Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa was upset about Tate being tried as an adult. Alex told her to consider other options. He asked if she reached out to her father. She said she hasn’t been able to get in touch with him. Theresa blamed herself for what was going on with Tate. She admitted that she did things recently. Alex wanted her to tell him what she was talking about. Before she could answer him, Eric showed up. She told him she wasn’t doing well. He said he understood what she was going through. Eric said he killed Holly’s father years ago. He said he would help her if she needed it. She wanted him to talk to Nicole about Tate. Eric said he would talk to her later. Melinda went to see Sloan. Sloan said she couldn’t take it anymore because Nicole could lose her only surviving child. She said they should give Nicole her baby back. Melinda warned her to think about it because EJ would nail them for kidnapping. She said their lives would be over. Sloan told her Leo was blackmailing her because he knows the truth. She told her what happened when Nicole kidnapped the baby. Melinda said that was reason not to feel sorry for Nicole. Sloan thanked Melinda for talking her out of telling the truth.

Brady told Marlena he was upset about Tate being arrested. He said he couldn’t see him until tomorrow. Brady told her he did his best to help Tate, but nothing worked. He blamed himself for being a bad father. Marlena said he wasn’t a bad father. She invited him to go to dinner with her, John and Steve. Kristen showed up and yelled at him for not seeing Rachel. Marlena left to meet John and Steve at the pub. Brady said he would meet them later. He apologized to her and told her Tate was arrested. He said EJ was causing problems. She said she would tell Rachel what happened and give him another chance to see Rachel. If he disappointed Rachel again, Kristen threatened to make him pay for it. He said he was letting his children down. She said he would get through this. At the pub, John and Steve talked about Tate’s arrest. John said he was worried about Brady. He said he hoped Holly would wake up and clear things up so EJ would let go of the vendetta he had. Konstantin researched how he knew John. When he found out Maggie was at the hospital visiting Holly, he decided to stop by the pub. Konstantin told John and Steve that their attempt to run him out of town failed because he wasn’t leaving. He told John his past couldn’t be ignored so easily. John said he didn’t do anything wrong. Konstantin reminded him of their past encounter when John looked like an assassin. John and Steve said they would call the ISA to make him leave. He said he could start a new life on an island. Steve told Konstantin to leave town on his own.

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