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Summer: Chancellor-winters can’t be that demoralizing. You’ve barely even started.

Chance: Hey. Wow. Yeah, that is not a good look, huh? Bellying up to the bar first thing in the morning.

Summer: What’s your poison?

Chance: Uh, orange, guava, and passionfruit. Bartender recommended it.

Summer: Very tropical.

Chance: Yeah, I should have stuck with coffee.

Summer: Is something else wrong? Are you having second thoughts about hanging up your cape? Your secret’s safe with me.

Adam: Okay. So, after I give the rundown of mid-year projections, I’m going to look over at you.

Nick: I will nod my agreement to your concise delivery of our five-point plan, while noting our father’s amazement that we absolutely crushed this.

Adam: I mean, call me crazy, but I feel a toast coming on.

Nick: To being co-ceo’s at newman.

Adam: Without bloodshed and restraining orders.

Nick: Boy, I’ll drink to that.

Sharon: Okay. I won’t pretend that this is normal, but I love it. Now, who’s going to explain?

Audra: You know, call it whatever you want, tucker, but just be honest with me and with yourself because what I just saw proves to me you still can’t let go of ashley.

Tucker: I’m really not interested in discussing the past.

Audra: That’s all you can think about lately, okay? How ashley has blown up your argument in paris into an event you don’t even recognize. You know, you’re telling yourself that if you can just get her to realize that what happened in paris didn’t actually happen that way, that she’ll come back and all will be forgiven.

Tucker: I think you’re the one obsessed with her.

Audra: Nice projection. You want her to tell you that she overreacted. That what she thought happened in paris was a gross exaggeration. And– and don’t pretend like it wouldn’t change a thing because the second you think you have a shot to get her back, every plan we’ve had goes down the drain.

Cole: You will not believe oxford. The place is filled with history and there’s nowhere else in the entire world more exciting to study our literature and our language. Beyond that, it could be a very special time for us. A significant time for us and our marriage.

Ashley: I agree with you that the timing is good, but I think it’s time better spent with us apart.

Cole: Wait a minute. You think we should separate? I mean, last night you were willing to do almost anything to save our marriage, even have a child with me?

Ashley: Which you flatly rejected.

Cole: Well, for now, yes, ashley, but certainly not in the future. Look– look, I– I realize that this– this upsets you, but is this really the reason for this turnabout?

Ashley: Partly.

Cole: Well, what else? Tell me what’s going on here? What’s changed?

Ashley: What’s changed? I had a conversation with victoria last night.

Cole: You talked to victoria about what?

Ashley: Oh, come on. Let’s not pretend. You told her that I wanted us to start a family.

Cole: What did she say to you?

Ashley: What difference does it make? The point is you shared an intimate conversation that we had with your ex-wife?

Cole: No, that’s not how it happened.

Ashley: Cole, if this was an isolated incident then it wouldn’t be such a big deal. I’d say, “okay, it just slipped out.” But that’s not the case and we both know it. The bond that you share with your ex-wife is much deeper than I realized and much deeper than I can live with. Cole?

Cole: Ashley. Oh, my goodness.

Ashley: Hi.

Cole: Hi. Oh, more beautiful than ever.

Ashley: Thank you. This is a face I never thought I’d see again. What brings you back to our fair city?

Cole: Yeah. Well, that’s– it’s kind of complicated. Yeah. Oh, please, have a seat.

Ashley: I can’t wait to hear. When doug and andre came to turbotax

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Ashley: So, what is this complication that brought you back to genoa city if you don’t mind me asking?

Cole: Oh, well, it’s– it’s just kind of a private family thing, you know?

Ashley: Oh, okay. I hope everything works out for the best.

Cole: Thanks. So do I. So, hey, what about you? I mean, I heard that you got married recently.

Ashley: Yeah, that did not end well.

Cole: Oh, oh. Ash, I’m sorry.

Ashley: It’s okay. Things happen, right? I wish they’d happened differently, but they, you know, you can’t rewrite history.

Cole: Yeah. Well, I suppose I haven’t really, you know, kept track that well, you know?

Ashley: Yeah. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a relationship. I hope you’ve had better luck.

Cole: Well, I– I can’t say that I have. But, I will say whatever happened between you two, I’m sure you were too good for him.

Ashley: Oh.

Victoria: Cole.

Cole: Hey.

