful life. Maybe there’s someone in here behind these bars that can make you feel as small and worthless as you made me feel. And I hope– I hope they crush your hopes every day and that at night you dream of escaping, but there’s nowhere for you to go. This is your life now and forever.

Jordan: Honey.

Claire: Guard!

Jordan: No. No, no, no. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Come on. Talk time, like we used to, okay?

Claire: We’re finished here.

Jordan: You and me, we’re finished when I say we’re finished and not before. I have plans. Just wait. And now I have all the time in the world. And you… you…you, little girl, you chose the wrong side. The wrong side!

Ashley: I just came from talking to your girlfriend. I should have just come to the source instead.

Tucker: My girlfriend and i are no longer–

Ashley: Why are you doing this? Why are you gaslighting me?

Tucker: I know what really happened, ashley. I know the facts.

Ashley: Okay, great. Please tell me. Please. I want to hear it from you.

Tucker: What do you want?

Ashley: What happened?

Tucker: Well, you want a minute-by-minute replay?

Ashley: Yes.

Tucker: Really?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

[Tucker scoffs]

Okay. I was drinking. You said something about how you cared for me deeply. And I said, “your kind words are a great consolation to me, ashley. I’m going to hold them near to my heart forever.” And you said you loved me but that we needed to… take a moment to catch our breath. Don’t tell me to calm down. You destroyed me. For years now, it has been nothing but you in my mind. Every thought, every plan, every vision of the future. Only you. And then I wished you well. Goodbye, ashley. Go to hell. And I left. And there may have been a chair there in my way that I accidentally bumped, tipped over a little bit, but I certainly did not leave you or the café in ruins.

Ashley: That’s what you think happened? I mean, you want me to believe that’s what happened.

Tucker: Only if you want to believe the truth.

Ashley: No, I know the truth. I know what happened. You were incredibly angry. I said, yeah, I want to stay at jabot, but I’m not betraying anything that we had. I wanted to be with you. I was wearing your ring.

Tucker: Yeah, and you’re here fixating on your family. You’re one true love.

Ashley: Oh, come on.

Tucker: That and the company daddy built.

Ashley: I told you I loved you. I cared about what we had.

Tucker: We don’t have anything. We have nothing. Ashley, you made me beg you. You made me cut open a vein and bleed for you, beg you to trust me, to believe in us.

Ashley: I told you you had to calm down.

Tucker: ‘Cause you destroyed me, ashley.

Ashley: I said we could talk about it in the morning if you could contain your temper.

Tucker: I’m not keeping anything in check with you. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care, wooh, where you sleep. I don’t care what you do. Right. And then I dismantled the café in a fit of rage.

Ashley: You threw a chair. And you broke a glass. So, yeah.

Tucker: That’s not what happened. How is it that you can tell essentially the same story but have a completely different ending?

Ashley: Oh, it’s simple. I see what you’re doing, tucker. Yeah, I see it. You know that your behavior was ugly and unacceptable. And what you’re trying to do right now is you’re trying to–

Tucker: It was a public place, ashley. There was a full wait staff, witnesses. Don’t you think someone would have called the authorities? The manager, at least? It was an argument. It was no more explosive than the average couple having a heated disagreement. I don’t know why you feel the need to blow it up into this violent tirade. Is that who you think I really am? Because if it is, if you choose to stick to this… skewed version of events, then I think something else or someone else is at play here. (Vo) it’s ultimate endless shrimp with another limited-time

Ashley: I really don’t know what’s more despicable. You psychoanalyzing me or you’re twisting everything that happened? And for some reason, you’re trying to make it look like I’m unbalanced.

Tucker: No. You’re the one with the agenda.

Ashley: It’s not gonna work.

Tucker: Ashley, you came to me, and that means on some level, you’re having doubts.

Victor: I hope you’re not catching up with work.

Nikki: No. I’m just checking messages from lauren and seth. Thank goodness they looked after me.

Victor: I gotta tell you, I mean, lauren was a big help, but that seth guy?

Nikki: What?

Victor: Come on. Where was he when you started drinking again?

Nikki: Well, that was my responsibility to call him. I mean, it’s not his fault. Don’t blame him for my mistake.

Victor: But I just don’t have a good feeling about him. I think you need someone else to be your sponsor.

[Nikki sighs]

I hate that I’ve disappointed you.

Victor: You never disappoint me. Never.

Nikki: I love you.

Victor: I love you, too.

Nikki: So, was anybody looking for me last night?

Victor: No. No.

Nikki: Why do I get the feeling that you’re trying to keep something from me?

Victor: You really want to know?

Nikki: Yeah.

Victor: She brought that claire woman.

Nikki: Okay. Just please tell me.

Victor: Michael baldwin got that approval to… meet with her aunt. But what you should know is that both cole and victoria went up there to protect claire.

Victoria: Claire, how are you?

Cole: We knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

Claire: I was raised by a difficult woman to do difficult things. I did what I needed to do. I said things that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to put words to. Jordan might not ever realize what she’s done. She tried to ruin so many lives. She doesn’t get to destroy mine anymore.

Cole: Well, the right thing to do is usually the hardest.

Claire: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for making this meeting possible and for coming with me. So much more than I expected. Especially after everything.

Cole: Whatever you need. All right? Day or night, anything you need.

Victoria: We’re here. We’re all yours. What do you say we get out of here, go home? Come on.

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Tessa: You can trust me. I’m family. You know, I can keep a secret.

Mariah: No, no, no, no, no, no. Excuse me. Can you put this in the lounge? Somewhere discreet where nobody can see it. Thank you.

Phyllis: You’ve given me no choice, danny. But I don’t mind one bit.

Lauren: Nikki is in trouble. And I’m in over my head.

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