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 good morning, ava. Not anymore. Did you send out the invites to your little party yet? Nope. We agreed you’ll throw a party and invite esme. Mm. Esme’s partying days are over. At least, for now. She’s in jail. You’re welcome. Hi. Uh, h-how’s ace? Is he okay? Did he miss me? Did he sleep? Yeah, yeah, he’s fine. He got to bed just fine. I mean, he was a little — yes, of course he missed you, but we were able to keep him preoccupied until he eventually fell asleep. He’s very comfortable at grandmother’s place. After all, it was his first home, so… good. Right. I just — I don’t want him upset. I — well, it seems like you’re the one that’s upset right now.

[ Sighs ] Did you sleep? Of course not. I was too keyed about the hearing today. I… I get it. I get it. Facing prison time is frightening. Yeah. Of course you do. You’ve done this yourself. I’m not worried so much about me. I’m just worried what will happen to my son.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Exhales heavily ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Hey, babe. How’d I do? Oh, flying colors. One for the record books.

[ Door opens ] Well, look who’s up. Again. Uh-huh. Again? Wait. I was up before? Yes. And you promised to buy me a new car. Oh, I have no recollection of that.

[ Laughs ] Nice try.

[ Laughter ] You’ve been in and out, but, um, you know, that’s to be expected. But you seem fully conscious now. Yeah, well, um, look, I’ve slept enough. And I am ready to take on the day. Well, then, time to spread the good news. Where are you off to? Gh to see about curtis. Are you okay? What’s going on? I’m just second-guessing myself. I told the ra what was going on with adam. He was just so drunk on new year’s eve and so upset about his parents possibly pulling him out of pcu. I just want to help. You don’t have to justify it to me. Yeah. Dex thinks adam’s emotional problems are too big for me to handle by myself. And I agree, but I still feel like I ratted him out.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey, aunt stella. Everything okay? Really? Okay. Okay. Yeah, I’m on my way. Bye. Is everything okay? Everything’s great. Curtis is awake. I am so sorry for our dinner last night. Please, please, please. I understand. But, you know, well, work kind of — [ Groans ] Won’t go there.

[ Chuckles ] I’m just curious as to who or what was enticing enough to lure you away from what would have been a wonderful evening. Sonny corinthos. Anything? Room’s clean.

[ Wand clicking ] What’s going on? You find a bug? Just being careful. He’s clean. We need to have a conversation, and, uh, once we do, it does not leave this office. Understood. I need you to do something important for me. Think of it more like a crucial test. And, uh, once you do this for me, there’s no looking back.

I’m so glad curtis is awake. You must be so relieved. You have no idea. Are you gonna be okay, or do you need to talk some more? No, I’m good. You go see curtis. Your dad, I mean.

[ Laughs ] It’s okay. It’s okay. I switch up all the time. Look… don’t beat yourself up for talking to kiley. Adam is really lucky to have a friend who cares so much. Thanks. Adam. Hi, trina. Hey. Um, I was just on my way out. Sure. Bye. Bye. Come on in. I was surprised to get your text, josslyn. I mean… I thought after new year’s you wouldn’t want to talk to me again. I was wrecked. Turns out frat parties are not my vibe. Yeah. I was really worried about you. Have you heard from your parents? Or have they said anything more about you leaving school? I mean… they really want me back home, but I’d rather be anywhere but there. I know problems with your parents can be tough, but they’re not insurmountable. Look, joss, I get it. Being kind and tactful. I know I should stand up for myself. I do. I’m just not strong enough. Everything looks good, mr. Ashford. Just buzz if you need anything. Thank you. Thank you, deanna. Of course. Dr. Martell — he came by earlier. He should be back a little bit later. But he said the surgery went very well. No surprises, no complications. And he says it’s looking very positive. Well, that’s good to hear. Now we just wait for the swelling to go down and maybe I can, uh, dunk a ball again. Oh! Big talk. I’m glad I’m here and not tj. I know he’d have something to say about that. Oh [Exhales sharply]

[ Laughter ] You want us to call your dad and let him know you’re awake? Well, I think that we probably should, right? Hmm. Not if it means waking him up. Yeah. Let him rest. And, honey, you should get some rest, too. Honey, I’m fine. I’m fresh as a daisy. And twice as beautiful. Did you see ace this morning? I normally feed him and get him ready for daycare. I fed him. He’s with the babysitter. Yeah, but he’s gonna be so confused. His whole schedule’s off. He’s fine, esme. He’s fine. Yeah, but he won’t be if I disappear from his life. Growing up without a mother is awful. I– isn’t that what you told me? He’s not gonna grow up without you. He’s not. You’re a good mom, esme. You really mean that? Yes. But I got to ask. Why would you sacrifice his safety and his security so that you could break into wyndemere, of all places? Why did you go there on christmas? Why insist on pressing charges against esme? Because the opportunity to right a wrong presented itself. Esme should already be serving a very long sentence for what she did to trina and to josslyn and to cameron. In an hour, I’m going down to the courthouse, and I’m going to watch our judicial system in action. So, esme’s hearing is today? Uh-huh. I wish I could bring popcorn.

