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At home, Paulina tells Chanel that the whole thyroid business has her thinking more about taking care of herself. Paulina adds that she hasn’t heard anything yet on the results of her biopsy but decides that no news is good news.

Everett finishes working on his laptop at the Brady Pub as Stephanie arrives and brings him espresso. She figured he would need it after he was up all night working on his story about the drugs. Everett apologizes if he derailed their meeting by going down memory lane as he got distracted by their history. Stephanie calls it a good use of their time because it gave her a fabulous idea.

After the police make an arrest, Jada and Harris confront a drug dealer in his apartment. Harris sits down to interrogate him about where the drugs came from.

EJ brings Nicole home. Nicole worries that she shouldn’t have left the hospital but EJ encourages that she has to take care of herself as she hasn’t slept in 48 hours and can’t take care of Holly if she’s running on fumes. EJ says he will have cook make her something light to eat but Nicole tells him to stop treating her like she’s 5. Nicole apologizes but EJ gets that she’s exhausted. Nicole responds that she just feels like she’s living in a nightmare that’s never going to end.

Brady and Theresa go to visit Tate in prison. Brady complains about Tate even being in here while Theresa wants to sue EJ. Brady wants to concentrate on getting Tate out. A guard brings Tate in and tells them no hugging. Brady asks how Tate is hanging in there and then they see that Tate has a black eye. Brady questions who did that to him.

Stephanie tells Everett that they can partner with the escape room downtown and arrange a murder mystery event with the Spectator as a sponsor. Everett calls it brilliant. Everett says with her amazing PR skills and his writing ability, they might just save the paper. Everett admits that Stephanie inspired him and they make a pretty good team.

Paulina tells Chanel that her hypothyroid thing might be a blessing in disguise since she found out about an anti-inflammatory diet that is supposed to help with memory which made her think about Abe. Chanel thought the doctors already tried everything. Paulina encourages that these remedies might help and she’s read that bizarre events can also be a stimulus to jog someone’s memory. Chanel jokes that it’s good that Abe lives in Salem then because there are enough bizarre events happening in this town. Abe then shows up at the door with flowers for Paulina. Abe also has double dutch chocolate croissants but Paulina says he can’t have those.

EJ encourages Nicole that Holly is young and strong, so if anyone can defy the odds it’s her. EJ brings up how he was shot in the head and the recovery was difficult, but he’s 100% fine now. EJ says Holly is full of life, spirit, and determination so she’s going to beat this. Nicole prays that he’s right. Nicole says she’s tried to be positive and optimistic and believe that God is looking out for her daughter, but remarks that he didn’t look out for their son so she’s starting to lose faith. Nicole admits that she’s having trouble believing in miracles right now.

Brady asks Tate again who did that to him. Tate asks what difference it makes. Theresa feels it needs to be reported. Tate argues that it’s not school. Brady asks if someone came in to his cell. Tate explains that some guy grabbed his sandwich off the meal tray and he punched him in the face. Brady says he’s sorry and argues that he shouldn’t be in here. Theresa insists they will get him out as Brady’s going to do something about it today.

Everett tells Stephanie that he will run the sponsorship idea by Chad and Xander and he will let her know what they say. Stephanie asks if he still plans on participating in the MLK Day park cleanup which he confirms. Stephanie then asks about Leo’s first column back. Everett says he’s late but says he has a ton of information as there’s apparently no one in Salem without at least one deep dark secret they are trying to hide. Stephanie then thinks back to waking up in Harris’ bed and remarks that he probably has a point there.

The drug dealer tells Harris that he’s not saying a word. Jada decides she will run a background check on him. Harris points out that he just sold 3 bags of dope to an undercover cop so it’s an open and shut case with a mandatory sentence. Harris warns that if he wants to cooperate, he might be able to make it all go away. Harris asks who the man’s boss is but he doesn’t respond. Jada finds no priors on the man and asks for his real name. Harris suggests Jada go get something to eat while he books the man as something tells him that he might have a change of heart. Harris warns that he’s either going to give up his boss or he’s going to do some hard time.

Brady tells Theresa that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Tate but he doesn’t know what to do that he hasn’t already tried. Theresa suggests talking to Nicole about it. Brady questions trying to convince Nicole to get EJ to drop the charges. Theresa argues that maybe he can get his bail reinstated or his case pushed back in to the juvenile system. Brady agrees to try but doesn’t know how receptive Nicole will be, so he doesn’t want to give Tate any false hope. Tate promises not to get his hopes up but acknowledges that it can’t hurt to try. Brady agrees to give it his best shot.

