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Chad and Julie are awoken at the Horton house by knocking at the door and they answer to see Everett, who tells Chad that he needs to talk to him. Chad asks what the hell is so important. Everett then informs him that Holly Jonas overdosed last night.

Eric watches over baby Jude at home. Sloan joins him and says she slept through the night for the first time since Jude came in to their lives. Eric says he slept well too. They talk about getting used to Jude waking up in the middle of the night. Eric mentions missing that when he thought he and Sarah’s daughter lived, so he wants to cherish the time with Jude. Eric talks about when he came in to Holly’s life and knowing she would do something great with her life. Sloan comments that she’s sure Nicole is very proud. Eric states that Holly is Nicole’s pride and joy.

Nicole sits at Holly’s bedside in her hospital room. Nicole talks about how Holly looked so beautiful and happy the night before going to the party but she was deluding herself because Holly couldn’t have been okay. Nicole talks about feeling sorry for herself and not seeing the signs. Nicole cries for Holly to forgive her.

Kayla sits with Marlena at the hospital and tells her there’s still no change in Holly’s condition which is not a great way to start the new year. Marlena calls it so sad after all that Nicole has been through. Marlena adds that she spoke to John and found out that Tate has been arrested for possession of the drugs that caused Holly’s overdose. Kayla says she’s so sorry. Marlena notes that EJ is determined to prosecute anyone that had anything to do with what happened to Holly. Kayla feels that’s just like EJ to want revenge regardless of the tragedy. Marlena mentions that John talked to Paulina in hopes of being a voice for Tate. Kayla points out it being obvious that the drugs were Holly’s while Marlena notes that Tate panicked and didn’t call for help sooner. Kayla acknowledges that delay could have affected the severity of Holly’s condition. Marlena can’t imagine what’s going to happen if Nicole loses Holly and doesn’t know how she would go on. Kayla asks how Tate would go on if he thinks he might be responsible.

Stefan stands outside the Bistro, wondering how the hell he ended up here. EJ appears and accuses Stefan of doing this to Holly. Stefan tells EJ to back off as he didn’t do a damn thing to her. EJ argues that when Stefan got involved with Ava, it destroyed what humanity he had left. EJ blames Stefan for the fact that Holly might not see another day. Stefan shouts that his hands are clean and if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s EJ’s. EJ argues that Holly overdosed on Stefan’s drugs. Stefan reminds EJ that he begged him for help but he turned his back on him when he was the one person who could have helped him get rid of Clyde. Stefan tells EJ to look in the mirror if he wants to be mad at somebody.

Kayla and Marlena join Nicole in Holly’s hospital room. Kayla informs Nicole that the drugs are out of Holly’s system and they have strong brain function but she has to stay on the ventilator and it’s a bit of a waiting game now. Marlena tells Nicole that she can’t imagine how difficult this must be for her. Nicole acknowledges that it’s difficult for EJ too as he loves Holly so much and he’s determined to make someone pay for what happened. Nicole knows right now that someone is Tate and tells Marlena that she’s sorry. Marlena says she is sorry too since Tate was never involved with drugs or even drank after what he saw of his own parents addiction. Nicole never thought Holly would use drugs either but guesses she wasn’t paying close enough attention. Nicole acknowledges that Holly got drunk on Christmas Eve, but thought that was only to escape the grief of losing her brother and thought it was a one time thing. Nicole didn’t think it was a big deal and cries that she feels so guilty because she let her own grief consume her and now her precious daughter was just an afterthought. Marlena encourages Nicole not to be hard on herself as that just makes it more difficult. Nicole responds that she doesn’t care if it’s difficult for her or about herself at all anymore as she just cares about her daughter. Kayla reminds Nicole that she is important and needs to stay strong for her daughter as she hugs her. Marlena steps out to make a call.

Sloan and Eric talk about their baby growing until Eric gets a call from Marlena. Eric wishes her a Happy New Year but Marlena says she’s calling with bad news. Marlena informs Eric that Holly overdosed last night and is in a coma. Marlena knows how much Holly means to Eric and says she’s sorry to pull him away from his family right now, but she thinks Holly and Nicole need him right now. Eric says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Eric then informs Sloan that Holly overdosed so he has to get to the hospital and rushes to get ready. Sloan asks if they know Holly’s condition yet. Eric says no and he’ll call her as soon as he can. Sloan assumes EJ will be there too. Eric doesn’t know but says he just has to get there because Holly’s like a daughter to him. Eric repeats that he’ll call her as soon as he can and rushes out. Sloan then gets a credit card alert on her phone, asking if she authorized a $1200 bottle of champagne. Sloan angrily tells Jude that they are going on a field trip.

Nicole asks Kayla if she thinks it helps when she talks to Holly and if she can hear her. Kayla says definitely and suggests Nicole continue talking to her while she goes to check on the test results. Kayla adds that there are nurses outside if she needs anything. Nicole thanks Kayla as she exits. Nicole sits with Holly and talks about her birth.