[ Door closes ] Ava. Yeah? Hi. Ah. Are you with a customer? I thought I heard you talking to someone. No, no, I was on the phone. I’ve been trying to reach you. Nina, what happened after new year’s eve? How did sonny find out it was you that went to the sec? What has sonny told you? Nothing. No, he hasn’t said a word. And I thought it best to just stay out of his way. When sonny feels betrayed, he’s downright dangerous.

[ Sighs ] You’re aware of my legal troubles. Cyrus brought cops into a situation that should have been between us. He seriously miscalculated. In what way? Well, the only thing that you need to know is things are gonna change around here. I need to go back to focusing on the business. I haven’t been doing that lately. Cyrus was released from prison. And now he’s causing trouble — again. So you want to suspend business until after your trial? Not gonna be a trial. That’s where you come in. You’re gonna take care of cyrus for me. You’re gonna keep him from testifying? You want me to scare him? To death.

thanks, but you didn’t ask me to come over to check my hydration, did you? You’re right. I didn’T. And what you said about not being strong enough to talk to your parents? Adam, I think you can. You need to tell them what’s going on with you. But, um, when I said that you should talk to someone, I didn’t mean just me.

[ Knock on door ] I went to someone for help. You’re a snitch. I’m guessing sonny doesn’t know that you’re the one who encouraged me to turn in carly and drew?

[ Laughs ] What? No, no, nina. We have been over this. I did not encourage you, and you know it. I was just calling your bluff to make you see reason. You weren’t supposed to actually go through with it. Which you did without my knowledge or involvement. But to your point, no, sonny doesn’t know that I know it was you. I don’t think I’d be staying at his penthouse if he did. You know, he and i have just reached a place where we can almost trust each other for avery’s sake. You know, don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna put you in the middle of this. I am afraid that sonny hates me now, and I’m just gonna have to deal with it on my own. Oh. Oh, nina, I don’t — no, I don’t think that that sonny hates you. He just — he just goes to a dark place when he’s hurt. And you know what they say. Hurt people hurt people. My heart shattered when he slammed the door in my face. Yeah, I’m sure that was painful, but I’m — I’m talking about cyrus renault. What about him? You don’t know? Nina, cyrus is in the hospital. Sonny beat him almost to death. I am so happy to see you!

[ Squeals ] Trina, I’m happy for the same, honey. Good to see you. How are you? How are you feeling? You’re not in any pain, right? Uh, no, no, no. Your beautiful mom and my doctor have my pain management under control. Okay, good. Responsibly. He’s fine, sweetheart. Okay, good. Yeah. So, enough about me. How about you? You’re back in school. Did you get the classes you wanted? Yeah! That and then some. Okay. What’d I miss? Um, well, I was accepted to study at the sorbonne for a semester abroad. That’s great. Paris. That’s wonderful. The louvre, all the artwork. You’re gonna be in heaven. Plus, paris is beautiful in the fall. Well, the thing is, is that I was accepted to study for the spring semester. As in this spring? Honey. Why haven’t you said anything? Well, I found out over the holidays, and I thought I wasn’t gonna go. It’s just such a wonderful opportunity. The chance of a lifetime. It absolutely is. Why wouldn’t you? I just thought that right now, it wouldn’t be the right moment to be so far away. For me? I mean, and if you’d rather I stay, I totally understand. No. I want to. No, honey, listen. Ladies, do you mind if I talk to my daughter? Oh, absolutely. Mm. Look at that. Coffee. Little something to eat. Coffee’s terrible, though. Fair warning. I will take the terrible coffee. I’m really not hungry. You should eat something. You got a big day ahead of you. So, are you gonna tell me what you were thinking, why you broke into wyndemere? Look, I was lonely. You guys had ace and I was confused about my life and wyndemere was the last place I was before I lost him who I am. Well, it sounds to me like you went looking for your old memories. What, so I can be the most hated person in port charles again? Sure, why don’t I go back to a time when everyone was against me? That’s really interesting because the old esme had a persecution complex, as well. So maybe you are closer to her than you think. I don’t have to imagine much. Everyone’s already told me about how terrible the old esme was. Look, you know what they say about first impressions. My first impression of my former self has been a lasting one. I… I really want to be a good person. But you have no idea how hard it is. I get it. I know what it’s like to have people judge you for your past actions. Look, the bottom line is that i don’t want you to go to prison. I think that ace is gonna be a lot happier if you don’t go away. Look, will you bring him to the courthouse, please? I already miss him so much, and… I need to see my baby. Please, will you do that for me?

