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Chanel and Johnny wake up in bed together in Johnny’s room. They talk about feeling like they never left. Johnny credits Paulina telling Chanel not to come home as he was happy to bring her to his home and his bed. Chanel tells Johnny that last night was a first for her.

Paulina wakes up to find Abe made breakfast. Paulina at first gets excited that he remembered her favorites but Abe says he just made what was in the refridgerator. Abe apologizes but Paulina says it’s not his fault that he doesn’t remember anything. Abe clarifies that he’s sorry about last night.

At the police station, Theresa thanks Justin for coming and apologizes for calling him on a holiday but she’s so scared for Tate. Justin tells her not to apologize as he’s available 24/7 for family and he knows Alex is worried about Theresa and Tate. Theresa says she really appreciates that and says she didn’t know if things were okay between them since things were tense at Christmas dinner and because of Alex. Alex then arrives and brings Theresa a latte, noting that he did so even though she kicked him out of the hospital last night. Alex greets Justin and asks what he’s doing there. Theresa explains that she called him to take Tate’s case. Justin gets a text that Tate’s arraignment will be at 11 AM. Alex thanks Justin for taking care of that and then tells him that he can go now because he’s hired somebody else to represent Tate.

In the interrogation room, Brady reminds Tate that he and Theresa told him to stay far away. Tate responds that he was going to but he couldn’t let Brady take the fall for something he didn’t do. Brady argues that he wasn’t going to let Tate take the fall either, pointing out that the cops saw him with the pills. Tate shouts that the pills weren’t his. Brady says he knows that but it looks bad because the cops saw he and Holly at the scene. Brady knows Tate thinks he can handle this but he can’t. Brady warns that EJ is out for blood, so it’s better his than Tate’s. Tate argues that he would be tried in juvenile court while Brady won’t. Tate declares this is his battle and asks Brady to let him fight it. John enters and comments on things sounding tense. Brady says things are fine. Tate reveals that he asked John to bring him a suit for his arraignment. Brady complains about Tate being stubborn which John says sounds like someone else he knows.

EJ calls Rafe from the hospital and says he wants every detail on Tate’s arraignment as it concerns the citizens of Salem. Rafe comments on knowing EJ’s demands and mutters that it’s a personal vendetta but agrees to keep him posted. Rafe asks how Holly is doing. EJ informs him that she had another seizure but she’s stable now and Nicole hasn’t left her side. Rafe promises to give EJ any updates that he can and tells him to be with his wife because she needs him. EJ responds that he would, but Nicole has company as she’s with Eric.

Theresa questions Alex hiring another lawyer. Alex argues that family is not what Theresa needs right now and that she needs a high powered ruthless attorney which is not Justin’s style. Justin agrees and says his style is facts and fighting for what’s right. Alex says that’s all good but he made some phone calls but he used his resources to hire Tate the best and that’s what is happening. Theresa tells him no, that is not what is happening.

John tells Brady that they can only move forward and Tate is going to be arraigned, so they need to remain optimistic. Tate tells John to tell Marlena that he’s sorry for sneaking out and asks how Holly is doing. John says she’s about the same. Tate apologizes to Brady for not telling him when Holly showed him the drugs and for not calling 911 right away, explaining that he was so afraid of her getting in trouble when he should’ve been more afraid that she could die.

Johnny offers to make Chanel breakfast which she accepts. Johnny notes that he wouldn’t mind dessert for breakfast as they kiss until Chanel’s phone goes off. Chanel checks her phone and sees that it’s EJ, who says he’s been trying to reach Johnny. Johnny acknowledges that he left his phone on silent all night and checks it, finding out that everyone has been trying to get a hold of him. Johnny is shocked to find out that Holly overdosed and jumps out of bed to get dressed, saying he has to get to the hospital.

Abe wants Paulina to understand that he thought it would be wrong for them to be intimate when he doesn’t remember what they had. Paulina says she does understand and promises not to hold it against him. Abe assures that he loves the woman that he is getting to know as they kiss until Chanel comes home. Chanel apologizes for interrupting and asks if she should leave them alone.

Theresa tells Alex that she appreciates him wanting the best for them, but insists that they have that in Justin and he knows Tate. Theresa asks if this has something to do with dinner the other night but Alex claims it doesn’t. Theresa argues that she and Brady trust Justin and so does Tate. Theresa declares that Justin is going to be dealing with this case. Justin appreciates her confidence but says he’s open to having a consulting lawyer. Rafe comes over and agrees that might not be a bad idea. Alex points out that even the cops are saying they need to lawyer up more. Rafe acknowledges that it’s no secret that EJ is out for blood and he has an axe to grind with Tate. Rafe states that punishing Tate if he’s innocent is not going to help anyone.

