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Nick: You’re late.

Adam: I am right on time.

Nick: A few minutes earlier so we could have had some prep time would have been nice.

Adam: Are you back to doubting me? Because I thought that love fest with sharon earlier was for real. We’ve got this.

Nick: You being cocky doesn’t guarantee success.

Adam: Okay, you never got my sense of humor.

Nick: Adam, we need to go in there united. All right? Not try to one-up each other. It’s not a competition.

Adam: Okay, I get it. You are play-by-play, I am color commentary. And together, we will wow the hell out of him and that is being confident. That is not being cocky. Now, let’s show the old man what we can do.

Victor: Hi, my baby. Just letting you know that I love you. You call me, let me know how everything is going, all right? Bye.

[ Knock on door ] Come in.

Nick: Dad.

Victor: Well, now. Are those the presentations or did you go a few rounds before you came to see me?

Nick: No, we, uh, we brainstormed. We came up with what we think is a solid plan.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Well, it’s actually more than solid. I think you might actually even be impressed.

Victoria: When we got the call that claire wanted to see us, you were so sure that she wanted to start building some sort of relationship with us.

Cole: I guess that was just my hope talking. I really should have been more realistic instead. You know, it’s really not gonna do either of us any good to expect more than she’s ready for.

Victoria: But how is any of this even possible? She says she wants nothing to do with us and now, she wants us to help her see jordan, the woman who tried to kill her.

Cole: Well, if she feels strongly enough to come to us with that request, maybe we should honor it. To help her take control of her own life. If it’s even possible for her to do that right now.

Victoria: What if seeing jordan does nothing but trigger claire? How is that any good for her mental health or for her future?

Cole: You want us to help you meet with jordan?

Victoria: That woman tried to kill us and you– you want to see her?

Claire: It’s important to me.

Victoria: You expect us to help you and yet, you don’t want us in your life?

Claire: It’s not like that.

Victoria: What is so important about seeing jordan anyway? She’s gonna help you escape? Is that what it is? Or plan another attack against us?

Claire: No.

Victoria: Maybe you still want us dead.

Claire: No, I never wanted you dead.

Victoria: Oh, so you just want to punish us. Who does that? What kind of person wants to see their parents dead?

Claire: I didn’t understand.

Victoria: Oh, because you’re a victim? You’re not a victim. You’re just as insane as jordan and eve are.

Claire: No, I’m not.

Victoria: You’re exactly where you belong.

Claire: I wanna get better.

Victoria: You know what? Maybe jordan did us a favor by kidnapping you. She saved us the pain of having a child who just wants to rip our hearts out!

Cole: You know, we have done nothing but shown you kindness and this is how you repay us?

Claire: I’m grateful.

Victoria: You’re a monster! Get me out of here.

Claire: No. No, wait, please. Mom.

Victoria: Never call me that. Never.

Claire: No, please. Please. Please.

Jack: Ash, talk to me. This is safe space. Whatever’s going on between you and tucker, you can tell me.

Ashley: What are you gonna do? You gonna beat him up? Like a good big brother?

Jack: Don’t make light of this. Something is going on.

Ashley: I feel like if I talk about him too much, I’m giving him too much power.

Jack: Okay. I understand what you’re saying, but maybe holding whatever this is inside is going to give him the same power. Maybe more. Letting go is what is gonna help.

Ashley: He’s punishing me.

Jack: Well, that’s pretty clear in the way he’s coming after jabot. Yeah.

Ashley: No, he’s taken emotional warfare to an entirely new level.

Jack: How so?

Ashley: He’s trying to make me doubt my sanity.

Audra: What the hell, kyle?

Tucker: Oh, nice punch, kyle.

Kyle: Yeah, I can do it again.

Tucker: Not bad for a daddy’s boy.

Kyle: I am warning you.

Tucker: Touched a nerve, did I?

Audra: Okay, enough. Jeez.

Kyle: This is over. You walk away. Leave my family alone and that includes ashley. Attention medicare beneficiaries

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-During an asthma attack,

Tucker: Yeah, you got your– your chest puffed out now, don’t you? Like an adult. I’ve got news for you, tough guy, ashley can fight her own battles. And she fights a lot dirtier than anyone gives her credit for.

