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Marlena finds John asleep on the couch at home and wakes him up. John realizes he fell asleep. Marlena points out that he made it to 11:52 and wishes him a Happy New Year. John asks what he missed. Marlena says nothing at all. John guesses he was really knocked out since he didn’t hear Brady and Tate come in. Marlena reveals that they haven’t come home so they must be really out partying. John guesses they must be having a great time. They talk about Tate being really excited for his date with Holly and being young in love. John compares it to their love as he kisses Marlena.

At the hospital, Brady says he’s going to see what’s going on. Tate wants to go too but Brady tells him to stay with Theresa. Brady goes over to Tripp and Rafe, as Tripp tells Rafe that Holly is showing signs of little brain activity. Brady questions if Holly is in a coma. Tripp informs him that Nicole has been made aware but since Brady isn’t family, he can’t discuss it with him. Tripp assures that Holly is getting the best possible care as he then walks away. Brady asks Rafe what the hell is going on. Rafe informs Brady that Holly is alive and that’s all he can tell him. Brady questions Holly being in a coma. Rafe says that obviously what happened is very serious, so he needs to talk to Tate to find out what he knows about what Holly took tonight. They go back over to Tate and Theresa. Rafe confirms that Holly is alive and reminds Tate that he needs to ask him those questions now. Rafe needs Tate to tell him everything from the moment he picked Holly up to the moment he found her passed out. Tate explains that they went to the party together, were dancing and having a good time until she suddenly pulled out the pills and showed them to him. Tate assures that he did not give Holly the pills and that she brought them. EJ arrives and disagrees, declaring that his stepdaughter does not do drugs and accuses the drugs of coming from Tate. EJ demands Tate be arrested.

Stefan finishes his call from Clyde. Ava asks what he wants now. Stefan confirms the bad batch of pills is from a shipment they accepted two days ago. Ava questions why Clyde waited so long, pointing out that the kids that overdosed could still be alive. Stefan says at least now they know and that Clyde wants all remaining product off the street ASAP. Ava questions how the hell they are supposed to make that happen.

Rafe tells EJ that this is a delicate situation and not to be hasty. EJ argues that he talked to the officer on the scene and she said that Tate was found with the drugs in his possession. Tate argues that he was trying to protect Holly as he didn’t want her family to find out that she was using, including EJ as he knows he and Nicole have been through so much. EJ complains that Holly is now fighting for her life because of Tate. Theresa calls that not fair. EJ points out that instead of calling 911 for help, Tate tried to save his own ass instead of getting Holly the help she needed. Tate explains the cops got there right after he did and he freaked out. Brady assures it’s not Tate’s fault. EJ argues that it is Tate’s fault and blames Brady and Theresa being drug addicts and raising their son to follow in their footsteps. Brady calls EJ a son of a bitch as Rafe holds him back. EJ brings up that a few weeks ago, they were in the hospital finding out their son was dead and now Nicole is crying at her daughter’s side, unable to do anything. EJ brings up that he is the district attorney so he will make sure that Tate pays for corrupting Holly and potentially killing her. EJ argues that Holly is in a coma, near death because of Tate and he will be punished accordingly. EJ declares that Tate is going down.

John asks Marlena for her New Year’s resolutions but Marlena reminds him that she doesn’t make those. John admits he hates them too but he has one important resolution that he plans on sticking to for the rest of his life and that is to never let the sun go down on a day without telling Marlena how much he loves her. John calls himself the luckiest man on earth to spend these years with her. Marlena doesn’t know that she deserves all that but says the years with him and the life they shared makes her think she must have done something right. Marlena tells John that she loves him as they kiss.

Stefan tells Ava that Clyde moved pills laced with opioids through the restaurant and now they are stuck cleaning it up. Ava questions who else is going to do it. Stefan complains that laundering the money and then the product was one thing but this is a whole new level of bad. Ava asks how Stefan can even question that it’s up to them to deal with it. Ava points out that there will be more lives ruined because of them, possibly even Gabi and Tripp, if they don’t do something to stop this fast.

Theresa yells at EJ for attacking her and Brady over being addicts when they have worked their asses off to overcome it. Theresa tells EJ that addiction is not a moral failing but a disease. EJ calls it both for them. Theresa calls him an arrogant British bastard and talks about Tate having to witness the hell that she and Brady were in at their lowest, so Tate vowed to never succumb to that. Brady encourages Theresa not to let EJ get to her. Rafe points out that they don’t have enough evidence to arrest Tate. EJ disagrees since Tripp told him there were potentially fatal amount of opioids in Holly’s system. EJ accuses Tate of supplying the drugs and failing to call for proper aid, so he warns that Tate better pray that Holly survives. Tate insists that he is praying. EJ declares that he’s in charge of administering criminal justice in this town, so he decides when criminal charges will be filed. EJ orders Tate to do as he says.