Tucker: I don’t want to get into the subject of ashley with you, please, audra. My– my focus remains where it’s always been. On our plan, which I thought you were a part of.

Audra: I am.

Tucker: Okay, then why are you questioning me now? A minute ago, you were telling me, uh, that you’re with me, that we’re a team–

Audra: We are.

Tucker: And we have this deep, strong connection that– that no one, not even kyle could break.

Audra: Okay. That hasn’t changed.

Tucker: Well, something has.

Audra: Look, I meant what I said. My entire career is riding on this.

Tucker: And yet I stand up, I come back and I feel like you’ve got one foot out the door.

Audra: You want my loyalty? You know, I have proven it to you over and over again and I will continue to do so, as long as it makes sense. Swear to me, I will get jabot and nothing will change.

Nick: Dad said we needed to get along or we were gonna have to find someplace else to work.

Adam: So, we are forcing ourselves to find some common ground.

Sharon: Hm. How’s that working out?

Nick: You tell us.

Sharon: Okay. Well, you managed to accomplish that toast without breaking any mugs or any bones, so I’d say that you’re on your way to a beautiful partnership.

Adam: Well, if we can fool sharon…

Nick: Dad will follow suit.

Sharon: That’s stretching it a bit.

Adam: We are. We’re visualizing success.

Nick: Yeah. Builds morale.

Adam: Strengthens the, uh, the bond.

Sharon: Well, it seems to be doing the trick. You two seem poised to accomplish great things together.

Adam: Time to get this show on the road.

Nick: Yeah. You think, uh, we’re ready to take this to the big man?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Meet you at the office?

Nick: I’ll see you there.

Sharon: Good luck.

Adam: Hey, we don’t need luck, we have each other. Too much?

Nick: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah. Go ahead and pull that back. All right.

Nick: I mean, can you believe it? I never thought I’d see the day that I was working with adam.

Sharon: Change is good. And when you’re on the path that you’re supposed to be on, the right path, there will be signs.

Nick: What, are you looking for your own signs?

Sharon: Hm. Could be.

Nick: That’s intriguing. What’s going on?

Chance: It has been a strange morning.

Summer: Yeah?

Chance: Yeah.

Summer: Maybe it’s just life as a civilian, you know? You’re not a cop anymore and you’re not used to just being a regular guy yet.

Chance: Yeah, maybe so.

Summer: I think I’m hearing a little hesitation there?

Chance: No, I– it’s just a lot of change, you know? Gonna take some time to process.

Summer: You know what I think might help?

Chance: What?

Summer: Really feeling the part. You know, chancellor-winters exec on the rise.

Chance: I think going into the office is kind of the tip-off.

Summer: No, please. This is my specialty. Let me help you.

Chance: No, come on, summer. You don’t have to do anything.

Summer: No, I want to. And, uh, you could use the help. Really. I told myself I was ok

Sharon: I broke up with chance.

Nick: No, when?

Sharon: Yesterday.

Nick: I’m sorry to hear that. I thought things were going great with you two.

Sharon: No, they were. I mean, it was lovely while it lasted. There were no hard feelings or anything like that. But, you know, at some point, chance is going to want to have a serious relationship and I didn’t think that it was right to hold him down when he needs to be free right now to find the woman he’s meant to be with.

Nick: Okay. Well, as long as you’re okay.

Sharon: I’m more than okay. I’m about to launch a new business. My days are busy, exciting and it’s wonderful.

Nick: You know, I know I’m exactly where I need to be right now, but there is a part of me that wishes I could share in your success.

Sharon: Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t have gotten things this far if it weren’t for you and the help that you gave me from the start, when this fell into my lap.

Nick: You’re not giving yourself enough credit. I may have helped a little, but you’re where you’re at because of you, sharon.

Sharon: I didn’t really have a choice when you went back to newman.

Nick: That’s fair. Well, now it is your company. You’re running things your way. I cannot wait to see you at your launch party in all your glory. Now, listen, this is going to take up a huge part of your life and I’m concerned about that. You’re gonna have to find that work-life balance, you know? I know you’re gonna find time for the kids and this place. Sounds like, lucky for you, any, uh, dating or love life is, uh, not an option. It’s a good thing that’s all behind you now.

Adam: Ooh. Is that– do I detect a certain pep in your step this afternoon?