Kyle: No one fights dirtier than you. Look, you’ve lost tucker. There is nothing left for you.

Tucker: Yeah. You keep telling yourself that. I’m sure pops is disappointed, his son spilled his guts and got bit for it.

Audra: Okay. Okay. Tucker, just don’t make it worse.

Kyle: Okay, we have destroyed every chance you have of making glissade a success. We have shown the world what kind of scum you are. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to keep coming for the abbotts. We will outsmart you and we will take you down every single time until you realize it’s over.

Tucker: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Here’s the thing. Now, I got extra incentive, man. I– I have another abbott on my list that I will square things with.

Kyle: Ooh, is that supposed to scare me?

Tucker: Just know that somehow, sometime, somewhere, I’m gonna come for you. All of you. Not if, when. And I’m gonna thoroughly enjoy it.

Jack: Wait, what did tucker do? He suggested you had some break with reality?

Ashley: We both know it wouldn’t be the first time.

Jack: That son of a bitch is gaslighting you.

Ashley: Yeah, he is.

Jack: This is low, even for tucker mccall. So what happened?

Ashley: What do you mean? It’s about what happened at the– the cafe in paris.

Jack: When you told him you couldn’t walk away from the family or jabot, or our legacy.

Ashley: Yeah. Exactly.

Jack: You said he got very angry.

Ashley: Oh, he got beyond angry, jack. He was in a rage. He– he threw a chair, he broke a glass in a restaurant.

Jack: Uh-huh. And– and now what? He denies it?

Ashley: No, he says it happened. He was angry and there was an argument, but the violence that scared me so much, he says it never happened.

Jack: So, he’s not owning what he did. He– he wants to erase it. He’s a bigger coward than I thought. Listen to me. Do not let that snake or his ideas into your head.

Ashley: Easier said than done.

Jack: Ashley, you know what you saw. You know what you heard. You know what you felt. That was real.

Ashley: Yeah. I love your faith in me. But what if I’m wrong?

Victoria: You know, michael may be able to get a judge to sign off on claire’s request to see jordan, but the rest is on us. Financing the trip to oregon, setting up security. And to what end? I mean, what if this just upsets claire more?

Cole: Listen, I understand you want to protect her. I get it. We both want to keep her safe.

Victoria: But you know how manipulative jordan is. And how completely claire was under her spell.

Cole: I know. And we saw that, how awful that could be firsthand, but claire is so much stronger than the girl who wanted to punish us at that lake. I mean, you have to admit. It– it took some courage for her to even come to us with this request.

Victoria: I know. Why are you laughing?

Cole: No, no, it’s just… I saw you in her when she came to us for help. So polite, so careful how she chooses her words. Trying not to offend, but very determined.

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, I saw that too. Mm-hmm. You know, I see you in claire as well. The more she feels something, the deeper inside of herself she goes. Just like you.

Cole: Poor kid.

Victoria: No, hardly, hardly. That’s a wonderful trait, to be that sensitive. I’m just worried about what seeing jordan might do to claire. I mean, god only knows.

Cole: Vic, she seems pretty adamant that confronting jordan is exactly what she needs to move forward and get better.

Victoria: Yes. I mean, I understand that psychologically it makes sense, but claire is so fragile. I mean, do we just stand by and run the risk of jordan getting back inside of her head? And doing more damage to her heart? The company goes to the firstborn, audrey.

Victor: All right. Let’s hear it. What have you got?

Nick and adam: We think that.

Adam: Go ahead.

Nick: No, no. You uh, you go.

Adam: E.V.R.S. Is a strong company. It’s– it’s innovative. It’s achieved some great things. It can achieve even greater things under the newman umbrella.

Nick: The key to realizing its potential is instead of just folding it into newman enterprises, dismantling it and taking what we want, we set it up as a boutique shop.

Adam: Rebranding it as newman real ventures. Two years guaranteed, they show us what they can do. Why acquiring them was a smart move.