Kayla runs in to Marlena, who tells her that she just texted John and called Eric about Holly, so Eric is on his way. Kayla hopes that EJ is okay with that because the last thing Nicole needs is a confrontation between them. Marlena says that EJ obviously wants to prosecute Tate, but she hopes that Eric can be a help and comfort since he was Holly’s stepfather, so she knows he’d want to be there for her and Nicole.

EJ questions Stefan blaming him for this when it was Stefan’s decision to let Clyde call the shots which he had nothing to do. Stefan shouts that he did that to prevent Gabi from being further injured or killed. EJ complains that it doesn’t change the fact that he’s still running opioid laced drugs out of the Bistro. EJ screams that the poison might have gotten his stepdaughter killed. EJ accuses Stefan of endangering the lives of thousands of people including children, all to protect one person who is in prison for murder. EJ asks Stefan for one good reason not to have him arrested right now.

Chad asks what else Everett knows. Everett informs Chad and Julie that Holly overdosed at the Bistro party and was rushed to the hospital emergency room. Julie asks if she’s going to make it. Everett wishes he knew but says he only knows that she’s in a coma. Julie asks what is happening in Salem and where all these drugs are coming from. Everett says it’s getting worse by the minute and apparently the police are stumped by the drug ring. Everett declares that they need to get to the bottom of this, expose the players, and bust this story wide open.

Sloan goes to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and questions him about the $1200 bottle of champagne. Sloan tells Leo that he can’t keep doing this. Leo points out that she failed to authorize the charge so he had to settle for a subpar bottle so now he has a headache. Sloan warns that he’ll need a bigger bottle of aspirin when she’s done with him.

Everett tells Chad that they both know the reach that the Spectator has and that investigative journalism is the cornerstone of it’s success. Chad says that’s something they agree on. Everett thinks they can also agree that getting this out there can save lives which Chad confirms. Everett takes that as a green light to get started. Chad asks what he needs from him. Everett explains that people might not talk for free so he needs access for a petty cash fund and that $5000 should do it.

Stefan tells EJ that he will implicate him in this entire thing if he arrests him and that won’t be a stretch given EJ’s trafficking history with Clyde. Stefan asks how can EJ not see that they are on the same side in this with a common enemy in Clyde and that EJ is the one person who could help get rid of him, unless he wants Nicole to find out that he could’ve stopped this by not doing a damn thing to get the drugs off the street. EJ says that Stefan doesn’t get to put this on him because everything that happened is because of him. EJ declares that Stefan made his choice and now it’s up to him to clean up the mess on his own. EJ warns that he better do it fast because if he doesn’t, he will take him down.

Eric joins Nicole in Holly’s hospital room. Nicole is surprised to see him. Eric explains that Marlena called him. Nicole says it’s good that he’s there. Eric says she knows he loves Holly and asks what the doctors said. Nicole tells him that Holly is stable and there is brain activity so it’s just a waiting game. Nicole cries that she can’t lose her and talks about Holly being her joy with her whole life ahead of her. Nicole states that she can’t lose another child as her heart can’t take it.

Chad questions Everett asking for $5000. Everett explains that money is basically the only way to get people talk when dealing with criminals if they want the truth and they have to get the drug dealers to talk. Julie questions how they get drug dealers to talk. Everett assures that he can do this, so Chad decides he’s behind him 100% if he’s willing to take the risk for the story.

Stefan asks if EJ does not comprehend the stupidity behind this and says he’s signing Salem’s death warrant if he puts him behind bars. EJ doesn’t think he gives a damn. Stefan declares that they need to make this right for Holly. EJ says Stefan doesn’t get to say that after what he’s done. EJ talks about Nicole being in the hospital next to her comatose child because of the drugs Stefan is running. Stefan shouts about watching Holly get carted off in an ambulance and says his heart is breaking for Holly, Nicole, and EJ because he knows how much they are hurting right now especially after the loss of their son.

Sloan tells Leo that she can’t afford all this expensive crap he keeps buying and it will arouse Eric’s suspicions when her credit card keeps getting rejected. Leo tells Sloan that last night, he was celebrating some very good news and announces that Lady Whistleblower is back so he’s going to have his own money. Leo warns that if Sloan doesn’t play her cards correctly, he will spill her dirty little secrets all over Salem.

Nicole starts talking about how she’s not talking about goodbyes anymore and encourages that Holly is going to come out of this and live her life. Eric says they will pray for that. They start to pray until Holly’s monitors go off and she starts having a seizure, so Eric runs to the door and calls for doctors and nurses to help.

