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[gentle music]

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


Oh, sorry.


Oh! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. I fell asleep, didn’t I?

You did.


But you made it all the way to :, so Happy New Year, my love.

Happy New Year, my beautiful wife. Okay. So what did I miss?

Well, actually, not a thing. In fact, I would have let you sleep, but I was afraid you would get that crick in your neck the way you were sleeping.

Oh, yeah. I hate when that happens. Thank you. I must have really been knocked out. I didn’t even hear Brady and Tate come in.

Oh. Well, that’s because they didn’t come in. I guess they’re having a lot of fun out there partying.

They must have been having a whole lot of fun out there to stay out this late.

Yeah. Tate looked so handsome, didn’t he? He was so excited about his date with Holly.

Yeah, he was.

Oh, to be young and in love, huh?

Mm. I don’t know, I can’t speak to that. But I will put that love up against the kind of love you and I have right now, any day.

[romantic music]

I’m going to see what’s going on.

Me too.

No. Tate, Tate, Tate. Uh, stay with your mom.

Yeah, she’s showing signs of minimal brain activity.

So the coma is the result of an opiate overdose?

She’s in a coma?

Uh, look. Holly’s–Holly’s mom is here, and she’s already been apprised of her status. Since you’re not family, I can’t discuss her case with you, but just– just know that she’s getting the best possible care that we provide, okay? Excuse me.

What the hell is going on?

Holly is alive. That’s all I can tell you.

She’s in a coma?

Brady, what happened to Holly is obviously very serious. I really need to talk to Tate and find out what he knows about what Holly took tonight.



How is she?

She is alive.

Thank God.

Yeah. Listen, Tate, I know that tonight’s been tough for you, but I really need to ask you those questions now.

Yeah. Yeah, no problem. I just told my dad everything.

Okay. Well, now you need to tell me, all right? So what happened from the minute that you picked Holly up to the time that you found her passed out?

All right. Um, well, after I picked her up, Holly and I went to the party, and we were laughing and dancing and having a good time. And then just out of the blue, she pulls this bag of pills out of her purse and shows it to me.

Mm. So just to be clear, you didn’t give them to her?


She brought them? They were hers?

Yeah. Yeah, the pills were Holly’s.

The hell they were. My stepdaughter does not do drugs. Those pills came from you. Arrest him.

[tense music]

Understood. All right. I’ll take care of it.

[phone beeps]


So what does Clyde want now?

You know that bad batch of pills?

No, don’t–don’t say it.

It’s from a shipment that we accepted two days ago.

Damn. Why–why did he wait so long? I mean, why did–why– you know, those two kids that OD’d, they could still be alive right now. And Holly? Damn it.

Well, at least now we know. And he wants all remaining product off the streets ASAP.

[chuckles] You think? How the hell we supposed to make that happen?

EJ, this is a delicate matter. Let’s not be hasty.

Hasty? I talked to the officer at the scene who caught Tate with the drugs in his possession.

Only because I– I was trying to protect her. I didn’t want her family to find out that she was using, including you. I–I know that you and Nicole have gone through so much. I–

Nicole’s daughter is in a coma. She is in there fighting for her life because of you.

That is not fair.

Oh, you want to talk about fair? Instead of calling and getting Holly the help she so desperately needed, your son tried to save his own ass, which delayed treatment that could have saved her life.

You don’t understand. I got there right before the cops showed up. I–I freaked out, man. I’m–I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry.

Tate, hey, listen to me. It is not your fault.

Of course it’s his fault.

Excuse me?

And it’s yours as well. You are both drug addicts, you and Brady, and of course you would raise your son to follow in your pathetic footsteps.

You son of a bitch!

All right. Brady, Brady! Hey, it’s not worth it.

You know, a few weeks ago in this very hospital, Nicole and I found out that our baby boy was dead. And here we are, back again. My wife is wailing next to her daughter, begging her to wake up, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do to help them. But I can do one thing. I’m the DA, and I sure as hell am gonna make you pay for corrupting an innocent girl. Corrupting, what am I talking about? Much worse than corrupting. You might have killed her. Holly is lying in a coma near death because of you. And you will be punished accordingly. Do you hear me? You are going down.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”


[blows noisemaker] okay, Doc, what’s your New Year’s resolutions for the year?

Come on. You know I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

Yeah, I know, I know. I kind of hate those things myself for the most part. But you know what?


There is one very important resolution that I plan on sticking to for the rest of my life.