Nick: And newman enterprises reaps the financial reward.

Victor: But you know, setting up a boutique is expensive.

Nick: Yes, we know. But we prefer to think of it as an investment in an undervalued company that we wanted and went after because we see its promise.

Victor: Hm. Newman real venture. I like it.

Adam: Well, the name change was my idea.

Nick: Yes. So, what do you think?

Victor: I like it. Good idea. So, warms my heart to see both of you work together for my company,. Your company. Our family’s company. Do you know how proud it makes me as a father?

Adam: We just did what had to be done, dad.

Victor: Yeah, but it’s what I’ve been hoping for would happen for much longer than either of you realize.

Nick: Well, if the boss is pleased, then so are we.

Victor: You know, as a father, one hopes to leave a legacy. That’s all in the end that means anything. And to know that two of my boys, that I’m very proud of, are finally working together… yeah, makes me happy.

Victoria: Do you really think that claire will accept us as her parents?

Cole: It’s gonna take time.

Victoria: Yeah, I know. She just seems like she’s so afraid to let her guard down, to trust us. Not that I blame her after the way she was raised and after everything that happened at the lake house. I just wish that there was some way that I could find a way to break through.

Cole: Well, maybe we trust her.

Victoria: To manage her own recovery? No. No, cole, she’s just– she’s too vulnerable.

Cole: Well, maybe we should try and just believe in her. And in her decisions.

Victoria: Despite the risks?

Cole: Despite the risks.

Victoria: Do you really think we should do this?

Cole: If this is what helps claire get healthy, finding out who she is, then I definitely think we need to give it some real thought.

Jack: I’m not gonna let you do this. I’m not gonna let you doubt yourself. This is tucker being tucker. He is a malicious bastard. Mind games are his specialty. You know that.

Ashley: I do know that, but for some reason, it just is not making me feel any better.

Jack: The big question is why now? I mean, what could he possibly gain from this?

Ashley: I don’t know. I’ve been asking myself the same thing. I don’t understand it.

Jack: Does he think that denying the violence, he can deny the rift between the two of you? That it was just a lover’s spat? That– that there’s room for reconciliation?

Ashley: I said, I don’t know. He says that I exaggerated what happened as an excuse to dump him.

Jack: I have seen you in his presence, ashley. Your fear is not acting.

Ashley: Right? Right? I know. I know what happened.

Jack: You don’t have to convince me, I believe you. This is tucker being tucker. He doesn’t want to lose and you, my dear, are his greatest loss. So, he’s gonna pull out all the stops, do whatever he has to do to get what he wants. At whatever cost, even if that cost is borne by someone he claims to love.

Ashley: Right? I mean, if he thinks that there’s any chance of us getting back together after he’s being so cruel to me, then he’s the one that’s delusional.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. Hey.

Audra: What the hell were you thinking? Do you have any idea what you’ve done? You know, pissing off tucker like that.

Kyle: I can’t believe you’re still protecting the guy.

Audra: This is actually me trying to protect you.

Kyle: No, I don’t need protection from tucker. I can handle anything he throws at me, audra.

Audra: You know, you score one hit with the full force of your family behind you and you think you’re some match for tucker? You know, he lives for this. For dismembering his opponents, taking them down so hard, they never come back.

Kyle: Well, not if I get to him first.

Audra: You really don’t get it, kyle, do you? You want to win. He wants to destroy.

Kyle: Yeah, my family’s already damaged tucker. All I have to do is finish the job.

Audra: Kyle, listen to me. Tucker is lethal when there’s no emotional investment. He decimates anyone he perceives as an enemy for fun. But the abbotts, that’s beyond personal. And when he comes for you and your family and he will, it will be like nothing you can imagine. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Kyle: You really think of tucker as some vengeful god, don’t you?

Audra: Well, I’ve seen him in action, okay? I know what he’s capable of.

Kyle: Mm. The guy can’t even take a punch.

Audra: There’s a hell of a lot more dangerous weapons than a fist. And tucker knows how to use them all.