Did I just blow it, bringing upthat news about trina? He just woke up from surgery. It’s too soon. Take a breath. Take a breath. You wanted to give him some good news, and this is good news. No. It is good news. It’s just that, um… I’m tired. I’m really not — not thinking straight. I should have just waited, that’s all. No wonder, darling. We have all gone home to sleep, and you have been by curtis’s side since he went into surgery. You got to take care of yourself. Curtis still has a long road ahead of him, and he’s gonna need you to support him. So, have you accepted yet? Not yet. But the deadline is approaching. Look, I know you’re gonna tell me to go, but when I think about not being here when you get back on your feet, I just — honey, honey, there’s no guarantee I’ll walk again. I have faith. You’re one of the strongest people I know. And I know that you’re gonna do anything to get back on your feet. Well, whether I do or don’t, it’s not helping that you pass on this amazing opportunity. Honey… you should go. I mean, I’ll be here when you get back. Not right here, but I’ll be here. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be on my feet in time to come see you out there in paris. Unless I’d be cramping your style. Because I don’t want to interfere with your solo adventure. Well, actually, I won’t be solo. Spencer’s coming with me. Did cyrus go to sonny? I think it was a case of wrong place, wrong time. Sonny found out about you, he went to the church, and cyrus showed up and said something that triggered him, and — and sonny lost it. The church. The church. Yes, it was cyrus who told sonny that I’m the one who tipped off the sec. Well, how the hell did cyrus know? Because I was in church. I was confessing my sins to a priest, but it wasn’t a priest. It was cyrus renault. He knows everything. He knew before sonny knew. I can see how that might push sonny over the edge. How dare he? I mean, bragging to sonny when sonny’s at his lowest. He deserved what happened to him. At least now cyrus doesn’t have anything that he’s holding over either one of us. Nina, cyrus went to the cops. Sonny is facing assault charges. He was arrested? Yeah. I mean, he’s out now, but, I mean, he’s gonna have to go to trial. Well, diane will get him off, right? Well, diane is a very good lawyer. She is. But cyrus hates sonny. He’s not gonna let this go. And the pcpd has been trying to put sonny behind bars for decades. They’re not gonna miss this chance. You don’t want to appear overconfident, my darling. It’s gonna make it all the more disappointing when my client walks yet again.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you see, these charges aren’t business as usual. Whatever it was that set sonny off, he almost killed a man with his bare hands. Well, I’m simply here to see that he pays for it. You’re unusually and unprofessionally gleeful about all of this. I am a professional, so I will remind you that my client is innocent until proven guilty. This community loves sonny corinthos. Exceptional businessman, wonderful father. Cyrus renault, on the other hand, is a career criminal with a rap sheet that stretches across texas. I don’t even know why you’re bothering to bring this to trial. Who’s the more credible witness here? Cyrus renault. He’s a criminal. Mm-hmm. But then again, so is sonny. Well… the thing is that we now have dna that puts sonny at the scene of the crime, which is actually gonna put him away. And there’s not a thing you can do about that. You’ve always come through for me when I’ve asked. You’ve proven your loyalty. I think now there’s just one final step. You do this for me, you’ll be with us for life. We’ll be with you. We’ll always have your back. Won’t ever have to ask for anything. I’ll always be there for you. Cyrus is an old man. Nobody’s gonna be surprised when his heart gives out on him. I-I guess that makes sense. What do you mean, “I guess that makes sense”? Wh– do you have something on your mind? It’s not my place, boss. No, it’s not your place, but it’s a big ask. So if you got something on your mind, go ahead and spit it out. Killing cyrus renault takes care of the man, but it doesn’t necessarily get rid of the charges against you. The D.A. Might even up the charges from assault to manslaughter, saying that renault died as a result of his injuries. Robert scorpio can do whatever he wants, but his case is gonna fall apart if cyrus isn’t there. Nobody saw me at all saints. There were no witnesses to testify against me. There were no cameras in the church. I want to send a message. Nobody crosses sonny corinthos. I want people to remember that. And I’m sure they will, boss. But I’m concerned about you. There’s dna. You weren’t wearing gloves. Your knuckles were proof. Well, that’s what I pay diane for — because she can, you know, discredit any, you know, dna evidence if she has to. Are you satisfied? Or you got something else? Disappointing.