Nicole tells EJ that she hasn’t told anyone but when they spread their son’s ashes outside, she said a prayer and it had been a long time since she prayed while now Holly overdosed and is in a coma. Nicole says if she had any doubt, it’s very clear now how God feels about her. EJ argues that this has nothing to do with how God feels about her or any of them. EJ states that tragedies happen but it’s not God punishing them. EJ says all they can try to do is remain as strong as they can and focus on what they still have to be grateful for. Nicole responds that it’s easier said than done. EJ understands why she feels the way she does and asks if she needs to cry. Nicole complains that all she’s been doing is crying when she really wants to scream and know why this is happening, why Holly is suffering, and why they lost their baby. EJ tells her to scream then, so she does and then breaks down crying as EJ hugs her.

Abe questions why he can’t have a chocolate croissant and asks if he’s being punished. Chanel talks about Paulina getting in to healthy eating. Paulina talks up her diet and asks for some time alone with Abe to tell him about some of the alternative options that she’s been reading about. Chanel says she’ll be back later and exits. Paulina tells Abe that she wanted to talk to him about more than just his diet. Paulina informs him that she’s come across some research about alternative treatments for memory loss. Abe stops her and says he appreciates her concern and he knows that she wants him to get his memory back very badly and he does too, but if he never does, they just have to learn to live with it. Abe then asks Paulina if she can.

Stephanie bets Everett doesn’t have any deep dark secrets. Everett gets a text alert that the police brought in a dealer for questioning. Everett decides he should get down there and see what he can find. Stephanie wishes him luck. Everett thanks her for all the great ideas as he exits the Pub. Jada then comes down the stairs on her phone, just missing Everett.

Harris brings the drug dealer in to the interrogation room at the police station and reveals that he just got his fingerprints back and found out his name as Mr. Holsencamp. Harris points out that he just got released from prison two days ago and already found a way to get back. Harris warns that he may never see the light of day again, unless he’s willing to play ball.

EJ asks Nicole if screaming helped. Nicole responds that she’s not sure but thinks she will go upstairs to shower. Nicole asks EJ to bring her a piece of toast as she feels light headed from not eating. EJ agrees to do so and kisses her as she then heads upstairs. The doorbell rings so EJ answers the door to see Brady. Brady asks if everything is okay as he heard screaming down the driveway. EJ asks Brady what he’s doing here. Brady responds that he came to see Nicole as he needs to talk to her alone.

Paulina assures Abe that she wants him to get his memory back but if he doesn’t, that doesn’t change how she feels about him as she loves him and always will. Abe thanks her and says he needed to hear that. Paulina isn’t sure she should bring this up but says she came across research about dealing with amnesia so it gave her an idea and she thought they should test it out this morning. Paulina explains that she will show him a video of their wedding and maybe it will jog something in his memory, but she understands if it’s too much pressure. Abe knows that was a very bad day for Lani and he doesn’t know if it would remind him of anything, but decides he would like to watch their wedding ceremony as it must have been one of the happiest days of his life.

Jada sees Stephanie at the Pub. Stephanie invites her to join. Jada jokes as long as there’s no booze. Stephanie apologizes if she corrupted her that day. Jada says it was her choice to get smashed. Stephanie notes that she doesn’t usually day drink and she never will again. Jada says the same and admits she couldn’t keep up with her. Jada guesses that Harris got Stephanie home safe and sound like the gentleman that he is. Stephanie assures that he was a perfect gentleman.

Harris questions the drug dealer not giving him anything and taking the fall for his boss. Everett watches from through the window. Harris decides he will leave him to ponder his choices and his offer to get out of jail. Harris tells him to think about it and exits. Harris asks if there’s something he can do for Everett. Everett explains that he’s working on a story on the drug epidemic in Salem and he got word that he made a big arrest. Harris isn’t sure it’s big and notes that the guy isn’t talking yet. Everett asks for a crack at him, pointing out that he has nothing to lose.

Theresa sits with Tate and encourages that he’s really brave but Tate says he’s just faking it and admits he’s pretty scared and angry because he didn’t do anything wrong. Tate doesn’t know how much longer he can handle this.

EJ tells Brady that if he came to plead Tate’s case, he can turn around and go straight to Hell. Nicole comes over and asks EJ to let her talk to Brady. EJ asks if she’s sure. Nicole asks EJ to give them a minute so EJ says he’ll be back in a few, kisses her, and walks away. Brady enters and tells Nicole that he’s sorry about Holly as they all love her and are hoping she pulls through. Brady says no one feels worse about what’s going on than Tate. Brady doesn’t know what she’s been told and he doesn’t want to pour it on her but he’s feeling desperate as his son insists he knew nothing about the drugs and he would never hurt her. Brady states that Tate is in a jail cell and got beaten by a grown man because EJ revoked his bail and will not charge him as a minor, but as an adult for possession of illegal drugs. Brady brings up that he and Nicole have been friends for a long time and asks if there’s any way she can get EJ to reason just a little bit. Brady knows Nicole is scared of losing Holly, but he’s also afraid of losing Tate.

Paulina and Abe sit together to watch video of their wedding ceremony which makes them emotional.