Kyle: And here you are, his trusty little cheerleader. When are you going to realize you do not need that scum?

Audra: You know, tucker’s always had my back. But you? You leaked the mccall scandal with no warning, knowing it could ruin me professionally. And you didn’t even give enough of a damn to give me a heads-up.

Kyle: No, no, no. I convinced my dad to leave you out of it. I protected you.

Audra: Look, and then when you do show up it’s just to pump me for information, so I’ll take my chances with tucker.

Kyle: I can’t believe I didn’t see you for who you really are.

Audra: Well, I don’t know, maybe you’re just scared that we’re so much alike. Or, I don’t know, maybe because the sex was so good.

Kyle: You know, for what it’s worth, I– I really thought the two of us could accomplish something great. Too bad you don’t have the guts to think for yourself.

Audra: Get out.

Kyle: Gladly.

Nick: Hey, how’s mom?

Victor: Well, kind of up and down. You know, day at a time. But she, uh, knows that she has all of our support.

Nick: I hate that psycho jordan for destroying mom’s sobriety.

Victor: I tell you, it could have been a disaster. Your mother could have died. It’s too terrible to think about. However, your mother is a strong woman. You know it. And we’ll all work this out together.

Nick: Have you heard from vic?

Victor: Yeah. She apparently is determined to be a mother to claire.

Nick: I mean, you know vic. She’s gonna go all in on this. I’m worried about her.

Victor: To be frank with you, so am I. But, she’s a newman. Has the newman strength, as do you and adam.

Nick: Yeah. Well, we also have the newman’s stubbornness, which can be a problem.

Victor: That makes us fighters, son. Don’t ever forget that. The stubbornness makes us fighters and that’s a good thing, okay? And I’ve got to tell you, I’m proud of you. The way you found a way to work with adam, overcoming all of your brotherly animosities. I’m proud of that.

Nick: Well, it’s early but I promise you, I will give it my best shot.

Victor: But nicholas, you know that you are where you belong, right?

Victoria: Claire.

Claire: You made a decision?

Victoria: We have.

Claire: Obviously, you don’t want to do it. After what I did, I shouldn’t have even asked.

Cole: Claire, we’re gonna help you see jordan.

Claire: You are?

Cole: Given my history, my mother with her mental illness, I understand why you need to do this.

Claire: Thank you. Thank you so much. You’re not so okay with it, are you?

Victoria: Of course, I’m worried about the effect that jordan might have on you, but if this is what you need, I will do whatever will help you get to the other side. However, I have one condition. My skin has been so much smoother

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Claire: Let me guess. You’ll help as long as you can keep visiting me, even though I don’t want to see you again. And I don’t know why you’d want to see me either.

Cole: Well, I’m sorry that you feel the need to push us away. And we’re going to respect your decision. But that doesn’t mean your mother and I won’t hope that you reconsider.

Claire: If there are terms and conditions to getting your help, I’ll find another way to see jordan.

Victoria: The only condition is that cole and I will go with you to oregon.

Claire: No. No, that doesn’t even make sense. I mean, why? You two have already given up way too much time. Wasted so much time on me. You have lives, you have work, you have families.

Victoria: We are a family now, claire.

Cole: Claire, you may not not want to see us, but that doesn’t change the reality of our connection. Or how your mother and I feel.

Claire: No, don’t say that, okay? I don’t deserve it. I can’t do this.

Cole: Claire, it’s all right. We’re just here to help and we have the time to take that trip. I can write my book anywhere.

Victoria: I left my position at newman.

Claire: You quit your job because of me?

Jack: Well, let’s hope that tucker is out of our lives for good.

Ashley: Yeah. Given the rage I’ve seen in him, it’s gonna take a lot more than hope.

Kyle: Hey.

[ Kyle grunting ]

Jack: What’s got you so wound up?

Kyle: Yeah, I saw audra. Confronted her about blowing up our plans.

Ashley: How’d that go?

Kyle: I told her I wanted nothing more to do with her.

Ashley: I’m not sorry to hear that.

Jack: And what was her defense? Not that she has one.