Chad informs Everett that the money has been sent. Everett says he really appreciates it and it looks like he’s on a mission. Everett apologizes for waking them. Julie tells him to forget about that and go save some lives. Chad wishes him luck as Everett then exits. Julie hopes the $5000 buys the answers they want, but worries that Everett will be in harm’s way and asks if Chad is concerned about that. Chad thinks Everett can handle that and reveals that in 2006, he covered the Israel war. Julie notes that he must have been very young. Chad confirms that Everett really is a fantastic journalist, so he has a lot of respect for him. Julie calls it admirable to see that as it must have been hard when he walked back in Stephanie’s life. Chad admits that it was, but he adjusted and he and Stephanie aren’t together anymore so he can’t see him as a threat. Chad brings up that the Spectator meant so much to Abigail, so he’s grateful that Everett is on staff, especially now. Chad hopes that Everett telling a story that needs to be told is going to make their city safer for his kids and everyone. Julie responds that Abigail would be so proud and says she is too.

Leo tells Sloan that it’s no surprise that he got his old job back as he was wildly popular, but he’s excited to be busy again. Sloan warns that she’s about to break his heart and sends him a financial fitness app, so now she will decide how much he uses per month. Sloan adds that if she goes broke, his ride ends with no champagne or roof over his head.

EJ asks Stefan how dense he thinks he is and says he sees through him trying to manipulate him by pretending that his heart is breaking for him. EJ argues that Stefan doesn’t give a damn about him and never has. Stefan calls him a cold son of a bitch. EJ tells Stefan that he’s wasting his time if he thinks he’s ever going to forgive him for what he’s done and his part in hurting his family. Everett then shows up and says he’s sorry to interrupt. Everett introduces himself and says he works for the Spectator. Everett asks if EJ has a few minutes for some questions but EJ says he doesn’t and walks away.

Kayla asks Nicole and Eric to step outside as she promises to do everything she can for Holly. Eric hugs Nicole as she prays for Holly to make it. Eric promises that Holly is in good hands as Nicole cries. Marlena comes over so Eric explains that Holly is having a seizure. Kayla comes out and informs them that Holly is stabilized, so she allows them back in.

Everett tells Stefan that he’s sorry for interrupting. Stefan says it was helpful because the conversation was going nowhere. Everett reminds Stefan that they met at the party last night. Everett brings up the uptick in overdoses including one that happened last night and asks if there’s anything Stefan would like to say on the matter. Stefan states that he’s deeply sorry for what happened on his loading dock, but he’s just the business owner and he has no control over people’s desires or what happens out on the dock. Stefan says they will add extra security detail to the property. Everett asks if he can quote him on that. Stefan says sure. Everett asks if he feels responsible in any way for what happened to Holly. Stefan says not one bit but he does feel sad for Holly and Nicole.

Julie tells Chad that the kids are playing board games while Doug is enjoying his coffee and reading. They talk about Abigail having favorite novels and being an avid reader. Chad talks about how sometimes he still suspects Abigail is going to come back. Chad would think the longer she’s gone, the more real her death would be and the more he’d be able to accept it, but it’s the opposite. Chad states that the more time that goes by, the more shocking it is that he’s never going to see her face again. Julie wishes she could say words to comfort him that he hasn’t already heard. Julie encourages that Abigail will always be in his heart and in his children too. Julie talks about Charlotte having Abigail’s smile. Chad feels Thomas has her eyes and sense of humor. Julie says she was going to wait for Doug, but as she gets older, she has no patience. Julie then asks Chad if he would consider moving back in with them and the children. Julie says they love Thomas and Charlotte so much and would love to have them around. Julie points out that if Chad lived here with them, they could take care of the kids while Chad is at work and they’d be glad to share some of that responsibility with him. Julie asks what Chad says. Chad responds that he’s grateful and touched by the offer, so he accepts. Julie calls that wonderful as they hug. Julie understands how shattered he was when he lost Abigail as she was a light to all of them and she knew the most important thing in life is to give and accept love. Julie tells Chad that he has so much life ahead of him because he has so much love to give and receive.

Leo complains about Sloan thinking she can put him on a budget and asks how he knows she’s not doing that for selfish purposes to save money. Sloan insists it’s the truth. Leo brings up Jude being Nicole’s child and not Sloan’s. Sloan warns that if Leo keeps spending her money, it will ruin everything for the both of them. Leo reluctantly gives in and agrees to the budget. Sloan says that means they both continue to get what they want, so they shake hands on a deal.

Kayla tells Eric and Nicole that she is having a specialist look at the tests but Holly is stable now. Nicole asks about the seizure. Kayla calls it common in drug withdrawal but it shouldn’t cause permanent damage and the seizure was very brief. Nicole thanks her. Kayla says if there’s any change, she will be nearby as she then exits. Nicole knows she should feel comfort in what Kayla said, but her baby is still in a coma and she needs her to wake up. Eric encourages that she will and calls Nicole a wonderful, strong mom. Eric declares that he’s here for Nicole and Holly. Nicole thanks him as they hug. EJ then enters the room and sees them.

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