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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina thanked Harris for his role in tackling the drug ring. He let her know that he brought someone in for questioning. She empathized with the problem. Paulina told him that she saw Holly in the hospital. He let her know that he had an idea on how to fix the problem. Harris said he would share it once it panned out. Everett met with Chad at the paper. They talked about their meeting with the mayor. Everett told Chad that Stephanie was trying to target younger readers. Chad told him that he saw him kissing Stephanie on New Year’s Eve. He assured him that it wasn’t serious. They got carried away. Chad and Everett left to see Paulina. They showed up at Paulina’s office to talk about the MLK celebration in Salem. She looked forward to the celebration. Chad asked her about the drug crisis. She started talking about it and began coughing. Everett wanted to postpone the meeting,but she insisted they keep going. Chad and Everett took care of her. After they left, Paulina called to find out about her results. The doctor’s assistant informed her that she had to be present. Harris met with Roman and Kate at the Town Square. He wondered if he could talk to her alone. Roman wanted him to talk to Kate in front of him. Harris wanted to talk about Lucas. Kate thought something happened to him. Harris assured her that he was okay. He got a tip that the dealer is at Statesville. She didn’t understand why Lucas would be involved in drugs. Harris told her that Lucas was a model citizen. He didn’t have anything to do with it. Harris thought Lucas could help him bring down the person involved in the drug trafficking. They continued to talk about Lucas’ involvement in his plan.

After Harris left, Kate talked to Roman about his plan. Roman was confident that Lucas could handle it. Kate was worried that if something went wrong, Lucas could die. Roman didn’t think Lucas would get caught. He felt like Lucas would be home with his kids and grandchildren soon. Kate called Harris to let him know that she would take him to Statesville to see Lucas. Theresa and Alex let Rafe know that Tate was attacked even though he was in isolation. Rafe didn’t know it happened. He thought one of the guards made a mistake. Brady blamed EJ for what happened. He thought it was a mistake to charge Tate as an adult. Rafe wanted to go to the prison. Theresa wanted Alex to call Justin, but he showed up on his own. He had news and wanted to talk in the interrogation room. Justin told them that Tate’s bail was denied. He said that Tate’s expulsion and guilty plea didn’t help his case. Alex interrupted him and said EJ wasn’t to blame for what happened to Tate. He said Justin was responsible. Rafe returned and told everyone that Tate was place in a newer cell with cameras. He assured them that Tate wouldn’t be in danger anymore. After Rafe left, Alex made snide comments about Justin. Justin knew what he was trying to say. Alex didn’t want Justin to represent Tate from the beginning. Justin defended his actions to him. Alex didn’t think he worked hard enough. Justin wanted to file a motion to get removed from the case. Alex thought it was a good idea. Brady wanted Justin to help, but he refused to get berated by his son. Justin walked out of the interrogation room. Brady wondered what Alex was thinking. Alex said he would get his lawyer to take over the case.

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