Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, January 3, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Daniel remembers his talk with Heather where he made it clear to her that he is with Lily and he wants to move forward with his life not go backward. Heather hopes Lily doesn’t find out about their kiss.

Lucy invites Heather to the Romalotti family brunch and Daniel allows Heather to stay for breakfast for Lucy’s sake.

Danny advises Daniel to make things clear to Heather and stop giving her mixed signals. Daniel tells Danny that Heather knows where their relationship stands and that he is with Lily.

Phyllis and Christine argue about Danny. Christine tells Phyllis to stop chasing after Danny because he doesn’t want her. Summer walks into Crimson Lights and breaks up the argument between Phyllis and Christine. Summer thinks Phyllis wants Danny just because Christine has him. Phyllis tells Summer that isn’t true because Danny inspires her to be a better person. Phyllis encourages Summer to go after what makes her happy.

Summer asks Sharon how she feels about Chance and she says that she and Chance have a fun casual relationship because that is all she has room for right now.

Victoria goes to the hospital to visit Claire. Victoria talks to her doctor because she is worried Claire is shutting down and trying to shut people out of her life. Victoria sits by Claire’s bedside and Claire finally awakens.

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