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Nurse: Dr. Finnegan?

Finn: Yeah.

Nurse: I just thought I’d let you know that mr. Forrester’s numbers look good and he’s even cracking jokes.

Finn: That’s– that’s great. Thanks. I appreciate the update.

Nurse: I know how important the forrester family is to you.

Finn: Very important. And eric’s not the only forrester I’m worried about.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: I feel terrible about what happened to emma. She had her whole life ahead of her. It was a tragic accident. She lost control of her car, finn. She drove off mulholland, she took the turns too quickly. It wasn’t murder. Thomas did not murder her. So, can you please just get that out of your mind?

Hope: Uh, steffy. I got your email and we can definitely make those adjustments. I do think that, uh… um, but you know what? I– we can schedule this for another time.

Steffy: I’m sorry, I just wasn’t, um… what– what were you saying?

Hope: We don’t have to do this right now. You seem a little distracted. It’s okay. We can…

Steffy: No, it’s, uh, I just, um, I’m a little worried is all.

Hope: About thomas?

Steffy: Yeah, I– I’m worried about his past.’S word so hard to put behind him that could potentially drag him down again.

Luna: Oh, so you were at the hospital?

Rj: Yes, I was. I’m sorry, I meant to call you. My bad.

Luna: No worries. Um, how’s eric doing?

Rj: He– he’s good. He’s doing all right. He’s improving, for sure. He made it a point for me to tell you to say hi.

Luna: Oh.

Rj: Yeah. So, what about you? What were you up to?

Rj: So, did you do anything fun last night?

Luna: Actually, um, look, I don’t want to keep any secrets from you.

Rj: Okay.

Luna: I was with zende.

Rj: Like you were like, were you like working late or something?

Luna: No, um, I thought I was having dinner with you, but turns out, it was with zende. No more secret notes pretending to be rj and no more tricking me into a cheap kiss, okay? You’re a great guy. You’ll find someone.

Zende: It’s too bad rj met you first.

Luna: He did and he stole my heart.

Zende: Rj is a very lucky man.

[ Zende sighing ]

Hope: Uh, steffy, you aren’t implying that I’m dragging your brother down, are you?

Steffy: Well, I didn’t say it was only you, hope. Thomas, we were just talking about you.

Thomas: Oh, yeah?

Steffy: Just saying that uh, all the things that you’ve overcome, I’m really, really proud of you. You’ve earned the right to put all the misfortunes and pain behind you.

Thomas: Well, do you think I’ve been doing a good job of that? A lot of that is thanks to hope. You don’t have to worry about our relationship or anything else from the past. I am focused on the future and all the joys to come.

Rj: So, what you’re telling me is that zende sent you a note pretending to be me.

Luna: Well, no, he didn’t sign his name or anything. I’m the one that jumped to conclusions thinking that it was from–

Rj: Well, no, he knew that you’d assume it was me, right? What the hell is wrong with him? Why is he ambushing you like this?

Luna: Try not to be too upset with him. I mean, it seemed innocent enough.

Rj: Enough? What does enough mean? Luna, what happened? Did he come on to you?

Luna: Look, it’s not a big deal, but he did kiss me on the cheek.

Rj: You! Don’t walk out. You’re pathetic.

Zende: Excuse me?

Rj: You just heard what I said. You are pathetic. You can’t find a girl to kiss you, so you have to kiss my girlfriend?

Thomas: It is a shame that steffy had to leave.

Hope: Right. I mean, I don’t know. I– I just think that, uh, our relationship shouldn’t be anyone else’s business but, you know, ours.

Thomas: Yeah, I agree. Though, yeah, it would be nice to have a little bit of support from some people that we know. Like, between my sister and my mom and your entire family. Uh, yeah, it’d be nice if they would at least acknowledge how much I love you and that I’d do anything for you.

Hope: Well, I think the only opinions that should matter when it comes to us is yours and mine.

Thomas: Hm. Well, my opinion is that you are the smartest, most talented, most beautiful woman that I have ever met. I am so proud to call you mine. I’m so proud to work next to you and I’m thankful for every moment we get to spend together. And I am very much looking forward to that ring coming off the necklace and going on your finger.

Finn: You made it.

Steffy: Yeah. Well, when you text me, I just drop everything and I come right over. Actually, I did have an appointment like right down the street.

Finn: Well, thanks for fitting me in.

Steffy: Yeah, of course. So, what’s going on?

Finn: Um…

Steffy: Is it my grandfather? Is everything okay?

Finn: Oh, no, no. Eric– eric’s doing fine. He’s doing better and better every day.

Steffy: Really?

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: Thank goodness. Yeah, I just, I don’t know if I could handle A… I mean, with everything going on. My grandfather and thomas, his relationship with hope, or whatever you want to call it. And now xander being back and spreading these lies. I assured thomas that you weren’t going to say anything to anyone.

Finn: Well, actually, that’s– that’s why I texted you. That’s why I wanted to see you. There’s something you need to know. Xander came back. I met with him.

Zende: Relax, okay? It was a friendly thing.

Rj: Oh, it was a friendly thing. So– so it’s friendly for you to invite someone else’s girlfriend to a private dinner and then give them a kiss? Is that– is that friendly for you?

Zende: Rj, I grew up in europe. This is– this was– it’s nothing, okay? Maybe it’s one of those situations where we had to be there to understand the vibe, right luna?

Rj: Oh no, I understand the vibe, zende. You’re right, I wasn’t there, despite what you led her to believe. Are you trying to get to me through luna?

