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Liam: Hope, I know you don’t like hearing this, especially not from me, but you are not safe with thomas. Not emotionally and not physically.

Hope: Liam.

Liam: Okay. What if– what if you say something and it triggers his dark side again? Do you ever think about that? What if he runs you off a cliff too?

Hope: Thomas had nothing to do with emma’s death.

Liam: All I’m saying is you should give that ring back and you could be– listen. You can’t possibly… what, are you gonna marry him?

Hope: That’s not really up to you.

Liam: Okay. Okay. This is me just looking out for you because none of this bodes well. Xander back in town, the emma thing being dredged up again and you know what it’s doing? It’s making me even more worried about you.

Steffy: You said xander was right about something. What is it?

Thomas: It was a tragedy, steff. And what happened to emma, it still weighs on me but I’m not responsible. I didn’t kill her, steff.

Eric: So? What’s the verdict, doc?

Finn: I’m happy to say you’re making excellent progress.

Eric: Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Liam: Well, your family would have come after me with pitchforks if I hadn’t with steffy leading the charge. They love you so much.

Rj: I can vouch for that. Hey.

Eric: Rj.

Rj: Hey.

Eric: And the beautiful luna. What a treat.

Rj: No. Hey, having you here with us, getting stronger every single day. That’s the treat, granddad.

Finn: It’s always a nice surprise to see my cousin, especially when you’re smiling like that.

Luna: Yeah, well, I got lots to smile about.

Finn: Have a nice visit, okay? And can you try to have him take it easy?

Rj: Have– have him take it easy? Do you know who you’re talking about, dude? Come on.

Eric: Finn. Finn. I’m very grateful.

Rj: Hey, yeah. From– from me to you, dude, thank you. Seriously, you’re– you’re a miracle worker. Steffy’s definitely lucky to have you, man.

Thomas: I’m not gonna let xander keep spreading these lies and please tell finn to stop listening to him. It’s no secret. I wasn’t a saint back then, but I’m not responsible.

Steffy: I know.

Thomas: I need hope to know too. But thank you so much for always having faith in me. It means the world.

Steffy: Of course.

Thomas: Yeah.

Steffy: Of course.

Hope: Thomas is not a murderer and xander shouldn’t be running around town saying that he is.

Liam: Well, he should, if it’s true.

Hope: It isn’T. Liam, I– I get that you’re, I don’t know, trying to look out for me here, but it’s not necessary, okay? I know thomas. I know the man he really is.

Liam: Who’s the man he really is? Who’s the man thomas really is? Is it a man that you love? Do you love him, hope? So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Eric: It’s good– it’s good to see you, both of you. Thanks for– thanks for stopping by.

Luna: Of course. And we did not come empty-handed.

Eric: Luna, the guardian of the stapler.

Luna: Well, it’s a little reminder of what’s waiting for you when you get out of here.

Eric: Good that it did not get tossed or… or forgotten.

Rj: Neither have you, granddad.

Hope: I’m going to tell you what I told steffy and ridge and my mom and everyone else who asks: My feelings for thomas are private. And they’re not up for discussion, especially not with someone who is so openly against our relationship.

Liam: Okay, I know that look. Anything else I say, you’re just gonna dig in deeper. So promise me this, promise me that you’re gonna keep your guard up, okay? You’re not gonna get blindsided by whatever the next round of thomas’s dark secrets is, okay? Because hope, I am telling you they are out there and they are coming.

Steffy: So, how’s granddad?

Finn: I was just checking on him. He’s– he’s doing really well. I– I’m so pleased.

Steffy: That’s such a relief to hear.

Finn: Yeah, well, for me too. Uh, luna and rj are with him.

Steffy: That’s good. They lift him up. I think it’s all the youthful energy and love. So, um, I spoke to thomas like you asked.

Finn: Did he say anything more about emma? Or, let me guess. Thomas just denied, denied, denied

[ Knocking on door ]

Hope: Come in.

Thomas: Hey. Uh, wow. The– the– this place looks amazing.

Hope: You like?

Thomas: Yes. Yes. Mm. I like that even more.

Hope: Um, okay. So…

Thomas: Hold on. I- I just– I need a second. You did this all for me?

Hope: Well, don’t forget about little old me. I intend to reap the benefits of this as well. So, here’s what I’m thinking. We have the night to ourselves. The kids are with katie. We can order in and we can continue collaborating.

Thomas: Oh, I like the sound of that.

Hope: Thought you might. So, would you like to start with a glass of red?

Thomas: Uh, um, actually, I’m– I’m okay.

Hope: Ooh. Okay. Something wrong? You seem a little off?

Thomas: Yeah, look, um, finn confronted steffy in an attempt to try and get her to talk to me about the night that emma died.

Hope: Well, I– I’d really rather not revisit that, so…

Thomas: Yeah. And I– I totally understand, but I’m actually, um, I’m a little relieved that it’s coming up again.

Hope: Why?

Thomas: I think it’s caused a little bit of a barrier between us.

