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Recap written by Eva

Drew and Sam have their first argument because Scout doesn’t want to go to Westwood Academy. Drew and Sam talk things out. Drew apologizes to Sam for not talking to her about the school and not considering Scout’s feelings about the school. Drew and Sam decide they revisit the school situation next year to see if Scout might want to go to the school next year.

Sonny tells Lois that he wants Nina to stay at the Metro Court for now. Lois apologizes to Sonny for sticking her nose in his business, but she thought he needed to know the truth.

Nina tells Sasha her side of the story about the SEC situation and Sasha advises her to wait and give people a chance to forgive her.

Anna and Felicia go to Hobbies’ house and look through pictures and remember their friend.

Felicia gets a call. The hospital tells her the DNA test results are ready for her.

Maxie (temporarily being played by Nicole Paggi)) tells Cody about Bobbie and how much Bobbie meant to her. Cody tells Maxie he is going to use his modeling money to buy the estate where he grew up.

Felicia arrives at Maxie’s office and tells Cody that she knows he lied about being Mac’s son.

Cyrus refuses to tell Dante who beat him up and put him in the hospital. Cyrus does tell Laura Sonny beat him up because he was in the wrong time and he found out a secret Nina was keeping from Sonny. Laura tells Dante what Cyrus told her and Dante goes to Sonny’s house and arrests him for beating up Cyrus.

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