Harris tells Everett that he can’t let a reporter interrogate a suspect. Everett talks about the town being in the middle of a drug crisis and they are on the same team, trying to stop people from dying. Everett says he’s good at getting people to talk. Harris acknowledges that he makes a good case but he wants to keep his job. Everett wishes him luck then and exits the station.

Jada asks Stephanie if she’s sure she’s not interested in Harris since they seemed to really hit it off that day. Stephanie responds that Harris isn’t her type and reveals that she and her ex kissed on New Year’s Eve. Jada asks if she means Chad or Alex. Stephanie informs her that it’s the one before from Seattle that came all the way here to be close to her. Chanel arrives so Stephanie calls her over. Stephanie mentions that Abe told her that he was having breakfast at her place so she questions what she’s doing here. Chanel explains that Paulina is on a health kick so she came here for a ham and cheese omelet. Stephanie invites Chanel to join them.

Theresa promises Tate that she and Brady will not rest until he’s out. Theresa brings up when she was held captive in Mexico and how she didn’t think she would last a day but she came out so much stronger. Theresa encourages that Tate will come out of this stronger too because he is her son and he’s tougher than he knows.

Brady tells Nicole that he knows EJ feels helpless about Holly’s condition, like they all do, but his solution is to throw the book at Tate. Brady brings up that Nicole loves Tate and he doesn’t think Holly would want that either. Nicole brings up that Tate said they were Holly’s drugs and asks if Brady believes that to be true. Brady admits he can’t be sure as there is no way of knowing. Nicole reminds Brady that he confessed to protect Tate and he wouldn’t do that if he didn’t think he was innocent. Brady says he didn’t give a damn if he was guilty or not at that point as he just knew that EJ was targeting him so he wanted to deflect his wrath onto him. Brady says his parental instinct kicked in but he believes his son is telling the truth. Nicole questions Brady thinking that Holly is using drugs and that she and EJ were just oblivious. Brady acknowledges that Holly has had a difficult and unstable life as she didn’t get to know her father at all. Brady says that Nicole’s romantic and personal life has been erratic like his and that can affect a kid. Brady feels it’s possible that Holly could have resorted to something like that. Nicole yells at Brady and asks how dare he talk about her daughter like that. Brady tries to explain but Nicole screams at him to get out. EJ comes back, arguing that Brady’s family has done enough and screams at him to get out. Brady then exits in frustration.

Abe and Paulina laugh together as they finish the wedding video. Paulina guesses they didn’t dredge up any memories. Abe suggests re-enacting the first kiss of a husband and wife. They go to kiss but get interrupted by Paulina getting a phone call from Brady. Brady asks Paulina to fire EJ.

EJ complains to Nicole about Brady provoking her and asks what he said. Nicole explains that Brady thinks Tate is telling the truth and that the drugs were Holly’s. EJ regrets letting Brady in. Nicole doesn’t know if she’s more mad at Brady, Tate, the drug dealers, or herself because if Brady is right, then she’s the one at fault. EJ argues that it’s not her fault and that Brady is just trying to convince her that it’s Holly’s fault so he can get his son off the hook and that’s not going to happen. Nicole cries that she feels so helpless and worries about losing Holly. EJ reminds Nicole that he is living proof that a hopeless case can turn around for the better. Nicole points out that it took years for EJ to recover. EJ argues that there’s been extraordinary advances in modern medicine since then. EJ promises Holly will get the best care in the world and that he will do everything in his power to make sure Holly recovers while Tate pays for what he has done. EJ swears on the soul of his father.

Brady returns to Theresa and Tate at the jail. Brady apologizes as he could not convince Nicole to do anything. Brady adds that he made a desperate call to Paulina to demand that she fire EJ, but she said that he’s still operating within the law and until he crosses the line, she can’t interfere. Brady says that when EJ does cross the line, they will get him.. Tate thanks Brady for trying. Brady swears on the soul of his grandfather that he will get Tate out.

Paulina brings up that Abe was mayor longer than she has been and asks if she did right by Tate or if she just stood by while EJ railroaded an innocent young man because her public wants her looking tough on crime. Abe admits that he doesn’t know what he would do in her shoes but he knows she has a very sharp mind and a very big heart, so he trusts her judgment. Paulina says he’s always known just how to lift her spirits as they kiss.

Stephanie tells Chanel that she thinks Abe is head over heels for Paulina. Chanel hopes so because she is for him and she could use all the support she could get right now. Stephanie asks what she means. Chanel says being Mayor is just a stressful job. Stephanie insists Chanel join them. Jada then decides that Chanel can have her seat. Chanel hopes Jada isn’t leaving because of her and says she’s really sorry about Jada’s sister leaving town. Jada thanks her. Chanel asks how Talia is doing. Jada says she’s okay but admits she’s really sad that she left. Jada says that Talia wanted a fresh start and they’ve all been there.

Everett walks by the Pub and stops when he gets a call from Chad. Everett tells him he’ll be right over and walks away.

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