GH Short Recap Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Aunt Stella advises Trina to go to the art program in Paris because Curtis will be fine, but she needs to pursue her dream.

Curtis goes into surgery hoping that he will walk again but if he doesn’t walk again he hopes that the information gathered from his surgery will help someone else.

Marshall asks Stella if she felt a spark between them when they kissed.

Gregory asks Alexis to forgive him for kissing her and he hopes the kiss hasn’t ruined their friendship. Alexis assures Gregory that they will always be friends.

Esme turns herself in to the police and tells Ava that she is sorry for breaking into Wyndamere, but she needed to see if it would help her remember her past. Esme tells Ava that she still doesn’t remember her past. Laura asks Ava not to press charges against Esme hoping that they could arrange some community service for Esme. Ava decides to press charges against Esme because she thinks that Esme should serve some time for what she did to Cameron, Jocelyn, and Trina. Dante arrests Esme who cries while Dante arrests her and takes her to a holding cell.

Carly and Sonny remember Bobbie and share their grief over her death and share their grief together. Carly thanks Sonny for helping her feel less alone

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