Really? What is that?

I will never let the sun go down on a day when I haven’t told my beautiful wife how much I love her. And Doc, I love you, sweetheart, with all of my heart and I am the luckiest man on the face of the Earth to be able to spend these years with the most extraordinary woman on the planet.


[both laugh] I don’t know if I deserve all that. But I do know that the years that I’ve spent with you, and the life we’ve shared, makes me think that I must have done something really right.

You do everything really, really right.

[exhales] I love you so.

Honey, I love you too.

[gentle music]

So Clyde moves pills laced with opioids through this restaurant, people die, and now it’s up to us to clean it up.

Yeah. As opposed to who? Who–who else is gonna do it?

Okay, we didn’t want any part in this to begin with. Laundering the drug money, that was bad enough, and then accepting the shipments and storing it here, and now this? This is a whole new level of bad.

Yeah, it is. And since you seem to be making my argument, how can you even question that it is up to us to deal with it? Stefan, there are gonna be more lives ruined, more deaths, because of us, possibly your wife and my kid, if we don’t do something to stop this, and fast.

How dare you insult me and Brady like that, especially after something we have fought so hard, we worked our asses off to overcome. And we are very, very, very proud of our success. And obviously you’re– you’re not really up to date on the current century. So let me fill you in on something. Addiction? Addiction is not a moral failing. It is a disease!

I’d say it’s both for the two of you.

You listen to me, you arrogant little British bastard, you. Tate had to witness firsthand the hell– the hell that Brady and I were in when we were at our absolute lowest. He has vowed to us that he would never, ever succumb himself to that.

Hey, don’t–don’t– don’t feed into it. It’ll just make things worse.

EJ, if I may, we don’t have enough evidence to arrest Tate just yet.

The hell we don’t. Dr. Johnson told me there were potentially fatal levels of opioids in Holly’s bloodstream.

Oh, my God.

You have committed a felony by supplying drugs that resulted in grievous bodily injury, regardless of whether that was your intent. You compounded the problem by failing to render aid in a timely fashion. You better pray Holly survives.

I am praying. Of course I’m praying.

I am the one who is in charge of administering criminal justice in this town. I decide when charges are to be filed, and you will comply with my orders, do you understand? You will do as I say.

“Happy New Year, son. Love to you and your wonderful family.”



Bless his heart. And my God, think about the stamina, right? The man’s years old and he stays up till midnight?


Unlike his son.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, well. Yeah, well, you know, actually, I haven’t, uh, been sleeping that well lately. I’m sure you noticed that.

I have noticed.


Is there something on your mind, something at work, something you’re ruminating about?

No, things are– things are pretty slow at Black Patch right now.

All right, well, if it’s not work then it must be personal. I know that Steve is– is concerned that– he’s got an idea that maybe Konstantin is taking advantage of Maggie?

[sighs] Well, Old Konnie, the, um– the con artist has managed to extend his stay here in Salem because of a– a sprained ankle. But Steve and I, we made sure that he will soon be on his way out of town.

Oh. What’d you do?

Mm. Now, you don’t have to consume yourself with the details. Let’s just, um, chalk one up to the good guys.

[bangs table]

Damn it! Leave it up to Clyde to up the ante again.

Well, we could have predicted it.

I wish like hell we could have predicted how to end this thing.

I think I might have a way.



What, are you gonna knock on the door of every drug dealer in Salem and ask to buy the product back?

I got people I can call.

People you can call? What is this, straight out of “The Godfather”? What’s next? Are you gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse?

Yeah. And?

I just thought you had cut ties with your family and their business.

Yeah, I had. But once a Vitali, always a Vitali.

And what are they gonna want in return?

Guess I’ll find out.

No, no. Ava, you gave up that life for a reason.

Stefan, what choice do we have? Hmm? Clyde went after Gabi because we couldn’t toe the line. And now those kids, they’re getting sick, they’re dying because of us, because we couldn’t stand up to Clyde.

If it wasn’t us, he would’ve used somebody else.

Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. But I can’t rationalize this one, Stefan. I can’t have this on my conscience. Look, we accepted Clyde’s terms because we wanted to protect the people that we love. And now it is up to us to make this right, until we can find a way out.

[dramatic music]

EJ, take it easy. He’s just a kid.

A kid who has just committed attempted manslaughter.

Attempted manslaughter?

He’d be lucky if he doesn’t get tried as an adult.

