B&B Short Recap Wednesday, January 3, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy gives Finn some history about Xander and why he hates Thomas. She defends Thomas, saying he’s not a murderer, but Finn isn’t convinced. Steffy just worries about how Thomas will react if Hope breaks up with him.

Liam and Bill are at Il Giardino. Liam doesn’t understand why Bill keeps going there, when Sheila works there. Bill wants to keep an eye on her. He tells Liam to leave because he has a date with Poppy.

Poppy is with RJ Liam and Luna. Luna is excited that her mom is dating Bill. RJ doesn’t like Bill, so he thinks it’s a bad idea. Later, Bill and Poppy meet up at Il Giardino. He tells her that he looked her and Luna up on social media, and he remembered that they met at the Golden Gate Music Fest over 20 years ago, and then they danced and talked for hours.

Thomas and Hope discuss the fact that she turned down his proposal. He tells her that he can wait for her. They both agree not to tell anyone yet about the proposal.

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