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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tate panicked when he tried to find Holly. He found her on the ground. She was having a seizure when he saw her. He took her pills when the police showed up. Tate put the pills in his pocket while they took care of Holly. Brady interrupted Alex and Theresa while they were making out because he couldn’t find Tate. He searched for Tate. Tate texted Brady because he needed help at the docks. Brady rushed to get to him. Nicole and EJ rang in the new year by making love. She felt it was what she needed to fell better. Nicole thought talking to Marlena about her feelings helped her. She was grateful for what she had in life. EJ and Holly were enough for her. He believed it would be a good year. Stefan thanked everyone for being at the Bistro. He started a toast to an engaged couple when he heard police sirens. Ava approached him to let him know that Holly OD’d on the loading dock. Theresa panicked because she didn’t know where Tate was. People crowded around the docks while the paramedics helped Holly. Brady arrived at the docks, so Tate filled him in about what happened to Holly. He showed Brady the bag Holly had with her. An officer told Tate that he would take the bag from him. Rafe and Harris arrived and wanted to question Tate. He told them it belonged to Holly. Rafe was shocked and called Nicole. Paulina told Abe about her condition. She assured him that she could beat it. He believed she could do it. Harris questioned Ava about what happened. Stefan got involved when he started grilling her. Harris started questioning him too. They denied seeing drugs getting sold in Salem. Harris walked away from them.

Tate and Brady rushed to the hospital to check on Holly. They found out she was being treated in the trauma room. Tate was afraid that he was in trouble. Nicole arrived at the hospital and wanted to see Holly. Tripp tried to help Holly when Nicole went in the trauma room. The nurse tried to make her leave. After he worked on her, Tripp told Nicole that Holly was stable but she was in a coma. She needed to be on a ventilator. Alex and Theresa arrived at the hospital. She hugged Tate. Tate lashed at her when she asked him if he was okay. Brady consoled him. Alex asked Theresa if Tate was checked out. She wondered if he thought Tate was tested. Theresa was shocked that he thought Tate was using drugs. Alex wondered how she didn’t think he was involved. Theresa assured him that Tate didn’t do drugs. Alex wasn’t sure about that. She wasn’t thrilled with what he said and wanted him to go home. After Alex left, Theresa asked Tate if he was using drugs. Rafe showed up to question Tate. He advised Tate about getting a lawyer. Brady didn’t think Tate needed a lawyer because he’s innocent. Tate wanted to talk to Rafe alone. Tripp pulled Rafe aside. He let him know that it wasn’t looking good for Holly. Stefan assured Ava that what happened to Holly wasn’t their fault. She wasn’t convinced it wasn’t there fault. Stefan didn’t like it, but Clyde had them over a barrel. Tripp told Rafe that Holly didn’t have much brain activity. He confirmed that she was in a coma because of the drugs. Rafe wanted to question Tate again. He explained what happened even telling him that she had the pills in her had. EJ arrived and said that Tate was wrong. Holly didn’t do drugs.

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