Oh, my God. What happened to Holly was an accident. It wasn’t deliberate. It wasn’t premeditated. Look at him. Look at how upset he is. He’s just as upset over what happened as you are. Can’t you see that?

What I see is a criminal who needs to learn that actions have consequences.

No, all you are seeing is red. You don’t even want to hear the truth. You won’t even let the boy speak. All you care about is vengeance.

Okay, I need to finish questioning the eyewitness, cross all the T’s, dot all the I’s. So if there is an arrest to be made, we can say we followed protocol.

Fine, go.

No, no, no, no. There’ll be no “going on.” He’s not saying a word until he has a lawyer.

Why? I have nothing to hide. I’m telling the truth. It was Holly that showed me the pills at that party. She said she wanted us to get high together.

You hear that? That means it was your daughter who had the drug problem, not the other way around. She was corrupting my son.

You shut the hell up!

Don’t you talk to her that way!

Stop it! Just stop! Don’t you see none of this is helping? Let’s just settle down here, okay?


Thank you. So, Tate, you were saying?

I–I told Holly no when she showed me the pills. I told her that I don’t do drugs.

Okay. Were you surprised when she brought them out?

Yeah, I mean, she offered me weed once and I know she got smashed on Christmas Eve, but I didn’t know that she was taking anything else.

I can’t believe you are buying this!


He has no idea what the hell he is talking about!

She said the pills were just some ADHD meds she got from some guy at school, that– that they gave her energy.

You lying bastard! I’m gonna make sure that you are an old man by the time you get out of prison!

Stop! He’s lying. My son is lying. He’s not lying to protect himself. He’s lying to protect his dad. They were my drugs. And you need to arrest me.

[dramatic music]

Exactly what do you mean, that I don’t need the details?

Steve and I know what we’re doing. And hey, you don’t want to waste any time talking about this, do you? Not when we have this whole house to ourselves. And we could actually use this alone time to… really ring in the new year.



Well, I’m not sure how much alone time we’ll have. The boys will be home eventually.

Well, you know what “eventually” means to me? It means that we have time, especially if we take this to the master bedroom behind a closed door.



I think we should lock it.

Oh, God, I love the way you think. Let’s go.

[both laughing]

You said you were too tired to clean up. Just leave it.

Yeah, well, you know what? Now I’m too wired. Damn it, Stefan. Every second that ticks by is another second that a kid could end up sick in the hospital, or worse.

I’m sorry you had to make those calls.

Yeah. I’ve had… I’ve had blood on my hands too many times to count. And recently, in fact. I mean, there was the hitwoman at Bayview.

She was sent there to murder you.

Oh, then there was Gil.

He attacked you.

Yeah, I know. Look, I know– I know that they are scum, and I’m not losing any sleep knowing that they are off the streets and now rotting in a grave. But Holly? Man, I just–I used to love watching her get dressed up, and matching her accessories with her little glittery shoes. And then she would be sitting, reading a Harry Potter book, while Nicole and I would just gossip. And now, thanks to me, that sweet girl, she could be gone forever. And if she dies, Stefan, God forbid, I am not gonna be able to live with myself.

Come here.

So they were your drugs, Brady? Even though the police found them on Tate?


Dad, no.

He found them, and he took them from me.

So you’re claiming that you sold them to Holly?

All I know is that my son is innocent. He had nothing to do with this, so you need to let him go.

Uh-huh. You want me to arrest him?

Yeah, you– arrest–arrest me, because I did it. I just confessed. Let’s get on with this.

[scoffs] You heard the man. How’s Holly?

No change. Nicole is still in there with her. She’s being moved to ICU for extra care.

I see.

You’re welcome to go and sit with them if you want.

EJ, go. Go be with your family. I’ll take Brady downtown. I’ll get to the bottom of this, okay? Your family needs you. Go.

I’ll be seeing both of you in court.

Mom, this is wrong. I can’t let Dad–


[softly] It’s okay.

Look, my shift is over, but the complete toxicology screen should be available in the morning. I’m sorry. I know how much you care about Holly. I wish I had better news.

No, thanks. I–I understand. And I know all you doctors, you’re all doing the best that you can. She has a lot of people pulling for her.

That helps, trust me. And uh, I also heard this happened at the bistro. If that’s true, my mom must be pretty shaken up. I had a call from her earlier, but I couldn’t take it.

Yeah, yeah, I would go see her if I were you.

Yeah. I’ll do that.

Okay. We should get going.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Let’s go.

