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“Extended Family” Review by Eva 1/2/2024

I was looking forward to watching Extended Family because I enjoy Jon Cryer who stars in the show as Jim Kearney who is recently divorced from Julia (Abigail Spencer).

Jim and Julia have a friendly divorce and take turns living in the house with their kids in order to keep things normal for their kids. Julia is a crisis manager and that is how she meets Trey Taylor (Donald Faison), owner of the Boston Celtics. Julia helps him get out of trouble when he offends Irish people. Trey and Julia fall in love and get engaged. Jim welcomes Trey into his family even though sometimes there is friction between them. Jim’s father Bobby (Lenny Clarke) gives Jim advice and sometimes takes care of the kids when Jim needs him to do it. Bobby and Julia don’t get along well but they tolerate each other for the sake of family harmony.

The show premiered on December,23 2023 right after a special Christmas episode of Night Court. I think the cast needs time to gel together because the first episode seemed like the actors were just trying to get to the jokes which in my opinion were not that funny. My favorite character in the show is Jim’s father Bobby who is very funny as he tries to get used to the new family situation. I think, since the show comes after Night Court, it might get some time for the cast to find its rhythm and, once that happens, the show will be better.

The show airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 8:30 Eastern/7:30 Central time. If you miss an episode, it will be available on Peacock the next day.

I give this show 3 out of 5 stars hoping it will improve in future episodes.

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