[ Sighs ] If I can’t ask you to do something for me, that means you don’t trust me, which means I can’t rely on you. I’ve told you from the beginning… that I need loyal men by my side. Are you loyal? Or not?

I know spencer cares a great deal about you. Honey, look, I’m gonna give you my two cents. Spend it how you like. Okay. I think paris should be about you. It should be about figuring out who you are and the woman you want to become. It’s only a semester, right? And spencer — well, he’ll be here when you get back. Won’t he? Don’t worry. Yes, I will bring ace to the courthouse. Thank you. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do. Ava’s intent on throwing the book at me because of what I supposedly did to trina. “Supposedly”? I don’t remember any of it, and I’m not denying the things that people have said old esme has done, but to go to jail for something that I don’t remember doing when I’m no longer that person? I mean, even trina didn’t want that. That’s correct. Trina convinced us all that it wasn’t fair, and that is why you weren’t charged. And she said that she did it for ace, and I appreciate that. But ava doesn’t see it that way. I mean, why — why can’t she just let it go? Because you broke into her home, esme, and actions have consequences. Yeah, says the person who’s skirted consequences his entire life. Wait. You remember, don’t you? I can’t believe you’d do this to me, josslyn. How could you get me in trouble like this? Adam, I was just trying to get you some help. Kiley: You’re not in trouble. Josslyn did the right thing coming to me. It’s okay. We want to help you. Y-you had no right to say anything, josslyn. Look, I know you’re unhappy. I mean, all you do is study and push yourself. I mean, you barely even go out. Because this is all I’ve got, okay!? Or now i had! School can be a lot of pressure, adam. But josslyn is just being a friend. And I’ve already spoken to health services, and someone can talk to you today. The counselor sent some forms and info to your student portal. Wait, wait. Why would you do that? My parents are gonna see it. Sonny could go to prison because of me. It’s all my fault. Do you know where he is? Um, his office, maybe? I have to help him. I have to do something. No, no. Nina, honey, I don’t think that sonny wants your help right now. I really don’t — I don’t care. Ava, I don’t care. He is still my husband, and I love him. I have to try. Okay. Good luck. Call me!

[ Door opens and closes ]

[ Sighs ] So, sonny’s not so untouchable after all. It’s about time that sanctimonious hypocrite was taken down a peg or two. You’re still here, huh? So, esme’s hearing is definitely today? Mm-hmm. I suppose my mother and spencer will be there. That’s very likely. Like I said, you’re welcome. For? Well, once esme is behind bars, you won’t have to worry about sweet little ace, right? He’ll be safe and sound with laura. Then I guess this is goodbye. You wouldn’t be the first public servant to get giddy at the thought of taking down sonny corinthos. So allow me to point out a few things that others have learned at great cost. This sounds like a threat. Don’t be silly, darling. I’m simply observing that if you were to bring this to trial, the defendant is gonna be far more appealing than the alleged victim. Do you think you can even empanel 12 jurors who will find cyrus renault more credible than sonny corinthos? And tangentially speaking, even if you were able to prove that sonny attacked cyrus, no one’s gonna shed any tears at the fact that cyrus finally got a taste of his own medicine. Is there nothing to be said for redemption here?

[ Laughs ] Cyrus renault is now a man of god.

[ Chuckles ] Beaten within an inch of his life in a church? What do you think the jury’s gonna make of that? I am loyal to you. It is my job to protect you and protect your interests. And that includes speaking up when I see potential problems. I know. I know. I hear what you’re saying. But this is something you need to know. I’m gonna make this happen, and I thought that you were up to the job. And it’s just a shame that you’re gonna fall short of my expectations. But you know what? It’s better that I’m hearing about this now than hearing about this later. So let’s just erase any doubts that we have here. Are you with me?

