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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Everett told Julie and Chad that Holly overdosed. While they were talking, Everett said Holly was in a coma. Julie said she was concerned about the drugs. Everett said they should investigate to find out what’s going on. He said they should expose the person responsible for the drugs and reveal it to the public. Everett thought it would save lives. Chad wanted to do Everett’s plan. Everett said he had informants willing to talk but it cost money. He said he needed $5,000 in petty cash. Chad didn’t want to give him that much money, but Everett said money was the quickest way to get what they wanted. Everett said he would get the job done. Chad agreed to give him the money. When Everett left, Julie said she was concerned about him. Chad believed Everett would do the job. They talked about missing Abby. Julie asked him to move back in the house and Chad said he would do it. Marlena and Kayla talked about Holly and her condition. While they were talking, Marlena told her Tate was arrested for drug possession. Marlena was worried about what Holly’s situation would do to Nicole. While Eric and Sloan were talking, Marlena called to tell him about Holly. She said he should be there for Nicole. Eric left to go to the hospital. Sloan got an alert that Leo spent money on expensive champagne. She decided to take Jude out.

Sloan went to confront Leo about his spending. She said she didn’t have a lot of money and her credit cards declining would make Eric suspicious. He said he would be making his own money because he had his job back. Leo said he would tell her secret if she didn’t play her cards right. EJ told Stefan that he held him responsible for what happened to Holly. Stefan denied doing anything. He said EJ was responsible because he asked for help, but he denied him. Stefan said EJ should be mad at himself. EJ said he was endangering lives for one person in prison. He wanted one reason not to arrest Stefan. EJ told him to clean up the mess he made, or he would be held accountable for what he did. He said he would never forgive Stefan for hurting his family. Everett showed up while EJ and Stefan were talking. He wanted to ask EJ questions, but EJ didn’t want to answer them. He walked away. While Everett was questioning Stefan, Stefan apologized for what happened on the dock. He said he couldn’t control what goes on there. Stefan said there would be more security there. He denied having anything to do with what happened to Holly. Nicole spent time with Holly. She realized Holly wasn’t happy. Marlena and Kayla showed. Kayla told Nicole about Holly’s condition. Nicole apologized for EJ saying he would make Tate pay. Marlena said Tate has never been involved with drugs. Nicole said she must not have paid attention because she didn’t know her daughter was on drugs. She said she felt guilty for being consumed with her grief over losing her son that she didn’t see what was going on with Holly. Eric showed up to check on Nicole and Holly. He said she would make it through this. Eric suggested that he and Nicole pray. While they were praying, Holly had a seizure. Eric left to get help. Kayla came in the room and wanted Eric and Nicole to leave the room. Nicole hugged Eric and prayed for Holly. While Eric was consoling Nicole, EJ walked in.

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