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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada and Harris questioned a suspect about the drug case. The suspect refused to say anything. Jada wanted to run a background check on him to get more information. Harris offered to help the suspect if he gave them his boss’ name. He took the suspect to booking. Harris found out the suspects name was Hulsenkamp. Hulsenkamp refused to say anything. Everett showed up and asked if he could interrogate the suspect. Harris said he couldn’t. Everett explained why he needed to talk to the suspect, but Harris was afraid to lose his job. Everett left the police station. Stephanie and Jada met at the pub and talked about the last time they were together. Jada asked if Harris got her home safely. Stephanie said he did and was a perfect gentleman. Jada asked if she had feelings for Harris. Stephanie said he wasn’t her type. She said she kissed her ex on New Year’s. Stephanie said it wasn’t Chad or Alex. She said it was the one from Seattle.

Theresa and Brady went to see Tate. She said when this was over, she was going to sue EJ. Brady wanted her to focus on getting Tate out of prison. A police officer brought Tate to see Theresa and Brady. Tate had his head down. They wanted to see his face. When he lifted his head, they noticed he had a black eye. Brady wanted to know what happened and who hit him. Tate said a man punched him in the face. They thought he shouldn’t be in there. Theresa said Brady was going to do something about it. She told him to talk to Nicole and see if they could get Tate’s bail reinstated. Brady said he didn’t know how receptive Nicole would be based on the circumstances. He said he would do his best. Tate said he wouldn’t get his hopes up. When Brady left, Theresa told Tate he was being brave. He said he was faking it because he was scared. Tate said he didn’t know how long he could take it. She said she and Brady wouldn’t rest until he was out of prison. EJ brought Nicole home from the hospital. Nicole thought she should have stayed there. She said she felt like she was living in a nightmare. EJ reminded her that Holly was young and strong. He reminded her that he was shot in the head and survived. She said she was starting to lose faith that Holly would get better. Nicole thought God was punishing her. EJ said he didn’t think she was being punished. Brady showed up to see Nicole. EJ told him not to plead Tate’s case. Nicole said she wanted to talk to Brady. EJ left them alone. Brady apologized for what happened to Holly. He asked her to get EJ to see that Tate was innocent. Brady said Tate was attacked in prison. He said EJ had the bail revoked and wanted to try Tate as an adult. Brady said he was afraid of losing his son and wanted EJ to reconsider. She asked if he thought Tate was innocent. He said he believed Tate was telling the truth. She was upset and wanted Brady to leave. When Brady left, Nicole blamed herself for what happened to Holly. EJ said Holly would recover and he would make Tate pay for what he did. Brady went to the police station and told Theresa and Tate what happened. He swore on his grandfather he would get Tate out of there.


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