John gets a Happy New Year text from his dad, Timothy. John jokes about his dad being 97 years old and still staying up until midnight, unlike him. John admits he hasn’t been sleeping well lately which Marlena says she has noticed. Marlena asks if something is on John’s mind and brings up Steve being concerned about Konstantin taking advantage of Maggie. John informs her that Konstantin managed to extend his stay in Salem because of a sprained ankle, but they made sure that he will soon be on his way out of the town. Marlena asks what they did. John says she doesn’t need the details but they’ll just chalk one up to the good guys.

Stefan complains to Ava about Clyde upping the ante again and wishes they could end this thing. Ava thinks she might have a way. Stefan asks if she’s going to knock on the door of every drug dealer in town to ask for their product back. Ava responds that she has people she can call. Stefan mocks that as being out of the Godfather and asks if she’s going to make a deal she can’t refuse. Ava says she will. Stefan thought she had cut ties with her family business. Ava says she had, but once a Vitali, always a Vitali. Stefan asks what they are going to want in return. Ava guesses she will find out. Stefan tells her no because she gave up that life for a reason. Ava asks what choice they have. Ava reminds him that Clyde went after Gabi and now kids are dying because they couldn’t stand up to Clyde. Stefan argues that if it wasn’t them, he would’ve used someone else. Ava feels she can’t rationalize this and have this on her conscience. Ava says they accepted Clyde’s terms to protect the people they love and now it’s up to them to find a way out and make this right.

Rafe tells EJ to take it easy as Tate’s just a kid. EJ accuses Tate of attempted manslaughter and warns that he’ll be lucky if he’s not tried as an adult. Theresa argues that what happened to Holly was an accident and not intentional. Theresa points out that Tate is just as upset as EJ is. EJ calls Tate a criminal who needs to learn that actions have consequences. Theresa argues that EJ only sees red and doesn’t want to hear the truth as he only cares about vengeance. Rafe decides he needs to finish questioning Tate, so if there is an arrest to be made, they can say they made protocol. EJ says fine but Brady intervenes and declares that Tate won’t be saying a word until his lawyer is present. Tate questions why, insisting he has nothing to hide and he’s telling the truth. Tate states that it was Holly who brought the pills and said they wanted them to get high together. Theresa argues that means it was EJ’s stepdaughter who brought the drugs and that she was the one trying to corrupt her son. EJ tells her to shut the hell up. Brady tells him not to talk to her that way. Rafe yells for everyone to stop as none of this is helping. Rafe tells everyone to settle down. Rafe then asks Tate to continue. Tate says he told Holly no and that he doesn’t do drugs. Rafe asks if he was surprised when she brought them out. Tate says yes and confirms that Holly offered him weed before and he knows she got drunk on her birthday but he didn’t know she was taking anything else. EJ interrupts and says he can’t believe Rafe is buying this. Tate adds that Holly said the pills were just some ADHD medication that she got from some guy at school. EJ calls Tate a lying bastard and warns him about going to prison. Brady stops them and then shouts that Tate is lying, not to protect himself, but to protect him. Brady then announces that they were his drugs, so they need to arrest him.

Marlena questions John saying she doesn’t need the details. John assures that he and Steve know what they are doing and they don’t want to waste time on this when they have the whole house to themselves and could use this alone time to really ring in the New Year. Marlena isn’t sure how much time they have since Brady and Tate will be home eventually. John and Marlena then agree to head to the master bedroom and lock the door.

Stefan tells Ava that if she’s too tired to clean up the Bistro, she can just leave it. Ava responds that now she’s too wired since every second is another second that another kid can end up at the hospital or worse. Stefan is sorry she had to make those calls. Ava remarks that she’s had blood on her hands too many times to count. Ava brings up the hitwoman at Bayview sent to murder her and then Gil attacking her. Ava knows they are scum and isn’t losing sleep over them being in a grave, but talks about watching Holly grow up while she and Nicole would gossip. Ava declares that now thanks to her, Holly could be gone forever and if she dies, she won’t be able to live with herself. Stefan hugs Ava.