Kyle: Oh, dad, she claimed she was protecting me. Which is obviously a lie and audra is so deep in with tucker, she cannot see he’ll drag her down.

Ashley: I hope you’re not gonna waste a lot of time feeling sorry for her.

Kyle: Oh, I’ve wasted enough time. That was pretty clear when tucker showed up.

Ashley: He showed up?

Jack: And?

Kyle: To hear tucker tell it, he’s pretty damn unphased by our attack.

Jack: We know for sure we have hurt him. His reputation has been damaged, if not destroyed. If indeed we’re to believe he is going to build glissade into something, he’s going to have to start from scratch.

Ashley: It sounds like his typical bluster.

Kyle: There was more than bluster.

Jack: Oh, what does that mean?

Kyle: It got physical.

Ashley: Kyle, did he get violent with you?

Kyle: I’m the only one that threw a punch.

Jack: That does not mean that man is innocent of anything. Ash…

Kyle: What’s that about?

Ashley: I gotta be somewhere.

Jack: Ashley. Ashley.

Audra: We need to talk.

Tucker: Well, here I figured you’d be having one last roll in the hay with that idiot.

Audra: Just stop. It’s over.

Tucker: For how long?

Audra: For good. Look, I don’t need anyone who’s gonna hold me back.

Tucker: Hey. Thanks for warning me about him.

Audra: Yeah, well, he had no problem screwing me over, so I returned the favor.

Tucker: That’s good. You’re getting him out of your system once and for all.

Audra: Yeah, well, he’s not the only one I’m getting out of my system once and for all. I’m jonathan lawson,

Nick: As difficult as it has been to get here, and seeing what mom and vic are going through, I feel good, you know, about the future. And working with adam is, uh, it’s been cool. Did you ever think I would say those words? I mean, you throwing us together like this could have ended in a cage fight, you know that, right?

Victor: Yeah, I do. But son, remember underneath all the animosities and the fighting you’ve done, there’s been plenty of that, you’re blood. And that is strength. That makes working together a powerhouse. Really.

Nick: Yeah, well, he has betrayed the hell out of me many times.

Victor: I know.

Nick: But I see him putting in the effort. He has, uh, shown me a different side. If it’s real.

Victor: Son, don’t ever forget that the early wounds inflicted upon your brother’s psyche are deep. I wasn’t there to raise him. I think he felt abandoned. And when he came to town, he saw the close bond between me and you and victoria, he never felt he was part of it. And I got to tell you, it makes me happy to see that you’re willing to work with him, you know? It makes me very happy.

Nick: Well, I know he has a lot to offer. You know, he’s impressed me. And to answer your question, yes. I know this is where I belong.

Victor: Good.

Adam: Hello?

Sally: Well, you seem awfully proud of yourself. Does this have anything to do with you and nick presenting to your dad? How’d it go?

Adam: Well, um, it was– it was out of the park.

Sally: That’s fantastic.

Adam: You should have seen it. Nick and me, we pitched our asses off. We were totally in sync. Perfect hand off and dad loved it.

Sally: Wow, that’s everything you hoped for.

Adam: Mm-hmm. And I was pretty sure it wasn’t possible.

Sally: I’m really proud of you.

Adam: I am pretty damn proud of myself. And nick too. We, um, we worked hard and I think that we took, uh, a good step in the right direction in our relationship for the first time in forever.

Sally: Well, there’s nothing I want more for you.

Adam: Well, the, um, only thing that I could want more right now is a celebratory dinner with you, but you have the, uh, whole client thing.

Sally: Well, it is your lucky day because my client just canceled.

Adam: So?

Sally: I don’t know, lunch and dinner in one day? It might be a little too much.

Adam: Oh, there is no such thing as too much of you. What do you say?

Sally: Well, I’m ready to live dangerously if you are.

Victoria: I didn’t leave my job at newman completely. I just took a leave of absence. Um, I’ll have a position waiting for me when I return.

Claire: But, you love your work. I’ve seen you. You’re the best. You live for it. Why would you sacrifice something you love so much?

Victoria: Well, I won’t deny that newman is very important to me, but my family will always come first.

