GH Short Recap Thursday, January 4, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Adam gets drunk because his parents found out he has been making bad grades. Adam’s parents think that if he does not make straight A’s he is wasting his time at PCU so they want to put him in a local school. Dex stays with Adam while Josslynn goes to see Carly after getting a call from Drew.

Curtis tells Portia he is worried the surgery won’t work. Portia assures Curtis she will love him no matter what happens with the surgery.

Laura figures out Esme broke into Wyndamere when she notices Esme’s glove is missing. Laura persuades Esme to turn herself in to the police. Nikolas tells Ava he has a plan to get Esme out of Spencer’s life but she needs to invite Esme to a party.

Willow tells Michael she doesn’t know if they have a marriage if they can’t tell each other the truth. Willow tells Michael to sleep somewhere else tonight because she needs time to think about things.

Drew calls Michael to tell him Carly needs to talk to him. Nina tells Drew and Carly she turned them in to the SEC and they tell her she is a selfish person who only told the truth because she got caught and Sonny told her to apologize to them.

Sonny goes to All Saints church and beats up Cyrus when he finds out Cyrus knew Nina was the person who turned Drew and Carly into the SEC.

Carly tells Michael and Josslynn Bobbie died in her sleep and they cry as they hug Carly.

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