Rafe questions the drugs being Brady’s even though the police found them on Tate. Brady claims that Tate took the drugs from him. Rafe asks if he’s claiming that he sold them to Holly. Brady responds that all he knows is that his son is innocent and didn’t do this, so he needs to be let go. Brady tells Rafe to arrest him because he just confessed. Tripp comes over so EJ asks how Holly is. Tripp says there’s no change and that Nicole is still in with her but she’s being moved to the ICU for better treatment. Tripp tells EJ that he’s welcome to go sit with them if he’d like. Rafe tells EJ to go be with his family and he’ll take Brady down to the police station to get to the bottom of this. Rafe tells EJ that his family needs him. EJ goes back and warns Brady and Tate that he will see them in court as he then walks away. Tate starts to argue that this is wrong and he can’t let Brady do this but Theresa stops him. Tripp tells Rafe that his reports are done and they should know more in the morning, adding that he’s sorry as he knows how much Rafe cares about Holly. Rafe understands the doctors are doing the best they can and that Holly has a lot of people pulling for her. Tripp mentions hearing this happened at the Bistro so Ava must be pretty shaken up. Rafe suggests he go see her which Tripp says he will do and walks away. Rafe goes back and tells Brady they should get going. Rafe then arrests Brady, handcuffs him and reads his rights as Tate tries to ask Brady not to do this. Rafe then escorts Brady from the hospital as Theresa remains with Tate.

John and Marlena come out from the bedroom as John is trying to call Brady but he’s not picking up. Marlena assures everything must be alright but John feels they should’ve been back by now as it’s almost morning. Tate then comes home with Theresa. Marlena asks what’s wrong. Theresa reveals that Holly Jonas overdosed as the Bistro party. Tate adds that Holly is in a coma. Theresa notes that she has a lot of people pulling for her but it’s not looking god. Theresa then adds that Brady has been arrested for supplying the drugs that put her there, shocking John and Marlena.

Rafe brings Brady in to the interrogation room at the police station. Rafe asks if Brady wants to call his lawyer but Brady says no and he’s just going to relay some simple facts. Rafe warns Brady that EJ is demanding someone’s head on a spike so he wanted to give him time to get his story straight. Brady asks what he’s talking about, claiming that he did it, it’s his fault, and he’s ashamed of it. Rafe knows that Brady is trying to protect his son and be a good father, but he doesn’t believe for a second that the drugs were his.

Ava finishes a call and tells Stefan that Dominick is going to take care of it by getting as much product as he can off the street. Stefan calls that a relief but asks how much it’s going to cost. Ava calls it just a favor. Stefan asks what happens when Dom calls in that favor. Ava says it’s not something they need to worry about right now as they are going to focus on getting the drugs off the street before they do any more damage. Stefan worries that Ava is going to regret this and calls it unfair. Tripp then arrives and asks if he’s interrupting. Ava says no and hugs him as she asks how Holly is doing. Tripp says there’s no change and she’s still in a coma. Ava says she can only imagine what Nicole is going through. Ava says she’s praying that Holly pulls through this. Tripp says they all are. Tripp then asks Stefan for a moment alone with Ava. Stefan goes to get some fresh air and exits. Ava asks Tripp what it is. Tripp asks Ava to please tell him that she’s not involved in any of this.

John asks Tate to start from the beginning and tell them what happened. Tate explains that Holly took opioid pills. Theresa repeats that Brady was arrested for supplying the drugs. Tate tries to argue but Theresa says that Tate heard what Brady said, that he supplied the drugs. Marlena questions it while John calls it insane. Theresa doesn’t know any more than what Brady said but she’s sure the police will let him go when they hear the whole story. Marlena suggests Tate get some rest after being up all night but Tate says there’s no way he could sleep right now. John decides to go to the police station to see if there’s anything he can do. Marlena offers to go with him but John tells her to stay with Tate as he exits. Marlena goes to get Tate some milk. Theresa reminds Tate that he said he was going to keep his mouth shut and insists that John and Brady know how to navigate the system. Tate argues that he doesn’t need them to and that he’s fine. Theresa remarks that if Tate was fine, he wouldn’t be in this situation then apologizes for saying that. Tate accuses Theresa of wanting Brady to take the fall because she doesn’t care what happens to him which she denies. Tate argues to let him handle this then because he was doing fine and didn’t do anything wrong. Tate worries that this could ruin Brady’s life. Marlena returns with milk but Tate says he’s sorry as he doesn’t think he can drink it since he feels sick, so he’s just going to lay down. Theresa encourages that everything is going to be okay.