Luna: Okay. Okay, guys, let’s not let this get weird.

Rj: Oh, no, we’re beyond that.

Luna: Okay, I just don’t want you guys fighting over me.

Rj: First of all, you’re not okay with me working with granddad, then you’re not okay with me working with my own father. And now, I find out that you’re kissing my girlfriend?

Zende: Rj, the time I spend with luna really has nothing to do with you.

Rj: It has everything to do with me, zende! You know, this whole situation with granddad made me really realize just how fragile life is. And it’s why I’ve been so patient with you. It’s why I’ve been reaching out to you. That’s why I asked you to work on this collection with me and– and this is how you’re gonna repay me? You know what? My patience has an end. I’m not gonna allow you to make moves on luna. Now, grab your sketchbook and back off.

Hope: I hope you realize how much I appreciate your proposal.

Thomas: I do. And I do wish that you had said yes, but, um, I don’t know, I guess in one way or another, I’m glad you didn’T. I don’t want you agreeing to a wedding you’re not ready for.

Hope: Hm. Yeah. Been down that road before.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. Uh, yeah, we– I have. Though that feels like it was with a different person. Like I– I told you before, I’ll say it again. I felt like I’ve waited my entire life to be married to you, so I can wait a little longer.

Hope: Can you?

Thomas: Maybe.

Steffy: You met with xander? You know how I feel about that.

Finn: Look, it’s not like I planned to. I didn’t seek him out. He called, he wanted to see me.

Steffy: So, hang up! It’s that easy. You don’t have to engage.

Finn: Look, I don’t know what to tell you, steffy. There’s this desperation about him, okay? There seems like there’s a lot more going on. So, yeah, I agreed to meet him.

Steffy: So, why did he want to see you this time? Does he have more accusations against thomas?

Finn: Look, I understand that this is difficult for you and you want to support your brother.

Steffy: No, I want you to be able to support my brother. See that he’s changed. He’s worked really hard to become a better man.

Finn: Why? Because he wasn’t a good man before? Because he did terrible, terrible things, maybe even things that you don’t want to face? Look, but after what xander has said, I’m convinced now more than ever that thomas may be responsible for emma barber’s death.

Rj: I can’t believe him. He’s trying to get to me through you.

Luna: I mean, yeah, I basically said the same thing, but he insisted that that’s not the case.

Rj: I– I didn’t mean to imply. I mean, it just– of course, he thinks you’re hot, you’re hot.

Luna: Don’t worry, my self-esteem is not that bad. I didn’t think that I was only like a pawn in some game. But I don’t know. Maybe it’s a– it’s a little bit of both. Like sure, zende’s attracted to me, but also sticking it to you would make him happy too.

Rj: I just– I don’t get why he’s so jealous. Maybe he’s just jealous because I have you.

Luna: Well, you do realize that I– I never would have met up with him if I had known. I mean, I– I– I genuinely thought that the invitation was from you.

Rj: I know, it’s okay. It’s fine. I actually have a question though. Was the dinner any good at all?

Luna: Well, I did not stick around to find out.

Rj: Good.

Luna: Look, zende is a charming guy, but make no mistake my heart’s with you.

Rj: Love you.

Thomas: You know how much I want you.

Hope: Hm. I want you too. Wow. Thomas.

Thomas: Mm-hmm?

Hope: About the engagement.

Thomas: I know, I know. Not yet. And that’s okay. I can live with that. Really. This– I don’t know, it feels promising. Feels like yes is just around the corner.

Steffy: Finn, you have to drop this.

Finn: Steffy, if he killed an innocent girl then–

Steffy: There was a police investigation and they determined emma died by her own reckless driving.

Finn: Her own or thomas’s? Xander said that thomas was determined to stop emma from telling hope the truth. They were fighting about it at forrester. Emma took off, thomas followed, chasing after her in his car, dangerously tailgating her.

Steffy: How does xander even know this? He wasn’t even there.

Finn: No, he wasn’T. But he seemed certain. And he looked at the security footage. He saw thomas going after her. He even accessed the gps in thomas’s car and figured out that he was there. Thomas was on mulholland.

Steffy: He could have been on his way to brooke’s house. It’s like the same route. It doesn’t mean he was anywhere near emma or maliciously ran her off the road. My god. I mean, emma was a really, really sweet girl. What happened to her was a tragedy, but it was not murder. I know my brother and yes, he has done some shady things in the past, but what xander is saying is not true.

Finn: Yeah, well, but there’s evidence and there’s a lot–

Steffy: Evidence that the police already looked into. They investigated it. Thomas was cleared. Look, this is why I didn’t want you digging all of this stuff up. It’s dangerous.

Finn: Do you think–

Steffy: I am not– I am not saying that thomas is dangerous. I’m saying this situation, xander coming here, spreading all these lies, hope doing whatever it is that she’s doing. It could just– it could trigger him. It could make him more vulnerable and he could backslide.

Finn: Do you think that he could become obsessed again?

Steffy: I hope not. My brother has changed.

Finn: Look, I understand, okay, why you want to believe in him. You are a protective, loving sister and I respect it so much, but you’re wrong.

Steffy: Finn, I don’t want to talk about this–

Finn: No, you need to go to thomas, ask him about emma and get the truth.

Thomas: I’ve worked really hard and it’s wonderful that you see that. I mean, I’ve worked from being the person I was to a completely new human being. And now, finally, I feel like I’m worthy of you. Worthy of your love.

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