Sally: I could say the same for you.

Adam: Well, if I seem inordinately happy today, it’s only because I am.

Sally: Hm. Does it have anything to do with the crisp january weather?

Adam: Life appears to be on an upswing?

Sally: What do you know? Same for me.

Adam: I’m reminded that we made arrangements for dinner.

Sally: Which I am going to have to reschedule.

Adam: Oh.

Sally: For a good reason.

Adam: Tell me more.

Sally: I would love to.

Adam: How about lunch?

Sally: Right now?

Adam: You could tell me your good news and I will tell you mine. What do you say?

Ashley: Well, this is a surprise. Cole and I have not stayed in touch, but obviously, the two of you have.

Cole: That’s true. Yeah.

Ashley: He– he mentioned something about um, a hush-hush family thing going on.

Victoria: So, you’ve already been informed that it’s private?

Ashley: Yeah, he said that in passing.

Victoria: Okay. Well, thank you very much for respecting that privacy. I mean, we do appreciate your consideration.

Ashley: Of course. It seems like you have a lot on your plate and I’ll be going.

Cole: Ah, ash.

Ashley: Truly wonderful to see you again.

Cole: Great to see you too. Take care.

Ashley: Yeah, you as well. Bye.

Victoria: Something I said?

Cole: Well, ashley is not going to be the last person that’s asking what’s going on. I mean, we’re gonna have to come up with a better excuse. How long do you think we can keep claire a secret? I mean, a child that died 20-something years ago is over at memorial right now.

Victoria: Well, claire is all that matters, so as long as she needs privacy, then we just say whatever it takes.

Cole: Yeah, that’s an option.

Victoria: But you don’t agree though?

Cole: Well, I just think that letting everyone know the truth will be the first step in setting us free from jordan’s control over claire. I mean, her control over all of us.

Tucker: Do you really want jabot? Because if you do–

Audra: I don’t want it, okay? I need it. You’re the one with the name, the money, the past success. And yes, I know I’m smart, stubborn, resilient, but I’m not you and I don’t carry your weight in the corporate world. Even after the hit, your reputation just took. Look, and you promised me things. You made me believe you. So, tell me the truth. Is ashley gonna ruin this or can I still trust you?

Tucker: Yes.

Audra: No, you don’t get to pull this on me right now–

Tucker: I don’t know how I’m going to react if ashley realizes she made a mistake. You want the truth? That’s it. Everyone’s got someone in their life that they would cross a line for. She’s mine and you know that.

Audra: Well, I need other guarantees.

Tucker: Audra, how can I guarantee you anything? My life– my life feels in flux right now. Completely.

Audra: You know, 10 minutes ago, our professional goals were completely in sync. Same desires and outlook. It was us against every single one of them and all it took was one minute between the two of you to make it all crumble. That’s not good enough for me.

Tucker: Is that an ultimatum?

Audra: No, this is just goodbye. Okay? You wanna sit with your bourbon all afternoon pining away for a woman who doesn’t even want you. Do it. You know, just imagine how great life would be if ashley would just admit you’re her heart’s desire. But I have a career to salvage and it’s not gonna happen with you. You know what? And look at your phone, you might have a message or two. It looks like you have everyone hanging on by a thread, including yourself. (Vo) the shape that stole your heart

Victoria: Before you decide what you think the world should know, you should hear how our last visit went.

Cole: What happened?

Victoria: Claire has asked us not to visit her anymore.

Cole: Well, why not? What– what’s changed?

Victoria: No, cole. I mean, she’s so lost. She’s got all this terrible shame and guilt and she– she– she tells herself that she doesn’t deserve our help. And every time she looks at us, I mean, it’s too painful for her because of everything that she’s said and done.

Cole: It’s because of what jordan forced her to do. We don’t hold her responsible. How many times have we told her that?

Victoria: She doesn’t hear it. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense to her that we care about her when she hates herself.

Cole: And you reminded her that we brought her here, to help her. To get to know her. I mean, vic, she’s not well enough to even know how much she needs us.

Victoria: I know that. But the way that she was raised and then betrayed by her aunt jordan, the one thing that she has learned is that it’s not safe to count on anyone.

Cole: What my aunt has done to her, it just drives me crazy. Just thinking day in and day out what our daughter heard. It’s just pure evil.