Tucker: Audra? No. Please, not you.

Audra: Tucker, just–

Tucker: Please. Don’t tell me you’re walking away from me too.

Audra: Listen, look, you taught me everything I know. You know, cold calculated moves. Well thought out, well executed. That’s how to win. You know, your lovesick revenge crap, it’s a recipe for disaster and I want nothing to do with it.

Tucker: First of all, I’m not lovesick and secondly, you’re my… I can’t do this without you.

Audra: You sucked me in, tucker. You have made promises you haven’t kept.

Tucker: The end game remains the same. You taking over jabot.

Audra: No, we are further than ever from that happening. We’ve taken a direct hit. The mccall scandal–

Tucker: The mccall scandal hasn’t touched you at all.

Audra: Okay. It’s only a matter of time. My name is on those emails. Yes, even if it’s been redacted up until now. Look I– if that gets exposed, I will be done. I don’t have your finances. I don’t have your resources. I have zero protection.

Tucker: You have me.

Audra: I don’T. My reputation will be ruined. My credibility destroyed. Everything I have worked so hard for, it will be gone and I won’t let that happen, tucker.

Tucker: Neither will I. You have trusted me before, trust me now.

Audra: That was before this love-hate thing you have with ashley and her family. You know, this war isn’t about money, it isn’t about power or control. That would make sense. This is about your feelings and I want no part of it.

Rsv can severely affect

Claire: You’ve already done more than enough for me. I can’t let you give up even more.

Victoria: Claire, we want to.

Claire: I don’t want you to. You don’t owe me anything.

Victoria: You’re our daughter.

Claire: I’m a stranger who helped put you and your family through hell. Your mother is still suffering.

Victoria: And she has the full support of our family, just like you do.

Claire: No, I just– I don’t understand this. It doesn’t make any sense.

Cole: Claire, where you and I come from, it can be hard to understand how a normal family operates. I mean, not that the newmans are your average normal family, but this is what they do. They love unconditionally.

Victoria: Cole and I want to come with you on this trip because we want to just support you and be there for you. No strings attached. I mean, we want to be there for you. Facing your aunt jordan is gonna be really difficult.

Claire: Aunt jordan was my world. She was all I knew. Then, to find out that the love that she raised me on was nothing but hate and lies? I’m a lie. I’m a monster.

Victoria: Claire, you’re not. You’re not. You’re free.

Claire: No, not yet. Not until I face her. I need to ask her why? How could she destroy an innocent child and call it love? Maybe there won’t be any answers to my questions, but maybe asking them is what will help me get better. That’s why I have to do this. So, I accept your condition. But you have to accept mine.

Cole: What’s that?

Claire: We go together, but I face my aunt alone.

Jack: Confronting audra like that with tucker showing up, you put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

Kyle: Yeah. Tucker’s bark is worse than his bite.

Jack: I’m not so sure about that. The man does not like to lose. And whatever he claims, he is wounded. Which makes him still a threat.

Kyle: Yeah, he’s made it pretty clear I’m at the top of his enemies list.

Jack: You know, we haven’t heard from tucker all this time. Some part of me hoped that maybe he’d had enough. That this war would be over.

Kyle: The last words tucker said to me was that he’s coming for me. For all of us and he will enjoy every moment of it.

Jack: He took a hit. His ego took a hit. Someone got the better of him.

Kyle: No, no, no, not someone. Our family.

Jack: Only, it’s tucker mccall. He’s going to have to prove that he’s on top. I just hope he leaves ashley out of it.

Tucker: Wait, wait, wait. We’ve faced obstacles together before, haven’t we? And you know me, I always– I usually get what I want.

Audra: Do you even know what you want anymore? Do you want to punish ashley and her family into oblivion? Or do you want to win her back and live happily ever after?

Tucker: I’m gonna make you a promise. What I have planned–

Audra: Your promises don’t mean anything anymore. I’m out, tucker. You’re on your own. He’s over there. Have at him. You two and your twisted dance. It never ends.

Ashley: Audra, I’d like to speak with you.

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