John encourages Tate to stop blaming himself as it’s not going to change a thing. John says he and Brady will be right outside as he gets dressed for his arraignment. John tells Brady that he knows he’s trying to help but Tate needs to do this himself. Brady worries that John is fooling himself with EJ as the district attorney and declares there is no way that Tate will get justice.

Johnny goes to the hospital and asks EJ how Holly is and why he’s not in there with her. EJ responds that it’s not a good time. EJ informs Johnny that Holly is in a coma. Johnny asks if he can go see her. EJ repeats that it’s not a good time as Nicole is in there and she’s with Eric.

Chanel apologizes again for interrupting but Abe says she didn’t interrupt. Paulina says they were just having a lovely breakfast that Abe made for her. Abe decides to go get dressed and leaves the room while Chanel comments that it looks like last night went well. Paulina confirms that she and Abe had a long talk where she told him everything about her medical condition. Chanel is glad that she told him and asks how he responded. Paulina says that Abe was supporting, caring, and that he’s going to be there for her. Paulina adds that Abe told her that he loves her which Chanel calls wonderful. Chanel points out that Abe is still here and was in his pajamas but Paulina clarifies that they slept in separate beds. Chanel asks why. Paulina explains that it wasn’t the right time but they talked this morning and they are in a better place now. Paulina asks how Chanel’s New Year’s Eve was and where she went after the party. Chanel admits that she went back to Johnny’s place and thinks back to last night where her and Johnny were kissing and talking about how it had been two years since they had been together. Johnny ended up saying he was hungry and pulling out whipped cream which he said he was going to eat off of her. Chanel then informs Paulina that their New Year’s Eve was pretty sweet.

John and Brady come out of the interrogation room where Brady confronts Theresa about letting Tate come here to confess. Theresa explains that he snuck out while Brady argues that if Tate would’ve just gone back to boarding school like he wanted him to, none of this would be happening. Theresa blames Brady for letting Tate do what he wanted. Justin interrupts and says that Tate needs all of them on the same side. Alex says that’s not going to happen but he’s on Theresa’s side. John says to just focus on Tate. Justin talks about being optimistic since there is very little concrete evidence against Tate and the arraignment will be quick. Justin states that Tate will plead not guilty and the judge will set bail and a trial date while Tate will be released to a parent’s supervision which he assumes will be Brady which he confirms. Justin repeats that the hearing will be quick so he suggests going to court with Tate alone while they stay here. Brady and Theresa try to argue but Justin says based on what he saw here, it’s for the best because the judge will not tolerate outbursts. John agrees that they should let Justin do his job. Tate then comes out of the interrogation room and announces that he’s ready.

Johnny questions Nicole being in Holly’s room with Eric while EJ is just out here. EJ explains that Nicole is beside herself with worry, so he wasn’t going to just storm in and pull her out of Eric’s arms. Johnny calls that out of character for EJ. EJ acknowledges that Eric has been in Holly’s life for a long time so he is a great comfort to Nicole. EJ says that Nicole needs him to take care of business. EJ declares that Nicole has been blaming herself while this is all on the shoulders of Tate. Johnny questions Tate being responsible. EJ argues that Holly never used drugs until Tate came around. Johnny asks if he’s sure about that. EJ blames Tate’s parents and suggests the apple didn’t fall far from the rotten tree. EJ declares that Tate almost killed Holly, so he will never let him anywhere near her again.

Brady complains about waiting at the police station. John suggests they go get some fresh air and tells Theresa to let them know when Justin and Tate come back. Alex tells Theresa that he knows that he got under her skin last night and he’s trying not to be that guy, but he asks if she’s sure that Tate is telling the truth. Theresa says of course he is as she and Tate have talked many times about drugs, alcohol, and addiction and he would never go down that road. Alex argues that kids don’t always listen and they learn the hard way from their own mistakes. Theresa hears what he’s saying but says she can’t go down that road as she has to believe that her son is telling the truth. Alex apologizes for being cynical and decides that if Theresa believes Tate, so does he, as he then hugs her.

Brady and John walk to the park. Brady complains that Theresa should’ve locked Tate in his room. John feels they both could’ve handled things better. Brady asks how. John points out that trying to take the fall doesn’t always work out. Brady hopes he didn’t screw up Tate’s case. John assures that everyone knows he was trying to protect his son. Brady asks if it’s not possible after all that he and Theresa did to make sure that Tate did not follow in their footsteps and do drugs. John acknowledges that kids make mistakes, so if he did do drugs, the family will rally around him to get him the help he needs but his gut says that Tate is telling the truth. Brady prays that he’s right.