Victoria: I know. Well, this damage is not gonna be undone overnight, but our daughter is in there. I know it. She just needs time and affection and attention. It’s been drummed into her that she’s unworthy and she’s rejected her whole life and so, we just have to keep reminding her that we care, no matter how long it takes to get through.

Cole: I agree. But our past will always be a part of us. And so will hers.

Victoria: But there’s so much more to her and I just– I want to know all of it. I want to show her what life could be like. You know, the life that she’s always deserved.

Cole: Well, we brought her here to help her. And that’s what she’s gonna get. We’re gonna give her whatever she needs for as long as it takes and we’re gonna figure out a way to get through to her.

[ Phone ringing ]

Tucker: Yes, kyle?

Kyle: You got my message?

Tucker: Yes, goodbye.

Kyle: Wait, hold on, hold on. What are you talking about, goodbye?

Tucker: I know what you’re up to, man. I’ve always known. And audra just confirmed it. So, let’s not– let’s not do the whole denial thing, shall we?

Kyle: I don’t know what audra told you, but she got it wrong. Tucker, just let me explain. Audra blew the whole thing wide open.

Jack: Why would she do that now?

Kyle: I don’t know. It’s my fault for trusting her, but the whole thing is dead in the water.

Ashley: What’s dead in the water?

Kyle: Tucker. He backed out of our deal to give glissade a jabot product because audra told him what we were really planning.

Ashley: Well, you can’t be surprised by that, kyle. I mean, it’s a mystery why you ever let yourself get involved with her.

Kyle: Yeah. I’m asking myself the same question.

Jack: Hey, you took a chance. You learned a lesson. We close that chapter. We move on.

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah. Um, I need to head to the office. I have a couple of things I need to handle.

Ashley: Wait a second. Don’t you want to stay here and just process everything?

Kyle: No, I– I can’T. I gotta run. A couple of things I need to check on.

Jack: Kyle. You sure you’re okay?

Kyle: Yeah. I can handle this. You didn’t live this strong,

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Victoria: You know, I have to say, you’re pretty good at this for a new parent.

Cole: Yeah. I’m just trying to play catch up. I’m learning as I go.

Victoria: Well, you’ve been very steady and reassuring.

Cole: It’s a facade. I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

Victoria: I have reed and johnny and katie, but this is a totally different situation for you.

Cole: That baby was my only child. That brand new, innocent, beautiful creature that was stolen from us. And here we are, all these years later. You know, when I look at her, I can’t help but wonder sometimes, does she have my eyes? Every time I look at her, I can’t help but see everything that I missed. Carrying her in my arms, birthdays, skinned knees, you know? Boyfriends. You know, she asked me before what life would have been like if we knew that she was alive. And honestly, I would have given her the world. I mean, I can’t help wishing that I had the chance to make it right the first time.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victoria: I’m sorry.

Cole: It’s okay.

Victoria: It’s memorial. Hello. Yes, this is she. Uh, thank you. Yeah. Thank you. We’ll be right there.

Cole: Vic, what did they say?

Victoria: It’s claire. She wants to see us.

Cole: Now? Wait a second. Do– do you think she was testing us whenever she asked us to stay away?

Victoria: I don’t know. This could be anything.

Cole: Well, what it is, it’s another shot at helping her, right? Sooner than expected. So, we’re not gonna mess it up.

Victoria: No.

Summer: Special delivery from marchetti.

Chance: Oh, my gosh. What is this?

Summer: You know, it’s, um, everything you need to get started for your first few days. Some shirts, ties.

Chance: Wow. How’d you know, my size?

Summer: Oh, come on. I’m a pro. I can guess anyone’s size.

Chance: This is amazing. Thank you so much, but I– I can’t accept this. I’ve seen marchetti’s prices.

Summer: Oh, perks of being the ceo. I get a pretty big discount. Look, you can return whatever you don’t like or, you know, if you want sharon’s input on anything.

Chance: No. No, it’s not that. I, um… I don’t know.

Summer: Chance, seriously, what’s going on with you? You don’t seem like yourself. I mean, we’re friends, right? You can tell me anything.

Sharon: No, I’m not giving up on love. It will find me again.

Nick: It always does.

Sharon: Yeah. But I’m not in any rush. When the right guy comes along, at the right time, I will know.

Nick: And you’re absolutely sure it wasn’t chance?