Ava questions Tripp as to how she would be involved in this. Tripp says she knows exactly what he means and tells her to just be honest because he won’t judge her. Ava feels that’s exactly what he’s doing because she’s the daughter of a drug lord, someone overdosed in her restaurant, and she’s automatically responsible. Tripp tells Ava that he loves her, but his dad is a private investigator so he knows how to connect the dots. Tripp goes over how Ava got out of Bayview, needed a job and then Gil hires her out of nowhere to run an upscale restaurant. Ava asks if she’s suddenly not qualified. Tripp says he’s just saying that it almost seemed too good to be true and then a couple weeks later, she killed Gil in his apartment. Tripp adds that when Stefan bought the restaurant is when things seemed really weird, questioning why the head of DiMera Enterprises would buy the Bistro. Ava says he’s the financial backer and calls it a good investment. Tripp says even if he believed that, it was even weirder when she broke up with Harris as he thought they were happy and then out of nowhere, she wants nothing to do with him. Tripp thinks Ava wanted Harris out of the way because he’s a cop and she didn’t want him on to any drug operation she’s running in the place. Tripp asks if he’s right

Brady tells Rafe that he’s wrong and that the drugs were his. Rafe questions believing that Brady just sat there while EJ was berating his son and that Brady is dealing drugs to minors. Brady responds that he’s an addict and they go to great lengths to get their fix. Rafe argues that they both know his fingerprints won’t be on the bag and then the truth will come out that Brady lied which will only make Tate look more guilty. Brady feels it’s too late to take it back but Rafe says it’s not as he hasn’t put anything on the record yet. Rafe adds that if Tate is innocent then he needs Brady to help fight this so that justice can be served. Brady argues that EJ doesn’t want justice, he wants blood, so he can have his.

EJ remains at the hospital where his hands are shaking and he is overcome with frustration as he then storms off.

Theresa tells Marlena that she never believed that Brady would start using again. Marlena asks if she really believes that Brady relapsed. Theresa responds that she doesn’t know what to believe but she does know that Brady would never deliberately give drugs to Holly. Theresa remembers telling Alex to go home so she decides she should go let him know what happened. Theresa goes to check on Tate.

Ava tells Tripp that there’s a lot that he doesn’t know here. Ava admits her break up with Harris was sudden but that’s because he cheated on her. Tripp asks who he cheated with. Ava responds that he wouldn’t believe her if she told him, so she’s not going to. Tripp says he’s sorry that happened to her but that doesn’t explain the rest of it. Ava questions why he’s being so suspicious of her. Tripp points out that she’s acting really nervous which makes him think that Ava hasn’t cut ties with the Vitali family like she promised. Ava insists that she did and tells him to believe her even if she’s betrayed him in the past. Tripp brings up that Ava never even tried to talk him out of moving to Hong Kong and seemed downright happy about it. Tripp says that’s when he knew things were wrong. Tripp tells Ava not to lie to him and if she’s in over her head, he needs her to tell him what’s going on now.

Stefan stands outside the Bistro, wondering how the hell he ended up here. EJ appears and accuses Stefan of doing this to Holly.

Theresa rushes back out to the living room and tells Marlena that Tate is gone.

John goes to the police station and asks Rafe where Brady and his lawyer are. Rafe points to the interrogation room and says that Brady said he didn’t want a lawyer. John calls that a bunch of bull and says he’s going to get him one. John tells Rafe to hold off on the questioning until he gets the lawyer there. Rafe says he’s sorry but it’s not John’s call. Rafe then goes back in to the interrogation room and informs Brady that John is there, insisting he be allowed to find him a lawyer. Brady appreciates his concern, but repeats that he doesn’t want one. Rafe says that John is just doing the same thing Brady is, looking out for his son. Rafe asks where Brady got the drugs, who from, and what they were. Brady claims he doesn’t remember because he was high. Rafe asks if he takes Brady’s blood and does a screening, will it come back positive. Brady doesn’t answer so Rafe says that’s what he thought. Tate arrives at the police station. John questions what he’s doing there as Tate bursts in to the interrogation room. Brady shouts that Tate is not supposed to be there but Tate declares that he can’t let Brady take the fall for this and he won’t. Rafe asks if there’s something Tate wants to say. Tate responds that he was the one who had the drugs like the officer said, so if he’s going to arrest someone, he can arrest him.

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