B&B Short Recap Thursday, January 4, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy and Finn discuss Thomas and whether he’s dangerous. They both think he’s wrong for Hope, but Finn is more worried than she is. Steffy defends Thomas, saying he didn’t kill Emma.

Thomas and Hope talk about how she turned down his proposal, but neither is upset about it. They kiss. She looks a little worried. Later, Thomas shows Steffy his designs. She tells him about Xander and what he said.

Meanwhile, Finn does some online research about Xander. Hope arrives at his request. He tells her that he’s even more worried about her being involved with Thomas. Hope is a bit tired of everyone bugging her about Thomas. He tells her about meeting Xander and how he accused Thomas of murder.

RJ and Luna talk about how she grew up without a father. She’s hoping that things work out with her mom and Bill. RJ teases her about getting ahead of herself.

Bill and Poppy have their date. He apologizes that he never phoned her all those years ago when they were together in San Francisco. He was focused on business and little else. Bill wonders how their lives would’ve been different if only he’d phoned her again. He admires her work on Forrester, and she’s very proud of her. Poppy mentions that Luna had a rough time growing up without a father and that her father never knew she was pregnant. Bill tells Poppy how beautiful she is, now and back when they danced over 20 years ago. He tells Poppy that he would like to see her again. They kiss.

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