Going through tough times these days. T I liedabout having an internship. Arents will go crazyif they think I’m out partying. They’ll think I have a drinking problem. No, adam, your student portal is confidential. You don’t get it. My parents forced me to give them my password when they found out I lied about having an internship. I’m sure the counselor will be willing to talk to your parents. Don’t worry. Everything will be confidential. There are so many students going through tough times these days. It’s not that uncommon. Please just listen to kiley. I think talking to the counselor is a good idea. It could really help you. I’ll even go with you if you want. We could walk over to health services right now. Come on, adam. Please. Goodbye? It’s time for me to leave port charles. I’m a wanted man, ava. I held esme captive. And it’s too soon to make amends with spencer and my mother. I don’t have a place in port charles right now. Will you be back? I’m unsure as to when. Well… I guess this is goodbye, then. Nikolas. I’m really glad I didn’t kill you.

[ Chuckles ] You say the sweetest things. Take care of yourself, ava. You too. You said you wanted an advance. You said you wanted to do more for the organization. The way I see it, this is how you do it. I don’t know. It’S… I agree that cyrus is dangerous. I have no doubt that cyrus is gonna come after the people that are closest to me — my kids, my grandkids. Sasha, carly. Josslyn. They’re all in danger. And I don’t want them to live like this forever. What about mrs. Corinthos? Is she being protected? I will deal with nina. You deal with cyrus. When do you want me to do it? Immediately. Cyrus is weak. He’s exposed. Anything can happen in a hospital. Okay. How do we make that happen? Esme? Hey. So, are you going to the hearing? Trina told you about esme breaking into wyndemere? Yeah. So, I’m guessing you’re sitting with ava. Um, well, I thought about it, but I want to be here with you. Honey, don’t worry about me, okay? I’m not going anywhere. Besides, you need to see this through, alright? I mean, this could mean esme’s finally out of your life. I’m glad avery pressed charges. Yeah, me too. You know, what was esme doing at wyndemere anyway? It just seems strange. No clue. I still don’t trust her. Yeah, neither do I. But I do feel bad for ace. If esme goes to prison, he’ll have no parents. Wait, are you starting to remember, esme? What? No. I am just going off of everything that I’ve learned from your past from laura and kevin.

[ Door opens ] Your lawyer’s here. Time to take you back to get dressed for court. Thank you. Look, you’re still bringing ace today, though, right? Yes, I will. Look, thanks again for coming. I really need you on my side, spence. Spencer: All you ever did was work your own agenda. No, enough! You have had your say. Now it is my turn. If you think you can just go riding back to trina, oh, you are an even bigger fool than I thought, spence. You are even sadder and more pathetic than when I first met you. “Spence.”

Bye, sweetheart. Mwah! Bye, baby.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Did trina tell you everything about paris? Yep. She did. You know I don’t like the idea of spencer going to paris with trina. Mm. Neither do I. But hopefully we won’t have to worry about that. Why is that? Because if esme goes to prison, spencer is not gonna want his brother to be alone. He’s gonna stay right here in port charles and raise ace. Fingers crossed. You haven’t touched your food. You don’t like it? No. I just seem to have lost my appetite. Clearly, you don’t want to litigate this case on its merits. You’re just someone else who wants to take down sonny. Anything, anything at all to rid this town of corinthos. Although I will miss his coffee. Aw, come on. Just think of all the extra time you’ll have on your hands now that your biggest client’s going away for the rest of his life. Whatever will you do? Oh, golly, um… I’m sure I can find

[Clears throat] Someone or something to keep me busy.

[ Chuckling ] I’ll tell you this, though. I won’t be busy with you.

[ Groans ]

[ Exhales heavily ]

[ Knock on door ] Yeah. Come in.

[ Door opens ] Anything else I can get you, boss? No, I think I got everything under control.

[ Indistinct conversations ] Come on, joss. Pick up.

[ Cellphone ringing ] I’m not going to health services, and you can’t make me. This is none of your business. Okay, adam, please just calm down a second. No, I don’t want to — I don’t want to hear this! Both of you just — just leave me alone! And take the damn counselor off my portal! Adam! Adam, wait! Adam!

[ Sighs ] Now what? No need to call me back. I just… I just wanted to hear your voice, to, uh, tell you how important you are to me and to let you know that no matter what happens with us, I love you and I always will.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] Got to go.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Hi. Can you tell me which room cyrus renault is in? I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day. I will be taking ace to see his mother at court. Thank you. I hope everything works out for you. I’m sure it will. One way or another. Of course I want to know where I came from, who I came from, but I don’t need your help to do it. What? No deal, spence. Turns out I am not as alone as you think I am. I’ll find my birth mother a different way. She was lying. She remembers everything.

[ Knock on door ]

[Music playi ng]

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