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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ went to check on Nicole and Holly. Nicole had Holly’s things packed and ready to leave. EJ wanted to talk to her about something he saw yesterday. He told her saw her and Eric at the hospital and realized how important he was to Holly. Nicole said she was grateful that EJ understood. EJ said seeing her in Eric’s arms made him uncomfortable. Nicole said she didn’t want to hear it. He apologized to her and realized he shouldn’t have said anything. She asked how he could be jealous at a time like this. Nicole said Eric was there for her and Holly on Christmas. EJ said Rafe told him the police have been questioning Holly’s friends. He said they admitted to smoking weed. Nicole was shocked. She said weed was legal. EJ said you can’t smoke weed until you’re 21. Nicole remembered Holly taking pills and thought it was aspirin. She wondered if Holly would take drugs. EJ told her not to rush to conclusions. Nicole thought she might have been deluding herself with Holly’s innocence. She said Tate was a good kid and Holly might not have been as innocent as she thought. Nicole wanted to go back to check on Holly. When she left to go to the car, EJ wondered if Tate was telling the truth.

Eric went to see Holly. He talked to her and called her his little girl. Eric apologized for leaving her and Nicole to go to Africa. He said nothing was more important than being her father. Nicole and EJ showed up while Eric was with Holly. Eric said he didn’t want Holly to be alone. EJ suggested exploring other options since Holly’s condition hasn’t changed. He called the clinic where he was at during his recovery. The clinic was encouraging about Holly’s condition. He said the facility could help Holly. Nicole said she would think about it but had to talk to Kayla first. Brady and Theresa talked about Tate. She wondered if they could have prevented what happened. Theresa blamed herself for what happened to Tate. Brady told her not to blame herself. They talked about how excited Tate was over his date with Holly. Despite being at odds with each other, they agreed they were good parents. Kate went to visit Lucas. Lucas wondered why she was there. He said if it was about Dimitri no one knew what happened to him. Lucas said there was a rumor Dimitri was in super max. Kate said she was there because someone wanted to talk to him. Harris walked in and told him what was going on with Megan. While Harris was talking, Kate said Harris was one of the people who saved her life. She said she trusted him. Harris said he was there to offer a deal. He said he needed Lucas’ help to get the intel from the inside. Lucas hesitated to help him. Harris said he knew it was a lot to ask but he was a prison informant before. Lucas still wasn’t sure about helping him. Harris said he would help him get his freedom. Kate understood his decision not to risk his life. Lucas changed him mind and offered to help. Kate begged him not to do it. Harris said he would protect him.

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