Hope: Okay so what are you trying to tell me, thomas?

Thomas: I love you so much. And I don’t want there to be anything between us, so I want to tell you everything about that night, hope. Aah, it’s a good day to cough.

Eric: Luna. I sent rj away to get water for me so I can have some time alone with you, okay?

Luna: That’s sneaky. What did you, um, what did you want to talk about?

Eric: You and rj. He’s crazy about you.

Luna: Yeah, he may have mentioned it once or twice.

Eric: He’s a smart man. You’re very special.

Luna: Thank you. Your support means everything to us.

Eric: I approve.

Luna: Yeah, I, um, I’ve– I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. Yeah. It’s a surprise. I– when I first moved to L.A., It was for my career. I mean, getting a job at forrester creations? It was like an absolute dream for me and– and that would have been enough. But, um, I– I got really lucky and I met rj and he’s added so much to my life. Fun, friendship, laughter, creativity. The chance to work with you. The biggest one, the one that I was never expecting is– is love.

Eric: Perfect timing.

Luna: Did– did you hear all of that just now?

Rj: Yeah, I did and I’m glad I did.

Luna: Good, because I meant every word.

Steffy: Of course, thomas denied his involvement in emma’s death. He is incapable of murder.

Finn: Well, I wish I were as confident as you.

Steffy: I wish you were too. And maybe you would be if you’d take the time to get to know him better.

Finn: I know him plenty.

Steffy: Yes, thomas has made mistakes in the past. I’m not condoning them. He has done some terrible things, but murder?

Finn: He’s gone to some pretty dark places before.

Steffy: You’re making thomas out to be some kind of monster. He’s not, finn. Look, he didn’t do what xander is accusing him of. You’ve got to trust me on this. I know thomas better than anyone. You need to let this go.

Hope: I thought I already knew everything that happened that night.

Thomas: Not all of it.

Hope: I mean, it still haunts me. The fact that emma lost her life driving to see me to try to tell me that beth was alive.

Thomas: Well, you don’t feel any guilt, do you? Because nothing could be further from the truth.

Hope: Well, that’s what I think about when I let myself go there. And what about you? The police cleared you in the investigation. They said that it was distracted driving that led to emma’s death, and yet, you are telling me that there is more to the story now.

Thomas: That was one of the darkest times of my entire life. I’m not that person. I’ll never be that person again and you believe that, right?

Hope: I’m going to be honest. You telling me that there’s a part of that evening that you have kept to yourself all this time, I mean, that is– that is making me nervous, thomas. So, I am going to need you to tell me everything. I need the whole truth. (Avo) kate made progress with her mental health…

Eric: You two… make my heart warm.

Luna: I think we all feel the same way.

Rj: We sure do.

Luna: Yeah. What’s your secret anyway?

Rj: Yeah. Yeah. What are the secret? We want to be like you when we grow up.

Eric: You’re asking me for a life lesson?

Rj: Well, who better?

Eric: Life is precious. If love finds you, then… give it all you’ve got.

Steffy: Thomas is far from perfect. I am the first one to admit that. I know he’s done horrible things in the past. He hurt a lot of people, but killing someone? I mean, the thought of that is so absurd. Finn, I don’t want to talk about this. There are so many things that are going on. I’m already stressed out about my grandfather and now this?

Finn: Okay. All right. Look the– the last thing I wanna do is– is upset you.

Steffy: Then drop it. My brother’s not a killer.

Hope: I am, uh, trying to wrap my head around this. Okay, so you proposed to me, thomas. I’m wearing the ring you gave me around my neck and that is something I don’t take lightly.

Thomas: Neither do I.

Hope: Okay. So then, if– if you want us to have any chance of a future together, I am going to need you to be completely honest with me.

Thomas: That’s exactly what I want too. And this is a very sad thing to talk about, but this is why I’m thankful we’re finally talking about it. I need to tell you everything about that night, hope. Emma and I had a confrontation. She wanted to go to you and tell you about your baby and I wanted to stop her. And I went after her, which is no secret. I mean, xander pulled the security footage. It showed me leaving forrester. That’s when the accusations started flying, that I ran her off a cliff. But there was no proof. So xander went to try and get the gps location to show I was there at the accident site, but when the cops followed up, I had already erased it. I knew with everyone knowing about what had happened, me keeping the secret about beth, what they would think if I was there that night.

Hope: So, you were there? So, liam and xander and their assumptions about you somehow being involved… are…

Thomas: Yeah. I, uh, I chased after her and we were both driving very fast. And you know how at night time, mulholland can get very, very dangerous, especially if you’re driving fast. That’s when it happened. She went off the road, down into that canyon. I saw it. But I didn’t cause it, hope. I didn’t kill her.

Hope: Did you try to help?

Thomas: No one could have survived that. No one could survive that crash. I– I should have told you the truth about beth and I never meant to hurt her or you or… I never meant for emma to die. That’s the truth about that night, hope. It’s not like xander said. I’m not a murderer. And hope, I… please tell me you can forgive me, please.

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