Johnny asks how EJ can be so sure that it was Tate that gave Holly the drugs. EJ calls Tate a punk who is nothing but trouble. Johnny reveals to EJ that Holly got drunk on Christmas Eve while EJ and Nicole were at Green Mountain. EJ questions not knowing about this. Johnny says that kids don’t tell their parents everything but he rushed over to make sure Holly was okay. EJ asks if he saw her drunk which Johnny confirms. EJ acknowledges that Nicole didn’t think it was a good idea to leave Holly alone on her birthday and it obviously wasn’t. Johnny explains that Holly was trying to be supportive of EJ and Nicole and didn’t want to be selfish. Johnny blames himself for not keeping a closer eye on Holly at the party. EJ insists that this is nobody’s fault but Tate’s.

Paulina tells Chanel that nothing makes her happier than seeing her smile. Chanel repeats that she’s sorry for interrupting her and Abe. Paulina tells her not to be, assuring that things were not going any further than the kiss that she walked in on. Paulina asks about Chanel saying she had a sweet night with Johnny and asks what they did. Chanel responds that they just shared a little late night dessert as she flashes back to that night with whipped cream. Chanel tells Paulina that Johnny said he’d love to have late night dessert more often. Paulina comments that it’s not always a good idea to have something rich so late at night.

Johnny tells EJ that if Holly was drinking and he didn’t know about it, he thinks it’s possible that she could’ve been doing other things too. EJ argues that Holly isn’t like that and is a good kid. Johnny says that good kids do drugs and it happens. Johnny points out that Tate was there for Holly. Johnny says that he told Holly to lean on Tate, so if EJ is going to be mad at Tate, he should be mad at him too. EJ then gets a call and steps away to answer.

Brady and John return to the police station where Alex tells them there’s no news yet. Brady apologizes to Theresa for jumping down her throat earlier as it was not her fault that Tate snuck out. Theresa understands that emotions are running high and thanks him. Justin and Tate return. Tate happily announces that he made bail, relieving everyone as Justin says he can go home.

Chanel sits with Abe and Paulina as Abe talks about wondering about Holly. Paulina calls it such a tragedy. Chanel notes that Johnny said he would call as soon as he can. Paulina is glad that Holly moved on from Johnny to Tate since he’s her own age. Chanel worries that if Tate gave Holly the drugs, he could be in some big trouble. Abe says his heart goes out to Holly as this drug epidemic is out of control and people are overdosing every day and dying. Paulina wishes she knew how to stop it. Chanel encourages that she’s doing the best she can. Paulina says when she got the report of another overdose this morning, she had no idea it was someone they knew and it hits close to home. Abe decides he should get to the hospital in case Nicole needs him. Paulina calls him a good man and says she will call to find out what exactly happened since Rafe should be able to tell her more by now.

Johnny walks through the park and calls Chanel. Chanel asks how Holly is. Johnny responds that she’s not good as she’s in a coma, hooked up to tubes, and almost died. Chanel asks what happened. Johnny informs her that she overdosed outside the Bistro right after they left. Chanel wishes they went with Tate to look for her. Chanel asks if Holly was using and if the drugs were Holly’s or Tate’s. Johnny says no one really knows and EJ seems to think Tate was responsible but he left and said he’d come back later. Chanel mentions that she’s home with Paulina and Abe and that Paulina told her about last night. Johnny invites Chanel to breakfast at the Pub. Chanel agrees to meet him there and says she wants to hear more about Holly and Tate. Chanel asks where Tate is now. Johnny responds that he’s not sure but he knows EJ is bound and determined to hold Tate responsible. Johnny worries that EJ is furious and enraged, so he hopes he doesn’t do anything crazy..

At the police station, Rafe comments that it’s like a New Year’s party as Theresa, Brady, and Alex thank Justin. Justin points out that it was just the arraignment while Brady notes that who knows what could’ve happened with EJ in charge. John decides to put on a big lunch for all of them and leaves the station. Brady asks if they can leave but Justin says he has to pick up the release papers from the court and exits. Rafe encourages Tate to get some rest. Tate says he really just wants Holly to be okay. Rafe gets a call and steps away to answer. Brady tells Alex and Theresa that he’d love it if they came to lunch at the house which they agree to. Theresa talks about being relieved as Tate says he just wants to get out of here. Brady says it’s one step at a time but Tate is coming home. Justin returns and announces that he just got a call from the assistant district attorney. Rafe returns and announces that he just got a call from the judge, who has reversed his decision and revoked Tate’s bail. Rafe reveals that Tate’s not going anywhere as he has to take him back in to custody.

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