Sharon: Well, don’t get me wrong. Chance is really fun and funny. He’s easy on the eyes.

Nick: I mean, if that’s your type.

Sharon: Yeah. I just– I don’t want to make the same mistakes I’ve made before where I’m convincing myself that this relationship could be something more than maybe it should be. You and I are lucky that way because we both know what it’s like to have had the real thing.

Nick: Yes, that’s true.

Sharon: And I don’t know about you, but next time around, I am not settling for anything less than the real thing. And until that comes around I have got a business to run that takes up every minute of my time.

Nick: And you’re loving it.

Sharon: More than loving it. It hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet and I’m having the time of my life.

Nick: Well, it shows. I’m very excited for you and your big launch is coming up. I want to hear everything that you have in the works.

Sharon: Oh, you’re gonna regret those words. Okay. So, let me tell you how I see it all coming together. You ready?

Nick: Yeah.

Sally: So, I was thinking that lunch really is a more appropriate option than dinner. I mean, everyone knows that breakfast of course is the safest meal.

Adam: Well, I would say that it depends on the evening before.

Sally: You have a point.

Adam: As I recall, there were quite a few breakfasts and brunches even that were borderline provocative. But I interrupted. Enlighten me on dinner’s unseen pitfalls.

Sally: Well, dinner means drinks.

Adam: Mm-hmm. A chic cocktail to get the evening off to a smooth start.

Sally: Mm-hmm. The most perfect wine paired with a dinner for two at the chef’s table.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I’m taking notes.

Sally: And perhaps a delicate champagne to accompany dessert. And that is the tipping point.

Adam: Is it?

Sally: Oh, yeah. After dinner drinks, danger ahead.

Adam: I mean, it sounds delicious. What could possibly go wrong?

Sally: Well, there could be dancing. And I mean, nothing productive can come from being that close, so…

Adam: Ah, I see your point.

Sally: Who wants to play with fire?

Adam: We, uh, we were gonna share our good news. Ladies first.

Sally: I got three new clients.

Adam: That is fantastic. You and chloe, you have your hands full.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, I’m– I’m loving the challenge. Now, you.

Adam: Um… life, uh, is– is going pretty good right now.

Sally: Any special reason why?

Adam: Well, 75% of it is just being with you. And 25% is, um, something else.

Sally: Well, I can hardly wait to hear.

Audra: Uh, hi. Uh, we are no longer on show-up uninvited terms.

Kyle: What the hell were you thinking? You told tucker I was planning to sabotage his plan?

Audra: To protect you. Yes.

Kyle: How? From what?

Audra: Tucker. He knew you were framing him on the corporate espionage. He’s not the kind of guy you want to stab in the back unless you can finish the job.

Kyle: What’s the worst he could do? My father already knows my real agenda and I doubt your motive was keeping me safe.

Audra: Oh, you’re an expert on me now, huh?

Kyle: I know who and what you are.

Audra: Oh, this I’m dying to hear. Give it a shot, golden boy. Who am I? And what was my motive? Hi, I’m sally.

Cole: Hey, claire, we got your message.

Victoria: It was just– it was so much more than we expected.

Cole: Yeah, we just want you to know there’s no pressure. There’s no rush. This is all at your pace.

Claire: I haven’t changed my mind. I haven’T. I can’t have you in my life.

Victoria: But, you called us back. I know, it’s probably scary. Of course, it’s scary. Maybe it’s because you wanted us to come. And we did. We’re here. We’ll always be here.

Claire: Nothing has changed. I can’t be around you, ever. It’s for the best. For everyone. You can just go back to forgetting I exist.

Cole: No, no, we never forgot about you. We never wanted to and we never will. You have been and always will be a part of us. Just like we’re a part of you. You know, maybe– maybe we can sit in one of your sessions and just listen to whatever it is you want to say. You know, in an environment where it’s safe for you.

Claire: Stop. It’s over. None of that matters. I have to focus on my future.

Cole: Okay. All right. So, what does that mean for us? Why have you brought us here?

Claire: I have one final request.

Chance: It’s not that big of a deal. Really.

Summer: Okay, I’m not a detective, but I think that I can tell when a guy’s upset. Look, I know I’m not very good at solving my own problems, but I promise you, I’m very, very good at solving other people’S. Try me.