[handcuffs rattling]

[clears throat]

You have the right to remain silent…

Please don’t do this, Dad.

Theresa, take him home.

Will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you.

[tense music]


Come on, Brady, pick up the phone.

John, I’m sure everything is all right.

I don’t know about that, Doc. Look at the time. It’s almost morning. They should’ve been back by now.

[door clicks] Hey, there we go.

Tate? Theresa? Oh, my. What’s wrong?

Um… Holly Jonas OD’d at the New Year’s Eve party at the bistro.

Oh, my God!

She’s in a– she’s in a coma, and sh– she–

She has a lot of people who are praying for her to pull through, but um, it’s not looking good. And uh… Brady has been arrested for supplying those drugs that put her there.

Sit down.

All right.

Yeah. Let’s have a little chat.

That’s fine by me.

Don’t you want to call your lawyer?

No, not really. Just need to relay some simple, straightforward facts, and that’s about it.

All right. Well, before you relay your simple, straightforward facts, I need you to listen and listen good. EJ is demanding someone’s head on a spike. That’s why I brought you down here. I want to give you some time so that you can get your story straight.

Rafe, my story? What are you talking about? I did it, all right? It’s my fault. I’m ashamed of it. Done.

Okay. I know you’re trying to protect your son, trying to be a good father. But I don’t believe for a second that those drugs were yours.

Thanks, Dom. Yeah, I owe you one.

[phone beeps] All right. Dominic’s gonna take care of it. As much of the product as he can get off the street, he will.

That’s a relief. But uh, I hate to ask, how much is this going to cost?

It’s just a favor.

Oh. And what happens when Dom calls in that favor?

Well, it’s not something we need to worry about right now. Right now, we’re just gonna focus on getting those drugs off the streets before they can do any more damage.

You say that now, but you are going to regret this. Ava, it is not fair that you are the one–

Tripp, hey.

Hey, Mom. Am I, uh, interrupting something?

No, not at all, baby. Come here.

[chuckles] Oh, God. How’s Holly? What’s the latest?

No change. She’s still comatose.

Oh, God, I can only imagine what Nicole is going through.


You know, I’m–I’m praying for her, that she pulls through this.

We all are. Hey, Stefan, do you mind if I had a moment alone with my mom?

No problem. I’ll, uh, just go get some fresh air.

[sighs] Okay, baby, what is it?

Mom, please tell me you’re not involved in any of this.

Sit down, sit down. Tell me what happened. Start from the beginning.

Um, Holly took pills that were laced with something.

Opioids. Um, and like I said, Brady was arrested for supplying the drugs.

But he didn’t.


You heard your father. He said they were his.

Wait, Brady confessed?

Selling drugs? Come on, that’s insane.

Look, I don’t know any more than what he said. But I’m sure that the police are going to let him go, once they hear the whole story.

Tate, you’ve been up all night. Maybe you should get some rest.

There’s, um, there’s no way I can sleep right now.

I’m gonna head on down to the cop shop, see if there’s something I can do.

Do you want me to come with you?

No, no. Just stay here with Tate.

Uh, how about some warm milk? That usually helps you relax, hmm?

Sure. Thanks, Grandma.

Of course.

Tate. Look at me. Look at me. You said you were gonna keep your mouth shut. I know you hate sitting on your hands, but your grandfather is the ISA. Brady and him know how to navigate the system.

I don’t need them to. I was doing just fine, Mom!

Okay, my honey, I know. But your areas of expertise are lacrosse, girls, and senior pranks. If you were fine, we wouldn’t be in this situation! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.

Look, I know you want Dad to take the rap for me because you don’t actually care what happens to him–

That is not true.

Then why won’t you just let me handle this, all right? I was doing just fine. I didn’t do anything wrong. And Dad has a record, Mom. This could ruin his life.

All right, here– here you go.

Sorry, Grandma. I–I don’t think I can drink this. I feel sick. I think I’m just gonna, um– I think I’m just gonna go lay down.

Yeah. Good idea.

Tate, look at me. Everything’s gonna be okay. Okay?


What do you mean? How would I be involved in this?

You know exactly what I mean. Mom, just– just be honest with me. I–I won’t judge you.

Really? Because that seems like exactly what you are doing. What, I’m the daughter of a drug lord, someone OD’d in my restaurant, so obviously, I’m responsible?

Okay. Mom, I love you, but my dad is also a PI. I know how to connect the dots, okay? You get out of Bayview, you need a job, and then Gil hires you out of nowhere to manage this upscale restaurant?

Oh! So all of a sudden I’m not qualified?

That’s not what I said. I’m just saying that it almost seemed too good to be true, okay? And then a couple of weeks later, you killed Gil right there in my apartment.

In self-defense.

I know. I know. I’m sure it was. But then when Stefan bought this restaurant, that’s when things seemed really weird, okay? What would the CEO of DiMera Enterprises want with a place like this?

Well, he’s a financial backer, and it’s a good investment.

Okay. Even if I was willing to believe all of that, there’s also your breakup with Harris, which was even weirder. I mean, I thought you two were happy. And then out of nowhere, you just don’t want anything to do with him?

Wow, now my love life is even suspicious?

Yeah. I think you wanted Harris out of the way because he’s a cop, and you didn’t want him getting onto any type of drug operation you’re running out at this place. Am I right?

[tense music]

Well, you’re wrong. The drugs were mine.

So you expect me to believe that you sat there the whole time, while EJ was accusing and berating your son, when you were the guilty one? That you, Brady Black, are dealing drugs to minors?

Rafe, I’m an addict, all right? And addicts, sometimes we go to, uh, you know, great lengths to get our fix. What can I tell you?

Oh, come on. Come on. We both know that your prints are not gonna be on that baggie. And then the truth is gonna come out that you lied, and the only thing that that is going to accomplish? It’s gonna make Tate look even more guilty.

It’s too late to take it back anyway.


Yeah, it is.

No, it is not, because I have not put anything on the record. Now, assuming that Tate is telling the truth, he needs you. He needs you to help him fight this so that justice can be served.


[laughs] EJ doesn’t want justice. He wants blood, Rafe. So let him have mine.

[somber music]


[tense music]



[breathing heavily]

[breathes deeply]

You know, never in a million years did I think that Brady would start using again.

So you really believe that he relapsed?

I don’t know what to believe. But I do know that Brady would never deliberately give drugs to Holly Jonas.

[tense music]

[sighs] You know what? I told Alex that he should go home earlier. I should probably fill him in on what’s going on. Will you let me know what happens with Brady?

Of course I will.

[sighs] I should go check on Tate.

There’s a lot that you don’t know here.

I’m sure.

Look, yeah, you’re right. My breakup with Harris was sudden, but that is because he cheated on me.

Harris? Who did he cheat with?

[chuckles] Yeah, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you, and I’m not going to.

Okay. Well, I’m sorry that happened. But it still doesn’t explain the rest of it.

Why are you being so suspicious of me?

Because you’re acting really nervous, Mom. Which makes me think maybe you hadn’t cut ties with the Vitalis like you promised.

Okay, I did cut ties with them, Tripp. You need to believe me. I know I betrayed you in the past, but just– just believe it, all right?

Okay. Well, here’s the thing. When I told you I was moving to Hong Kong, you never once tried to talk me out of it. In fact, you seemed downright happy about it. And that’s when I knew things were really wrong. Okay? So… don’t lie to me. If you’re in over your head, I need you to tell me what’s going on, now.

[tense music]

[sighs] How the hell did I end up here?

You! You did this to her. You did this to my daughter, you bastard!

[dramatic music]

Oh, my God, oh, my God!

What is it? What happened?

It’s Tate. He’s gone!

Where’s Brady? All right. So where’s his lawyer?

Says he doesn’t want one.

Oh, come on. That’s a bunch of bull. I’m gonna get him a lawyer. So just hold off on the questioning until I get the man here, okay?

Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s not– it’s not your call. Excuse me.

[sighs] Your dad’s out there, insisting he be allowed to find you a lawyer.

[clears throat] Well, I appreciate his concern, but I don’t want one.

Well, he’s just doing the same thing that you are, Brady: looking out for his son. But since you insist on taking the fall, at least do this for me. Tell me where you got the drugs, from whom, and what were they?

I don’t remember. I was high.

[scoffs softly] Okay. So if I take your blood and do a tox screen, it’s gonna come back positive? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

[somber music]

Hey, Tate! What the hell you doing here?

Not now, Grandpa.

Tate, what– you are not supposed to be here.

I can’t let you take the fall for this, Dad! And I won’t.

Something you want to say, son?

No, there–there’s nothing he wants to say.

It wasn’t my dad.


I was the one who had the drugs, like the officer said. If you’re– you’re gonna arrest someone, arrest me.

[dramatic music]

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