Chance: I know you don’t have time for this. I’m sure you’re due at the office soon, so don’t worry about it.

Summer: Seriously, chance? You listened to me go on and on about my mom and the breakup of my marriage and look, if you’re going through something, I want to return the favor.

Chance: Well, there’s not much to say.

Summer: Maybe? But I– I don’t know, I think I’m getting to know you pretty well and I think that once you start, you might find that there’s actually a lot to say.

Chance: That’s a possibility. Yeah. I think that might be a much longer conversation though.

Summer: Fine. Then, um, let’s talk, um, over lunch.

Jack: Well, I know that mood. You’ve been with tucker.

Ashley: Please, jack. I’m trying really hard to have a peaceful day.

Jack: Being with that man is not the way to make it happen.

Ashley: And neither is you continually bringing him up.

Jack: No one is happier than I am that you are home, but perhaps you came back too soon. Before you were ready to face him day after day.

Ashley: No, no, no. Come on, ignoring him is not the problem.

Jack: Then, you admit there is a problem. The two of you sharing the same continent.

Ashley: Ah, jack.

Jack: What has tucker done now? Let me help. Tell me what happened.

Ashley: No, there’s nothing you can do. Tucker is just being tucker. He’s– he’s trying to make me believe the most painful lie in a very weak attempt to make himself look less horrible. I mean, it’s as simple as that. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her. work together or

Adam: So, uh, victor said we have to find a way to work together or we’re gonna have to go find employment somewhere else.

Sally: And you two are tolerating each other? Amazing. Who knew threats and intimidation can have a positive impact.

Adam: It’s still early, so don’t jinx it.

Sally: Well, I hope it sticks.

Adam: Me too, actually. I mean, it could all go south at any time, but right now, it’s– it’s good.

Sally: Well, it is all about the now.

Adam: And I think my father is going to be really proud of what we accomplished. You’re smiling again.

Sally: I’m sorry. It’s becoming a habit. No, I was– I was just thinking about how different things are now. You know, with you actually wanting your father to be proud of you and your accomplishments.

Adam: Hm.

Sally: I don’t know. It’s just nice.

Cole: Well, we’re here to support whatever you want.

Victoria: Whatever you need.

Cole: That’s right. There’s no time limit, no expiration date.

Claire: There’s only one thing I want.

Cole: Okay. Name it.

Claire: I’ve already reached out to michael baldwin and I’ve spoken to my therapist who sees the logic in what I’m about to ask you.

Victoria: All right.

Cole: All right. So, if everybody else has signed off on it, then who are we to–

Claire: I need to face jordan. I have to tell her to her face once and for all how I feel about her. I have to do this. Or there’s no hope of me ever moving forward and getting better. Will you two make rearrangements? Will you help me make this happen?

Jack: Ash, talk to me. What is tucker lying to you about?

Ashley: It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to talk about it.

Jack: It must matter if it’syou to this degree.

Ashley: Everything he does is unhinged and without reason.

Jack: Well, pretty much everything he does, the reason is revenge.

Ashley: You’re very right about that. That is his true passion in life. I just wish he’d go away. I wish he’d go far, far away, and just get out of my life once and for all.

Jack: Oh, god, I’m so sorry.

Ashley: What does that mean?

Jack: You’re still in deep. Tucker mccall has taken up all the real estate inside your head and the sooner you realize that and admit it, the better. There is no point in denying this to me or to yourself.

[ Knock on door ]

Audra: Ah, come on in. The more the merrier.

Tucker: Of course. You made a beeline straight for audra, didn’t you? It’s so predictable. So, are you here for revenge now that audra’s blown your plan out of the water? Or, you know, try to convince her that I was wrong about you.

Kyle: I came to talk to audra so I will discuss that with her.

Tucker: No. It’s over kyle. I don’t need you to steal a jabot product. Well, I never did.

Kyle: You got some magic potion?

Tucker: No, I don’t need it. Or whatever brand of assistance you were supposedly going to offer.

Kyle: Okay. What was the point then? Why did you want me involved?

Tucker: I wanted to see if you had the stones to get a job done and obviously, you don’T. I mean, if I look past all the hair gel, I do see a little potential, but you’d have to break free of the stranglehold your dad has on you. And if you do, I think maybe you could, uh, like him, become a world-class bastard.

Audra: Tucker.

Tucker: Pretty good.

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